Dale, Michael and Keefe talk about the goaltending kerfuffle for the Bruins with Khudobin getting sick and people assuming it was Tuukka under the weather. Plus the B's seem back on track to make the playoffs.

[0:00:42] ... man's name got now who's the guy who Larry Bird loved him. Austin Croshere Croshere to have a car broke your. Maybe Ryan I don't know Gomes like this for Ryan Gomes who wanted to add that you want to save. He probably got. I did not everybody and everybody okay. On the current. ...
[0:08:43] ... option. My best option. If I'm if I'm Bruce Cassidy in the Boston Bruins the best chance for me to win is to correct the like the magic Michael again if he takes the dice. You're ...
[0:14:13] ... with them they don't tell anybody anything. But when he collided with Zdeno Chara and was crawling around there gear on they get off all. It was a TV timeout I watched in the entire TV ...

We close out the show with the best sound clips of the day.
We close out the show with the best sound clips of the day.
HOUR 4 - The guys talked about Tuukka's rebound game last night against the Predators, Glenn had a squirrel moment when ESPN started talking about Joe Mixon, Tom Brady was compared to Kobe Bryant, and Holley says the Celtics can win the title.
HOUR 3 - Did Butler's camp screw up Butler's situation? Glenn exposes one of Fauria's verbal crutches. The guys try to come up with some new podcast names and ideas.
HOUR 2 - Fauria struggles to read the "Trending Now." Dave Dombrowski is getting defensive about the fact that all his free agent pitching acquisitions are getting injured. Hanley forgets which shoulder he hurt 2 years ago. Lou loses it when John Farrell makes up some new baseball lingo.
HOUR 1 - The guys kick off the show talking Roger Goodell coming to Foxboro for the season opener at Gillette and the potential problems of having an NFL team in Vegas. Then the conversation turns to Mickey Loomis and his comments about the Saints kicking the tires on Malcolm Butler, the dying Whiner Line, Michael Irvin sexual assault allegations, and pre-show research tactics.
Owners reportedly have a favorable view of Roger Goodell once again. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

Owners reportedly have a favorable view of Roger Goodell once again. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

Towards the end of the interminable Deflategate saga, some NFL owners were reportedly souring on Roger Goodell. Several influential league executives, including Falcons owner Arthur Blank and 49ers CEO Jed York, even publicly expressed a desire to see the commissioner vacate his unilateral disciplinary power.

But now, following another year of monstrous profits, Goodell is reportedly back in the good graces of his billionaire overlords.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, Goodell’s standing among owners has increased recently. They respect the way he was able to navigate past the Ray Rice and Deflategate fiascos, while serving as a fall guy for the league. The owners are also reportedly thrilled with the way Goodell has handled the league’s concussion crisis. Last year, the Supreme Court left the NFL’s $1 billion settlement with thousands of ex-players who accused the league of masking the dangers of head trauma in place. It’s a favorable deal for the NFL, because it doesn’t cover CTE, which at this point can only be diagnosed posthumously.

With league revenue reaching $14 billion, the NFL seems poised to enter another period of prolonged financial growth. The league gained a whopping $1.65 billion in relocation fees from the Rams, Chargers and Raiders, which will be divided up among all 32 franchises. Every team will receive $53 million as a result of the moves, with none of the money going to the players.

That’s probably a reason why Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who continues to jab at Goodell for Deflategate, expressed support for the Raiders’ relocation at the league meetings this week.

“Now, they have an opportunity to be a very solid, vibrant team,” he said, via Patriots.com. “In the end, we’re in a competitive league, and you can’t compete at the highest level if you don’t have a first-rate stadium. I think that’s what this is really all about.”

As long as the money keeps pouring in, Goodell will likely remain popular among owners. He continues to deliver for them.

Blog Author: 
Alex Reimer
Michael Irvin is no stranger to legal trouble. (Tim Heitman/USA Today Sports

Michael Irvin is no stranger to legal trouble. (Tim Heitman/USA Today Sports)

A woman says NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin sexually assaulted her in a Florida hotel last week, according to TMZ.

The 27-year-old accuser told law enforcement she was in a bar with Irvin until the early hours of the morning before returning to his room at the W Fort Lauderdale March 21. Once they got there, the woman says she felt sick and remembers trying to fight off the former NFL star before falling asleep. She told police she believes Irvin drugged and raped her.

Irvin’s attorney, Larry Friedman, says his client isn’t guilty of any wrongdoing.

“The allegations are completely false,” he said, via TMZ. “In the few hours since we’ve learned about them we’ve already discovered many red flags about this young woman’s background and the allegations she made against Michael. Even the complaint that she made specifically says she does not recall the events that took place. She was very drunk that night. Nothing happened and there was no assault.”

The New York Post reports Irvin was at a bar with the alleged victim until roughly 4:30 a.m. The former wideout claims he was only in the room with the woman for 15 minutes, and another man was present as well.

Irvin, who played 12 seasons for the Cowboys, is currently an analyst at NFL Network. He settled a civil suit in 2011 with a woman who accused him of sexual assault.

Blog Author: 
Alex Reimer
Hour 4. Trenni, Kirk, and Gerry discuss the upcoming Red Sox season. Michael Irvin is being investigated for sexual assault, again. Renee Graham, from the Globe, thinks Michael Che is right about Boston being racist.