Tom Werner of the Red Sox calls in to talk to Glenn, Lou and Christian about how they went from a last place team to a first place team, which players stepped up along the way, and comments on Commissioner Manfred's thoughts on the Ortiz/PED theories.
Tom Brady is back at practice...but he isn't speaking. Tom E. Curran joins Glenn, Lou and Christian to give the guys the latest scoop from Foxboro on Brady and his return to the practice field.

[0:03:37] ... there. But he's not active in that whole OK they evil genius Bill Belichick found a loophole it's gonna make us all suffer because not we'll talk to Tom Brady. Yeah and. Honestly what are we losing I mean we know that epic back that we knows what you know performance. Make ...
[0:06:21] ... You get hit it that all gets hidden if you're offense with Tom Brady which 31 up on the board you win 3160. You know the quarterback they'll all of that gets exposed I agree with ...
[0:07:55] ... to me this looks like. Bertini extreme concerted effort almost doing a Gregg Popovich Tim Duncan's situation here. We're going to be opportunities cup but. Unless you really we're not gonna go to him and that's ...
[0:08:36] ... Chris can you break it all that might only two. Believing that Tom Brady won't put him in positions of danger whereas code percent. Yeah I just think it's overall conservative game plan pro had more ...

This is absolutely chilling. I respect the opinion of people who worry that it’s too soon for a movie about the Marathon bombing, and the concern of those who think it’s wrong to make money off the events and so on. And I get that the trauma is still an every day part of many people’s lives.

But at the same time, major events can inspire great works of art, literature, music and film. It’s part of the human condition. A positive one. Especially if the work shines a light on great acts of heroism. Or a community coming together. Which I hope “Patriots Day” does.

If this trailer is any kind of a representation of the movie itself, it will be incredible.

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Jerry Thornton


Boston.comAccording to Fox, the third episode of [“The Simpsons”] 28th season, which airs Sunday, October 9 at 8 p.m., will see America’s favorite yellow family take a “hate-cation” to Boston. Here’s the synopsis of the episode, titled “The Town.”

After Homer catches Bart rooting for Springfield’s football rival, the Boston Americans, he plans a family “hate-cation” trip to Boston in an attempt to show Bart that Boston is a terrible city.
The Americans are a not-so-subtle stand-in for the New England Patriots, with promotional images showing a scowling, hoodie-wearing head coach, a reference to a player named “Bonkowski,” and a #12 that looks an awful lot like Tom Brady.

“The Simpsons” is doing a Boston episode … now? To quote the great Pedro Martinez, “Where you been, man?”

Boston has been dominating the landscapes of pop culture, sports and entertainment for the entire 21st century, and “The Simpsons” showrunners are just getting around to this now? I defies every natural law of satirical TV. Talk about being late to the party. I mean, what’s next? Jokes about the O.J. trial? Richard Simmons? “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”?

Of course the trendy, socially-acceptable thing to say is ” ‘The Simpsons’? Is that even still on? I stopped watching 20 years ago.” And it’s true that 28 years in, it is not the social institution it once was. And maybe I’m just still checking episodes out of loyalty to a show I’ve been watching since the pilot episode. But there are still occasional nuggets in there that make it better than 90 percent of sitcoms on the air. Hopefully doing one based in Boston, the epicenter of American zeitgeist in the 200os, will bring the show back to its former glory. Even if it does come about 15 seasons too late.

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Jerry Thornton
Gerry, Kirk and Mut react to the 40 most hated players in NFL history list and Mut gets praise from Ken and Curtis.
Gerry, Kirk and Mut discuss Jeff Pearlman's story on why America hates Tom Brady and Kirk doesn't believe Kim Kardashian's story.
Mut, Kirk and Gerry opened the show by discussing Buck Showalter's brutal night and Mike Pence's debate victory over Tim Kaine.

Timing really is everything. Right after Bleacher Report posts a long, exhaustive Jeff Pearlman piece called “Why You Hate Tom Brady,” a podcast drops called “Why People from Boston are Obsessed with Tom Brady.”

It’s the perfect counterargument, and I say that not because I’m a guest on it. But because the host Tommy Schneider does a great job of laying out the reasons for the Brady loyalty in this region, plus adds a lot of production value with sound cuts and testimonials. Give it a listen. It’s a perfect way to take you into the end of TB12’s time in exile.

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Jerry Thornton
Dr. Amy Bass joined Kirk, Gerry and Mut to discuss her comments in Jeff Pearlman's story regarding race and its impact on the hatred of Tom Brady across the country.

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