If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, one thirst that I just cannot satisfy no matter how often I drain the glass dry, it’s listening to Roger Goodell’s lies. His bald-faced, shameless lies fuel me. They’re the nectar of the gods that keep me going. Chicken soup for my dark, twisted soul.

So it was with great anticipation I looked forward to Tuesday’s NFL owners meetings in Charlotte, because I knew I could count on the Commissar to open that Falsehood Factory he calls a mouth and spew out his weekly quota. And he did not disappoint.

Goodell was asked about the scathing congressional report that skewered him and his league for pulling money out of a study into concussions once they learned they would not be able to influence the results.

“I didn’t see the report,” Goodell said. “We were traveling down here. But I take a much different position to that on several fronts. One is, our commitment to medical research is well-documented. We made a commitment to the NIH. It is normal practice to have discussions back and forth with the NIH. We have our commitment of $30 million to the NIH. We’re not pulling that back one bit.”

Oh, yeah. That hits the spot. Drink it in. It always goes down smooth.

So in short, the Congress of the United States releases a report attacking the NFL over its handling of the one major issue that is the one major threat facing the future of the sport itself, and he fixes his mouth to claim he couldn’t be bothered to read it because he was flying to Charlotte. Right. I mean, we’ve all gotten caught up in a lengthy profile of Rachel Ray in the in-flight magazine and just couldn’t put it down. And that 90-page bomb dropped on our industry from the executive branch of the federal government will just have to wait.

Of course, not having read the report didn’t stop the CommissionserBot 2000 from expansively and definitively denying everything in it. Which was a tall, frosty mug of lies with a fib chaser.

But it didn’t stop there. He actually had the unmitigated audacity to suggest Congress owed it to him to run the investigation past him before it released the findings. “A congressman issued that report without even talking to any of our advisers,” Goodell said. “I don’t think that’s appropriate. I don’t think that’s the right way to do things.”

Fantastic. Oh, happy days. This is why he’s making $38 million a year. A man with any sort of a conscience wouldn’t be able to form those words without breaking character halfway through with a “Bwahahaha! Who am I kidding?! Of course I’m lying through my teeth! I read the report. They got us dead to rights. Oh, man. I could NOT keep a straight face!”

But not Goodell. He lies about cooking the CTE books with the same disaffected, emotionless skill that he lied about Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Deflategate and every other topic he ever touches. And I’m addicted to it. One Roger Goodell lie is too many, and a thousand isn’t enough.

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Jerry Thornton

I’d blame myself for declaring my girl Paige VanZant the winner of “Dancing With the Stars” before it was over. Like somehow my hubris mushed her into second place. But I apologize for nothing. I was naive enough to think her talent, athleticism and dead sexiness would be enough. But there is one thing I didn’t anticipate.

The gravest injustice in the history of the world.

I guess I just don’t understand the subtle nuance of dance competitions. Because I thought they’re about who dances the best. I thought that being perfect and having one of the judges say, “If this is about dancing, you will win,” meant that the best dancer would win. Silly rabbit. Dance competitions are for finding the best male model.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Nyle DiMarco, the former “America’s Next Top Model” winner. The man is deaf, and it’s impressive as hell he can do as well as he does at an event where you need to keep up with music. Hands down. But pardon me if I also admire the best dancer who had to overcome the challenges of being an incredibly attractive blonde with a killer body who can dance and kick ass in the octagon. I’m a champion of many causes, not the least of which is allowing hot women to be judged on their talent.

And so, the dream is dead. I backed VanZant from the season premiere, and I leave with no regrets. To me, she’ll always be the people’s champion who came from nowhere to jive/salsa her way into my heart forever.

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Jerry Thornton
The guys discuss the hot debates in the three-man NESN booth during Tuesday night's Red Sox game.

[0:10:30] ... And Uga and the secret of the game was early. The firm Red Sox game on it's not close the cannons game on. All kinds of things. Does discusses watch in the stretches of this game ...

After hanging up on D&C on Tuesday when accused of carrying water for the Worcester District Attorney, Worcester morning radio host Jim Polito talks with glee on his radio show about his interaction with Dennis and Callahan

[0:02:32] ... all of this is going on know that no one. As a crystal ball. Right it's true that basically got great three incidents with you attacking assaulting police officers and you need a crystal ball to say. There is nothing this guy I'd probably won't do yet he crystal ball but it is eleven pages of rap rap shadow across I. And how it's been and who knows who could tell. This guy's a bra was gonna do presented and worked. He'll committing crimes. He threatened to kill police officers had been eyewitness accidents. I was convinced he was gonna join the priest that these seem like you score yes I was ...
[0:04:08] ... his arms and writing. Coach ray Burt is behaviors which like a light switch he started to punch themselves. Wolf force left arm to the left temple area and right arm to right temple area. So ...
[0:05:00] ... the beach social. Correct casino know what casinos come and known as crystal ball and have a crystal ball who knows what. Or any Zambrano is a panel look I give me I give me and create even threaten. He threaten ...
[0:09:20] ... we did sack guys basically told them. That they were getting their asses kicked. By another station embossed in which he's beating them senseless a new station protect. It's profound. Ignorance is for good he's in ...

Curt Schilling's weekly visit with the guys features plenty of Sox talk. Curt is predicting a Red Sox vs. Cubs World Series.
Roger Goodell met the media on Tuesday and evaded questions about the NFL pulling funding for a concussion studies as they tried to rig the outcome.

[0:01:07] ... the 32 rich owners and people who ask pointed questions like the National Football League try to are a rig the study I told. Is Goodell is doing a great show obvious according to those guys they ...
[0:04:40] ... again. Borland and walk away because he knows the risk Bubba Smith Junior Seau didn't. But now. They do an end and for what it's worth it seems to either not single player currently in the National Football League recently retired for that matter. Who believes trusts the National Football League knew what. It doesn't matter to them. It does. What what it looks this app strategy cares about me he might raise ...
[0:06:20] ... payment boss him too but think of it you want them. The health and well being of companies so we can all benefit. You don't care if there's some residual. Effects on on life and they'll doesn't care ...
[0:07:03] ... veteran were poll. If I somehow life finds out some veterans code Jim McMahon as having headaches now. Can't remember where you don't ignore sets lost that Roger Goodell gives a crap we just thought I ...

Boston beat Colorado 8-2 on Tuesday night with another double-digit hit game. The guys discuss the pace the Red Sox offense is on

[0:00:16] ... right. BI is for Vick bobbled. And for our big guys scored David Ortiz drew rich purple hearts three hits for Pedroia. At two hats for Jackie Bradley to the street is that 28. Just for ...
[0:06:13] ... the Buick Drake. Love the head. Of the that your. Toronto vs Oklahoma City in the finals is you know Adam silver and all the NBA guys you know TNT people. And ESP of people pray that it be Golden State Cleveland yes that would settle for Oklahoma State and definitely at two answers that's a good star status years. Oklahoma City for strong is the worst television looking and are getting market series talk NBA history to talk him out here off to ...
[0:07:05] ... to stars like we do they have two good players who cut Kyle Lowry DeMar DeRozan qualifying now I think up at the next global now they're gonna get X the it was my. None Mumbai ...
[0:07:54] ... they rely on shooting and three and take out unhappy with watching Oklahoma City or shoulder while they are up reasonable facsimile of the other team and we agreed that this is probably the finals. Yes yeah Okaloosa if it will be will be Ronald leaving I think they assert that we trot out the raptors much raptors have gone. Wraps it maybe they're going to the finals and and so slash his wrists font of I'm mark Oklahoma City and allowed all the senate now Toronto is a huge cities and it doesn't count LeBron James knows how. The rigs LeBron James vs Kevin Durant stuffed carrier Westbrook would be an NBA finals team. From Canada and no NHL playoff team from game. It ...

The guys open the show by discussing the latest news in the killing of an Auburn police officer and the news that Bill Cosby will be forced to stand trial against one of his accusers
The Red Sox offense is putting up lots of runs and Lou is loving the horn they play. Also, Glenn, Lou and Christian can't believe that Roger Goodell didn't read the concussion report.



Boston Herald Inside TrackA group of Big Papi fans and a Sox website are launching a campaign today to get David Ortiz his own statue — by no later than next Opening Day — to celebrate the Sox slugger’s retirement and to bronze his place in Boston sports history.

The #BronzePapi effort is collecting signatures to present to the Sox, the city, the State House and MLB, asking them to commission a statue immediately, “not 20 years from now.” …

“Boston has not really led the way on statues,” Kevin Phelan of SoxLunch.com. … “We think that based on what Papi means to the city and the game, he should get a statue ASAP.”

Phelan said there are 250 statues of ball players in and around stadiums around the country and that “you would not put some of those players on the same level as David Ortiz.” …

The #BronzePapi peeps are holding an event at 5:30 [Wednesday] at the Baseball Tavern to unveil their concept for the statue and to collect signatures.

To review the Thornton Levels of Athletic Greatness:

  • 7. All-Star/Pro Bowl
  • 6. First-team all-league/All-Pro
  • 5. League MVP
  • 4. Team Hall of Fame/Ring of Honor
  • 3. League Hall of Fame
  • 2. Number retired
  • 1. Statue-worthy

Now, some might flip 2 and 3 and argue that there are players whose numbers are retired but aren’t in the Hall of Fame like the Patriots with Gino Cappelletti and the Celtics with Reggie Lewis, for example. But to me, the standard of retiring a number should be higher.

What cannot be disputed is that there is no greater honor than a statue. Which is why we as a society need to be judicious in giving out so great a tribute, in all walks of life. You build statues to giants like Ben Franklin, not Bill Weld. Which is why I find it shocking that there are 250 athlete statues in the United States. Guys like Paul Konerko and Jeff Bawell barely merit a plaque, let alone a life-sized, fully-rendered bronze piece of immortality worthy of a Michael Jordan or a Stan Musial.

That said, Kevin Phelan, SoxLunch.com and the other good people behind #BronzePapi are on the side of the angels on this one. David Ortiz most definitely qualifies as statue-worthy. For being a transformative figure on the field, in the city and on the facade that holds the championship banners, there’s no debate about it. So why make him wait 20 years the way Bill Russell had to. It’s like that old saying about how you shouldn’t wait until someone is dead to give them their flowers. If the city of Baltimore can waste no time casting a graven image of a lunatic who was involved in covering up a double homicide, we should do likewise for the man without whom we’d be two seasons away from the 100th anniversary of the last Red Sox championship.

Let’s get this thing done, and let’s do it five minutes ago.

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