my biggest #wcw of all time, happy to welcome a new squirrel to the tree, my baby girl lily #proud

A photo posted by Julian Edelman (@edelman11) on

Julian Edelman introduced his brand new baby daughter, Lily, to Patriots fans on his Instagram on Wednesday. Lily is Edelman’s daughter with Swedish model Ella Rose and Edelman flew to Los Angeles to be with her for the birth on Nov. 30.

Last week, Ella Rose posted the first picture of their daughter on her Instagram.

Welcome to the world my little Lily 💗 Born 11/30/16 at 1:11pm 8lbs 5oz A photo posted by Ella Rose (@officialellarose) on

She has his eyes.

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Kirk Minihane and Rich Keefe sit down to talk about what its like to join an already established show, how his start with the station has been received, and Kirk tries to get Rich to dish on his relationships with his former co-workers. For you listeners who think they may want to get into radio, Kirk gives Rich advice that could pertain to you as well.
Gerry was shocked that Ken Laird took his wife to see Hateful Eight. Bradford checked in from the WInter Meetings.
Chris Russo talked about the Winter Meetings with Gerry and Kirk and the guys discussed John Henry's brand new yacht.
Gerry and Kirk disagreed on whether or not LeBron James owes people an explanation for his boycott of Trump's hotel.
Gerry and Kirk discussed Brandon Marshall's absurd nomination for the Walter Payton man of the year award.
Rob joined Gerry and Kirk from the WInter Meetings.

[0:02:17] ... things to get under the budget and cute if you move. I. Chris Young if you move somebody else can get. Not enough under that you could signing panacea. Group of Sigourney Weaver that that's ridiculous ...
[0:02:49] ... is so he's right there it and you're totally under valuing what David Ortiz production want to your team. So yeah if they're not gonna do it they work to do it for a long time ...
[0:04:45] ... oil yet but it didn't put new way of thinking. Amid pick Chris Young six million bucks the base would do the same thing I mean away. Right so so what you could see what you can see here is Mitch Moreland played. First base against right handed pitcher can we DH is barely played first baseman Chris Young gate to against lefties. That that's what you could see it and once again we already re talking about hobbled sit well ...
[0:06:22] ... you're still don't we may have a chance to win win a World Series well look good were in did you get jobs off it now. The guys who left the organization as a different story ...

Mad Dog joined Gerry and Kirk to talk LeBron, MLB hot stove and the future of Jets coach Todd Bowles.

[0:01:18] ... and Europe it's it's just not that into. The that's the honest college basketball. The NHL. And the NBA they outpost she's in sports now. I know quite well without a war. Or just simply post ...
[0:02:10] ... numbers team that's when the went somewhere else. He was going against Phil Jackson who has some comments about him that he didn't like. Not long ago he wouldn't really address either topic I think kilos. ...
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[0:04:02] ... Wear posse I could see us and it wouldn't like it but Phil Jackson has earned the right. To have a Monaghan. And I and LeBron getting over that apology. The problem actresses went once LeBron ...

Awful AnnouncingESPN basketball reporter and analyst Doris Burke was a guest on the Mike & Mike show Wednesday morning, presumably to talk about the NBA and the women’s college basketball clash between No. 1 UConn and No. 2 Notre Dame. But Greenberg and Golic just wouldn’t be doing their jobs properly if they didn’t ask about what listeners really want to know.

So with Burke on the phone, Greenberg got right to the big topic: What is going on with her and Drake?

After admitting that she gets the exact same question from her children, Burke attempted to explain what has to be the most surreal circumstance of her career. How many basketball reporters have international rap stars declaring a crush on them, all of which became public during last season’s Eastern Conference Finals between Drake’s beloved Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Burke explained that other than Drake making heart signs at her during last season’s Eastern Finals and her phone getting flooded with messages after the rapper made his feelings known on TV, she knows as much as the rest of us. So apparently, Burke has not taken Drake up on his invitation to dinner at his house. Maybe she’s insisting on bringing her disbelieving son and daughter along, just to confirm that it really happened.

That is, unless the visit and meal already took place. Burke did tell Greenberg and Golic that she wouldn’t be gossiping about it afterwards.

If you’re going to move on from Rihanna, Doris Burke is not a bad way to go. She’s way classier and more talented and can get Drake tickets to any game he wants.

It seemed like Drake was just wearing that shirt and saying he loves her ironically, like I do with Mike Francesa, because she is a somewhat obscure crush, but then Burke said he was making heart signs to her in public and I would not do that to Mike Francesa. So Drake might actually have a crush on Doris Burke.

Based on Burke’s tweet it looks like it’s Drake’s move. Unless he slid into her DM’s and the two have actually been dating since November. My money is on that.

Drake looked OK in that shirt but I think Geno Auriemma wore it better.


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