Whether it's Peyton Manning's scandal at Tennessee, Eli Manning refusing to go to the Chargers or other stories about the Mannings, it seems like Archie is involved. Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss the Mannings and their portray in the media.
Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss the New York Daily News story that came out over the weekend that exposed court documents and the cover up surrounding the Peyton Manning scandal when he was in college.
Kevin Love's name is once again among trade rumors to the Celtics, and Lou says trade the Brooklyn picks for him. The guys discuss whether or not he's the right fit here.

[0:03:34] ... to Athens nothing's going to happen out of the Kennedys nothing because Big Dig the good teams don't make these moves to the roster is already pretty much set and usually historically good teams are making ...
[0:04:15] ... to get totaled eight I get rid of like a guy like David Lee get out of that salary it somehow create some sort of roster space for so when that time it occurs brownies is no question about it go ahead and you finally off. Season especially after the people pong balls pop pop up I don't know exactly what that Brooklyn nets tickets so it's the number one pick overall. Then he's got ...
[0:06:11] ... be like anybody wants trade that pick for anything with Kevin Durant LeBron James I mean you mentioned some names like no. No what do printed I'm no. On the door for what you were among ...
[0:06:56] ... the easy but the project and that yes you have a level LeBron James no I think it's easy to play with LeBron James you bring LeBron James casket that doing. The Boston has right now. And you've got something in the unease. Don't don't you have somebody. Is that what did you guys a team like awesome we got LeBron we're gonna win right now do you think he's tough to play north. Yes all my god you got knows very talented them distributed and maybe it's Kevin who's dragging him down. I think he's tough. At least up the play with you lost a while LeBron James jump on my back one up played well these guys got to figure out how to play a mean a lot of ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian take calls from Celtics fans to see who they want coming to Boston at the trade deadline. Will it be DeMarcus Cousins? Dwight Howard? Kevin Love? The guys get into all of them and more.


Bleacher ReportIconic boxer Manny Pacquiao has come under fire after claiming gay couples are “worse than animals.”

The Filipino, who is the only eight-weight world champion in the sport’€™s history, gave his controversial views in an interview with a Filipino television station, TV5 (via the Guardian). 

“It’s common sense. Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female,” the 37-year-old stated. “If men mate with men and women mate with women they are worse than animals.”

Since making the claims, Pacquiao has issued the following apology on his Twitter feed:

“I’m sorry for hurting people by comparing homosexuals to animals. Please forgive me for those I’ve hurt. God Bless!”

As fate would have it, Pacquiao made the “animals” comment in the middle of a campaign where he’s running for senate in the Philippines. Not that I ever would advise a dangerous crackpot like him, but if I was, I would’ve suggested he pretty much skip the whole apology thing. It’s the first rule of politics that you can never win over a segment of the electorate once you’ve told them they’re worse than animals.

If you’ll pardon the unfortunate pun, that horse is out of the barn. And the best you can reasonably hope for is that your insane ranting locked up whatever segment of the voting public is so afraid of gays and lesbians that they want a senator who thinks it’s OK to compare them to lower forms of life. I’m no political science major, but I think just from a campaign strategy standpoint, the apology alienates both sides of the debate and does you know good.

Not to mention, while I think you can play both sides of some issues, you can’t exactly say, “Hey, gays and lesbians! I think you’re worse than skunks, lizards and earthworms. But forgive me. And God bless you!” That’s a slogan that won’t work on the right, left or center. So yeah, maybe this whole politics thing just isn’t going to work out for Manny. It says a lot when you fight Floyd Mayweather and you were the nuttiest one in the ring.


Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
Dino, Gerry and Kirk discuss their upcoming trip to spring training and Kirk’s refusal to talk baseball just because they’ll be there.


GQCleveland area teenager Brian Garruto recently received an epic email that listed all of the (often funny) unsportsmanlike things he’s done since joining a rec league team. The person who sent the email, which Brian tweeted out, clearly thought it was a good argument for why Brian was being kicked out of the league. I think the email is a good argument that Brian is a legend and should be treated like the hero that he is. 

Most days I put my mind to it I manage to invent at least six or eight new reasons to not care about Cleveland area teenage rec league soccer. But then it’s not every day you read about a true hero like Brian Garruto.

Where does one even begin to celebrate this new icon of American individualism? Talking on his phone in the middle of the day. The refusal to wear shin guards. The bow and arrow move. The cowboy hat. The banana. Giving birth to the ball. Running up the score. And my personal favorite: Changing the scoreboard. It’s iconoclasts like Brian who made this country great. He’s Davey Crockett, the Wright Brothers, Teddy Roosevelt and Bill Murray all rolled into one smartass teenager.

So don’t worry about getting kicked out of the league, kid. You keep doing Brian Garruto. Cleveland area rec league soccer was never meant for one as beautiful as you.


Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton



On Saturday, when every social media platform I’m on save for my Ashley Madison account blew up with the report by Shaun King of the New York Daily News into how Peyton Manning allegedly sexually assaulted a female trainer at the University of Tennessee, I have to admit I was surprised. Not by the “news” that Manning was accused of aggressively teabagging a trained medical professional while she was in the performance of her Hippocratic duties, treating his injured foot. But by the fact that anyone considers it “news.”

This story has been public knowledge for two decades. There’s not a talk show on WEEI that hasn’t talked about it. The fact that one writer for a New York tabloid decided to brush up on it and that makes it a story is a little like your neighbor watching “American Crime Story” and saying, “Did you know O.J. Simpson killed two people?”

Or, to make a perfect analogy, this is exactly like Hannibal Burress bringing up Bill Cosby’s alleged serial drugging and raping of women and turning it into a national story. Burress is a stand-up comic, not an investigative journalist. He didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t available with a simple Wikipedia search. But I’m not complaining. Anything that gets the nation fired up about unsuspecting women getting male parts stuck in places they don’t want them is fine by me. I don’t care how we arrive at the outrage, as long as we agree sexual assault is an outrage.

So, back to Manning. King published the piece on Saturday. On Sunday, he got the inevitable major blowback from the media outlets that adore ol’ Crayfish Shorts. King was accused of writing a one-sided attack piece spoon fed him by the victim’s lawyers. And he responded by doubling down on Monday by saying that everything in his original piece was based on the factual record. Here’s what we do know about America’s Most Beloved Quarterback and what he’s done to that woman who made the mistake of giving him proper medical attention:

— When Manning was at Tennessee, he was getting his foot worked on by Dr. Jamie Naughright, and he repaid her kindness by allegedly jamming his man parts down on her face.

— The Manning family, the school and the doctor reached a settlement and signed a confidentiality agreement. Which Peyton and Archie Manning violated in their book “The Mannings” when they portrayed Naughright as vulgar and foul-mouthed and said she was sleeping around with the school’s athletes. So she sued them.

— In court, Peyton could not back up his claim. He tried telling a story about some favor he did for Naughright that involved him giving some other students a ride at her request and she dropped some “mother******s” in there. But the story was refuted by everyone involved who unanimously said under oath none of what Manning described happened.

— The Mannings allegedly tried to get head athletic trainer Mike Rollo to lie for Peyton by claiming all Manning did was “moon” somebody. He refused.

— The lawsuit supposedly was a big reason why Dr. Naughright was fired from her job at Florida Southern.

— When Manning’s lawyers tried to get her suit thrown out of court, a judge ruled there is enough “clear and convincing evidence” for it to proceed.

— Most damning of all, the Mannings were not shy about smearing Dr. Naughton or playing the race card like they were in the Jim Crow South in 1925. They testified under oath that they told their ghostwriter to put in stuff about her “being with black guys” even though they had no first-hand knowledge.

And those are just the bullet points on this PowerPoint presentation of Peyton Manning‘s scumbaggery. I suggest you read Shaun King’s entire rundown. You should be outraged. You should be disgusted. And you should be sickened by the way he’s been promoted to sainthood and hawking pizzas and insurance while at the same time trying to destroy a woman’s life. You can be anything but shocked. Because this information was always out there. The news cycle is weird.

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Jerry Thornton
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:25] ... catch a break no matter what you know and we talked about Peyton Manning in. Bill Crosby and Jerry sandusky some of these guys just return to their actions of of crime things are done wrong ...
[0:05:46] ... Did you see these guys yet more than it was Alice Cooper Johnny Depp and Joseph Perry an extra that the three of them and it was trying to look. More outrageous and pierced and knocked on what Johnny Depp. Is a Ray Lewis before on if they ask him to questions and he was like he was grabbing his hair from behind and tugging on it and he's gone. I passage dominated like the lucky. Eighties him. Cool and they all like god I I've never seen them a good bit intelligent television before so what does the U with the Hollywood vampires look like. Alice Cooper with a front man singing. Johnny Depp look like an idiot playing the guitar Joseph Perry being Joseph Perry and it is all these pyrotechnics. They were down that ...
[0:06:52] ... think was good what do want to race would say about about Kanye West we have that. If you say something. Oh yeah she. You know he's been post and rip it should respond to Harvard ...

The guys impersonated Mike and Mike....

[0:00:11] ... a boil. The two observations are as follows we thought it was Cam Newton quarterback cam Newton's image that took a major hit during and after the super bull. It would appear that Peyton Manning would likely trade he has PR troubles for camp PR troubles in a heartbeat right now. Observation number two despite the state run NFL run Manning run media cartels. Best efforts to deflect ignore and maybe in some cases to cover Peyton Manning's pass his ass is out there for alt a seat today. Well he just moved in some you know that was our ...
[0:05:04] ... want to complain and moan requiring why they wanna talk that but Peyton Manning and ever in the stand it's old news. It's twenty years ago. I'm more good than bad capsule this is on the ...
[0:07:23] ... what she is a better person she is a cook you know Eli Manning's. A better. Sun than he is a quarter or just the best people and having Cooper Manning news. Maybe the finest person I've ever met him but I have met him yes cities are really great that's great point Mike you here on this this family's special special family. And I'm so sick of the media trying to knock them down piling on and the kicker let him enjoy his moment really. Mean the guy had just won the Super Bowl. And he was pretty good net game allows I don't rule buoyancy was great but he's pretty good at it's great you ...
[0:18:19] ... on their Mike McSherry. Who was hijacked by someone actually part of Peyton Manning won the mikes. Oh it was somewhat again right guys and that and the guy talked about he did. And they he's ...