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College hockey: Beanpot, Harvard vs. Boston College, 5 p.m. (NESN)
College hockey: Beanpot, Northeastern vs. Boston University, 8 p.m. (NESN)
NBA: Cavaliers at Pacers, 7 p.m. (NBA TV)
NBA: Bucks at Kings, 10 p.m. (NBA TV)
College basketball: North Carolina at Louisville, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: Howard at Maryland-Eastern Shore, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: Davidson at Richmond, 7 p.m. (ESPNU)
College basketball: SMU at Houston, 8 p.m. (CBSSN)
College basketball: Texas at Baylor, 9 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: N.C. State at Florida State, 9 p.m. (ESPNU)


— The Lions apparently are holding out hope that five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Calvin Johnson will rethink his decision to retire, but reports out of Detroit indicate the man they call Megatron had long planned to hang up his cleats after this season.

According to an ESPN report, Johnson told family and friends before the season started that this would be his final year, and he told coach Jim Caldwell one day after the regular-season finale. The report indicates Caldwell asked Johnson to take his time before finalizing the decision, and Johnson agreed.

A person who knows Johnson well told ESPN, “He’s pretty content with his decision.”

Johnson, 30, has played nine seasons since being selected No. 2 overall in 2007 and is the team’s all-time leader in receptions (731) and receiving yards (11,619). He had an NFL record 1,964 receiving yards in 2012.

This season he had 88 catches for 1,214 yards — his sixth consecutive 1,000-yard season — with nine touchdowns.

The Lions have finished with losing records in seven of his nine seasons, making the playoffs only twice.

“I would love to see him back, but it’s his decision to make,” Lions defensive end Ezekiel Ansah said after Sunday’s Pro Bowl. “He’s a great guy who has a lot of respect for the game. … He’s a professional, and he’s somebody that I look up to.”

Added Raiders rookie receiver Amari Cooper: “You never want to see the greats leave the game. You feel like they’re going to be making plays forever. You want to be like them growing up, and you still want to see them make plays.”

— Former Rams coach Mike Martz is not pleased that Terrell Owens was named a Hall of Fame finalist in his first year of eligibility while former Rams receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt were left off the list for the second straight year. And he doesn’t mind letting everyone know how he feels.

” ‘Surprised’ isn’t the word,” Martz told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “You can’t print how I felt when T.O. leapfrogged those two. That’s just plain out-and-out ridiculous.”

Marty said his players were being punished for not bragging about themselves like Owens did.

“Had they promoted themselves, which was contrary to everything we were about, they’d probably get in without an issue,” Martz said. “Had they pulled a T.O., they’re probably get in without an issue. That’s just not who we were.

“If they big-timed it and did all that dumb stuff, they’d probably get in earlier. I think they’ll eventually get in. I don’t think that’s an issue, but it’s tragic that people think of them like that. If Marvin Harrison gets in, how could they not get in?”

Responded Owens on Twitter when asked about Martz’s comments: Lol. Nope. Doesn’t surprise me. I expect the devil to become busy when God is in the midst of a blessing.

— As if Brazil hasn’t come under enough criticism for unhealthy conditions as it prepares to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, now athletes are expressing concern about the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease that scientists have linked to a rare birth defect.

American wrestler Adeline Gray, who was participating in a pre-Olympic event at Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Park over the weekend, said her coaches have warned her to take precautions against mosquito bites.

“Unfortunately we’re not spending too much time outside,” she said. “We’re wearing long sleeves, long pants and just making sure we have on as much bug spray as we can.”

Added Gray: “This anxiety has to kind of subside so you can focus on what you are doing. If you are worried about that in the back of your mind, then you’re not doing your job well enough.”

Rio spokesman Mario Andrada said organizers have been looking for standing water where mosquitoes breed, but there has been no talk about postponing the Olympics.

“This has never been mentioned. No way,” Andrada said. “It’s impossible to do that. There is no reason to do that.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On Feb. 1, 2004, which Bruin recorded a hat trick in a 4-1 victory over the Penguins and in the process set a team record by scoring six consecutive Bruins goals over three games?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It’s just another one on the list of stuff that I cannot believe is happening. I never in a million years would have believed I was at an All-Star Game, the fans would be behind me like that and score two goals in a game. You can’t put it into words. You can’t write this stuff. It’s unbelievable.” — Canadiens minor leaguer John Scott, after being named NHL All-Star Game MVP on Sunday night

STAT OF THE DAY: 112.8 — The Celtics‘ average points over their last 12 games, including Sunday’s 119-114 loss to the Magic

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): From the NHL All-Star Game, Team Pacific goalie John Gibson makes a stellar toe save that leads to a goal for his team.

Knicks forward Derrick Williams gets free and delivers a monstrous dunk against the Warriors.


SOOTHING SOUNDS: Don Everly of the Everly Brothers was born on this day in 1937.

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Jerry Spar
Picard and Price take a look at next week's Super Bowl match-up with the Broncos and Panthers, what they see going down in Santa Clara and if the Broncos top-ranked D can slow down the mission that Cam Newton is on.
While continuing the postmortems on the Patriots after their loss last week, the boys attempt to move on and discuss what the team will look like next year, potential free agent signings and their chances to get back to another Super Bowl.

[0:03:21] ... talk about the April. Brandon Meriweather. Went too many pro bowls of Rodney Harrison. But should tell you a little something about the Pro Bowl in using it as a barometer for the ultimate level of ...

We're one week removed from the AFC Championship that saw the Patriots fall to the Broncos in Denver, and Danny and Chris discuss what went wrong from Brady's play to Belichick's decision to not kick a FG with six minutes to go to Gostkowski missing an extra point to the clear number one issue in the play of the offensive line. How can the Pats improve? The guys discuss it all.
DJ, Joe and Pete are in the house for the NHL All-Star weekend edition of Sunday Skate. They discuss a little bit about the skills competition last night, the John Scott situation and the events of the weekend before taking a step back and looking at the state of the Bruins a little over the halfway point of the season. They talk about the B's needs going forward, Chara's decline and how the Bruins are still hanging around while quietly rebuilding in Don Sweeney's first season at the helm.
Danny credits the Broncos defense on Brady and talks about next week's Super Bowl being a much closer game than people are predicting

[0:03:23] ... don't added that because I'll take the rings or anything else and Tom Brady is lowering the Peyton Manning. And he always will already. Probably gonna get another ring before it's all said and done will Peyton Manning because they'll never catch up with Auburn. Not shocked they manage the football fan in many respects Payton Manning and respects the numbers that he's put up respects the corporate goodies that. As one of the greatest quarterbacks ever let it and I mean at the football fan in me acknowledge that and respects him for that. But also the football fan in me. Would take on radio Peyton Manning any day of the week and because Peyton Manning beat the patriots will be on Brady. You know it in this game again. People have wanted to have that conversation Pittman neighbors Brady is it's still you know it's still a debate. Was it ever really at the date how long is about the debate for what you re continuing don't act like three. Debate it bought avert the patriots offensive line that's the debate the debate we should be haven't after the pay an inverse Tom Brady. They did a couple things I I didn't Vicki was gonna do which was wrote you touchdown passes early in this gamut ...
[0:05:18] ... the ball at your own sixteen double. Any data up perfect road Owen Daniels on the right sideline into the back right Koreans on all. Another touchdown and it. It was an ice for all but it's touched on it probably would have never scored a if you didn't turn over Europe sixteen and another reason as to why Tom Brady had a bag can get a bad day I said this two years ago when I lost in them. I was actually on the night of that game from like ten to midnight and the and I jumped on and I said what. The patriots lost that AFC championship game. To be physical and Canada. Pot because Tom Brady had a bad day and that really was. I had a fifth this game you know they fit in Denver. Anybody can ...
[0:06:39] ... Super Bowl. They had raided one of about stop its abundant in Logan Mankins. And they still questionable. Under the belief that you can coach up a line regardless of personnel that's on. And and from ...
[0:11:02] ... ones right. As bad major offensive line laws as is bad days Tom Brady had. As much as you miss the an extra point. Made bad decisions. From a coach's standpoint. Where it even points on ...

Alex Vega of The Auto Firm in Miami joins the guys to discuss all the custom cars work he’s done for various Red Sox players, including Pablo Sandoval, Brock Holt, Rusney Castillo, and Yoan Moncada.
John Tomase wants the Celtics to get LSU's Ben Simmons in the next NBA Draft. Is there a way to pull it off?

[0:02:41] ... I think they might fire out just got to it'll start out. Isiah Thomas you argument for you to have a great but at the scene is good public yet a third seed in the because. ...
[0:03:55] ... this that we got the win and with the reports on that. Isiah Thomas congratulations to him by the way first all star selection. NBA Eastern Conference was serve to love you all start. Did you ...
[0:06:45] ... one guy isn't always the guy draft right. Oftentimes he is like LeBron James often times he's not even the number two guy like Darko Milicic commencing draft. Our cell. Watching Brandon Ingram played just twice. I'm enthralled with god and watching Chris Dodd of Providence play. I ...
[0:08:20] ... time this happened they didn't get the linchpin first now I got Ray Allen first the mimic. Completely different yet but I do I think there's also some to be said for what is the markets. ...

Butch Stearns, Rob Bradford, and John Tomase discuss Stephen Gostkowski and his missed extra point in the AFC Title game

[0:03:22] ... which one. And the only reason I notices because my cousin was epic game and she was drunk known gamer and she was. Pounding on the glass as he is fighting right in front she's on ...
[0:03:53] ... when his consistency. It's not his fault that he hasn't had the Adam Vinatieri defining moments he had won because I don't want get a similar one but they all pale. I and the giants game this year of it was a 54 yard field all the winning game as pretty heady stuff. On a prime time game we always forget to go back to that AFC title game 20062007. Against Indy out of the patriots have the lead in Mac game in the final two minutes because Stephen does gusto ski get a kick. Like no one remembers that but that was as clutch a kick as you can app for rookie. But let's be honest Adam Vinatieri got at least three maybe five kicks. But a more defining moments and gust of course but I got the super boys ...
[0:05:00] ... Europe Europe but you're guessing. And I don't know I'm okay but Bill Belichick gave never Davis an explanation. And we would really like one you know the field goal the first suitable for giants' super ...
[0:05:35] ... there with people explaining back. But we don't get those explanations and Bill Belichick hall of fame coach maybe the best coach is all part of the page just way to happen robs dot oil inserts that say that definitively that this may be the patriots are very lucky to have a blob bubble up but. But it would be nice to have those sort of explanation when they don't work. The question I have about Stephen Gostkowski is this. Does he need a defining moment before he retires. At any level and how does this missed extra point added ...

The final hour of the Saturday Mustard & Johnson show as the guys discuss the year in Bill Belichick decision making.