After a Goodell-hatred montage at the top, the guys continue to discuss the NFL & Goodell's decision to not check PSI every game.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Rams have discussed the possibility of bringing Peyton Manning to Los Angeles next season. While many suspect Manning will retire after this year, if he does give it a go in 2016 he apparently already is drawing interest outside of Denver.

Writes Schefter: Manning still must decide whether he wants to play again, and the Rams still are formulating their quarterback plans. But they are monitoring the Manning situation, per a source, which is a sign that the Broncos quarterback could have options next season.

It also sets up the possibility — even if it is remote — that Manning could finish his career in Southern California just as former Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas did with the San Diego Chargers in 1973 and former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath did with Los Angeles Rams in 1977.

The Rams quarterbacks entering 2016 are Case Keenum, Nick Foles and Sean Mannion. Needless to say, if Manning were to sign with the Rams he would be stepping right into a starting role with the team.

While Manning recently told Bill Belichick that this could be his “last rodeo,” it remains to be seen if he will give it one more shot next season.

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Travis Upham
In an interview with Mike Florio, Marshall Faulk stated that the only time he thinks about the his SB loss, is when people mention what the Patriots did. He added that he still would love to see the tapes but he knows that isn't possible.

[0:00:51] ... They got caught and Everett Washington. I'm not taking anything away from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady they're great. A lot on the continue to tell you that they are great they've warned that. For our I don't know ...
[0:03:08] ... record that before we do suspicions about what may have happened before Super Bowl 36 is there anything anyone can say to you to get you to say OK it was claim there was nothing that ...
[0:10:22] ... rush what. What would you rather have our beach. To read about Cam Newton beach by himself. Only by point by O'Donnell you're average you're not you're not treat Cam Newton like he did. You know you rush for the the merger of the Iranian news deep linebackers the spineless secondary handle these ...

The real surprise isn’t that Rob Gronkowski once worked a gig stripping for a bachelorette party. It’s that he once worked a gig stripping for a bachelorette party. It just seems like such a natural. I never gave it any thought before, but if you’d asked me how many times women paid him to go all “Magic Mike” for them, I would’ve put the number in the thousands. Obviously I’d rather have him focus on football and his rapidly growing party cruise enterprise, but you could definitely see him have a successful career in the lucrative and rewarding Lap Dancing Horny Drunk Women industry. As a matter of fact, it’s not hard to imagine him turning it into a cottage industry. Opening lap dance academies and teaching the fine art to others. He’d be milling money in no time.

Again, I’m happy to have him making football and drunken tourism his focus for now. But if he ever does get back to his stripping roots, there’s one old lady from The Globies last year who’d be his first customer.


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Broncos rookie safety, Ryan Murphy, got sent home yesterday after being detained as part of a prostitution sting. The guys also take more calls about Goodell and his spot checks.

[0:02:27] ... practice squad safety. Ryan Murphy. Because he'd been sent home by the Denver Broncos since the worst part about it while Ryan leaves him open. They said that a senate back you can't get rid. Where ...
[0:07:32] ... they're holding can't stream in line at arbor Michigan with Ric Flair Tom Brady Derek Jeter. Odd you know put other just random celebrity Rick Fuller play for you have I don't know I don't know ...
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[0:16:45] ... some of the legal expert would have most it is say that Tom Brady Brady is a chance pretty could be trouble. Because of the political background of these guys whatever it is right or you'll ...

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

After a dreadful season in 2015, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick reportedly wants out of San Francisco, and his preferred destination apparently is the Jets. This is according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, citing sources.

Kaepernick has experienced quite the fall from grace, as just a few years removed from leading his team to the Super Bowl he was benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert midway through the 2015 season.

While he may want out of San Francisco, that is easier said than done. The 28-year-old has five years left on his $114 million deal he signed in 2014. The 49ers will need to decide if they want to trade Kaepernick, cut him or keep him right where he is. On April 1, his salary for the upcoming season ($11.9 million) will become guaranteed. That means if the team is going to make a move, it might need to do it relatively soon.

An additional and maybe more significant question is if the Jets actually are interested in Kaepernick. They are coming off their best season since 2010, and that was in large part due to the success of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. They also have 25-year-old Geno Smith, who has not had much success in the NFL, but Jets owner Woody Johnson recently was quoted as saying he has “the ability” if he sticks with it.

If the Jets do feel Kaepernick would be a beneficial addition to their team, trading for him likely would cost them more than signing him if he was cut by the 49ers. It remains to be seen what their level of interest is in Kaepernick, if any at all.

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Travis Upham
Glenn, Lou & Christian open the show by discussing Roger Goodell's comments on the Rich Eisen Show, where he said the NFL did not check PSI every game but that they did "spot checks" instead.

[0:00:12] ... over the years but for a football for the I got ridiculous. Tom Brady. Absolutely. Needs to attend. Sunday's game super ball fifty needs to not only does he need to within the game that is ...
[0:02:29] ... feeling that you know especially comes Roger Goodell and NFL. That appears patriot fan just like talking to yourself. Yes that no one's listening to the matter what you say am I doing a little look ...
[0:05:31] ... appeared on the rich but you off I doesn't show beyond the rich Eisen shell. And if you listen to too rich I just listened to the questions the way Rick Johnson throw as much as ...
[0:06:13] ... nobody out there but it's it would museum lungs I put. What rich Eisen. Treats him like he's addressing his boss yes that awaited him. That's gonna lead author of NFL network asked him he has ...




Six things we learned from Roger Goodell’s ridiculous assertion that after 12 months, $10 million in legal fees and a federal court case, the NFL was never interested in understanding what makes a football deflate:

The NFL is anti-science.

For all the league’s posturing on Deflategate, the last thing the NFL wants is to uncover any truth that is inconvenient for it. As I said when the Wells Report first came out, Ted Wells skipped over thousands of reputable research labs to find Exponent, a notoriously dishonest science-for-hire firm that will give you whatever findings you want. And now that everyone else who’s done the middle school physics lab work to prove footballs deflate in the cold, the NFL chose to not look at data because it knows doing so will prove the Patriots case. The league is the Inquistion in 1633, putting Gallileo on trial for the heresy of saying the Earth goes around the sun, and it’s much easier to threaten him with torture than to actually look at his damned research.

Roger Goodell is a liar.

Granted, this is not exactly breaking news. This latest development just confirms it. The Ginger Hammer went on “60 Minutes” a few months back to talk about the link between concussions and CTE and deflected no less than a half-dozen questions with “We just want the facts.” Right. Unless those “facts” happen to get in the way of a good story he wants to tell about a scheme by Tom Brady to defraud the entire football world. Then what? He can’t be bothered to look at the data? It would somehow be a waste of his time to know whether or not the ideal gas law is an actual law or just a suggestion? And besides, when he handed down his draconian punishment to Brady and the Patriots over the summer, he announced new guidelines for the care and feeding of the game balls, not the least of which was that PSI data would be collected and reported to the league office. I guess we missed his follow-up announcement that ain’t nobody got time for that.

Roger Goodell is good liar.

Seriously. I have to give him props. He is, to steal Tom Brady Sr.’s phrase, “a flaming liar,” but he’s skilled at it. He tells the kind of blatantly disingenuous falsehoods that would make anyone with a conscience choke on the words and never kiss their mother again with that mouth. But the way he drowns the lies in the bottom that word soup of “integrity” and “rules” and “32 clubs” until your eyes glaze over and you can’t even find the original thought takes skill. Whoever programmed that speech pattern into the CommissionerBot 2000 deserves a raise.

Most of the media is thoroughly cowed.

Generally speaking, I like Rich Eisen. I prefer the NFL Network’s coverage of most events like the scouting combine and the draft over anyone else’s. But how was he physically able to sit there quietly while Goodell is spinning this web of lies in his face and not challenge him? How do you possibly listen to that and not follow up with, “Whoa. Hold your wad there a second, Commissioner. Explain to us how you can ‘respect’ Tom Brady and have so much ‘admiration’ for him, when you yourself claim he’s a cheating, lying, conniving cover-up artist who bribed employees to undermine the integrity of your league? So much so that you’re still in federal court over it?” Instead it’s on to the next question, let’s hear some more of that sweet, sweet “growing the game” talk.

The Deflategate Truthers have a lot to answer for.

Let’s say you’re one of those anti-physics Flat-Earthers who throughout this process have taken the NFL and Roger Goodell’s side on this. (You know who you are.) I need you to explain this to me. Explain how this entire clown show boiled down to the single issue of whether Brady had someone take air out of the footballs for him or it happened naturally, and the NFL cannot be bothered to find out. Forget the “Deflator” text. Put aside how long it took Dorito Dink to go to the potty. Tell me how the commissioner you’ve been backing all along can willfully not want to know the answer. It’s the equivalent of a suspect having an alibi and the cops refusing to look into it. And that’s the side you chose to cast your lot with. And if you’re one of those twits who lost his mind when Brady replaced his phone because “he’s got something to hide,” where’s your righteous indignation about Goodell “destroying” the PSI data?

For the NFL, ignorance is bliss.

There can only be two explanations for why the league will not release the football PSI data. Either the numbers would exonerate the Patriots, or the league truly did not record the data because it knew the numbers would exonerate the Patriots. There is no reasonable third option. To believe for one second that the NFL would keep the measurements secret if it thought they’d prove the Pats are guilty, or it honestly wasn’t interested in the facts of the matter requires you to be intentionally, purposely ignorant.

The sad, pathetic part of it is that I just described most of the country outside of New England. The nation will continue to believe what it wants to believe, Brady still will be considered guilty and the Patriots will never get back their draft picks. And on that note, I’m going to add an extra bonus lesson I’ve learned from this.

We are never going to stop having to Defend the Wall.


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The beautiful and talented Maria Stephanos joined us in studio.

[0:02:15] ... everything. We bounce around will be you'd get that on a broader new Yorker he not answer to. I we pass bounces and the ultimate lone. Not a shot shy that are you know I saw ...
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[0:09:05] ... work like that but I don't trust people like head crews in Jeb Bush to look out for my interest and they need more on Democrat. So look out for your interest you know what you ...

Callahan demolished a Sanders fan.