I’m posting this today because 241 years ago, November 10, 1775, the United States Marine Corps was founded. The Continental Congress tasked Capt. Samuel Nichols to form a new fighting force. And being no fool, he did so at the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, promising a drink to every man who enlisted. The Marine Corps birthday is a tradition among the Devil Dogs. And I’m proud to salute them today. Oo rah.

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Jerry Thornton

SB NationAn extremely-chill Australian man is facing a big-time fine after he sent his drone to pick up a sausage. Bunnings Warehouse is an institution, like an Aussie version of Home Depot, but it routinely has a “sausage sizzle,” which is a beautiful culinary tradition of grilling mystery meat and putting it in a buttered piece of white bread. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Anyway, this dude decided he didn’t want to drive the two miles to pick up the sausage himself, so he sent his drone. Everything worked out and Bunnings employees sent it back to the man who was waiting in his hot tub. Now he could see a big-time bill.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says the man, who only wants to be known as “Tim,” violated several drone laws and is facing a $9,000 fine for his stunt.

What kind of injustice is this? The Aussie government is persecuting this man to the tune of $9,000 for this? The guy is not a criminal. He’s a visionary. My inspiration. My life coach. A man so in tune with his environment that he figured out how to use the latest consumer technology to fetch him the world’s oldest technology, cooked meats, without burning any calories. Who combined some of my favorite things: hot tubs, toys, hardware, tubes of artery-clogging deliciousness and laziness into one perfect lifestyle. And for that, he should be applauded, not punished. I’d try to figure out how to do this from my house, but first I need to set up a crowdfund to pay my new hero’s fines.

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Jerry Thornton
Glenn and Christian are joined by Steve Buckley of The Herald, who wrote an article about how Bill Belichick was "Gutless" in not answering questions about the letter he wrote to Donald Trump.

[0:01:36] ... become a color book he's fine you'll be okay get through. The Guitar Hero the wind who would regularly and it shall I start it as showered it pressed again they give it all out and ...
[0:03:34] ... The problem I have with the Donald Trump child. A letter from Bill Belichick. You read it that that needs political. And work out sectors that pure media today and try to it kept my collection ...
[0:04:19] ... he wouldn't just answered because that is we we hit we heard Doc Rivers we heard a bunch other coaches and players. And no one's really gonna be upset if you discount you know give you ...
[0:10:31] ... and we've been citing people today I don't know if you heard Doc Rivers up that Doc Rivers handled this really well. I would not say that others Stan Van Gundy probably not so much. But it's a volatile time ...

Why are the Celtics so embarrassing? Glenn thinks that there may be a chance that the players have stopped listening to Brad Stevens. Christian thinks injuries have a lot to do with it. But Isaiah Thomas says they have no "Swagger;" and Marcus Smart says they have no "Heart."

[0:10:24] ... a switch on the way to my router which you don't. So Gerald green was supposed to replace that right at least that mid range and deeper because he can shoot a deeper than that. They're ...
[0:14:29] ... team defense Lee Porter than nearly got Monday from the other day. Amir Johnson Jalen brown rookie Tyler Zeller Isiah Thomas and Avery Bradley OK that's your starters. Now if you get the starting lineup with and you throw win you take out ...
[0:15:19] ... that he resign or is he talking about injuries. Let's hear from Isiah Thomas. Yeah. We're not the hardest playing team naslund made a special moves made just went 48 games last year. And eighteen. We'll ...
[0:16:20] ... a swagger okay. Where's your your point your point anti and to Isiah Thomas is point. With that starting lineup. Okay and compared to the wizards' starting lineup you should not be blown out. If you ...

Glenn thinks the Patriots will beat the Seahawks, but it will be tight, as the Seahawks never get blown out.. Glenn sets the over/under on Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl Interception being shown in the pre-game at 3; Christian takes the over.
Glenn and Christina think its ridiculous that Richard Sherman is getting fined by the NFL for his hit on Dan Carpenter. Glenn thinks that Sherman did the absolute right thing by playing until the whistle. Christian likes the aggressiveness of Sherman's decision on that play, and thinks he did the right thing.
Glenn and Christian react to Stan Van Gundy saying that by Electing Trump, we've thrown half of the Country under the bus.

[0:01:25] ... He's being called racist. From I don't know ordered the book conduct Kanye West on US and what aren't the only my Bible people put but how everybody is totally lying about being disingenuous it's easy ...
[0:02:44] ... a white I don't I don't but what I like. Back to Doc Rivers spoke like the fact that Doc Rivers a very highly respected coach that's been around a long appeared time as a player as a coach. Has with able to ...
[0:04:20] ... his singing it's so out of character because the character they know Bill Belichick. Including the media. Is to build bella checked at the podium and what he says that the podium. So they are not seeing that other side of it. You know there are some of the media people have seen the other side of Tom curry and I think has been pretty good in in a lot of this stuff because I think he sees a lot more of the other side. A Bill Belichick but we're gonna get into it with whiskey Barkley at is he gonna join us at eleven we moved him up yet ...
[0:05:44] ... some respect so it's not like he was sitting there is bill Bill Belichick we've seen in the past that he really. Knows that some guys just you know doesn't have respect for. He'll he'll dump want to tell me if you think I'm wrong about that. So bill sends out a letter Chris truly this guy is a friend. I don't droppings in the same way that Doc Rivers in trying to deal with a and deal with the fact that he's the president of the United States and the stuff he said and he asked the deal with his players. Minorities who were sitting there going oh my god I can't believe this guys and White House. And Doc Rivers is trying to balance that saying alone got he's at a white out but I gotta tell you play golf I know ...

Glenn and Christian wonder what any of the Trump Protests will actually accomplish. Is it just being sore losers? Also, they talk about Athletes and Coaches weighing in on the Election.

Curse you, New York Knicks. I don’t know what happened exactly, but watching this put something in my eyes that makes them keep watering up. For a moment I’ll put aside the fact that it’s an outrage it took SFC Yulfo 18 months of waiting to meet Murphy and just be happy it finally happened. Happy Veteran’s Day to them both.

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Jerry Thornton

MirrorInterstellar travel could be more than just science fiction as leaked documents appear to show NASA has built a working “warp drive” .

The technology is officially known as an EM Drive propulsion system and was invented by a British engineer called Roger Shawyer.

A review of the system was scheduled to be published in December, but found its way onto the NASA Spaceflight forum where it was seized upon and passed round the internet.

Rather than a Star Trek-style faster-than-light drive , the EM Drive is a revolutionary new propulsion system that doesn’t feature an exhaust.

NASA’s invention could send humans to Mars in just a few weeks. …

And according to the leaked documents, the system is “consistently performing”.

“We will go to Mars, but the most important thing is what EmDrive will do for the rest of the world,” Shawyer told the International Business Times .

“It will be solar power stations, city-to-city long-haul flights using hydrogen. It’s green and convenient and will change our world in the next few decades.”

I don’t want to come off as being too hard to impress, but what exactly is NASA crowing about here? It’s a warp drive that doesn’t go to light speed? Pardon me, but isn’t that the point of warp drive? Otherwise we’re talking, what? It’s super efficient and doesn’t have an exhaust? It can power solar stations, fly me to cities using hydrogen while being green and convenient? Big whoop.

So you’ve tested an engine that can get me to Mars in a few weeks. Talk to me when you can get me there in a couple of minutes the way warp engines are supposed to. Come back when you’ve build a Milennium Falcon with a hyper drive that can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Let me know when you’ve perfected an engine that can use the gravitational pull of the sun to slingshot a starship back through time to the 1980s to find whales.

I’m sorry, Roger Shawyer. You might have a nice little science project there. But you are no Zefram Cochrane. Let us know when you are the real Father of Warp Drive and you’ve got us ready to boldly go where no man has gone before.


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Jerry Thornton