John Farrell, Red Sox Manager, joins the show to talk about the start of his 4th season as Manager, his teams performance on opening day, and his relationship with the team after the news of his relationship with Jess Moran made the paper.
John Farrell, Red Sox Manager, joins the show to talk about the start of his 4th season as Manager, his teams performance on opening day, and his relationship with the team after the news of his relationship with Jess Moran made the paper.

[0:00:00] ... Time for our regular weekly visit with a manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell. Brought you by our belly insurance he joins us on the AT&T hotline hello John how are you. Am you'll find guys ...
[0:06:35] ... handers how do you parties put that up because we thought the Chris Young was coming in to face lefties but it's gonna be Chris young and Bruce may based on. Based on what I. You know Chris Young will be. If professional tennis starter Chris Young will be in left field. So then what net how to work resilient. Well the battle be based on the on match up so much either a date given. The number of consecutive games you play in a wolf filter him and and nick remembers as best possible. But it would we collected Donna Mohegan Sun you said in no uncertain terms of priority one was was adding power arms. Two part question one in the if he'll ...

A Patriots fan is suing the NFL over Deflategate, and the guys joke around with the idea of this guy suing the league and compare him to Jerry Thornton.
Adam Schefter said he thought Greg Hardy was a changed man, and went on The Dan Patrick Show and on Dennis and Callahan to explain himself. Glenn, Lou and Christian rip Schefter for how he's handling himself afterward.

[0:00:15] ... stuff I mean. I was your gift that keeps on pit was Drew Rosenhaus thinking that he actually thing. Did you take his client the know enough about this point. Some looks at this point he's ...
[0:00:58] ... interview war. And even worse. In trying to describe yesterday on The Dan Patrick Show what he thinks he earned. It gets himself and he pulls a drop and I don't this is the rocket. Never ...
[0:04:20] ... worry about take care of our. So we did that yesterday with Dan Patrick and then when The Dan Patrick Show was over what do you think happened. People across the country killed were killing Adam show after show this morning he's ...
[0:07:30] ... of that but I do believe there's no doubt in my mind Drew Rosenhaus looked at it and said. You know 'cause that's not the guy you gulf war that's not what Adam shafted does interviews ...

Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays took a hard slide into second base and stuck his arm out to trip Rays second baseman. Bautista was ruled out and it ended the game. Lou gets heated that hard plays are now ruled out.

[0:02:23] ... life. But watch as double play. It looks like a freak in high school kid try to turn tell. This guys in the big leagues is the throw from third base is kept the ball with ...
[0:09:47] ... know just give up on the whole deal. But this is what Major League Baseball asked war. And now there did the ramifications of it yeah now last year it was what the transfer transferred okay what ...
[0:13:48] ... see the slide to try to take out Kubel Hal McRae and Willie Randolph. But today 77. Google that that's just liked it try to pick up any at all bad boom. You CA the dollars ...

The Red Sox won yesterday and just about everything went well. Price had 10 strikeouts, Mookie Betts and David Ortiz each hit a home run, and the bullpen was great. The guys talk about the win question how much one game really means.

[0:07:41] ... the game. You know David Price. In the fourth inning struck out. Mike Napoli both Levitt pitched took a lot out of him back to Beckett Santana in Gomes. He hung a breaking ball a bird ...
[0:08:56] ... the defense CG. With Jackie with smokey. What Brock and left with Chris Young a leper maybe some rusty in the left. But I think you'll see argue carried away woman but you'll do little little ...
[0:19:35] ... out Alex spears headline today in the gold it's only game. But Hanley Ramirez shore look good Tuesday. Is completely accurate. No I think he got away with two different things during the course of the ...

The Bruins couldn't score in five shootout chances last night, and are one step closer to missing the playoffs. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about Claude Julien not giving Marchand a shot in the shootout and how pathetic another collapse would be for this team.


The people have spoken.

We here at Thornography World Headquarters are not just here to promote and defend democracy, we’re here to practice it. I was tempted this year to not write these Patriots draft previews. Even I, the Belichick Whisperer, who has successfully predicted selections such as Dominique Easley, Dont’a Hightower, Nate Solder, Brandon Spikes, Pat Chung and that tight end who went all broken arrow on us, considered sitting this one out. That’s how discouraged I am that Kim Jong Goodell and his jack-booted thugs busted down the Patriots’ door and confiscated their first-round pick without a fair trial. Like I said in the above poll, it’s hard enough figuring out who’ll they’ll take at the end of the first round. Trying to nail the 60th pick is shooting an arrow at a moving target over the horizon.

But the majority rules. I’m all about giving the people what they want. Make that, what they need. So I’ll invest the man hours and the brainpower to once again channel the mind of The Hooded One and bring you the only analysis (outside of the other writers) you’ll ever need. Beginning with the offensive linemen prospects:

Current roster:

Tackles: Nate Solder, Sebastian Vollmer, Marcus Cannon, Cameron Fleming, LaAdrian Waddle
Guards: Shaq Mason, Tre’ Jackson, Jonathan Cooper, Josh Kline, Chris Barker, someone named Keavon Milton
Centers: Bryan Stork, Dave Andrews

Positional overview:

To steal a phrase from Joe Theismann, it doesn’t take a genius like Norman Einstein to see that the offensive line was the Patriots’ undoing last year. Though to be fair, it was not out of neglect. The team has expended plenty of draft capital to stock the position, with no less than seven O-linemen on the roster taken in the top 140 picks. But injuries picked them off one by one until by the end of the AFC championship game, Tom Brady was left completely on his own. The lone Sigourney Weaver left standing to try and blow the hatch that would send Von Miller careening out into space. But it was no use and a run at another championship was squandered.

So while I’m not convinced offensive line is Priority 1, it is an area where there’s no such thing as too much depth. And since it’s refreshing for once to hear Patriots fans say they want O-linemen. Usually the position is the equivalent of getting socks and gloves on Draft Christmas, when kids ask for the state-of-the-art gaming console that is a wide receiver. So let’s do this thing.

For the sake of this year’s breakdowns, I’m putting all the offensive line spots in one post. Not just out of laziness (though there is that), but because the lines between the positions are getting blurrier with each passing year. We’re used to seeing guards and centers swap positions based on a particular team’s need. But increasingly guys who played tackle in college spread offenses are projecting as interior linemen in the pros. And even the traditional left tackle-right tackle difference is being minimalized. More and more now, NFL teams are sliding their protection schemes left, and it’s right tackles that are being left on an island. And with elite pass rushers like Miller and J.J. Watt manning the defense’s left, the right tackle as mainly just a run-blocking road grader is becoming extinct.

The consensus first overall pick:

Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss 6-foot-5, 305 pounds, 5.20 40 time

I won’t spend too many megapixels on Tunsil since we’ll hopefully never live in a universe where the Patriots are drafting high enough to get a guy like him. But by all accounts, he’s the best tackle prospect since Joe Thomas came out in 2007. Which is to say much better selection than your Brandon Scherffs, Ereck Flowerses, Greg Robinsons or Luke Joeckels. He was suspended for the first seven games last year for an altercation with his stepfather. Tunsil claimed he was defending his mother, which apparently doesn’t fly at Ole Miss, but will not only get him hero status in the NFL but probably his own Lifetime Original Movie.

Second-tier guys who also will be way out of the Patriots’ reach:

Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame 6-foot-6, 315 pounds, 5.20 40 time
Jason Spriggs, Indiana 6-foot-6, 305 pounds, 5.20 40 time

Stanley likely was a top 20 prospect anyway, but he solidified his standing with his performance at the Lucas Oil Olympics. He’s prone to letting smaller, quicker pass rushers get underneath him and get to the quarterback. But with coaching and experience he should be able to anchor somebody’s line for a decade. Spriggs has drawn comparisons to Nate Solder. Though Solder was underwhelming in the bench press at the combine while this kid did an impressive 31 reps. Both should be taken in the top half of Round 1.

Highly-regarded prospect Patriots wouldn’t touch even if they could:

Cody Whitehair, Kansas State 6-foot-4, 310 pounds, 5.08 40-time

Whitehair is one of those college tackles expected to be moved inside. The name that most often comes up when he’s discussed is Zach Martin, in as much as both are tough, interior players who are good “in the phone booth.” (Note: “The phone booth” is still how draft pundits describe a small space, apparently because none of them have updated their references since 1975. Also note they are not talking about the TARDIS, since it’s bigger on the inside than the outside.) Scouts also praise Whitehair for his solid 40 time. But I say the Pats wouldn’t go near him because his other numbers, 8.22 in the three-cone drill and 4.91 in the shuttle, disqualify him. Because there’s nothing that will make Bill Belichick swipe left like a bad three-cone time. Try to imagine them drafting a guy who’ll pull around end at approximately the speed of my last field sobriety test. No sale.

Guys known more for aggressiveness than athleticism:

Jack Conklin, Michigan State 6-foot-6, 315 pounds, 5.00 40 time
Taylor Decker, Ohio State 6-foot-7, 315 pounds, 5.23 40 time

It’s hard to differentiate the scouting reports on these two because you hear so many similar things. Both are tough, with an excellent first punch to knock defenders off balance then latch onto them. But both seem vulnerable to a quick-twitch type who can beat them off the edge. Both likely will come off the board in the late first to early second and end up on the right side of the line in the pros.

Prospects the Patriots have met with:

Jerald Hawkins, LSU 6-foot-6, 305 pounds, 5.23 40 time

Having played just one year for the Tigers at left tackle, Hawkins is considered a fourth- to sixth-round prospect. He struggled at times against the best competition, particularly Alabama. But he also was struggling with an ankle injury. And when close to 100 percent, he’s shown the coordination to slide, keep his balance and mirror pass rushers. He’s also got powerful hands for driving defenders off the line. There’s not a team in the NFL more invested in finding bargains with high upside who drop over injury concerns. So I can positively see the Patriots grabbing Hawkins on Day 3.

Joe Haeg, North Dakota State 6-foot-6, 300 pounds, 5.16 40 time

By all accounts, Haeg has been a solid and at times impressive left tackle for Steve Nelson’s alma mater. But to really create a bull market for his draft stock, he needed to blow investors away at the Senior Bowl. But his PowerPoint presentation fell flat. (OK, that’s enough of that metaphor.) He did, however, draw enough interest from the Patriots at the bowl that they used a visit on him. He probably also would move over to the interior in the pros.

Brandon Shell, South Carolina 6-foot-6, 330 pounds, 5.20 40 time

The Pats had a sit-down with Shell in Indy as well. He’s a stout, wide-bodied, sand-in-the-pants type who can move pretty well and posted a freakish 112-inch broad jump, which would be even more impressive if broad jump skills translated in any way to blocking in the NFL. Nevertheless, he projects as a mid-round pick. The knock on him is that his technique and footwork are rough and he too often relied just on pure strength and and a size advantage that he won’t have in the pros. On the other hand, he was a four-year starter for the Gamecocks playing in the NFL Jr., so he’s been tested. And he was able to withstand the Will Muschamp face, so he’s proven he can take coaching.

Center project with freakish athleticism Patriots could take a flier on:

Jake Brendel, UCLA 6-foot-3, 289 pounds, 5.01 40 time

I might be wasting my time with Brendel, because I’ve seen him projected as low as seventh round to free agent. But I can’t get over his measurables. He basically won Best in Show at the Indianapolis Kennel Club, posting a 7.31 three-cone time and 4.27 in the shuttle. Which would mean nothing if he wasn’t also considered a tough, tenacious “glue guy.” Not to mention he was a Bruins co-captain for three seasons, making him the Patriots’ “type.” Granted, he needs to pack on some muscle and might have limited upside. But I can definitely see the Pats giving this kid’s raw material over to Dante Scarnecchia and seeing what he can make it into.

Funny namers:

Le’Raven Clark, Texas Tech 6-foot-5, 316 pounds, 5.16 40 time
Spencer Drango, Baylor 6-foot-5, 310 pounds, 5.17 40 time
Willie Beavers, Western Michigan 6-foot-4, 324 pounds, 5.28 40 time

I have no idea if any of these guys are on the Patriots’ radar. But for selfish reasons I can’t help but think of my life with “That’s so Le’Raven,” “Drango unchained,” and blogs that write themselves. On the other hand, with Willie Beavers on the team it would just be a matter of time before I get myself suspended.

Whom the Patriots will take: Hawkins

He makes sense on so many levels. The competition he’s faced. The fact that an injury will drop him on other teams’ boards. And the way they can get him as … wait for it … a “value” pick and let him develop as a backup. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them grab Brendel on the last day as a Scarnecchia project.


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Jerry Thornton
Curt Schilling joins us for the first of his weekly visits during the Red Sox season.

[0:00:02] ... minute hand very happy to announce that all throughout the baseball season Curt Schilling will join us in the clock tower on Wednesday's he's brought to you by Brigham and women's bought hospital. He joins us ...
[0:03:10] ... How how early people wanna know is going to be in the World Series you know let's say it this is such an amazingly. I think it is the probably the toughest schedule in professional sports. ...
[0:08:43] ... metal that was in dot Beryl. I think mr. I don't think John Carroll would be managing a club that's yet to be told who who could and couldn't start and I don't and I don't ...
[0:11:50] ... that and I. I don't well I mean people said that's why Pedro Martinez gets rated as he was you know five foot mountain. So I don't I don't I don't I don't worry about that's ...


Boston GlobeA group of [Patriots] fans bereft over the loss of a first-round draft choice, part of the punishment meted out by the National Football League, filed a federal complaint Tuesday seeking to block enforcement of the penalty.

Among the plaintiffs is a Connecticut father and lifelong Patriots fan whose 7-year-old daughter will no longer go with him to games because she believes they are fixed and a fan from Florida who “pays a considerable amount of money” to watch the Patriots on the NFL Sunday Ticket, a television game-viewing and streaming package.

“Letting the powerful oppress us when we’ve done nothing wrong is about as un-American as it gets,” attorney Seth T. Carey, who filed the suit on behalf of the fans, said in a statement. “That attitude is the polar opposite of what the real patriots fought and died for on the very ground that NFL owners sit while they rake in billions of dollars from us fans.” …

Michael R. DiMauro of Florida, detailed the suffering he experienced during Deflategate … in which DiMauro said “my world would change forever.”

He lost at least one full night of sleep, he said in the affidavit.

I feel I can honestly say that I am as emotionally invested in the NFL’s grotesquely unfair punishment of the Patriots and Tom Brady for Deflategate as anyone not working for the Patriots or named Tom Brady. That said, I have one word for the seven alleged Patriots fans whose names are attached to this lawsuit:


No, here are some more words: For the love of God, knock this the hell off. Go away. Get a job. Or a hobby. Take a class. Read a book. Do anything other than pursue this any further because you’re making us all look like imbeciles. You’re taking the very legitimate, morally and factually correct stance Patriots fans have taken — that Deflategate was a total screw job from the very beginning — and you’re making it sound like we’re all a collection of sniveling, emotionally fragile dooshnozzles. Pats fans have drilling rights to the rest of the world’s asses on this subject, and you’re turning us into laughingstocks.

Really, “lifelong Patriots fan”? Your 7-year-old daughter is questioning whether the NFL is on the level? Instead of watching “Fairly Oddparents” and playing with Barbies, your second-grader is having a crisis of confidence about the legitimacy of football games? And Michael R. DiMauro suffered psychological damage he’ll never recover from and missed sleep? Maybe we can get the Veterans Administration to put him at the top of its PTSD treatment list.

And even if these dopes had some legal standing in this (Spoiler: they don’t), you’ve hired the wrong leader. A simple Google search of Seth T. Carey, Esq. would have shown them that their boy has been suspended from practicing law by the state of Maine for “a lack of fundamental skills, competencies, and preparation in trial work in general, and criminal defense in particular.” And it’s been alleged, among other things, “that he suddenly struck or grabbed” some client’s German shepherd puppy and has become “unhinged.” Not to mention he claimed to be doing this pro bono, but then started a crowdfunding page for his “legal fees.”

You ass-hats can hire Saul Goodman if you want. You can whine to each other about the intense harm Deflategate has done to you. You can hide behind your own daughter’s skirt if you want. I’m not going to tell you how to live your lives. But when you actually file this thing in court and make all truly aggrieved Patriots fans look stupid, then it becomes my business.

Just stop. Now.


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