All the Red Sox are in camp and working out, so we hear from a lot of the Red Sox front office members like Dave Dombrowski, Tom Werner and others. The guys talk about how Hanley will handle first base.
ESPN has been asking 'what if Cam Newton had a party cruise?' and trying to say we only let Gronk party because he's white. Glenn and Christian to a stop to that nonsense.
Red Sox owner John Henry spoke to the media down at Fort Myers, and said Pablo Sandoval only has a 17% body fat ratio. No one believes Henry, and Lou followed up with the owner to try to get the truth out of him.

RussiaA teenage schoolboy has told how he’s “so happy” and “boiling inside” after winning a month living with a porn star in an online competition.

Fresh-faced Ruslan Schedrin, said to be 16, could spend a month in a hotel with X-rated movie actress, Ekaterina Makarova, also known as Macy Ssens. …

Ruslan says he’s excited by the prospect of spending time in close quarters with Ekaterina, who he describes as having “good sizes.”

But his mum and sister are furious, insisting the prize is inappropriate for a 16-year-old, adding that he should be concentrating on his education.

I’ve got my own two kids to raise, so far be it for me to project my oppressive, Puritanical, Judeo-Christian values on poor fresh-faced Ruslan Schedrin here. But it seems to me this is one of those times when mother (and sister) know best.

Not that the kid needs to focus on his education. For all I know Russian schools are still banging the kids over the head with how evil the decadent West is and how Russia invented everything and landed a man on the moon and so on. No, I’m just saying that a hotel room with a porn star is no place for a 16-year-old. And as a former 16-year-old boy, I know of what I speak. When I was Ruslan’s age, I could barely drive a car, never mind a finely tuned piece of high-performance, precision Russian engineering like Ekaterina “Macy” Makarova. Not on your life. This kid will crash and burn worse than anything you’ll see in even the most horrific driver’s ed fear film.

He’ll be lucky to survive the ordeal. And even if he did, he’d be ruined for all other women forever. To continue to beat the metaphor to death, you can’t get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini your first time out and then expect you can just go buy a used Hyundai. Your porn stars are for experienced professionals, not noobs. So this lad needs to listen to his family, stay home, hit the books and stick to playing whatever passes for “Fallout: 4″ over there.

That said, I think we can learn a lot from a culture advanced enough to give away a month in a hotel with an adult film star as a contest prize. WEEI listeners lose their crap any time we give away a pair of Bruins tickets. We obviously have a long way to go as a society.


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Jerry Thornton

There are hockey fights, and then there are hockey fights between the vitriolic blood feud that is Riviere-du-Loup and Thetford Mines Isothermic. That is a border war that has spanned the generations.

But what makes this one go all next level is that one player at the 1-minute mark, shredding on his air guitar to Rammstein’s “Du Hast.” That’s when the hockey fight is elevated to an art form. According to Reddit, that Guitar Hero’s name is Joel Theriault. And whether or not he can actually play him some ice hockey, I need him on the Bruins and I needed it five minutes ago. A man that inspired can wear the spoked ‘B’ for me any time.


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Jerry Thornton





Austen Lane was a defensive end who’s out of football after playing for four teams over five seasons. And Tuesday, with the NFL scouting combine coming up, he shared with the world some of the questions he got from talent evaluators when he was being scouted back in 2010. Which begs a simple, three-word question: What the hell?

We’ve known for a while that NFL scouts ask bizarre questions ever since Dez Bryant said they asked him if his mother is a prostitute. But this is just surreal. It’s one thing to try to get under a guy’s skin and elicit an emotional response. But these aren’t so much psychological profile questions as they are the Voight-Kampff test:

It’s like they’re not looking for defensive ends and wide receivers, they’re looking for replicants. I mean, what exactly is the correct answer to the “Would you murder someone with a gun or a knife?” question? That is, if you’re looking to land a job rushing quarterbacks? And is it acceptable to reject the premise and say, “I’d murder him with a candlestick in the conservatory”? Or would that drop your score and make you a fifth-round pick instead of a fourth? And how is it that in spite of all this psychological profiling, teams still burn high picks on damaged, feral maniacs like Greg Hardy and Johnny Manziel?

I just find it hilarious that a multi-billion dollar empire like the NFL would think it can project how well a guy will play football based on what kind of underpants he wears or whether his ‘do makes him smoke weed. That said, if the Patriots opt to ask prospects if they’re willing to kill someone, I can’t say as I blame them.


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Jerry Thornton
Keith Carmen was on the Gronk party cruise and gives the guys a 1st hand account of how it went.

[0:00:00] ... Joining us on the AT&T hotline 827 year old. Eagles as in Philadelphia Eagles season ticket holder his name is Keith Carmen. He and his lovely girl for an important is he dating up elects. Went ...
[0:03:38] ... a great time but. I think the craziest thing was just the first night probably like 5 AM. I'll walk up opt performed and they should techno music though it. And every crop was on state ...
[0:09:48] ... your opinion about an idol which opinion was or is of the New England Patriots and Belichick and Brady. And all those guys that there is a basic hatred between Eagles fans and patriot fans had you come around to the patriot with Lincoln. Pure and others that I know a lot of people don't like the hatred on here that they do we were cheated out of a Super Bowl despite it all that but. I've always. And I I don't know I get some weird in this sense but I always ...

Tom Werner joined the show from Spring Training to discuss John Farrell's job status, the addition of Dave Dombrowski, and Pablo Sandoval's weight.

[0:04:07] ... a new narrative it today but it's nice idea with with a San Diego Padres win it Tony Gwynn. Played those glorious years and they he lessons Felton Kirby Puckett lessons felt and I heard it. Dave talking about it Prince Fielder so what's really important obviously is that the guy perform when the season starts today's. Yell all hands on deck meeting at ...

President of Baseball Operations for the Red Sox, Dave Dombrowski joined the show to discuss the players he acquired vs. the players he inherited, Pablo Sandoval's weight, Hanley at 1st, and what he expects from John Farrell.

[0:01:07] ... on experience the reason I bring that up is we talked about Hanley Ramirez was brought in here last year without a place to play and it was almost as if well we need the bat ...
[0:12:23] ... Performed very well that big weights that system whether it's just that Prince Fielder he put up some big numbers for us. I you can go through other people on their course or does happen he's not a he's not the typical guy that you were described as but I think it's also what it comes down to performance. The doctor Vegas Lopez could perform better if there weren't that Prince Fielder. Or or tenable if they did trip out of that did work harder. Wouldn't it be better but interesting I've had a ...
[0:13:27] ... lose weight right now we did not that was it we asked Hanley Ramirez to lose weight OK we asked him to lose a specific as he was. Bulky writers must wanted to get them down yet worked hard to get to that point so it was going to more athletic we wanted. Pablo to be in a position where he was more. In shape. And ready to go which he has I mean he's doing much better and is if you would go off their watch Jimmy's. Our infield instructor Brian Butterfield are Tony's much quicker than he was last year. So no we never gave him a specific way because we thought in ...

Donald Trump easily wins the GOP caucus in Nevada.

[0:01:07] ... headlines brought to you by eighteen team mobilize your world and by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros to precision fitness equipment dot com but it once and for all sets the record straight. I will say that we got booted off of this ...
[0:03:10] ... replacement is right next talk later. Atlantis that is brought you ITT precision fitness equipment you might think. John Ferrell on the short leash I know Donald Trump is going to be the grand old party's nominee. The president of the United States that is a good Berkman and why it is over Nevada caucus drop route. He's number one with what does he say ...
[0:12:06] ... court right is going to be in the is this court TV. Judge Judy has. They should yeah he's doing it. I'm so scared of my TV in the room because they change channel once we ...
[0:16:21] ... brought to you by if you keep mobilizing your world am by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do that precision. Fitness equipment rule out Hitler and stuff allows us some steps in Boston as far as certain. And with what else if there's a ...