Dale and Michael spend a good portion of the program discussing the Bruins. What are there chances going forward and what do they need to add?
We close out today's show with the best soundbites of the day.
We close out today's show with the best soundbites of the day.

[0:01:51] ... somebody who has whose mother. Elsewhere in the NBA beefs with the Atlanta Hawks are in town to take on the seas tonight and the old beef between Isiah Thomas and fox point guard Denish Schroeder still ongoing. Schroeder addressed that at the shootaround earlier today there's an. They're wrong way it ...
[0:05:43] ... They did it again about your day. We know is that with Britney Spears yeah bring this back. It's great for. This is Secret Service when she's hoisting up a fake ID off on some bartenders ...
[0:09:11] ... award show history. In the academy get a Mulligan for this. The Academy Awards. Section here. Love love match. We lost the hood and tonight I think I'm sorry now there's this there's a mistake. We ...

Rob Gronkowski appears ready to embark on another wild summer. (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

Rob Gronkowski appears ready to embark on another wild summer. (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

Back when Rob Gronkowski was just beginning his NFL career, there was an endearing quality to his sophomoric sense of humor. He seemed to be genuinely juvenile, such as when he told a Spanish reporter “Yo soy fiesta” in response to a question about his post-AFC championship game party plans.

But now, after years of “69” jokes, the act seems fabricated. Gronk has jumped the shark.

The latest Gronkism came over the weekend, when he attended the Daytona 500 for Monster Energy, a sponsor of the NASCAR cup series. In an interview on Fox, Gronkowski tried his damnedest to get one of the Monster Energy Girls to say “69.” It didn’t work out.

“Hey Ashley, what’s your favorite speed limit out there?,” he asked. “I hope it’s somewhere around 70 or something.”

“I am hardcore. I like to go as fast as possible,” she responded, seemingly unaware of Gronkowski’s dimwitted obsession with “69” humor –– if there is such a thing.

There’s this notion that Gronkowski acts spontaneously, often blurting out the first thing that comes to his mind. But that doesn’t give him enough credit. There’s an apparent savviness to Gronkowski’s brand of inanity. At 27 years old, he’s crafted, and profited off, an amiable frat boy person. Look no further than his line of party limos, which are supposed to bring the “the Gronk Bus experience to you in a Gronk’d up way.” Last year, roughly 800 people set sail on Gronk’s three-day party cruise, paying up to $1,100 for a balcony room.

There’s nothing harmful about Gronkowski’s schtick. But that doesn’t make it entertaining. Within the last couple of years, he’s taped No. 69 on the back of his practice jersey, worn a No. 69 jersey to a Super Bowl parade, almost keeled over in laughter after a reporter said “69” during an interview, and snickered at the podium when talking about his 69th career touchdown. Even Andrew Dice Clay’s act had more variety.

The moment an act becomes brand-driven, it usually loses its luster. At the Daytona 500, Gronkowski was flanked by the Monster Energy Girls. Not so coincidently, the Gronk party buses are all stocked with Monster Energy drinks. Gronk’s latest “69” joke appears to be nothing more than sponsored content, designed to circulate around the blogosphere.

And that makes it lame. Very, very lame.

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Alex Reimer
The deadline for NFL team's to use the franchise tag is Wednesday, and the guys discuss the future of Jimmy Garoppolo and Dont'a Hightower.

[0:10:45] ... out he test free agency. And you heard mark tells Bennett or Michael Bennett a Super Bowl champions players a Super Bowl champion teams they get paid more they should. I based on what we're hearing ...
[0:11:46] ... no. There's going to be this and I hear that you know John Lynch in their opinion about tree in the number two pay the greatest baseball picks it doesn't happen and you don't get a ...
[0:13:01] ... year and it gives you another year. Another calendar year to watch Tom Brady and see if the forty year old body is gonna fall apart. Is if nobody's willing to give you a. A first ...
[0:18:29] ... good those six quarters can't let him go get the put. If Tom Brady plays for the next 234. Years there's no go Rob Lowe on the field he's not gonna get the opportunity deploy UI. ...

Andrew Benintendi is one of the favorites to win the AL Rookie of the Year award, despite playing in 35 games last year.

[0:00:24] ... and noticed loser. Yeah so I don't know and some of the heart attack that left him unconscious for two days the news again that was in shape. Jendrzejczyk yet Friday want to disputed sort was ...
[0:01:47] ... to have according. The point is a smaller Moxley's smaller mine monster Bill Belichick what. We have a smaller market. Now that you've lost well it's accepts the song next. I did carried away it's not ...
[0:05:27] ... September 1 expand the rosters to forty players mostly because of that Major League Baseball as a minimum number on the plate appearances yes to qualify as a rookie season so that those guys that come up ...
[0:07:21] ... anymore you know what you're do we know what to expect on road trips. You're you face certain certain pitchers before you know. The different ballparks like it's not a New England you're not a rookie ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian recap the Celtics weekend and continue to lament the fact that Danny didn't get someone to help out on the boards.
Kevin Garnett retired from the NBA last season. (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Garnett retired from the NBA last season. (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Garnett stayed in impeccable shape throughout his 21-year NBA career, remaining an elite defender until the end. Apparently, Beyoncé was one of the reasons why.

In an appearance last week on Bill Simmons’ podcast, Clippers guard J.J. Redick said Garnett told him he modeled his work-out routine after the pop icon. Garnett said singing and dancing at the same time, just like Queen Bey herself, would help him keep his energy up for the entire game.

“One time I saw her working out, and she was doing her dances and she was singing while she was doing her dancing,” Garnett said to Redick. “So then I’m thinking to myself, ‘Maybe I should run and sing at the same time.’ So in the offseason, I would go to Malibu and I would go down to the beach, and when I run on the beach I would be like ‘Lalala lalala lalala,’ while I’m running. So then, when I get on the court and I’m getting back on defense and I’m talking on defense, I don’t get tired.”

Now that Garnett has joined the Clippers as a consultant, perhaps he’ll share his Beyoncé-inspired training methods with even more players. Advice like that is too good to keep to yourself.

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Alex Reimer
Glenn, Lou and Christian recap last night's unbelievable sequence of events at the end of the show.
Hour 4. Mack Beggs should have been wrestling men. Gerry wants to put an end to women's wrestling.