The war between New England and ESPN spilled over into a new battlefront Sunday night when the Worldwide Leader showed the “30 for 30″ documentary about the 2004 ALCS but edited out Curt Schilling’s historically gutsy Game 6. Obviously, they did it strictly out of spite. Because as I said on the air Monday, telling the story of the Red Sox comeback without mentioning Schilling is like a cable movie network showing “Shawshank Redemption” and editing out the part where Andy escapes. (Should I have spoiler altered, that? Never mind.)

Schilling, to his credit, mocked and ridiculed his former bosses. Which the petty little ingrates deserved. But now the new skirmish in this war just went nuclear.  The wives are involved.

The Inside Track in the Herald has heard from Shonda Schilling. And she is having none of ESPN’s crap:

“Couples who get divorced don’t usually stoop this low to get the last word in,” Shonda said in an email to the Track.

“I know (ESPN’s) brand is to be true to Disney. That doesn’t mean you have to act like a child. I don’t remember any Disney films I ever saw that said to try to embarrass you if you want to be heard. Just one last thing, ESPN, people are not mad at what you did they are embarrassed for you.”

Now, to be clear, a wife sticking up for her husband is a delicate dance. There are certain inviolable rules. And if you break any of them, you risk humiliating him far worse than the rest of the world ever could. Fortunately, Shonda checked every box.

For starters, a wife can never fight a battle the husband won’t. And since Schilling fired the first shot in this one, she’s clear. Second, she cannot ever pick the fight with someone her husband cares about. The divorce courts are filled with ex-couples where the Mrs. went hard after the man’s friends, family and sidepieces. That is clearly not the case here. If Shonda had thrown shade at any of Curt’s former teammates or somebody, it would be one thing. But obviously if he saw the studio in Bristol on fire, he probably wouldn’t call 911. Mostly you don’t ever want your wife acknowledging that you might possibly be in the wrong. Even a little bit. In a time of war, you want a wartime consigliere. Not a spouse telling you there are two sides to every story or any of that nonsense. Mission accomplished there.

All in all, I’d say Shonda did a hell of a job. This is the kind of wife you want to have in a foxhole with you. Not taking the lead but making damn well being at your side or having your back. So well done, Schillings. Any time you rip those duplicitous weasels at ESPN, you strike a blow for us all.

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Jerry Thornton
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The guys start the show discussing David Price's not great start to the year.

[0:01:52] ... look at the podcast right carpet which makes I try to figure David Price hike in and granted I think we all feel. Pretty good about this guy's gonna find his way somewhere during the course of the season he just do the depictions Cuba to track record there. I would say that's. I have more confidence. That David Price will get his act together. Then I do that report Selma will continue pitching the way he's pitching now with 32 starts. ...
[0:02:47] ... what I was trying to make as I have more confidence in David Price gap right now that I do and Rick were so low when it's all said none at the end of the season and we we shall say but the getting back to David Price. The thing that you could look at is he's been terrible in the post season. And the first thing you look at ...
[0:04:18] ... Red Sox in at 74 game and back in 2003 that was David Ortiz. Yes couple bombs Kansas City has beaten up on them out period Kansas City I don't have the weather forecast for each ...
[0:05:57] ... been spotty and not to the level of the you'd expect from David Ortiz and the power. The power isn't there to talk about outward about. No velocity you know it's 9192. As it's going it's ...

NY Daily NewsAn Arizona student-athlete came up short in getting away with a yearbook prank.

Red Mountain High School student Hunter Osborn, 19, faces a whopping 69 counts of indecent exposure after authorities say he flashed his genitals in the football team’s yearbook photo. …

The stiff punishment accounts for each person present at a photoshoot where Osborn let his penis hang out over the waistband of his football pants. …

Osborn defended the brazen stunt to police as a dare by his teammates. …

Some of Osborn’s peers rushed to defend their embattled classmate jailed at a Maricopa County facility during the ordeal.

“I thought it was kind of a dumb prank he did,” Zach Anthony told KNXV-TV. “…I don’t think he deserved to have his life ruined.”

I’m with Zach Anthony. Was Hunter Osborne stupid for pulling the old Brett Favre in his team photo? Absolutely. But get a group of hormonal, testosterone-fueled teenage boys together in a group big enough and eventually one of them is going to try a stupid sexual stunt of some kind. It’s not just biology. Or sociology. It’s basic math. Put enough kids in the photo and something like this is bound to happen.

It’s deep in the subconscious of teenage boys to pull dumb pranks. It probably comes from when we were still apes. Some kind of ritual behavior to make the other apes laugh and demonstrate our worth to the group or whatever. So we threw poop or pushed each other out of the tree or did stuff with our man parts. And there’s nothing like being dared by one of your peers because the lure of the dare is irresistible. To turn down a dare is to show weakness. I’m not saying it’s right or makes sense. But it’s just how 19-year-olds are wired. It’s why we have kids doing “The Shocker” in their prom pictures and my friends and I used to scribble penises on each other’s homework.

So it’s ludicrous to think this kid, dumb though he may be, is in jail for this like he’s Jared from Subway. If anyone should be locked up, it’s the teachers and administrators naive enough to approve a photo of a bunch of teenage boys without inspecting if for someone exposing themselves. If you’ve been around high school kids as long as these educators have without seeing a gag like this coming a mile away, you’re not fit to teach.

Besides, after handing down a 69-count indictment, the prosecutors are just proving what juveniles they are, too. Free Hunter Obsorne.

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Jerry Thornton



The Boston GlobeThe fatal crash between a duck boat and a woman on a scooter near Boston Common Saturday has raised concerns about the safety of the large, amphibious vehicles, particularly of the sightlines for drivers who tower above traffic on busy city streets.

“Anybody can see that the duck boat has a blind spot,” said Peter Furth, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Northeastern University. “The driver is up high and there’s some structure of the boat blocking the view of what’s down on the ground right in front of them.”

Robert J. Mongeluzzi, a lawyer who represents the family of a woman who was fatally struck by a duck boat managed by a Philadelphia-based company last year, said drivers cannot see significant areas directly in front and behind the vehicle.

“There’s no way to make an overly large, World War II military weapon with blind spots safe to drive on city streets,” he said.

It goes without saying that a woman losing her life in an accident like this is a horrible tragedy. We all have nothing but sympathy for her family and the passenger on the scooter she was driving and wish them nothing but the sincerest condolences. So in no way is what I’m about to say should be taken as a lack of respect for them or even their attorney, who’s merely advocating for his client.

That said, is this our response to a tragic accident? To say that all duck boats are deadly and need to be taken off the road? Is that the reaction of a sane and rational society?

Look, I have no particular dog in this fight. I don’t own part of a duck boat company. I took the tour once and enjoyed it. I share the road with the vehicles the way everybody else does. I’ve enjoyed all nine championship parades we’ve witnessed in the last 15 years. Beyond that, if the industry was wiped outlawed tomorrow it wouldn’t affect my life in the slightest.

But I do have a stake in how we as a people react to things. Whenever something horrible happens and someone loses their life, we feel bad about it. And that’s a good thing. It’s what separates us from a colony of ants. But then we feel it’s necessary to do something about it. Anything. Even if it’s a gross and unnecessary overreaction, like declaring all duck boats are death traps and must be banned like they’re assault rifles with wheels.

I don’t know what the safety record is with the things. I know reports are that the driver had a bunch of speeding tickets, though no one can say that he got them while driving for duck boat. But I do know that there isn’t some horrendous track record of them wreaking havoc in the streets and causing all sorts of mayhem. But the way the news cycle is now, by the end of the week it’ll sound like that. It’s going to be like that time a Domino’s Pizza driver was involved in a fatal crash and we had a national debate about whether the “30 minutes or less” guarantee was destroying America.

There are literally a dozen or more duck boats driving around every major city every moment of every day. There will be accidents. Just like there are with ambulances, Toyotas, ice cream trucks, minivans and, yes, scooters. And if we decide that we have to react to every fatality by banning the vehicle involved, it’s going to get very quiet out there.

Again, I can’t stress enough my condolences to the loved ones of the woman who was killed. And if there’s some way to make the duck boats safer, then by all means, I’m on board. But outlawing them because of this is insanity.

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Jerry Thornton
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