In Friday’€™s edition of Three For All on Middays with MFB, Lou MerloniChristian Fauria and Tim Benz discussed Tara Reid‘s take on “Sharknado,” Benz’s sloppy eating habits and an unusual spam message he received on Facebook. To listen to the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

Reid, who starred in the original “Sharknado” movie, told GQ Magazine that the chances of a shark attack on New York, where the sequel will take place, thanks to a furious tornado is not a far-fetched as one may believe.

“You know, it actually can happen,” Reid said. “I mean, the chances of it happening are very rare, but it can happen actually.”

Fauria read the quote through his own impersonation of Reid, sending Merloni and Benz into hysterical laughter.

“That’s a hard sell right there,” Benz said.

Said Fauria: “So be careful. If you’re by any body of water and there’s a pool, maybe there’s a small little pond, if you see a little spin or a little twister, be careful. This could really happen.”

– The guys broadcasted their show from Patriots training camp at Gillette Stadium on Friday. The team provided food for the media that included chicken fajitas and refried beans. 

Benz didn’t just take advantage of the free food, he did so in the most amusing way.

“During the interview [with Kevin Millar], I look over and Tim’s got the microphone over his head and he’s eating during the interview, which isn’t the problem,” Merloni said. “He’s eating the refried beans, he doesn’t have a fork so he’s eating them with his hands.

“Not only did he not have a fork but he didn’t have a napkin. What were you using to wipe your hands?” Merloni asked.

Benz responded: “My sock.”

“You are improvising, adapting and overcoming,” Fauria said.

– Benz talked about an unusual message he got on Facebook recently from someone named April. The message was vaguely worded and clearly spam.

“I was reading this and I was laughing out loud because I had never seen something like this from Facebook sent directly to me in my Yahoo account and I’m thinking, who falls for this crap. How does this ever work on anyone? How does anybody get duped into this?” Benz said.

Said Fauria: “You should actually just write back and have it be comical for yourself. Get a back and forth going.”

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Nick Canelas
Kevin Millar joins Merloni, Fauria, and Benz to talk about David Ortiz, the struggles of Dustin Pedroia, and the Jon Lester contract.
Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman joins Merloni, Fauria, and Benz after Patriots training camp.

[0:01:12] ... Some guys getting healthy some guys getting more experience out there. With Tom Brady. You know the everyone's organ hard. You have to ask them on that you know -- as an individual I'm trying to. ...
[0:01:58] ... cohesive as possible. You're -- this offseason -- lot of talk W quarterback Tom Brady and nationally people try to say you know he's not -- believe these knock down a -- got one does wonder like ...
[0:02:34] ... had any other guy. Are talking Julian -- right now. On at Gillette Stadium and Julian -- and all these young guys boys Dobson Tompkins. Else has some new -- and senators do you feel for ...
[0:03:31] ... pretty much the main thing. Join a jolt they came for all patriots fans across New England when it was announced that gronkowski would be able to participate in training camp. And was cleared to play ...

Given the recent Ray Rice suspension, many people are comparing it to Josh Gordon getting suspended for repeated drug abuse. Tim Benz doesn't think this is a fair comparison. He explains why.

[0:00:57] ... with -- B day two of training camp at Gillette for the New England Patriots. Is the debate over Ray Rice gaining just 82 game suspension. About domestic violence and how the league is handling that with ...
[0:11:23] ... that happens with -- writes based on stuff that happens with. With Ben Roethlisberger like you said yourself like. I mean he was he was Iran expert was issued all these these penalties and -- and ...
[0:14:36] ... great. But the -- does that there was a holding penalty on Troy Brown. It was first goal of the ones so they decide just take their chances. With the first gold one handed off in ...
[0:18:25] ... Cincinnati. Cleveland and Pittsburgh divisional rivals are looking at this with the Baltimore Ravens and he's get off way too late he issued it eight he should get ten he should be suspended for the whole year part of the reason is that outcry right now the -- comparison. Cleveland fans are -- Pittsburgh fans are mad because the Roethlisberger stuff. Might -- in here into it for example of this habit and New England Patriots player something similar like this happens you. Would we be arguing on behalf of that player. Less you know I don't fix ...

Broadcasting live from Gillette Stadium, the guys discuss the overrated story lines from Patriots training camp.
Kirk breaks down the media criticism he has received.

[0:00:35] ... when ball to -- good one prop up this Kevin love the Cleveland Cavaliers. They're all going to be around for a while on. You're yeah. Especially now they signed -- of thirty days to trade ...
[0:02:40] ... out here this from WEEI dot com column to column on a modern art gets film -- When I -- I I I write policies so film is to movie what columnist article correct OK correct ...
[0:12:37] ... -- it's not it's been gives me that the penis pictures of Brett Favre. They were by the way the people linked to certain people video involving somebody which was a terrible thing and I'm glad that person that -- jail it's a violation that's terrible -- they did but they facilitated and they didn't get away that they were happy to find appoint people or that. And you you -- degree besides most of that Glen Rice story that they did with Sarah Palin and -- course and niceties. Glen -- up a -- -- reported it -- with these quotes are pale that were. We're ...

The stories of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane

[0:01:51] ... surgery would be that -- guys I really do it had been Antonio Cromartie but. -- Two years ago. According to near post -- league best newspaper in America. The paper by the way is documents ...
[0:08:31] ... I'm not meant when he. -- -- you root for -- and Jane Seymour. GC. How they should look up Jane Seymour it seemed you know -- -- -- -- Quinn medicine woman. As you know that -- -- detractors know Bob Dylan but he knows that's what Sarandon she's been. She's -- exit answer should -- she's. Carry signs failed. And then that child ...
[0:14:32] ... what should go to kill shelter and take one home. The wild dogs running -- on the -- mark in -- area there are some of those at that Turkey cake shall we talk yeah. Good ...

Dino, Meter and Kirk discuss the light punishment given to Ray Rice by the NFL.

[0:04:55] ... of the talent and try to stand by detail John Harbaugh coached Baltimore Ravens have this say about three right situation. We always said from the beginning that the circumstances were determined consequences. There are consequences ...
[0:11:56] ... -- be -- right speed bump in front of you go forward DeMarcus Ware resides in their defense right. Currently not make at least theoretically on paper the case that for the first time. This season's success will not be based solely on Tom Brady's ability to rack up a lot of points. Yes we -- what we've been asking Bill Belichick. The defensive genius to -- the last improve the defense hello for five years -- writers are so we think that has ...

Kevin Love won’t be going to Cleveland — for at least another 30 days.

The Cavaliers signed No. 1 overall picked Andrew Wiggins on Thursday, meaning he can’t be traded for at least 30 days.

Wiggins has been linked to trades talks with the Timberwolves involving Love, but he can’t0 officially be moved until at least late August.

Restrictions have been placed on newly signed rookies dating back to the 1998-99 collective bargaining agreement as a way to prevent teams from circumventing salary cap rules. At the time, rookies were included with all free agents in a rule that prevents any newly signed player from being traded for three months of before Dec. 15 of the next season.

Rookie contracts were separated into a different category when it was modified in the 2005 CBA, creating the 30-day timeline between singing and trading a player.


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Here are the highlights from Friday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk MinihaneJohn Dennis and guest host Jon Meterparel. To hear to the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

NASA: Solar flare nearly destroyed Earth 2 years ago

A recent revelation by NASA explains how Earth had a near miss with a solar flare on July 23, 2012, from the most powerful solar storm on the sun in over 150 years.

Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado said that Earth and its inhabitants were lucky the eruption happened when it did because it would have struck Earth had it occurred one week earlier.

“So a bunch of people knew this and didn’t tell us?” Dennis asked. “Should we not have been warned?”

The report suggests the power of this eruption would have blacked out the Earth completely, with an economic impact exceeding $2 trillion.

“If the world’s over, why would you even measure the impact?” said Minihane.

Said Meterparel: “Who’s the last man standing? Who is Will Smith in ‘I am Legend?’ ”

“The president. He’s in a bunker underneath,” Dennis responded.

Jacqueline Bisset: ‘Older women continue to want sex but men don’t want to sleep with them’

Actress Jacqueline Bisset has a new film, “Welcome to New York,” that she stars in about men and women and their hormones, and she plays a woman who is married to an adulterous financier.

When discussing her new film and her own opinions on sex, Bisset, 69, was unhappy with the way older women were viewed by men sexually, saying, “Older women continue to want sex but men don’t want to sleep with them.”

“You know me, I like the older ladies,” Minihane said.

Said Meterparel: “I don’t know why you wouldn’t, especially Jacqueline Bisset.”

This led to a discussion about older women and which ones they find attractive.

“You think 70 and under is in play?” Minihane asked.

Said Meterparel: “I think 60 and under is in play.”

Seinfeld may be coming to Netflix; another season being discussed

Jerry Seinfeld said in a Reddit chat that “Seinfeld” could be coming to Netflix, and another season may be discussed.

“That would be a disaster,” Minihane said.

According to Meterparel’s Hollywood sources, “Curb your Enthusiasm” will be returning for another season.

“I’ve got some sources,” he said.

Doctor claims that dogs understand what humans say to them

Dr. Gregory Burns of Emory University said based on MRI examinations, dogs have brains more similar to that of humans than previously believed.

“I take a back seat to nobody in my admiration for dogs, but I don’t think they understand when I’m explaining to them when a tree falls in the forest it doesn’t make a sound,” Dennis said.

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Nick Canelas