Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, was on CSNNE and said he thinks Tom Brady should attend the festivities at Super Bowl 50, despite his issues with Roger Goodell. Lou agreed. The callers did not.
Calvin Johnson informed the Lions that he will retire, but that doesn't stop fans in NE to speculate that he could find a way to Foxboro.

CBS NewsRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he thinks he has a good chance of coming in first in the Iowa caucus Monday … in an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that aired Sunday. …

As for predictions about the Superbowl, here’s what Trump had to say:

“Your Carolina team is sort of a hot team. And the quarterback’s doing great. I very much have always liked Peyton Manning. He’s a very good guy. I know him. And he’s a very, very good guy. So I have to go with the person I know and I like. I like the other team. I think the other team looks fantastic. Probably, they would be favored by something. But I’ll stick with Peyton because he’s a very good guy.”

Et tu, Donald Trump? Et tu?

Actually, I’m not even mad at The Donald. How could I be? As an openly low-information voter who’s only issue is how well the candidates have sucked up to Tom Brady, Trump has lapped the field with his constant, unabashed pandering of the Brady demographic. And I have no doubt he will continue to, even after this gaffe.

No, my issue isn’t with his Donaldness. It’s with the system. It’s with the way a man of integrity like him has to betray his close, personal friend just to win caucuses and primaries. Iowa is halfway between Indiana and Colorado, meaning it’s probably lousy with Peyton Manning fans. And Trump’s people are probably throwing all sorts of polling data at him saying that if he throws out a few nice comments about their hero, he can win Iowa plus the other two states and seal the nomination. Whereas he’s probably got the Carolinas all locked up, regardless.

So it’s brilliant strategy. It’s just a shame that this is what it’s come to. That in order to win, a candidate has to talk out both sides of his mouth. Because The Donald can’t possibly believe that Manning winning Sunday would be a good thing. If he retires 1-3 in Super Bowls instead of 2-2, that’s good not only for Brady, Brady’s constituents and his longtime golfing buddies, it’s good for the country. Trump has to know that. But unfortunately, sometimes winning in politics means selling out your principles. It’s not how the Founding Fathers wanted it. It’s not how I want it. But if it gets us the pro-Brady president America needs? Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.


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Jerry Thornton

Congratulations, National Football League. This is what ginning up a phony controversy, millions of dollars in billable hours, a federal court case and 12 months out of everyone’s lives has gotten you. A punch line. Jack Donaghy cracking wise about soft footballs and cheese.

Suffice to say that if there had ever actually been anything to Deflategate, the league’s thought police would not be giving official approval to snarky Super Bowl ads about it, that’s for damned sure. I’ll wager that when Paul Hornung and Alex Karras got suspended in 1964 for gambling, there weren’t commercials joking about it during the title game that year. And if there were any Ray Rice parody ads running during Super Bowl XLIX last year, I must have been grabbing more queso dip because I missed it.

So I guess this is a reason to celebrate. Even the NFL can admit what I was saying this time last year. Deflategate is a joke.


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Jerry Thornton
Despite initial efforts by the NHL to find a way to get John Scott out of the ASG, not only did he play... he scored two goals and was the MVP.





While I’m not at all happy to be stuck here at home knowing I was a missed two-point conversion away from a week in San Francisco, sitting on Radio Row interviewing Chrissy Teigen and elbowing my way to Roger Goodell’s podium so I could ask him why the hell he won’t give our draft picks back, it’s good to see life getting back to normal for the Patriots themselves. Bill Belichick headed right off to Mobile to scout the Senior Bowl and Rob Gronkowski went right to Mobile to scout bar room talent at the Senior Bowl. All is as it should be.

In normal circumstances, you might question an adult going back to hang with college kids, but not with Gronk. This isn’t one of those pathetic high school hero situations, where a guy goes off to college but can’t stop going back to his old stomping grounds so he can feel like a big shot again. This is the furthest thing from it. This is mentoring. The older brother and Papa Gronk showing Glenn the ropes. How nightclubbing is done in the proud Gronkowski tradition. Think of “American Pie” when Kevin’s brother in college showed him where to find the sex notebook with “The Tongue Tornado” in it, out of brotherly love and keeping up standards in the family. I’d be shocked if Rob didn’t pass up one or two of those smokes eyeing him in that Minions hat and steer them Glenn’s way, just to teach him how it’s done.

Does it take away the sting of missing out on San Fran? Not by a damn sight. But knowing that another Summer of Gronk is starting up soon helps.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys discussed Aaron Hernandez's latest letter.

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The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Should Brady go to the Super Bowl?
Gerry enjoyed Larry's latest rendition of Kings Things on Twitter.

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