The OMFers sicuss the latest Celtics rumor out of Bleacher Report, that Russell Westbrook's most likely trade destination is the Boston Celtics
Don Orsillo opens up about his less than amicable exit from the Red Sox
The guys discuss the prior evenings All Star Game, and the David Ortiz reception. They also get into how they believe it was unfair that Sox Knuckler Steven Wright didn't get to play.

[0:01:40] ... he's not you don't believe it was nearly as much as the David Ortiz now is where I will agree with. It was an over the top like dirt last year up but Derek Jeter also had a game winning hit. And silica carried out and it continued on David Ortiz had himself a groundout to first base which by the way wrecked Amylin could easily been a double. I don't know if you get sick and they see when it at the earth on that because. Right and then take two steps out of the box walked the dog and it took athletica committed to the war and that was it that was the game but I thought they'd get a real good up to the point rice said this. To my son during the game dizzy my son asked me whether. I thought David Ortiz was a hall of Famer. And I believe he is a hall of Famer I have for some time because of his ...
[0:02:44] ... would bonds and Clemens goes to those guys were better players than David Ortiz. He's one of Opel. To war these players and the crowd in San Diego. They hit San Francisco Giants players we got that I didn't know they were that emotional but apparently they have a thing going for the giants. They really warmed up to David Ortiz I think it's gonna get it and I think he's gonna happen maybe in the first year. I don't do I think ...
[0:05:56] ... exhibition game I think everything you just so I totally agree. And Ned Yost managed that game. To win that game last night and he knew what he had. He had guns out of the bullpen ...
[0:10:04] ... get an exhibition devoted to an exhibition because it does look you're Ned Yost you're looking at winning that game and a passed ball is the difference may be a winning or losing. You can't afford ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian start the show with the big breaking news of the day: Tom Brady's appeal being DENIED by the 2nd circuit court of New York. The guys are joined by Lawyer Raffi Melkonian to help make sense of the situation, and give Brady's options going forwards

[0:00:10] ... gonna get into right off the top federal appeals court has rejected Tom Brady's attempt to overturn the suspension. Now we can go through all of the different procedures and we'll get in the summer that ...
[0:05:22] ... gonna say no time. What an electrician is a problem if you Tom Brady and you know you were innocent. And you're sitting there are saying. Why should I took the countless. Well why should I ...
[0:10:24] ... the thing why bother you world's times it's not taken time out Tom Brady unique beauty and sisters their stuff think guys appreciate because. That's a lot of work you know the union wants the fight is sure more than Tom Brady to saint Thomas and don't worry about listen in your mind if you lost if you pick this thing is already know ...
[0:13:15] ... if you ride. He goes really beyond some of you were running Boston Marathon. We would be the three people that like on CBS news or ABC whatever that cross the finish line. Light you know ...

APThe U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery requested Tuesday that smartphone users refrain from “catching” Pokemon when they visit. …

 Museum officials are trying to have it removed from the game, Communications Director Andrew Hollinger said in a statement. He said playing the game inside a memorial to victims of Nazism is “extremely inappropriate.”

AndThere have been reports of people playing the game at Auschwitz and other somber memorial sites across the world.

The Auschwitz memorial wrote Tuesday on Twitter: “Do not allow playing #PokemonGO on the site of our Memorial and similar places. It’s disrespectful on many levels.”

Every so often, you come across a story that makes you feel like you’re not part of the human race. That you might look, sound and live among them, but they do things that make convince you you’re from an entirely different species. Like the rat in “Ratatouille,” who couldn’t wrap his brain around why all his fellow rats were content to eat garbage and rot and he alone appreciated fine French cuisine. It’s not snobbery or feeling like you’re superior to anyone else. Just that on so many levels you can’t relate to your own kind.

Well, these are two such stories.

Seriously, if you think I’m about to unleash a finger-wagging lecture on what’s wrong with Millennials, you don’t have to exit. (Though if you choose to, I’ve already gotten credit for your pageview. Cha-ching!) This has nothing whatsoever to with age. It’s a cheap, lazy and flat-out wrong assumption to say that this has to do with when you grew up. I’ve met too many college kids who know how to behave and seen too many old bags let their phone go off in the middle of a funeral mass to spew that ragtime. Hell, I once watched a defendant in his mid-50s stand before a female judge wearing a t-shirt that said “Hooters: More Than a Mouthful.” So age is just a number.

This is about the meat puppets living among us disguised as people taking a perfectly harmless distraction like a game app and using it to destroy the last vestiges of sacredness we have left. It’s the updated version of the guys who can’t be bothered to take off their hat during the National Anthem. It’s Smiling Auschwitz Selfie Girl multiplied by a hundred.

So when I finally do find my own kind and go off to live with them, just remember that what finally pushed me away was grown ups trampling through solemn, sacred monuments to the best and worst of humankind looking for virtual cartoon animals. If you’re as horrified by them as I am, you’re welcome to join me. My guess is, there’ll be plenty of room.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton

The moment news broke that the Second Circuit Court gave Tom Brady the bag-over-the-head punch-in-the-throat that was the denial of his appeal, I got a call from an attorney I know to connect some pretty connectable dots for me. And the picture those dots create once connected is not a pretty one for the Brady side.

The way the Supreme Court operates, the decision of whether to hear a case is divided up among the justices by region. Think of them like mob bosses, divvying up the city and no law business gets done in their territory without them getting a cut. And it just so happens that the northeast turf belongs to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

That would be the same Justice Ginsburg who only last week said of Brady’s golf buddy/staunch defender Donald Trump, “He is a faker. He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego.”

By now you might be saying, “Well sure, Jer. You’re brilliant and handsome and know everything about how to please the ladies, but c’mon! No Supreme Court justice is going to decide whether to hear a case on the basis of trying to stick it to a presidential candidates’ friend.”

And if so, think again. (About the last point; you were spot on about the first three.) It is unprecedented for a sitting justice to comment on a politician in any manner. The whole premise of the Constitution is to keep the three branches of the government as autonomous as possible, and the courts are supposed to be the most neutral. Which means they almost never comment publicly about anything, least of all elections. Hell, they won’t even clap at State of the Union addresses, even if the president says he’s in favor of motherhood, liberty and kitten videos on Facebook.

Which is why Ginsburg putting Trump on blast stunned legal analysts. So it’s not too much of a leap to think she’d leave Brady twisting in the wind for the crime of having a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker and refusing to say anything harsher about The Donald than he’d put a putting green on the White House lawn.

I know it sounds ridiculous and maybe even a little paranoid. But given the fact an issue about the PSI in a football is now 525 days old and one step away from the highest court in the land, since when is anything too ridiculous to be plausible? And why would any Patriots supporter NOT have reason to be paranoid?

If you still think I’m nuts, let me just add that the lawyer who called me might know a thing or two about how judge’s think and operate. He’s married to one.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
Curt Schilling makes his regular Wednesday appearance with the guys and discusses several Red Sox issues, including an upcoming deadline with unsigned first-round draft pick Jason Groome
Gerry Callahan takes issue with Barack Obama's speech in Dallas, in particular with using the shooting of five white policemen to speak on other non-related political issues.
Dino, Gerry and Bradfo discuss Don Orsillo's chat with Steve Buckely and some Olympic golf news.

[0:04:53] ... affects. But a notice of meals Charl alcoholic I partly on these Brad Faxon. Why. How does what are you talking about I was nobody nobody is Olympian golf in the gulf I got so they're going develop it so you gotta get out earlier accident. That tango was too late to get in it I honestly I wouldn't be Joseph and I were having a nice conversation about why our eye toward the phones Jonas said he told the story a thousand times yeah Cobb told him how about our you have talked about Brad Faxon yet. Not yet right right right actions doo did did did you aren't old men hand and I'm did under the name Brad Faxon get it was a joke but understand that joke you guys are bailing out left and right I mean the best players are playing that means I have to go down into the bench kinda like we did get a good to replace an Internet. I item to Brad Faxon of this you know now you're there you what you have Brad Faxon Brandel Chamblee because I would I would love if you call Brad Faxon coming here please please. Geez. Brad Faxon government in studio yet not yet I filled in for John one time did it me and Brad. Did our hours. He ...
[0:06:29] ... coach say they built a course for the knowledge availability issues. That Bubba Watson's gonna think the course is tip top. These communities are golfers Ricky folly pectoral gonna say yeah places her is that why ...
[0:08:00] ... sports it shouldn't be Olympic sport that's true right I love yes rhythmic gymnastics yes I mean Olympics by the way Olympics is Utica has not recovered and recovered now. Is you it takes you have to. Put aside the in on the pampered life of the normal correct you know sports writer's legacy dorm say to Super Bowl throughout the world salaries not on the wrist you don't get to the WEEI dot com and yet stay in the foresees ...

John Dennis reads the Wednesday 'Headlines' with Kirk Minihane off. Some Micah Johnson background, ISIS laptops, and Pokemon Go are discussed.