How bad are things for the struggling Jets? Even out-of-work disgraced wide receiver Terrell Owens threw a jab at them Wednesday.

While New York was losing its third game of the season Monday night, Owens sent out a tweet reading:

Hey JETS!!! I'm available! I'm ready, willing & able! Call my agent @jordanwoy & let's make it happen.

Dan Shaughnessy blames me for fans in Kansas City cheering when Matt Cassel was knocked out with a head injury last Sunday.

Knowing this, you might conclude I was among the 68,803 in attendance at Arrowhead Stadium, fist raised in triumph as Cassel was taken off the field. That would be a logical assumption, right?



Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been sentenced to between 30-60 years in prison for the sexual abuse of 10 boys over a period of 15 years.

The  68-year-old Sandusky, convicted in June on 45 counts of child molestation, was sentenced by Judge John Cleland in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania on Tuesday morning. Under Pennsylvania law, Sandusky can't be granted parole until the minimum term is up, which virtually ensures that Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Put simply, Friday's Morning Mashup is loaded. We have an old-school picture of a young Rob Gronkowski doing Rob Gronkowski things, details of MLB selling "historical" dirt (literally), a hilarious parody video of the new Internet Explorer ad, trivia, and much more, including insight into the brewing feud between Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard.

There are 32 days until the 2012 elections. I expect it will get ugly, as it inevitably does. Or uglier, I suppose.



In Thursday's Morning Mashup, we have reaction from Miguel Cabrera about winning the Triple Crown, a story of a professional boxer announcing he is gay, trivia, and much more, including a video of Jason Terry getting a lesson on the infamous Boston accent. 

You wouldn't believe it, but this video makes Bostonians look stupid. (Seriously, doesn't Hollywood regularly accomplish this enough?) It's full of people telling JET to "Pahk his cah in Havid Yad" and dropping the word "wicked" left and right because ... BOSTON!

In Wednesday's Morning Mashup, we have video of Mark Cuban going clubbing (as only Mark Cuban can pull off), reports of Santonio Holmes being out for the season, and reports that Terry Francona is the leading candidate for the Indians managerial opening. 

Jim Duquette, who is a former general manager and current analyst for, tweeted that the role is Terry Francona's job to lose. 

#Indians fans, In case you missed it yesterday, Francona's interview is Friday in Cleveland.Its his job to lose.

In Tuesday's Morning Mashup, ,we have thoughts on Kobe Bryant calling the Lakers "his team," details of the Jets reportedly bringing in another player with baggage, trivia and much more ... 

In Monday's Morning Mashup, we have reaction from Brandon Spikes on Twitter about his vicious block that knocked out Scott Chandler, reports of Rasheed Wallace making a comeback with the Knicks, trivia, funny videos and much more.

Also, as usual, we have drama in New York. Despite the Jets being tied atop the AFC East with the Patriots, following an embarrassing home defeat to the 49ers, coach Rex Ryan took his team to task.

Via ESPN New York:

In Friday's Morning Mashup, we have video of a wedding at a Raiders game (really, it's a must-see video, the Black Hole at its finest), final commentary on the NFL officiating lockout, and reports of the NBA's new flopping policy.


Spokesman Tim Frank said Thursday the league is finalizing procedures to deal with flopping, the art of falling down when little or no contact was made in an effort to trick referees into calling a foul.