I’ve been burned before by sequels released 30 years after the original. I’ve seen too many middle-aged, Botoxed men trying to recapture the magic of the immature man-children they played decades earlier and been horribly disappointed. And yet once again, I see an iconic, legendary, comedic blast from the past and I’m in. I’m ready to get burned again. There’s nothing wrong with 2016 Pee-wee Herman that can’t be cured with tons of spackled-on pancake makeup. Thanks, Netflix. Don’t let me down.

Have you come across a video you’d like to see posted? Send the link to your Afternoon Delight-worthy vid to me at jthornton@weei.com. If I use it I’ll make you sports radio station website Internet famous.


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Jerry Thornton

Dale & Holley with Thornton’s intrepid producer Ben Kichen and I make no apologies for our unabashed love of the mother of all reality TV shows, “Survivor.” Which is why he and I joined forces to bring current “Survivor” champion, Cambridge firefighter and brand new father Jeremy Collins on the podcast.

After spending an hour with Jeremy, Ben and I can honestly say that he was not only a terrific, interesting and engaging guest, but a great guy. Seriously I can’t imagine meeting anybody I’d be happier to see win a million bucks and reality TV immortality. It’s our first podcast with him. I hope like hell it’s not our last. Enjoy.

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Jerry Thornton

A group of Patriots fans have taken to Change.org and started a petition to get back the Patriots their first and fourth-round draft the NFL took away because of Deflategate:

MA CONSUMER COMPLAINT Filed 2015/02/05 UNDER MA GENERAL LAWS 93A (Section 2 & Section 2a):

On behalf of Consumers of the National Football League (NFL) in MA, I/we claim that the NFL has breached Chapter 93A, Section 2 & 2a of the MA General (Consumer) Laws by wrongfully taking away the 1st and 4th round draft picks (2016) of the New England Patriots, who were absolved of wrongdoing (see Ted Wells Report re: Team & coaches [lack of] involvement). …

By denying the team of aforementioned draft picks as punishment without guilt, the NFL has, in essence, created an unfair method of competition for the Patriots and the consumer, when compared to the other 31 NFL franchises and consumers who likewise, have not warranted such punishment. …

We hereby assert that the NFL’s action of taking away the two draft picks of the New England Patriots, without warrant, has unfairly altered the competitive fairness and consumer expectations of same!

I’m not typically a big petition-signer. Maybe I’ve just been approached one too many times by some hipster with white guy dreds handing me some clipboard with a document meant to give him something free at my expense. Or it could be the fact I’ve get to see anyone start a petition designed to make life easier for aging working guys with car payments, a mortgage who spend weekends doing all their own yardwork because their kids won’t help. Or maybe I’m turned off by all the stupid other petitions that have been floated out there like the Colts fan trying to put an asterisk on all the Patriots Super Bowls. But this is different. This is a pure good.

Sure, you can say, “What’s the point?” But great social movements have begun with less. This is the city where a small band of malcontents dumped the king’s tea into the drink and started a nation. A group of dissatisfied Dutch mill workers tossed their shoes, called sabos, into the gear works, creating the first act of sabotage. Upton Sinclair wrote “The Jungle” about the meat-packing industry and started a revolution in food safety. Lambda Lambda Lamdba won the school talent contest over the bully jock fraternity and ushered in a new era in geek culture. A nerdvana.

So there is no limit to what a motivated, downtrodden and abused group of people can do when they set their minds to it. Will it work? Will the NFL capitulate, reinstate those plundered draft picks and bring justice to the world? I cannot say. But I know it’s worth signing, if for no other reason than to say with one voice we will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. I’m signing this thing because for once someone has written a petition that benefits me and all I hold dear.

You make up your own mind. But you’re either with us, or you’re with the NFL.


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Jerry Thornton
With the NHL trade deadline approaching, the Bruins have decisions to make. Are they buyers? Are they sellers? Can this team make a run in the playoffs? Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss what they think the B's can do in a playoff run.
With the trade deadline looming, the Celtics are in position to make a big move. Is DeMarcus Cousins the right guy to bring to Boston? Jackie MacMullan told the guys she doesn't want him here. Glenn, Lou and Christian tell you what they think.

[0:02:59] ... do all of saying is that you know we've. Can ever remember Kevin Garnett could win either. Whereas you have won in Minnesota. With those teams to get them to the Western Conference finals what troubled. Well a couple of times I believe so I'm not sure about was that an Ellis and knock on Kevin Garnett. But he hasn't been able to win a bit of wiggle around the league there's a lot of great players that it ...
[0:05:57] ... don't see this guy. Do we get it he might well. Secretary Kevin Garnett lost the first round seven consecutive years and made the conference finals once in admitted that was absolutely a discussion we're mechanic ever earn 51 what is he ever wanted this 47 of what the total of just say like that was the discussion. Yeah what is Kevin Garnett everyone's team lost seven years straight first round it's a really good teams. So yeah it's a gamble but I I'm not ...
[0:08:11] ... seven point seven million dollar trade exceptions expired this Friday. For the Tayshaun Prince trade. And another one point plead for Marcus Thornton which expired Friday as well so they get ten million dollar trade exceptions. ...
[0:08:56] ... he had one that was expiring as quickly as well. To get Tayshaun Prince does this Friday and down markets though and that's why they're both on the nineteenth. And went off. Thought that went to the offseason don't go to the scene when I when I looked it was in fact acting but it went from Rondo last year. Like twelve million and how much of attic and eligible expire in December. Of 2015. And again I thought they worked through the season added David Lee is he walking trade exception isn't much just yet just that number is trying to contract it out existence yet and somebody ...

Last year, the media may have over-reacted to the Red Sox arriving at spring training, and definitely overrated the team. The guys have some fun laughing at the incorrect optimism of last year.
The local beat writers are all tweeting and posting pictures of Hanley Ramirez, the first baseman, who is at Red Sox spring training. Will he be better at first base than he was in left field? Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about why he better get better.
The local beat writers are all tweeting and posting pictures of Hanley Ramirez, the first baseman, who is at Red Sox spring training. Will he be better at first base than he was in left field? Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about why he better get better.

[0:04:39] ... three years your time in Boston this is who you walk like Miguel Cabrera this is what you are right now. Your first baseman Victor Martinez DH is how we do it. Final kick mentally you're right this isn't so bad this is any easy but the carrots ...
[0:06:46] ... Korea are required and again does not play. January marriage is a peace corps in English. Hot pizza crap I said it enable and Shia. Too long a little while the car around the highway at ...
[0:08:00] ... rookie back since initiate all you know I'm gonna act like. I Hanley Ramirez I understand it did that there's so many there's some young guys and that can be effective it can affect a young ...

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN joins Glenn, Lou and Christian to talk about the Celtics trade deadline news and about her latest story on Larry Bird saying he will die young.
Christian Fauria got married yesterday after the show, and is in today as a married man. The guys joke about his new married life, and Glenn has trouble talking about the rapper "Tyga" not letting Paul McCartney into his Grammy's party.