Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey wasn't happy with his team's loss to the Texans Sunday. Shockey also was upset about what he considered a lack of decorum by Houston players during the national anthem.

"I was pretty upset in the way that they weren't showing respect to America during the national anthem," Shockey said. "There were about 10 players that didn't put their arms across their chest. This is America. You should at least respect America."

I remember telling people over and over again last year that Glen Davis held the key to the Celtics’ hopes in the playoffs against LeBron, D-Wade and the Heat.



Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary testified Friday morning during a preliminary hearing that he believes he saw former assistant Jerry Sandusky sexually molesting a boy in a locker room shower.

McQueary said he passed on this information to two since-departed Penn State officials, athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz, for whom the hearing was held.

On the day the Clippers introduced new guard Chris Paul, Lakers star Kobe Bryant questioned the future of his team. "I'm not sure what the hell the direction is, to be honest with you," he said, referring to the team's failed efforts to acquire Paul and subsequent trade of Lamar Odom to the defending champion Mavericks.

"I've never seen something like this unfold," Bryant added. "It's become somewhat of a mess."

Suspended Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh continues his parade of arrogant and obnoxious behavior. After rejoining his team Wednesday for the first time after his two-week suspension for stomping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving, Suh was defiant in an interview with the media on hand, insisting he won't change his game and that the focus is on the team, not him.

Asked if he's concerned about all the negative press he's been getting, he said: "It's not going to make me cry at night."

In a play that was somewhat similar to Bruins forward Milan Lucic's collision with Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, Rangers rookie Carl Hagelin was called for charging after knocking over Stars goalie Richard Bachman in Tuesday's game. However, in this case, Hagelin touched the puck first and tried to avoid the collision yet still was penalized.

The wife of Albert Pujols went on a St. Louis radio station Monday to defend her husband after the city's fans turned on the slugger for signing a contract with the Angels. Deidre Pujols said the Cardinals offered less money, more deferred money and fewer guarantees.

"When it all came down, I was mad," she told Joy FM, a Christian station that Pujols helped fund. "I was mad at God. … I mean, we had no reason, not one reason, to want to leave. People were deceived by the numbers."

The Titans dropped a 22-17 decision to the visiting Saints on Sunday, but a couple of Tennessee players said there was some funny business originating from the New Orleans sideline.

Offensive linemen Jake Scott and Michael Roos said they heard a whistle coming from the Saints sideline late in the game, and a producer for "Titans All Access" has proof after capturing it with a microphone that was on Roos.

Remember when the Bruins were routinely written off as a distant fourth in the popularity race among Boston teams? Some would even joke in the days of Dave Lewis (2006-07 season) that they had fallen behind the Revolution.

Not anymore.



The Giants and Cowboys have been engaging in a war of words leading up to Sunday night's game. On Wednesday, Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins called trash-talking Giants running back Brandon Jacobs "a bully." The 6-foot-4, 264-pound Jacobs said he didn't mind the accusation, bragging, "I am a bully."

Added Jacobs Thursday: "I think people who call out bullies are afraid of bullies. If you call me a bully, that's how I see it. They're just sitting back there waiting for us to come there, and we're going to come in there ready to play football."