A former payroll manager for the defending World Series champion Giants was arrested and charged with embezzling more than $1.5 million from the team's salary and expense payments. Robin O'Connor, who was fired July 6, allegedly started taking the money beginning in June of last year. Her scheme unfolded when she forged a letter from a team human resources manager in an attempt to explain her boost in income while in the process of applying for a loan to buy a property in San Diego.

Tight end Jeremy Shockey has not avoided controversy during his NFL career, but on Monday he showed his better side. When fellow Panthers tight end Ben Hartstock could not breathe because he was choking on a piece of pork tenderloin, Shockey stepped in and dislodged the meat, the National Football Post reported.

The Orioles are not pleased with what they perceive to be insensitivity on the part of the Yankees regarding the rescheduling of a game in Baltimore postponed by Hurricane Irene. The Yankees were pushing to cram in another game Friday afternoon in an attempt to avoid losing one of their two remaining days off in September. The Orioles, however, wanted to avoid a doubleheader on Friday partly because they were planning a tribute to Mike Flanagan, who died last week. And with Hurricane Irene affecting millions of people in the area, there was little sympathy for the ballplayers.

A few hours before the Ravens' preseason game against the Redskins Thursday night, Ravens rookie wide receiver Tandon Doss broke up a fight at a restaurant at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. After Doss tweeted about his actions, someone asked why he risked his health on a game day. Tweeted the Indianapolis native: I'm not gonna sit there and let someone get jumped. [I don't know] where ur from but we don't do that in Indy.

Phillies announcer (and former major leaguer) Gary "Sarge" Matthews wasn't shy about expressing his feelings toward the Mets Wednesday. During the game, Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey hit Placido Polanco with a pitch and then got into a brief argument with the Phillie, accusing him of leaning into the pitch. After the contest, Matthews saw a reporter from the New York Daily News and said: "Tell them Sarge said it — the Mets are crybabies.

Former Jets defensive end Vernon Gholston, who signed a one-year deal with the Bears last month after being released by New York, on Monday accused Rex Ryan of not giving him a fair shot. Despite benching Gholston in last season's playoffs and calling the player a "phony" in his book that came out in the offseason, Ryan expressed an interest in re-signing Gholston and defended his actions Tuesday. "I'm confused, because I think I'm fair," Ryan said. "I think I'm more than fair and I think I give plenty of opportunities.

Responding to the weekend violence during a preseason game against the Raiders, the 49ers decided to ban tailgating after kickoff and recommend a cancellation of the annual preseason rivalry with their Bay Area neighbors. There also are plans to beef up security and add DUI checkpoints outside the stadium. Two men were shot Saturday and another was found unconscious in a bathroom at Candlestick Park.

Timberwolves star Kevin Love is completing final practices as he prepares to compete in a professional beach volleyball tournament this week in Southern California. Said the 6-foot-10 Love: "I have the timing down with the hitting and my setting's pretty good. My blocking's decent just because it's like playing at the rim in the NBA, but my passing and my serving are subpar. I'm going to get out there a couple more times during the week and try to get it done."

The Georgetown basketball team's goodwill tour of China lacked goodwill Thursday night. A chippy game against the Bayi Rockets in Beijing ended with about 9½ minutes left when a huge brawl broke out. In a video of the incident, Chinese players appear to be the aggressors, throwing punches, swinging chairs and tossing water bottles. That led Georgetown coach John Thompson III to pull his team off the court. Thompson, who was berated by a Chinese player early in the game, did his best to downplay the incident after retreating to his hotel.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning received some attention for saying in a radio interview Tuesday that he considers himself in Tom Brady's class. On Wednesday, Manning tried to clarify his comments during an appearance on New York's WFAN radio: "It was kind of like, what am I supposed to say — no, I don't think so?" Manning said. "I’m trying to compete. I’m trying to be the best quarterback and trying to get to a championship. That’s what I’m trying to do every year."