Yahoo FinanceDisney (DIS) delivered record profits and revenue that also topped expectations for its fiscal first quarter thanks to the phenomenal success of the latest installment of “Star Wars.” However, investors remain concerned about subscriber growth for its ESPN sports network and other cable channels as more people opt to cut the cord. 

I take a back seat to no man when it comes to being bullish on our nation’s financial picture, supporting our free market economy and championing our working men and women. So you’ll have to forgive me for what I’m about to say.


I’m sorry. It’s bad karma to wish anybody lose their job. But there’s no denying Disney brought this on themselves when they sat back and did nothing while their own property went from being the worldwide leader in sports information to a lie-spinning, bomb-tossing, reputation-destroying, witch-hunting lap dog. ESPN sold their credibility to the NFL and stopped all pretense they were out to report facts. And as a result they’ve lost the trust of the nation, millions of cable subscribers, and now apparently billions of dollars for Disney’s shareholders.

It couldn’t happen to a better media outlet.

So let that be a lesson to Disney and any other giant conglomerate. You can own “Star Wars” and the Marvel cinematic universe. You can have a virtual monopoly on the girl market with your princess cult. You can have a successful kids TV network. You can still have the family tourism dollar on lock. But it doesn’t matter how big you’ve become. When you lay down with corporate dogs, you get fleas.

Deflategate might have cost the Patriots a lot, but in the long run, it’s costing ESPN’s bosses a lot more.


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Jerry Thornton
After trying to discredit the appearance Pierre McGuire on OMF, the guys take a look at the incredible slate of guests the morning produces.

[0:00:25] ... at. Well thought well just go to school and we're sixth in Kansas City that CBS beat Chris bill our guests we wanna thank Alex fear rob Bradford Bob Sweeney just passed and Chris medics and march Beers good morning differed debut at John Kerry and Kirk in Boston. Obviously get a repellent emitting air and I Kyle. Paul clause claws were ecstatic applause applause. As vote thanks to Mike Lupica thanks to. Itself upon shield from WG argue about what we Gary Myers joins us in studio our conversation with Gary the first things first doctor very Catholic joins us on the UB outline. Few ...
[0:01:52] ... yeah. I only go to try not to vote is analysts know rap music music you play that. All five I think it's great it's a music while we talked is under underneath. It's beautiful. ...

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, joined the show today (as he does every Thursday at 1:15) to discuss the embarrassing 9-2 loss to the LA Kings, and then, what they can do from here.
Kirk Minihane took some shots at Glenn, Lou and Christian this morning. Here is their response.
Chris Mannix (Yahoo Sports) has been ahead of the rumors regarding Atlanta Hawks center, Al Horford, and tells OMF that Danny Ainge needs to (and likely will be) patient since teams will get more desperate as the trade deadline comes closer and closer. He also mentioned the type of package it would take to acquire such a player, and what other team is competing with the Celtics to get him.

For the Win[F]ormer Giants coach Jim Fassel has a problem with Newton’€™s pregame attire, specifically the gold cleats he donned during warm ups. Here’€™s what Fassel had to say on a Mile High Sports radio show:

“All of the numbers pointed to Carolina. And when I saw Cam Newton walk out in gold shoes, MVP, I switched my mind right then. I said that’€™s not what a starting quarterback, MVP, leading his team — and I had a lot of respect for him during the season — that’€™s not what happens. You don’€™t do that. And I said this guy’€™s already become soft and that’€™s what he was.”

Sure, everyone who’s heard Jim Fassel’s Gold Shoes Theory is dismissing it as the ranting of a 66-year old, out of touch, old school ball coach who should be angrily sending back his early bird special at the Golden Corral. And you can argue time and the game have passed him by in the 12 years since he lead the Giants to an average of 8.5 wins per season. But what you can’t argue is that he turned out to be right.

The minute Cam Newton walked out in those gold shoes, we all should have known what was coming. How can you expect a leader to will the men under his command to victory when he’s spending more time on his shoes than a “Sex and the City” girl? How do you expect a quarterback to go through his read progessions when he’s thinking about how his fashion-forward footwear shows up on TV? And how can you ask a guy to dive on a loose football when doing so could scuff a to-die-for pair of stylish cleats he spent weeks picking out? Obviously Newton had already become soft, and Jim Fassel was the only one to recognize it.

And this proves one other thing. From now on, we should look really at another man’s shoes.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys discuss rumors swirling around Boston that the Celtics are interested in Atlanta Hawks' center Al Horford.

[0:06:53] ... this isn't the only mood that's going to be made. Amiga yeah LeBron James goes back to Cleveland they don't just stick with carrier Irving and Tristan Thompson they bring in Kevin Love. And there isn't ...
[0:10:00] ... of these guys given what you could say all you want about Isiah Thomas I'd love watching apple. It'll probably don't care as Tommy can also don't give it will feel that we can develop a ...
[0:11:29] ... it and you go back and look at the transactions. Of the Boston Celtics from that time Danny Ainge came aboard. To when he finally pulled at last deal to get. KG here. And set up ...
[0:12:15] ... he's dealt with this team we picabo where they were. You lost Doc Rivers. It he brought in some guiding Brad Stevens of Butler. And I know it's a success success and it's a couple of ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian take a look at the surging Celtics after last night's win over the Clippers, as the team heads into the All Star Break.

Just made this, Andy Griffith giving Cam Newton some advice

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Jerry Thornton

I admit that I’m a two-planker and not a boarder, but I am stoked to get to Fenway this week because I would be totes shredding the gnar on this. Seriously, I would so steeze on that corked nine it would be sick nasty. Just rocking down the badass cornice halfway down would be hella crispy, bro. Plus, I … OK. I have to stop now.

All seriousness aside, this is genuinely awesome. I’ll be working so I won’t be able to get to Fenway for this, but they’re expecting 20,000 to show up. And it’s so unique and spectacular it begs a question I ask every time Fenway hosts a concert, a hockey game, a football game or a 150-foot ski slope. Why did we like the Yawkeys so much, anyway? In a million years those miserable, carpetbagging, racist old coots would never have allowed something this cool.

Anyway, have a blast everyone who gets to do this. Don’t do a max air plummet and eat snow, ya muppets. (Sorry.)


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Jerry Thornton