Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about the breaking news that Tom Brady's suspension has been overturned, and gives his inside opinion on the result.

[0:00:10] ... Ray Rice is overturned this is great party was overturned this is Adrian Peterson was overturned and both sides in this particular case Bob. We're all in. Out of character is all over this so we get story first from him on Twitter. Lou reloading had an orgasm when you heard the news or did I mean you're out of what went nine to five favorite. That's right you had odds and I'm Sheffield he was the leader in your club out of my way weather report brought your arrival five cents savings. Let's bring out shelter right now premieres began atom thank you for joining us here on ...
[0:02:34] ... any part of this but they're going over prosecute procedures. It was Tom Brady was guilty of the principles on January cheat or mistreatment that George back with the answer it was a resounding. No. He'll ...
[0:05:56] ... and it was thinking is legal people. And remember the NFL. Sued Tom Brady year it looked to have its decision affirmed in court it shows that shedding eight shows lower Manhattan. Blocking and so if ...
[0:06:30] ... in any meaningful. Settlement talks because you have an appellate settling wouldn't Tom Brady admitted to the findings in the world report which he never ever. In our lifetimes we going to deal. And so. That ...

With yet another case being overturned in court, the NFL's track record is at an all time low. How does Judge Berman's decision affect the future of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell?
Lou, Christian and Gary speak with callers who gloat and react to the news that Tom Brady's suspension has been overturned by Judge Berman.
Breaking news hits Lou, Christian and Gary as they open up the show: Tom Brady beat Roger Goodell in court, and Judge Berman overturns the four game suspension. The guys celebrate and react to Tom Brady being eligible to play week one.

Wednesday I was invited to come on The Denver Post’s “The Sports Show” with Woody Paige and Les Shapiro to discuss the blog I’d written about their pal Shannon Sharpe and Tom Brady‘s punishment. It was done before His Honor Judge Berman’s ruling, but it’s as relevant post-exoneration as it was before. Frankly I was expecting a little bit of contentiousness, but suffice to say they were great hosts and I had a blast. And once again I think myself fortunate I get to live and work in the city that is the center of the sports universe.



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Jerry Thornton



It’s a great day for America.

Congratulations, Tom Brady. Take a bow, Jeffrey Kessler. Way to go, NFLPA. And a huge double stick tap to the Founding Fathers for creating a nation of laws where the ultimate minority – the individual – has his rights protected from the tyranny of powerful despots to trample his liberty, no matter how limitless their resources.

And make no mistake, this is a triumph of our system of justice. The NFL argued that Roger Goodell has the power to do whatever he decides pleases him, the facts, the process and simple fairness be damned. The league went to court to say that Article 46 gives him absolute sway over his dominion. So that if he wants to suspend the Greatest Quarterback of All Time for four games, a year, a lifetime even, he can. And by logical extension if he decides to enact the Writ of Prima Noctae like Longshanks and sleep with every NFL’s player’s bride, well that is within his purview too because he says so.

Well thanks to the original Patriots we established a Constitution 240 years ago that said you can’t pull that nonsense. Not on a farmer or a craftsman, not on a factory worker and not on a glamorous superstar with a perfect family and incredible good looks.

This is what liberty and justice feels like. And I have to say I love it.

There’ll be much more to say in the hours and days to come. But I’d be derelict in my duty if I didn’t also congratulate the good people of New England who stood with me on this quest. Who staked out a position from the beginning that this whole Deflategate thing was ridiculous. Who read the Wells Report and took it for the slanted, flawed and ultimately slandering piece of white hot garbage it is. Who argued the facts, not some agenda-driven speculation. Who kept paying attention as Deflategate morphed into Framegate. And who held their ground with me at our posts “Defending the Wall” in the face of all the mockery and ridicule from the haters who said we were just being ridiculous fan boys.

This is a triumph for Tom Brady, for the Patriots, for America and for everything that is right in this universe. But it’s also a triumph for you. For the power of people to use the means at our disposal to fight against injustice and to turn Right into Might.

God bless America.



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Jerry Thornton
Jason defended himself against Minihane.

[0:04:40] ... disagreement and here's the thing geez this is the source a local TV show and have a problem right now I hope you get fired now to. Heard music that I'm struck Bobby all appearances it ...
[0:05:18] ... closer to the occasion. A being fired Schilling so comparing Nazis. In Nazi Germany to Muslim extremist war. Chris Carter. Telling rookies in the national football about the coliseum that they need to win they commit crimes are some of the economic. All guy murdered a little bit. What they're damn never should be working should you haven't followed right now without a doubt that out with that quick. About one. You know what Chris Carter. Yeah you sure walking without a warrant of responsibility. In terms of what they're supposed to turn on her own job on TV. I'm advising people quit law Barton of people that are supposed to be account or four to break the law absolutely. Horrible. It also brought in my estimation before received by Jason you know what else the marble fence where the idiot ones that thought including Warren Sapp. Two to influence and to direct it into outsold the NFL rookies that guys that should be fired. The other dog or ...

The top stories of the day.

[0:07:12] ... don't I've. I think us all all cracked it doesn't sound like Tom Brady threw me over irritable and acting out. Oh mommy you know which don't know a little bit but he's not it will ...
[0:08:21] ... you continue to say I'm sure your flopped on this idea now Tom Brady. Is it. Rough waters out there for Ike take courses I Jordan's beat. Acoustic I pledged my life in my honor to Tom Brady I'd rather be the redskin I'd rather the Aaron Rodgers. He still single rather be where Andrew equities with what's the actress Olivia Olivia and the public are you today Altec Aaron Rodgers still the black quarterbacks that. These couples we don't let it take that. Hopefully you're right I mean you know I hope ...
[0:13:29] ... B and be sure that we get beyond what them awhile when Curt Schilling shorts and interaction actually you know what this is going to be an interesting. Next week for Curt Schilling Jewell green as the posters in the creators in the politically correct people to side. While one acknowledge what is true and ...
[0:14:30] ... embassy who tweeted the most in defense of her man. Last night Dan Shaughnessy I think they got to Chris or Lou probably a little more Loney or Gerry Callahan will order went our way. Just ...

Shank apologized.

[0:04:42] ... to look at certain words can look at here's a great example Curt Schilling. Comparing extremist. Muslims to Nazi Germany and get him suspended and who knows maybe fired. For me ESPN and by the way ...
[0:16:01] ... which has to bill opposite it's Luke Wilson Luke wheels odd casting. Alec Baldwin's whom in this because he always Mike Webster is a scar. These those goodies like it has a lot of sort of you know like Albert Brooks running around Brooke's -- Michael Bally's fitness Michael -- but look if if we didn't know is compromised he saw the trailer that's cool it and an adult I like to see the insider level football leagues but he's an insider documents were with crow and I'll smoke and yet. Was good yes that kinda feel to write the ...
[0:18:16] ... a day that it's over it's this is not going away very North Korea she is a if it's. It's it's it's over Ottawa shot anybody know they didn't know that you could give the phone ...



I’m going to begin by stating facts that don’t need to be stated and the fact that I have to is a damning commentary on the piss-poor state of public discourse in this country.

Kirk Minihane was joking. Kirk Minihane didn’t have to say he was joking in order for anyone to know he was joking, but he did. Bart Hubbuch cut off the part where Kirk Minihane said he was joking. And Kirk Minihane has, on the whole, been generally anti-murdering a sports executive because you don’t like the way he conducts his business. I mean, Minihane’s not an absolutist on the subject. I’m sure there are cases where he’d make exceptions…

Wait! I don’t mean it! Neither Kirk nor I, nor WEEI management would ever condone the killing of anyone, no matter how clueless and incompetent he is or how much he’s tolerated heinous acts of domestic violence in the past.

With that business out of the way, this is what we’ve come to. This is what passes for media in 2015. Guys who make their living expressing themselves in public laying in the weeds for other people who talk in public to say something that they can take out of context and twist in such a way that it turns a harmless, sarcastic, throwaway, absurdist punchline into a murder-for-hire plot.

Bart Hubbuch knows Minihane was just making a point about how preposterously overblown Deflategate is. He knew it when he took the video, edited out the “joking” part and posted it. For sure he knew it when New Englander’s did what we do best: Took to the Internet like monkeys flying out of the witch’s castle, landed on his Twitter feed and tore the stuffing out of his straw man argument.

And therein lies the problem when you’re a person who writes for a living. If you’re going to lay in the bushes looking for a chance to smear somebody as advocating murder, your own record better not just be clean, it better be antiseptic. One Masshole found a tweet in which Hubbuch tried to illustrate the sorry state of the Washington Redskins. The problem is, he chose to make his (stupid, unoriginal) point using a news photo from an actual house fire in which a police officer was killed. Now I’m not about to suggest that Bart Hubbuch is pro-cops dying in raging infernos, because I don’t play that game. It’s sleazy and cheap. And worse, it’s the kind of thing that is destroying free expression and turning us all into automatons who are terrified to say anything in a creative way anymore. I just wish the Hubbuch’s of the world would give the same consideration to others.

For instance, earlier this week I wrote a goofy blog about a man in Mexico who has the world’s largest penis and claims it’s ruined his life. Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe, a guy I’ve done TV with and have had no problems with, tweeted the link suggesting it wasn’t appropriate for the website of the flagship station of the Red Sox. As if his own company, which is owned by the Red Sox, doesn’t include which has tons of similar, PG-13 humor content. But even if they didn’t, my job is to give people something to laugh about. And penises are funny. And life is too short not to have fun. Lighten up, Francis.

Here’s an instructive, moral tale to make my point. In my early days of doing stand up, there was a Catch a Rising Star in Harvard Square. It was notorious in the comedy business because the manager made no secret of the fact he only wanted comics who pushed a progressive, liberal agenda. Literally, he did not care if you were funny. In fact, some comics would go there and crush and he’d accuse them of pandering to the crowd. So he created this cabal of comics who did unfunny jokes about the evils of sexism and unintentionally ironic bits about how everyone down south is a redneck who stereotypes others.

Around that time I was working Nick’s Comedy Stop listening to a Boston guy who was hilarious and extremely nice to newer comics and went on to huge success nationally. He was doing a bit about the terrorist groups that offered a $3 million bounty on the head of Salman Rushdie. The upshot of the joke was that he thinks that’s awful, but on the other hand, when he thinks about how much he could use $3 million bucks…

Sitting next to me was a “Catch” comic who told me how much the people who work over there hate that joke. I asked why? “Because we are comedians. We rely on freedom of speech for our livelihoods!”

So I told him, “Well that is true. But more to the point, as comics we rely on people having a sense of f***ing humor. It’s a joke. Get over yourselves.”

The point being that it’s easy to sit there, warp people’s opinions, miss what they actually mean and accuse them of evil intent every time they crack wise about something. Granted it’s lazy and kills anyone saying anything in an entertaining way, but it does allow you to pretend you’re on some moral high ground above the guy who made the joke.

I just know that if this is how it’s going to be, where the Hubbuch’s and uptight comics succeed in making it so no one will say anything in a colorful way without being accused of advocating homicide, I don’t want to live in that world.


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