We look at four guys the Patriots picked up and made use of that the rest of the NFL may have written off.
We look at four guys the Patriots picked up and made use of that the rest of the NFL may have written off.
In for Mikey, Chris Villani & Lenny Megs talk about Don Orsillo leaving NESN after the season and touch on Hanley Ramirez taking grounders at first base.
Lou, Christian, and Greg continue to look at Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval's roles in the organization going forward, and how Dave Dombrowski might construct the 2016 roster.

[0:01:04] ... little surprised. How many people with John the boss unite actually defended. Hanley Ramirez. Now. Are you you teed it up a bit. Please explain how with a defending him well there are they were different ways to look at how we played in the first half of the season and there are other duties she said. He you know he does try and their times that he showed that he cares. If somebody cited. The way he reacted after John Farrell came out with the news or a heart being died at the vehicle near the party that there's gonna be you know so we took some good in man. Someone else actually even send hate. You know this team has got to hang onto this guy because David Ortiz. As another year maybe two years and basically. They just wanted to stashed away and they were mayors the so you know ...
[0:02:53] ... to go home. You know so it right night it's neutral about David Ortiz and got hot and Bieber gives him as meaningless games. But he still up their play I mean still out there hit ...
[0:05:27] ... the first two months of the season right and Rhode Island on Hanley Ramirez re welcome to Villa and efforts here on Sports Radio WEEI what's up right. I. Live. I know he's probably gonna blast me for this. Yeah sure but. You know it in my mind. I would rather see David Ortiz jail. And Italy were mayors. Well they were out there guys. Not just on Sundays apparently it and he can tell. I haven't yet and yet you know here here's a guy who is clearly on the down side of his career. He's a left handed DH strictly he refuses. To play. First base. I generally. At this. Read just real quickly to stop either what has changed with that. Breakdown of of David Ortiz last twelve years strictly it left and hitting DH visibly first what what is really change. Well you know now he just refuses to. Placements and unscrew. Yeah that's an answer so I know that's not through what it's about Obama and what I did or what is David Ortiz done this year what are stats you gotta be kidney brain I think if you watch the he did say you're gonna ...
[0:07:31] ... is the right handed hitter I'm talking about is you batted in David Ortiz. Oh. Yeah. I disagree just liquids to stick with it thank you would much rather have David Ortiz and violent for the next two years as does news. You know why it even if any bit of Haley figures are now slightly. It's just you know slightly you know I'm in the opening start to hear a little bit more he improves his batting average a little bit more maybe it's it's comparable to David Ortiz and I still want nothing to do with them I want nothing he is not going to change anything does change just ...

The good people at the NFL Network released a few more short videos previewing the highly anticipated "Do Your Job" special.

[0:01:21] ... this thing up with a guy that. Help players who played a Bill Belichick and played for the organization. Don't even know anything about this guy. Here's Ernie Adams as he discussed. A little bit about ...
[0:02:34] ... him. There it is there's just there's your opening scene right there patriots fans here to me yet this is the people were later we have heard from before. Ever have you have you ever heard ...
[0:05:30] ... to worry about. To project out thirteen years is more than the Bill Belichick I know the Bill Belichick I know. Literally goes minute to minute dealing with what's there. So hopefully his prognostication. Skills were off talk to me as ...
[0:06:22] ... stereo another one of the upper right hand man of the of Bill Belichick. Talks about. When Belichick may. Walk away it's it's you know what listen bill does everything harder than anybody else but. Here's ...

Kevin Millar joined the show to discuss some how Dave Dombrowski will build the 2015 Red Sox, and what Hanley Ramirez could be if he cared about his legacy.
Bill Belichick referenced Tom Brady's "situation" on Dale and Holley yesterday, when pressed about how the team will prepare for Pittsburg when that time arrives.
Lou, Christian and Greg open the show with the latest developments regarding the NFL vs. NFLPA and where Judge Berman might be leaning.


Boston HeraldTwo Iowa men are behind bars today after prosecutors say they plotted an armed attack on last weekend’€™s Pokemon World Championships in social media threats that invoked another ‘€œBoston massacre’€ and Columbine.

Kevin Norton, 18, admitted to the cops that he and 27-year-old James Stumbo had made the 25-hour drive from Iowa with a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15 rifle with a high-capacity feeding device and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, prosecutors said. The duo was ordered held without bail at their arraignment on weapons charges in Boston Municipal Court pending a Sept. 1 dangerousness hearing.

“They were referencing Columbine and another Boston massacre,”€ assistant Suffolk District Attorney Joseph Janezic said in court.

Judge Lisa Grant ordered a stunned-looking Norton and Stumbo held after Janezic said their “alarming’€ social media” posts included Stumbo’€™s boast that, “My AR-15 says you lose.” …

Janezic said Norton had recently been blocked from an online Pokemon forum and allegedly said of the moderator who barred him from getting him back in, “Oh, OK, that’€™s fine. I will just shoot him Friday, thanks.”

First of all, I’d like to offer a huge thank you and a “job well done” to Boston’s finest for their amazing police work on this. Who knows how many members of our beloved Pokemon-playing community owe their lives to the work of the Thin, Blue Line? As the saying goes, adults with arrested development sleep peaceably in their gamer chairs in the afternoon because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf to keep them safe.

That said, I want to sympathize with Kevin Norton and James Stumbo. I mean, it has to be traumatic to be banned from an online Pokemon forum. It’s never happened to me, but if I try to walk a mile in Norton and Stumbo’s Pikachu slipper, I can only imagine how hard that must be. Once you’ve sunk that low, where really do you have to go from there?

But to threaten violence is to forget what Pokemon is all about. Have we learned nothing from the teachings of Ash Ketchum? Did Norton and Stumbo forget that Pokemon is a religion of peace? Would Charmander ever threaten someone with death? Try to imagine Dragonite flying halfway across the continent with assault weapons in order to do someone harm. It’s impossible. That’s something Team Rocket might do. Or maybe Mewtew. But no true Pokemon aficionado who respect the sanctity of the institution would even consider such a thing.

Remember, Norton and Stumbo. It’s “You gotta catch ’em all.” NOT “You gotta kill ’em all.” Otherwise you’re just a couple of stupid jagoffs going on a killing spree and obsessing on a stupid kids toy.


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Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton


Pro Football TalkEagles coach Chip Kelly was not happy with the hit that Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs put on quarterback Sam Bradford. Now Ravens coach John Harbaugh is not happy with the Eagles for criticizing Suggs. …

“I read most of the Eagles’€™ quotes, I thought they understood the play. One or two of them didn’€™t understand the play. When you start popping off about somebody’€™s character, you’€™ve crossed the line. That’€™s not really something that we respect. But most of those guys understood the play and understood that 55 [Suggs] was playing hard and trying to get it stopped,”€ Harbaugh said.

The debate about whether or not Terrell Suggs‘ hit on Sam Bradford was legal or a cheap shot is a perfectly legitimate one. The balance between protecting quarterbacks versus taking all the hitting out of the game is an issue that football needs to address and there are reasonable positions on both sides.

Which is why I don’t want to talk about it here. Instead, I’d prefer to just demagogue the hell out of what John Harbaugh said.

So we’re clear, Harbaugh is now on record saying that if you question someone’s character, you’ve crossed a line. Putting aside for a second the fact that the “character” he doesn’t want questioned belongs to Terrell Suggs, a misanthropic, rageaholic spouse abuser who once threatened his girlfriend and their infant child with a bottle of bleach, broke her nose across her face and dragged her from a moving car, this is the same John Harbaugh who basically accused Bill Belichick of cheating for lining up in legal formations Harbaugh’s team didn’t know how to defend.

This is the same John Harbaugh who’s team decided that Tom Brady was up to illegal shenanigans involving the inflation rate of the footballs so they contacted their pals at the Colts to collude on a conspiracy to catch him in the act. The same John Harbaugh who then lied repeatedly that his team ever had anything to do with Deflategate.

And just to go back a couple of years, this same John Harbaugh accused the Patriots of manipulating the game clock at the end of the 2011 AFC championship game to excuse the fact his kicker Ray Finkled the potential game-tying kick.

That John Harbaugh is now lecturing people on not questioning his player’s “character.” Not that we should be surprised. He coaches a team that “crossed a line” the minute they commissioned a statue to a man who plead guilty to obstructing justice in a double homicide case. Not to impugn anyone’s character, of course.


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Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton