With the draft coming up and the new need for a back-up quarterback to play four games, the Patriots have a decision to make with Jimmy Garoppolo. Should they trade him if there's a good offer?

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Current roster: Dont’a Hightower, Jamie Collins, Shea McClellin, Jonathan Freeny, Jon Bostic, Ramon Humber, Rufus Johnson, James Vaugthers, Tony Steward and the one they call Kevin Snyder

Positional overview: You make a case that linebacker is a lower priority on a team that now plays five defensive backs as a base defense. Not to mention Hightower and Collins are two of the best football players on the roster and they’ve added McClellin. But you would be wrong. The Patriots have been scary thin at this position for years, and the retirement of Jerod Mayo (even a Mayo that was a shadow of his former self) makes them even more so. And, while I hate to focus on possible apocalyptic scenarios, both Hightower and Collins will be coming to the end of their rookie contracts soon. And this is a team that always addresses a position a year before it has to address a position. And while I’m not about to tar anyone with the words “injury” or “prone,” in the seven combined years those two have played, they have a total of two complete seasons between them.

For the purpose of this breakdown, I’m going to assume the Pats will feature a predominantly 4-3 set. So when I refer to inside vs. outside, I’m talking about your basic stacked linebackers as opposed to a Willie McGinest 3-4 defensive end type. That said, Bill Belichick’s “type” has to be the kind who is tough, can move around, can stop the run, can play up on the line, can bring pressure from the A-gap and on occasion line up in the slot. Above all else, the kind of football beautiful mind where the film shows you diagnosing plays pre-snap and flowing to the ball before the runner even has it. That’s the stuff that makes him send you the friend requests on MyFace.

Inside linebacker who will go in the first round:

Reggie Ragland, Alabama 6-foot-1, 247 pounds, 4.74 40 time

Ragland is your prototype inside linebacker who could either play Sam in a 3-4 or Mike in a 4-3. He’s a physical presence who gave Bama 102 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss and seven passes defensed. No one would accuse him of being a decathlete, but he has instincts enough to have played well in zone coverage. Most gurus think he projects as a three-down back in the NFL, which is odd because Nick Saban didn’t play him that way, taking him off the field in most sub-packages. Still, he’s a top half of the first round pick, no question.

Outside linebackers who will go in the first round:

Myles Jack, UCLA 6-foot-1, 245 pounds, 4.52 40 time

Jack’s biggest issue is he only played three games in 2015 due to a knee injury. But he’s the kind of natural athlete who has scouts wagging their tails, twitching their paws and barking while they’re sleeping on the rug in the living room. He’s athletic enough that they put him in the slot, including trusting him one-on-one against then-USC (now Jaguars) receiver Marqise Lee in zero coverage.

Leonard Floyd, Georgia 6-foot-6, 244 pounds, 4.60 40 time

Whatever you need to know about Floyd starts with that height and weight. He’s a tall, rangy guy with arms and legs like Spongebob, and many scouts wonder if he can put on the weight he’ll need to stand up to the gargantuans he’ll be lining up against. He’ll probably land a job on the edge in a 3-4 or as a matchup pass rusher. But in this era of football, there’s plenty of work to be had when your specialty is passing downs.

Darron Lee, Ohio State 6-foot-1, 232 pounds, 4.47 40 time

You know how Prince would find some unknown woman, start dating her, then give her a makeover until she looked like a Prince chick? How no matter what they were like before, he sort of shaped them into that Vanity/Sheila E./Apollonia look he liked? Lee could be that girl for whichever team picks him up. Put weight on him and he could play inside-the-box linebacker. Have him drop weight and he could be a strong safety. Or he could fit a 3-4 Will role because he’s so similar to Deone Bucannon of the Cardinals. It’s going to be interesting to watch where he goes and what his team does with him. But it won’t be Foxboro because he’ll never make it to the 60th pick.

Most intriguing:

Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame 6-foot-2, 235 pounds, 4.60 40 time

Healthy, there’s no question Smith is the best linebacker in this draft. As a matter of fact, he could have been the No. 1 overall pick had he not blown out his knee, suffering tears to his ACL and MCL and nerve damage at the Fiesta Bowl. Prior to that he was the total package. Versatile enough to have played outside as an edge rusher early in his career, played with power in the run game, with elite change of direction and sideline-to-sideline speed. Against Stanford he dominated highly regarded O-line prospect Joshua Garrett. He was also a team captain for the Irish, which is among the Patriots’ most prized qualities. It is a total crapshoot how far Smith’s injuries will allow him to drop. But if his medicals are decent and he makes it to the 60s? I don’t see how they can pass him up.

Inside ‘backers who should be available when the Patriots pick:

Scooby Wright III, Arizona. 6-foot-0, 239 pounds, 4.90 40 time

This Funny Name Society member missed all but three games with a torn meniscus. Even without the injury, the jury is out about his athleticism. But they did reach a verdict on his production. And they found him guilty on all counts of making plays. Lots and lots of plays. As a sophomore in Tuscon, he had an insane 163 tackles, led the nation in tackles for loss (29) and forced fumbles (six) and was fourth in sacks with 14.5. His lack of size and speed probably make him a liability in the passing game, but his energy and toughness will earn him a Day 2 selection.

Kentrell Brothers, Missouri. 6-foot-0, 245 pounds, 4.89 40 time

Missouri lined him up at Will in its base package and slid him to the middle in nickel. He’s a terrific run defender who plays with pop and power, especially when he’s able to run downhill and aggressively attack the line. The problem is everything I just described would make a bigger physical specimen elite, but at only 6-foot-nothin’, he may just be a smaller Brandon Spikes.

Prospects the Patriots met with and will be on the board when they pick:

Su’a Cravens, USC. 6-foot-1, 226 pounds, 4.69 40 time

Cravens is another tweener guy who could play a hybrid linebacker/safety at the next level. Big enough to trust against tight ends and backs, agile enough to put on slot receivers. Though he’d likely be nothing more than underneath bracket help against top receivers. He’s excellent in run force, with just the right blend of fearlessness mixed with lack of self-preservation instinct to dive at blockers’ legs to take them out and free up teammates to make the tackle. You can see where the Pats would spend one of their allowed visits, because this kid could be a folk hero.

Kamalei Correa, Boise State 6-foot-2, 243 pounds, 4.69 40 time

This is an interesting choice to meet with because he doesn’t really seem to be a system fit. He projects as a DE/OLB in the pros and doesn’t meet the Pats’ 6-4, 4-6 criteria (6-foot-4 or bigger, 4.6 or faster) at the position. But he did run really well at the Lucas Oil Olympics and has the burst to have repeatedly caught people from behind in college. More of a rush specialist than anyone you’d let drop into coverage. But he comes from the same program as McClellin, so they must like how the Broncos run a system.

Most intriguing late-round prospects Patriots met with:

De’Vondre Campbell, Minnesota 6-foot-4, 235 pounds, 4.58 40 time

Campbell is a physical specimen whose game tape hasn’t always matched his tools. He’s raw, but also the team leader type with big special teams production, both of which the Pats covet. He doesn’t have much experience given that he transferred from community college. But there’s definitely some potential there for a team in no gigantic hurry. He could contribute right away on special teams, and a project to be coached up for a role down the road.

C.J. Johnson, Ole Miss 6-foot-1, 234 pounds, 4.81 40 time

After three years at defensive end, the last of which was on the nation’s leading scoring defense, the Rebels moved him to inside linebacker last season. The results were not great. As you might imagine for a guy making such a move, at times he got caught in the wash on misdirections and bit badly on play action. Still, coaches loved his intangibles. He might not be able to make it at inside linebacker in the pros, but to a team that values versatility as much as the Patriots do, he can contribute.

The perfect Patriot:

Jaylon Smith. It goes without saying I’m talking about a healthy, top-of-the-draft Jaylon Smith and not “spending New Year’s Day being carted off to the emergency room with a ripped-up knee and shattered dreams” Smith. But how can you not be tempted by all that upside? The Patriots are more predisposed toward taking chances with elite players who drop due to medicals than any staff in the league. Sometimes the results are a kick in the groin (Dominique Easley, Ras-I “IR” Dowling), sometimes they are spectacular (Rob Gronkowski). And if there is any chance he falls to them, I absolutely see them jumping at the chance to get the next (read: 2017) great Patriots linebacker.

Whom they’ll take if Smith is off the board:

Su’a Cravens. As the big nickel hybrid role they tried to fill for years and finally found in the Pat Chung 2.0 era, Cravens would have multiple chances to contribute right away.

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