The bride in this video is Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Erin Smith and other girls with her are her teammates on the squad. And while I hate the Colts right now with the white hot intensity of a thousand pizza ovens and am not in a mood to be charitable, sometimes you have to be the bigger man. Sometimes you have to be gracious and magnanimous and admit that this is the cutest, sweetest damn wedding moment maybe since the gang at Dunder-Mifflin did Chris Brown’s “Forever” at Jim and Pam’s nuptials.

So while I’m not feeling particularly charitable toward Indy at the moment, I have to give credit where it’s due and say this was sexy as hell. I could be that I’m just getting excited for football again. Or it could be that I’m just biologically unable to resist Salt ‘n Pepa. Either way I admit this was great. Now if only the Colts defense could move half as good as Erin and her crew they might actually be a threat in the AFC.


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Jerry Thornton

Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump voiced his displeasure with Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s decision to end the city’s Olympic bid Monday. He tweeted a short time after Walsh’s press conference explaining the failure in not pursuing the bid further.

Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump voiced his displeasure with Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s decision to end the city’s Olympic bid Monday. He tweeted a short time after Walsh’s press conference explaining the failure in not pursuing the bid further.

Walsh had this one-liner locked and loaded in response to Trump’s statement when asked about the tweet on Dennis & Callahan.

“As I said earlier, that’s going to sound like his presidential campaign in about two months,” Walsh said.

Furthermore, after citing Trump’s rise in the polls following a name-drop by President Barack Obama, Dennis & Callahan teased Walsh, suggesting that he might consider running for national office after Trump’s public ridicule. Walsh didn’t rule out a future campaign.

“I might throw my hat in the ring for getting in on the democratic side,” he said.

When asked if he might endorse Bernie Sanders, Walsh stated that he had not considered it yet, but that he would stand behind a candidate in the near future.

“We’re going to see what happens in this race for a little while,” Walsh said. “I’m sure I’ll endorse somebody at some point.”

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Justin Pallenik

“I’€™m hearing that Tom Brady actually destroyed his cell phone.”

Well if Stephen A. Smith is hearing that Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone, it must be true. Because if there’s one thing we know about the NFL, the Deflategate investigation, the appeal process and the integrity of all involved, it’s that no one would lie to a reporter just to make the Patriots look bad.

I mean, sure we could call this story into question. You’d think that somewhere in his 243 pages Ted Wells might have squeezed in a sentence or two about how when he asked to look at Brady’s texts, Brady said “Sorry. Clumsy me! I dropped it in the bathroom.  Whoopsie!” Or that maybe in that 10-hour appeal in Roger Goodell’s secret underground lair on Park Ave. five weeks ago, when Brady dumped the mangled wreckage of a destroyed iPhone all over the conference table Goodell would have upheld the suspension right then and there. But nope. Somehow they managed to keep a lid on that explosive little bombshell until late July when someone in the know leaked it to Stephen A.

So that’s good enough for me. There’s no question in my mind that Brady took a hammer to his phone the instant he smelled the NFL hot on his trail. After all, why wouldn’t he? It worked out so well for Aaron Hernandez so it only makes sense a criminal like Brady would do likewise. And now the whole country can get down to the business of reporting, repeating, and believing this story is true, just like the one about the tape of the Rams walk through before the Super Bowl in 2002 which never existed. Because the first rule of sports journalism is never let the truth get in the way of a damning, anti-Patriots story.


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Jerry Thornton

Depending on where you stood in the Boston 2024 debate, the failure of the Olympic bid is the fault of either:

A) The greedy and incompetent Boston 2024 committee or

B) The negative, backwards thinking, NIMBY, narrow-minded cynics who stand in the way of progress.

But whichever side of the ad hominem attack fence you’re on, we can all agree with one thing: The fact the USOC took the bid out back behind the barn and put it out of its misery is a triumph of the will of the people of Boston. Simply put, we as a people did not want this thing as it was presented to us. We didn’t trust what we were being told and ultimately shot the proposal down. You can all that negativity if you want, but to me the idea of healthy cynicism toward a small group of unelected, unaccountable, powerful people it the most positive force in the universe. Our country was built on it. And it’s worked out pretty much every time it’s ever been tried since.

Whatever else you think of No Boston Olympics and other similar opposition groups, they weren’t acting out of narrow self-interest. Unlike the original Boston 2024, they weren’t run by the owner of a construction firm or the head of the carpenter’s union who stood to make a buck out of their cause. They asked tough questions. They held the people in charge accountable. And ultimately they gave voice to a population who are sick of having powerful people not let little things like promises get in the way of gorging themselves at the public trough.

The Big Dig is the example everyone cites. But it’s just shorthand for dozens of similar examples. The MBTA. The Mass Pike toll booths that were supposed to come down by act of law in the late 1980s but are still standing. The trial court probation department. The “temporary” hike in the income tax. And on and on. We’ve been asked repeatedly to trust that this time we won’t get ripped off. And we won’t get fooled again.

Back when newspapers were a thing, they used to say you shouldn’t get into a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. But we live in a world now where social media has leveled the playing field and given a voice to the not-so-well-connected. And the Olympic opposition groups used it to perfection. It was the Wikipedia definition of “grassroots.” It was democratic with a small “d.” They were the vox populi. They were a cyber “Les Miserables” storming the Bastille. The rebel scum who blew up the Death Star the USOC was threatening us with.

All you need to know about what the Boston 2024 bid was all about came Monday when, at the mere suggestion by Mayor Walsh that he wasn’t willing to guarantee public money to foot the bill for cost overages – two months before the deadline to sign guarantee – the kleptomaniacs at the USOC cut and ran. The came in to rob the joint and the first time Marty the security guard gave them the once over they dropped their weapons and ran for the getaway car. That should tell you what they were really after all along, and it wasn’t about showcasing sunny, fabulous Wollaston Beach to the volleyball-playing world.

So it’s to the undying credit of the mayor and the people of Boston that they demanded answers from these clowns instead of being led like sheeple to the financial slaughter. We are the Americans who invented the art of cynically opposing powerful people who are up to doing us no good, and 240 years later, we perfected it. Well done. The people of Boston have spoken.


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Jerry Thornton

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh joined Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday to discuss the end of Boston’s Olympic bid for 2024.

Martin Walsh

Martin Walsh

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh joined Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday to discuss the end of Boston’s Olympic bid for 2024. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

On Monday the United States Olympic Committee and Boston 2024 ‘€œjointly ended’€ Boston’€™s bid for the 2024 Olympics.

“Thinking back on the Olympic bid, it was a great opportunity that we had here in the city potentially,” Walsh said. “I still view it that way. But we just couldn’t make it work.”

When asked about his press conference on Monday, Walsh clarified his reasoning for not giving his stamp of approval to the bid and how he had anticipated the bid would affect Boston residents.

“My statement was the right thing to do to let people know that I was not just going to sign an agreement that potentially could cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars if there were overruns, or if there were problems,” Walsh said. “I think the fact that we weren’t given an appropriate amount of time to be able to put a full bid together, that was unfortunate. New York and Los Angeles and Atlanta and Chicago, these other cities that went for the bid, they had a two-year period between the time they were selected by the USOC and when they had to put their application in to the IOC. … We were given several months.

“There were a lot of critics of the plan, and … a lot of it was based on taxpayers’ dollars. … I don’t think [taxpayers] fully understood what the commitment was by me or other people not to use taxpayers’ dollars. Certainly everyone knows today what the commitment was.”

Walsh said he didn’t think the bid was doomed from the start, however there were some aspects of the plan that bore too many potentially negative complications to ignore.

“I honestly felt that we could come up with a plan that would cover any overruns [the Olympic bid] might incur,” he said. “I looked at private developers building construction, the developer would have an insurance policy, the construction company would have an insurance policy and on top of that we were putting a blanket insurance policy to cover anything else. My concern was, ‘How do you cover it?’ I was unclear on, ‘How do you fully cover any potential overruns?’

“We talked to insurance companies and they were willing to look at it. Chicago had it down there and construction companies do it all the time, as do developers. They constantly have insurance in case of circumstances that are beyond the control of the construction project. So it happens already. But again, in the case of a company going bankrupt, that’s an unforeseen circumstance and the insurance covers that, but we weren’t able to get to that so I felt it was something that was important for us to finalize before I move forward.”

According to Walsh, he began to second-guess Boston 2024’s plan over the last week and a half, finally voicing his concerns at Monday’s press conference.

“I was optimistic until probably about a week and a half ago,” Walsh said. “I really felt that when Steve Pagliuca’s plan came out and he talked about his plan, I thought that it was a very good, solid plan. Obviously it would evolve and change. The revenue side of it I thought was a very good, well-thought and true plan as well. … When the [insurance plan] didn’t happen and then the USOC was starting to ask, ‘Where’s the Mayor in this?’ and one of the board members in the [Boston] Herald said yesterday, ‘We need the Mayor to be committed,’ if people didn’t realize that I was not committed to this thing then they wouldn’t know anything.

“I was actually excited about it. I thought that Boston hosting the Olympics would have been a great opportunity, but for about a week and a half now I thought that this thing was spinning our wheels here and we’re not gaining the traction we need on the ground. And then when they were insisting that I sign the document to cover any potential overruns, I knew that was something I wouldn’t do. … And that’s why yesterday happened.”

Instead of second-guessing what Boston 2024 could have done differently, Walsh suggests that the organization and the city should take lessons from the USOC bid experience.

“We all learned lessons. We were talking about building a $5 billion corporation in about three or four months here,” Walsh said. “Even City Hall, should we have been more involved at the higher level? Maybe. But I made it clear from the beginning that as mayor of the city of Boston, I’m going to continue to be mayor and the Olympics is only one piece of my day, not the entire day. For Steve Pagliuca, I would say there should be no regrets. He came in at a time and made some significant improvements and suggestions to the plan and some of those will be carried out afterwards.”

As far as Boston 2024’s plan for the renovation of the MBTA and Widett Circle are concerned, Walsh intends to incorporate the committee’s ideas into the city’s agenda in the future.

“We need to move forward with the T,” Walsh said. “There’s no question about that. The T needs to be upgraded, the T needs to be fixed. We’re talking about the city growing at an incredible clip, greater Boston is growing at a clip, and in order to grow economically you need to have a reliable, good and strong transportation system. I know the governor’s been working on that with the fiscal review board. He’s moving forward on that and at some point there will be an investment by the legislature and the governor to do something there.

“When it comes to Widett Circle, down the road we might be saying, ‘Thank god we had this conversation,’ because Widett Circle today generates about $800,000 in tax revenue and there’s potential when it’s fully built out to generate $150 million. We don’t necessarily need an Olympics to do that, but the Olympics got the conversation going, gave us some great ideas. Now we will look at that and pursue that and hopefully, potentially develop Widett Circle. When it comes to Harbor Point, there’s real potential down there to build additional housing as well as student housing for [University of Massachusetts-Boston], so some good conversation came out of this that we can incorporate into our Imagine Boston 2030 plan.”

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Justin Pallenik
The Mayor joined us to discuss the cities failed bid.

[0:05:08] ... down at a building additional housing as well as student housing for UMass Boston so that some good benefit some good conversation came out of that. That we can incorporate into our imagine Bausch and wondered ...
[0:09:00] ... to Donald Trump and. They said earlier that's gonna sound like the presidential campaign about two months. I you know what I said some have said last night on one of the cable shows said. Trump is now a real candidate because the president mentioned him Obama mentioned his name right I think mayor Waltz is now a national player. Does trump elevate to what you owe him mayor elevate your. My diploma and the rains broke our. Didn't get in the democratic side. 51 I think you could be Bernie Sanders. Look no rain obviously oddly you know you're captive. Are you and endorse. Hillary or her Bernie you're O'Malley or somebody. Well brown where where should know what you would have administration amount for a little while. Could you see yourself ever endorsing Bernie Sanders. I'm sure under somebody at some point. Yeah thanks time this morning appreciate the conversation but Don lemon mr. Cyanamid sitcom people ...

Unfortunately no member of D&C was nominated for a Globie.

[0:01:28] ... I called the Columbia. Olympic shoes to assess. Best taste and choose Tom Brady probably went something else is he nominated for something I'm sure is not give this element. You do well that's got to ...
[0:02:14] ... you know doing it odd. Like coach of the year. Go ahead Bill Belichick. And he'd he'd Jay heaps. I your right heaps but Bret Stephens sees. Stevens and I'll leave chicken interpreted here ahead. But ...
[0:06:22] ... if indeed it item will now. Obsessed individual performance in a game Tom Brady's Super Bowl mrs. Oki bets Red Sox 2015. Although opener in the big game. Akron and what does that legend it's it's not much lip three nominations before Brady in the Super Bowl Tom Brady suitable I think that might win. Jonas gray week eleven color colts. And not before that by tufts right field that would ...
[0:16:07] ... many times again will go back to the you know to the Big Dig go back to the on the the mass at the T over the winter. These are the same people the guy who ...

Conan steals jokes.

[0:01:25] ... as the Trump Organization defended his boss saying. You're talking about the front runner for the GOP presidential candidate is or to private individual who never raped anybody and of course. Understand the by the very definition can't read your spouse is true calling. You cannot rate your spouse is very clear east what insist. Almost naming and Michael Cohen Michael Cohen said on the record you can't richter stopped yes. That it's gonna hurt that's illegal market legal precedent he would referring there may be caseload but they're never in Saudi Arabia and I never learn it by very many times a husband in this country's been convicted of reaping sexually assaulting his wife ...
[0:02:57] ... not it's gonna say you're just trying to hurt because of them front runner. Of our city Donald who just say he never did this. Your don't call her a liar you're a lawyer. Said that ...
[0:06:09] ... been recorded. Yeah of course the monuments blaming the shrinkage on the cold weather. It. That's it's it's good stuff O'Brien goddess who his writer that's the former host of the Tonight Show now. It's the ...
[0:08:25] ... about it it'll be on the front page of the times probably New York Times but like every day for two month old post the daily news to a they they this is this is chance. But ...