Adam Schefter joins the guys to give his prediction for Pats-Lions, talks about the snow in Buffalo, and the Adrian Peterson saga.
Christian's former teammate Lomas Brown joins the show to preview Pats-Lions
BC's head coach joined the show to preview the Florida State game.
Rodney Harrison previewed the Patriots and Lions with the guys.

[0:00:03] ... up with Cumberland farms farm house went coffee and with football legend Rodney Harrison a couple of farms farm out when coffee assault malicious it's good to put down. Just 99 cents any size and only ...
[0:04:42] ... two guys running. Where we are I mean it's obvious to me Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks all I mean they don't wanna chop three quarterbacks of all time you do with Matt Stafford got has gone on to a lot of ups and downs he's always set weapons. But he's just not a great quarterback COLT some level I mean that's that's what comes out so you can you can call that's all you want numbers and all the different things but. Matthew Stafford. He can't be you can classify you know in the in the claps with Tom Brady because of property so great. Much of a competitive disadvantage are the Buffalo Bills when they take on the jets in Detroit having not practiced together can you imagine. You playing an NFL game not having ...
[0:09:23] ... next week into the weekend and will be watching Sunday night. Everybody. Rodney Harrison with Dennis Kelly on the AT&T a lot of conversation with rod is brought to you by Cumberland farms farm out when ...
[0:11:27] ... you'll join us around 930 and some of those intangibles. That the Oakland Raiders had going for the against the chiefs. Are kind of in his favor. This this week against Florida State even though the ...

The top stories of the as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:10] ... see some traffic and make 50000 illegal immigrants walking around on the Mass Pike right. Utterly out of its shadow over. Over we are now joined thanks thankfully. Two of the 44 president of the United ...
[0:11:53] ... Here's Glenn Beck we get on back let's play real quick on. Bill Cosby for we had to break. Hey that was a really awkward exchange we we discussed not talking about in the first place can you take that and you I really that you violated that yeah you violated it. So now you violated me twice what talk about rape that's that's media rape right there. You said you would not do that since wind as your no mean yes. Do you know all the good definition of no sir then you've just raped Bill Cosby you said you wouldn't do it you just did it. That's at Dartmouth the AP reporter said he would talk about it ibex had paid rate because it's a little strong yeah I would you say. Who did did you guys remember the ending abusive would try not to do. You're kidding that's what he's referring to interview yesterday peace when there at the end bill last and to get rid Acosta is accurate that it hasn't got trying to artisan EU we had a dude that full practice you've just rate to Bill Cosby. In match you know you yeah. By the way that you can't blame the media in this case because there are victims ...
[0:13:46] ... you by ATP amp Bob's discount furniture stores. Patriot free form Friday Rodney Harrison at 830. Check in with the BC coach Stevens does feel in the 9 o'clock hour as they head for Florida State ...
[0:15:04] ... people in the world. Think the patriots are going to beat the Detroit Lions I wanna know all the Detroit Lions and beat the knowing a page will figure. ...

The guys opened the show discussing the Raiders win over the Chiefs.

[0:00:20] ... to break for the don't pay yes plus the raiders win. Over Kansas City Chiefs last night how bad is Kansas City on the other hand. President Obama thinks and you re should be deported at dawn ...
[0:15:27] ... around Buffalo, New York you go anywhere. He should. DC really shoot Mario Williams could Gould has bobcat and Chubb bobcat to Bob I know it took a picture he bought it. I think when he ...
[0:17:11] ... went up the bus drive republic of the winners I would say Mario Williams the biggest winners I don't think Doug emerald fields that teams can come out of this. And a winner. But Mario Williams reputation. He's changing completely candlelight. Adrian Peterson did with that letter of that in his view view speed dial an apology abroad say it's not. Gonna use that tree ...

Here are the highlights from Friday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— President Obama worked around Congress and used an executive order to protect millions of illegal immigrants in the United States from deportation. During his address to the public Thursday night, Obama said the immigrants would be temporarily protected and could “come out of the shadows.”

Said Minihane: “It’€™s over. We are joined, thanks to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, for making this happen.”

“You mean the 44th-best President of the United States,” replied Dennis.

“He’€™s definitely one of the 44 best,” said Minihane.

Replied Callahan: “Yeah, he’€™s in the top 44.”

The hosts said Obama overstepped his bounds and did something the public didn’t want to happen.

“There’€™s nobody for it,” said Callahan. “There’€™s like no one for it. No one can defend it. He has not much support on this one.”

“[Joe] Biden thinks it’€™s stupid,” added Dennis.

The hosts then played a segment of Obama’€™s Thursday night address. He offered a safe life, at least temporarily, for people who meet qualifications he laid out, especially ones who have had children in this country.

“It’€™s a good deal, think they’€™re going to take it?” asked Minihane.

Said Callahan: “All you’ve got to do is cross the border, have a baby, you get to stay.”

— A report completed by the American Sociological Review found that most people are OK with gay couples as long they don’€™t show public displays of affection. Of 1,000 people surveyed, 70 percent were in favor of equal rights for gay couples, although only 55 percent only approved of a gay couple kissing in public.

Said Dennis: “I would say this, they should have every right to have public displays of affection. But don’€™t you feel awkward when you see some guy down his girlfriend’€™s throat? Get a room.”

“Forget gay couples, when straight couples make out it’€™s uncomfortable,” agreed Minihane.

“What makes it worse is if they’€™re doing a public display of affection to get a reaction, whether it’€™s heterosexual or homosexual,”  said Dennis.

Said Callahan: “It is awkward, that’€™s what people are saying. Awkward to see public displays of affection between two guys. Two girls it’€™s OK, two guys it’€™s weird. … It’€™s not uncomfortable, it’€™s confusing [for young kids.]”

Glenn Beck ranted Thursday after he alleged The Associated Press “raped” Bill Cosby with its treatment of him. During an interview with the AP, Cosby asked a sympathetic reporter if he could disregard and edit out the part on sexual assault allegations. The section of the interview eventually was made public, and this incited an angry Beck.

“A fool that Beck is,” said Minihane.

“You can’€™t blame the media in this case because there are victims going on the record telling their stories,” said Callahan. “People are turning on recorders and cameras and saying, ‘Tell me your story.'”

Said Minihane: “To the AP reporter’€™s point, there were no guidelines set before the interview, Cosby talked about it, the cameras were rolling and they played it.”

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Andrew Battifarano

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