Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh

Heat forward Chris Bosh has been admitted to a Miami-area hospital, where doctors are concerned that he might have developed a blood clot on his lung. If a clot is found, Bosh’s season could be over so that the condition can be treated effectively.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has warned against early speculation about his star forward’s diagnosis.

“Frankly, there’s not a full diagnosis right now,” Spoelstra said. “So for everybody to speculate, right now at this stage it’s very premature.”

Added Spoelstra: “Everybody’s jumping the gun right now. I know there’s a lot out there.”

Bosh has been suffering from discomfort in his back and side over the last few days.

“I have no way of knowing what he’s going through or what he’s feeling,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. “I just knew that he wasn’t feeling his best.”

Bosh has received public support from around the league, including from former teammate LeBron James.

“Basketball is a small thing when it comes to health and people’s family,” James said on Friday. “He’s so connected to me that I feel it, for sure. So every minute I’m checking to see if he’s OK.”

The Heat will play the Knicks on Friday night.

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Nik Beimler

On Thursday Adrian Peterson told ESPN that he is “still uneasy” about rejoining the Vikings next season, questioning the support he had from the organization after it worked with the NFL to put him on the commissioner’s exempt list in September.

Peterson played just one game in 2014 because he was indicted for reckless injury to a child on Sept. 12. He will not be able to be reinstated into the league until April 15 unless Judge David Doty rules in favor of a suit against the league brought forth by the NFL Players Association in hopes of Peterson’s immediate reinstatement.

The running back “has been complying with the NFL’s requirements for reinstatement” and has to meet those for his probation in Texas and child protective services order in Minnesota as well. Even if Peterson does not return to the Vikings, he still plans on playing somewhere next season.

“It shows you can have all the loyalty toward someone and toward an organization, a fan base, but when things really shift and it’s you or the empire, they’re going to put you out on a leash,” he said. “I said, ‘Of course [I would love to come back to the Vikings].’ I said it. But my emotions, as far as those things I feel, those are for players like [linebacker] Chad Greenway, those guys that play the game just like me, that have the same passion I have, the same goal I have, to win a championship. That’s where it comes from. It don’t come from the organization. I’m not in a good place when it comes to that.”

Team president Mark Wilf, chief operating officer Kevin Warren, general manager Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer all recently said they want Peterson to return in 2015, and the Vikings seem to be preparing for it. Peterson knows, though, that he wouldn’t be forced into staying with the Vikings if he doesn’t want to, and Zimmer pointed out that “the relationship needs to be a two-way street.”

“I know there are a lot of people in the organization who want me back,” Peterson said. “But then again, I know the ones who don’t. It’s a difficult transition, and it’s not just about me. I have a wife who was able to sit back and see how people in Minnesota said this and said that, how media in Minnesota took the head of the situation with my child, and were digging into things that weren’t even relevant. That wasn’t people in Texas — it was people in Minnesota that dug in and brought things out. That impacted me, but most importantly, it impacted the people around me — my family, my kids. This came from the state I love so much, that I wish to bring a championship to? This is how they treat me when I’m down and out? You kick me? My wife [and I], we’ve had several conversations about me returning to Minnesota, what the best options are. If I left it up to her, I’d be somewhere else today, and that’s with her weighing everything. It’s a lot for me to weigh; she understands that. But there are some things that I’m still uneasy about.”

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Judy Cohen
Christian sent his girlfriend to the movies to get reactions from some ladies who just saw 50 Shades

[0:00:39] ... mystery that the fifty shades of gray. Premier pure luck throughout the Super Bowl lineup I wanted to send me a chance to drive built like you know this the few bright light wheel house took ...
[0:04:44] ... We'll ducked into then you on knock it alive and that's the slam dunk he he's in his grave he did a much better job editing this. Do you feel our stuff was Linus a lot ...
[0:06:29] ... million worldwide. 300 million worldwide it's the first book this is basically. Harry Potter for adults don't gloss over the lead here is apparently the league what to leave here. Kim knows the vibrating rabbit when ...
[0:07:41] ... any bird. You read the book probably ten tonight. Let me read. Read books and time. I'd like to read. That book. I can do that goodbye well I've got it off I like to rehab ...

Ben Volin from the Boston Globe joins the show to talk about the latest scandal in the NFL

[0:04:06] ... needed to be the focal point two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl or dark February it's. She's rearing its ugly head in a comeback and when they release the and world report. I just ...
[0:04:58] ... made. And just to be dealt with it you know because initially Troy Vincent who himself was Sanderson the slipped two to three day. You know investigation I don't know fused investigation. You know a review ...
[0:06:53] ... Rice thing even happened I've never been a fan his butt. If patriots fans are getting their wish year which is to have Ted Wells. And his investigation. Show that there was a conspiracy. Is it ...
[0:07:57] ... something that happened as the nature in the way cooker all the Bill Belichick that. There are a lot of unknowns right now. I'm a little skeptical of the whole being king and and my vote ...

Jeff Goodman talks about the NBA trade deadline and how the Celtics will add their next piece.

[0:00:38] ... games they have we can. ID ESPN insider Jeff Goodman on the NBA trade deadline including what the Celtics did positively. Jeff we're just talking about this week came on to the Celtics win the day yesterday ...
[0:01:28] ... now accumulate pieces that they may not operate out honestly. Is that Isiah Thomas gonna help on William Morton this year. Because right now they need to lose as many games as possible. So they can ...
[0:02:07] ... like idiots and we got. We took Frenchman from Arizona overtook speech strong winds or who'll go and that I agree. Avail we really still back at this Jeff Levine talking about I mean that Tiki ...
[0:03:05] ... yet thought that if there's extra so. Up for me. They get Isiah Thomas cute piece. I like your model level I don't think you're you know put up great numbers yours you're watchers Sacramento. Put up decent numbers coming out that for Phoenix. I don't want to see him take time away from mark Smart. In markets Smart and still the future. At the point guard position this thing. I've seen I'd say I'm forever forever and he played prep school about opting Connecticut. And again he's an explosive offensive player. Who's won Milwaukee he's in muted sort of like I've reduced jacked ...

My name is Jerry. And I’m an NFL combine addict.

It’s hard to know for sure where it started for me. I suppose like a lot of us, I got my first taste as a teenager, reading next-day reports in the daily sports pages. I can remember how good it made me feel, all that talk about prospects and scouts walking around with stopwatches.

Then as I got older, SportsCenter started showing the highlights. There was just something about seeing all those future NFL stars, all potential and gym uniforms, running around cones and lifting weights; like they were invincible and so was I. And thinking about the football season during the dead time of the sports calendar made me feel warm all over.

I also had friends and family who enjoyed the combine as much as I did and we’d get together and talk about what was going on down in Indy. So I just sort of considered myself a social combine user. I liked it. I used it in moderation. I had it under control.

Then NFL Network debuted and started running non-stop combine coverage. Soon, a thousand 40-yard dashes weren’t enough, and one was too many. I started missing work. Finding any excuse I could to stay home and watch it. I started lying to myself that I could handle it. That I had it under control.

Soon my family started noticing the warning signs. They found the offensive linemen bench press on the DVR. I was able to explain that one away. But I started moving on to the hard stuff. Defensive back 3-cone drills. Shuttle runs. Linebackers doing the vertical jump.

It didn’t take long before I spiraled out of control. I kept saying things to my loved ones I’d never said before. Things I didn’t mean. I used words like “measurables,” “quick twitch” and “fluid hip turn.” I once called my beautiful wife a “wardaddy” but said she’d need “more sand in the pants to make it as the next level.” It was like I was a different person. I wasn’t controlling the Indianapolis Kennel Show, it was controlling me.

Rock bottom came when I missed my son’s school band concert because I was on going over the hand measurements of all the quarterback prospects. That’s when I realized I’d need to get the combine monkey off my back before it too late.

Which brings me here today, the start of the dog and pony show we call the 2015 combine. NFL Net and ESPN are all over this thing all day. And I have a NFL draft to get ready for. So that’s the challenge for me. To watch the coverage, get the results, hear all the impressions, but not to get so caught up in it I lose sight of what’s really important.

Mostly I’ll try to remind myself that the combine, for all it’s temptations, is really just an exercise in futility. That it’s not football. It gives you almost no indication of how good a player a prospect will be. I’ll try to remember all the great NFL players who weren’t even invited to the damn thing (looking at you, Julian Edelman).  Or the workout warriors who measured off the scale but who couldn’t play a lick (>cough< Mike Mamula >cough, cough<). Mainly I’ll watch that video above over and over to remind myself that the most accomplished quarterback in the history of the game had a workout that made him look like he had a future working in a cubicle somewhere.

 Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. They’re doing the offensive line and tight end running drills right now. Remember to use the combine responsibly.
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Jerry Thornton
Bruce Bochy

Bruce Bochy

Giants manager Bruce Bochy was admitted to Scottsdale Healthcare Medical Center on Thursday after experiencing heart discomfort and had surgery to insert two stents, the team said in a statement. Stents are “a common procedure to increase blood flow through arteries to the heart,” wrote Henry Schulman in the San Francisco Chronicle.

As a part of pre-spring training procedure, Bochy had a physical on Wednesday and seemed relaxed on Thursday before he reported feeling ill.

“Following his physical [Wednesday], the Giants medical staff was monitoring Bruce Bochy’s heart after he experienced some discomfort,” the statement read.

Bochy was examined by San Francisco’s head athletic trainer Dave Groeschner and team physician Dr. Robert Murray.

The statement also said he is resting comfortably and will be released on Friday, but that, per a club spokesman, he is “not expected to be in uniform for Friday’s workout.”

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Judy Cohen

Kirk discussed D.J.'s accusation that he orchestrated his Erin Andrews rant.

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:03:10] ... were complete future. It's X. So we're talking. Sunday night is the Academy Awards assets are you ready you watch animal like you watch much. She won the movies nominated I gonna get out of America ...

The guys discussed Pablo Sandoval's weight.

[0:04:07] ... in those open now but the victories he's got this team. And Dustin Pedroia. Does that. If you ever seen a guy like him but he's a little the big man in the little guy's body. ...
[0:04:50] ... league's openness has gotten to me but not to that extreme and Dustin Pedroia. What is about spec you for Pedroia to 8512 homers seven U I that's that's the new expectation which is to me ...
[0:07:48] ... Sox they hang out these guys their friends were toward the difference Dustin Pedroia. Their friends and victory. They're free want to be friends with Santa in the end. There's still guys who have different posters ...
[0:11:37] ... and OK the other thing is I mean we're all assuming that David Ortiz is like 48. Is gonna have another big year what he does. What if this is finally here we at this age ...