The Giants have talked the the talk and walked the walk the past couple of weeks, so there was no reason to expect they would change their brash ways as they prepare to meet the 49ers in the NFC championship game.

"We're not going to be denied at this point," safety Antrel Rolle said Monday. “We know what we have as a team. It’s not all about talent, it’s about chemistry, jelling at this point. We have one goal in mind and that’s to win a championship.”

Added Rolle: "In our minds, we can't be beat."

According to an article by Kent Babb of The Kansas City Star, former Chiefs coach Todd Haley was convinced that team management had bugged rooms and phones in an attempt to monitor employees' conversations, and he wasn't the only one with paranoid thoughts. Since Scott Pioli was hired as general manager in January 2009 (away from the Patriots), the article states, "life for many inside the Chiefs' front office has been marked by massive staff turnover, fear and insecurity about how closely they are watched." There are also charges of age discrimination.

FOXBORO -- Logan Mankins was almost offended by the mere suggestion.

But on Thursday, when he spoke for the first time since injuring his left knee on Christmas Eve against the Dolphins, I asked the powerful Patriots offensive lineman a simple question.



Jets legend Joe Namath is not impressed by his old team's hiring of former Dolphins coach Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator.

"I'm stumped," Namath said during a Thursday appearance on New York's 1050 ESPN Radio. "I am stumped. Ay yay yay."

Namath questioned Sparano's qualifications for the position.

Following Wednesday's New York Daily News story in which unnamed Jets players blasted Mark Sanchez for being "lazy and content," some players came to the quarterback's defense.

"It was completely false," offensive lineman Matt Slauson said. "Mark is the hardest-working quarterback I've every played with. He puts in more time than anyone. Every since he came in he's been all about improving the team and winning. His whole life is about making the Jets the No. 1 team in the NFL."

The Jets' infighting doesn't seem to be dying down. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is out -- purportedly his own decision -- and at least some members of the organization aren't happy with the man who ran Schottenheimer's offense, quarterback Mark Sanchez. The New York Daily News asked players for their opinion of Sanchez, and they didn't hold back.

“We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice,” said one player. “He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.”

Following LSU's 21-0 loss to Alabama in Monday night's national championship game, LSU coach Les Miles faced some questions about why he didn't yank ineffective quarterback Jordan Jefferson and put in Jarrett Lee. One such question that led off the postgame press conference was more of an attack, and it came from former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert, who, to make things even more interesting, has a son, T-Bob Hebert, who is an offensive lineman for LSU.

The Jets failed to make the playoffs, but New York still has a loud, cocky team making noise. After dispatching the Falcons Sunday following a few days of bad-mouthing them, the Giants are preparing to face the defending Super Bowl champion Packers in Green Bay. No problem, claims defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

"We're going to win," Pierre-Paul said. "A hundred percent we're going to win. … Because we're the best."

I’m going to miss the Jets in the playoffs this January. And you should, too.



The Jets' blame tour continued Thursday with former Jets center Kris Jenkins assigning blame to quarterback Mark Sanchez for not speaking up earlier in the season about selfish teammates. Earlier in the week, rookie quarterback Greg McElroy said there was a "corrupt mindset" in the locker room.