ProFootball Talk's Mike Florio joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian. They discuss how to make Officiating better, in the wake of Monday Night's debacle, and how the NFL doesn't give out Hall of Fame Paraphernalia to the families of those elected posthumously.

[0:08:48] ... that they're protecting players from grown men. Goes out the window when Nick Saban start bringing grown men back to campus to play against these kids. How they'd illegal and our Brooke for colleges to allow ...
[0:10:05] ... be right for very long. I so what about deck press gotten. Tony Romo house how that's Dorgan and. Well I've Stephen Jones the cowboys executive VP on. About who the quarterback will be and I have a feeling we're not gonna get it he said yes you're you're right we're not gonna get a definitive answer. And I also asked him. Will they have when Tony Romo is ready to play. What they have a specific plan like Bill Belichick would have regarding the circumstances. That would trigger going ...
[0:11:34] ... if you're trailing in the second half of a playoff game and Tony Romo is perfectly healthy on the sideline. Ready to go. What do you do the vikings went through that 98 with Brad Johnson when he broke his leg week two and they had a special season with Randall Cunningham and Dennis Green said all year long. Brad Johnson a play when he's not a percent 100% 100% it was never 100% to get the NFC championship game Randall Cunningham was not playing well and the next thing you know. They don't put him Brad Johnson they lose the game and there are people twenty years later saying they should put Brad Johnson in the NFC championship game and it would one if they did. I'm Mike let me give you one bow before I ...

No One is safe from OMF's Whiner Line

It was unusual, to say the least, to hear Ernie Johnson break character in the middle of a basketball telecast to speak from the heart about the election. Unusually magnificent. That’s a great speech and I think he speaks for tens of millions of Americans who aren’t ideologues, weren’t beholding to either candidate, but who still care about the country and want to see things get fixed. And soon. I also appreciate him going all in, baring his soul and talking about his faith, which is practically unheard of outside of a few political talk shows. So good for Ernie. I’d vote for him for President in the next election if he could assure me he’d be able to get away to do the NCAA tournament games in March.

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Jerry Thornton

If you were left scratching your head because you didn’t get the joke on Sabrina’s subversive little Final Jeopardy answer, it’s understandable. I’m sure even Alex Trebek, who is an all-knowing, omniscient being in tune with literally everything that can be known, must have been puzzled by the sneaky obscurity of the joke. But here’s your answer. Stumped by the question, my girl Sabrina went to the freakish meme that took off last year. This viral video of a guy randomly asking a cop about his shoes while he was in the middle of arresting Myesha. The meme that lauched dozens of equally bizarre parody YouTubes. Why? Who can say? I’ve stopped trying to figure out what echos across the Internet and what doesn’t any more.

I just know that Sabrina knows way too much about what’s on Snapchat and not nearly enough about the real world. C’mon. “What is the Great Barrier Reef?” You’ve got to know this stuff if you expect to make it on “Jeopardy!” kid.


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Jerry Thornton
Kirk Minihane and Jerry Thornton have tossed insults at each other on the radio in the past. Today they sit down to discuss some of this digs at each other, Thornton's time at WEEI, and the recent news of his upcoming return to Barstool Sports.

Campus ReformVirginia Tech, Georgetown University, and the University of Massachusetts, Boston are all among the many schools nationwide that are offering counseling services to students triggered by Trump’s election as president. …

At the University of Massachusetts, Boston, as well, the school’s vice chancellor for student affairs wrote his students to let them know that counseling would be available all throughout the week to help students reckon with the outcome of the election.

Additionally, the school will also be sponsoring a “Coping and Balance” workshop where students can play with “Doggo, the therapy dog.”  

I know it’s Veteran’s Day and we’re expected to pay tribute to those who’ve served in the armed forces. But I want to take a moment to honor those who’ve really made sacrifices on behalf of us all. Those brave, precious and unique snowflakes on our college campuses who have had to endure an election that didn’t go their way. Thank you all for your service. May the school administration bless you and keep you and may Doggo the therapy dog give you a safe space away from all those trigger words and dog whistles.

You know who I do not blame for the absurdly asinine and pathetic notion of college-aged adults needing grief counseling and comfort dogs over a frigging fair and democratic election? The college-aged adults. They didn’t as for this. Well, maybe some did but the vast majority understand how ridiculous this is.

It’s shorthand to blame all this gooey, syrupy New Age nonsense on Millennials. Which a totally false narrative. Campuses are filled with normal, well adjusted kids who laugh as this crap as hard as I do. For the most part, 18-year-olds are made of the exact same organic material as the boys who drove the Rebels back at Gettysburg in order to free the oppressed, charged the German emplacements at Belleau Wood or climbed the cliffs at Ponte du Hoc to pull the Nazis’ fingers off the throat of Europe.

I’ve personally met way too many great human beings under the age of 23 to buy into the fiction that this is a “Millennial” problem. Whether it was visiting Parris Island a couple of years back or the Habitats for Humanities event I got to host or just my friends’ and my brothers’ kids, we are fully stocked with great, smart, decent earnest 20-somethings who would no sooner ask for grief counseling over Donald Trump than they’d eat Doggo.

No, this is all on the school administrations. These insulated, out-of-touch academics who are scared of their own shadows and have been in the ivory tower so long they don’t know anything more about the people they “teach” than they do about overhauling a transmission. They’re the ones who created these timid, useless souls utterly unprepared for the real world. So congratulations, UMass, Virginia Tech and Georgetown. When this girl literally kills herself, it will be on you and your kind. You better make this [expletive] right. (NSFW, language)


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