In this edition of the Fauria Five, the guys debate Gostowski vs. Vinatieri, Bills and Dolphins, Tukka Rask in Montreal. With the arrival of Jerry Thornton, they play the role of program director and create their own show.
The guys discuss the latest rumors that Pablo Sandoval will either sign with the Red Sox or return to the Giants.

[0:04:44] ... team next year mean you know we we will we looked at Miguel Cabrera what ten year deal to order for it to him in Detroit. Yeah we offset theirs at all that's not good and well but how's it gonna be your one. You would you want Miguel Cabrera and team for the next two years you know the Q what Alex Rodriguez when he signed a peace deal in 2007 ...
[0:09:44] ... you know enough to crucial Baltimore slow the season or a son Nelson Cruz Nelson Cruz dumb ass where vote Nelson Cruz Nelson Cruz or just contract. Fifteen rent one year eight. Eight million. That's based on political suck all fight that's for any sign of ...
[0:13:03] ... You know I mean I've seen bad ball hitters and epic apparent AJ Pierzynski. But I just don't think he's a cornerstone. In the Nixon when people talk about the Red Sox ever gonna give it a big contract. You know whether they're gonna go big again yes when the right player comes up I don't think he's direct play. Right player right year is like the player are so is Jon Lester the right player yes. Ike is risk to Jon Lester too sure whether it's just like every pitcher and a game that's the only risk injury. That's it and the risk immune ...
[0:17:12] ... this whole Lester trade scenario was bubbling. Towards the end of July Jon Lester is it worth it no pitcher is worth that wild what you wanna give that much money to a pitcher now it's free agency. And I'm I'm not hearing a lot of people saying don't give the money to Lester. Was that because everybody got a taste of what it looked like without Jon Lester the top of the rotation in Lexington and another uniform. Mean if you're somebody who argued against the theory of giving Jon Lester that much money. What are you thinking now what here's here's I remember playing now did the numbers the numbers okay so ...

Derek Schultz from WNDE in Indianapolis joins the guys to preview Pats-Colts
Peter and Bobby discussed the long awaited sequel.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys discussed the Bruins with John Buccigross.

[0:00:00] ... While save this the Air National Guard. Five F fifteens were late but John Gucci Graz ES PM never late you missed the fly average on it was quite ...
[0:08:03] ... passing measurable. Brady's numbers albeit a much smaller sample are greater than Peyton Manning's indoors in the overall record. Eleven and three indoors in the regular season for Tom Brady's so he does OK right 72. They are let concern argued he never had that much reelect these guys to at Brees ...
[0:11:18] ... native instruments right what's that we had on that was hammered that hot chick. Who's married to the actors and all their movies all gay rant yeah I generally Moran and ran Hamachi is actually my ...

The guys opened the show discussing the Sportsman of the year.

Here are the highlights from Thursday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— Yesterday Raymond Rivera spoke of the tragic and bizarre situation in his Blackstone home where authorities discovered the remains of three dead babies in September. The mother of the children, Erika Murray, has pleaded not guilty to fetal death concealment, permitting substantial injury to a child and child endangerment.

“I love them, and I’€™m so sorry. I’€™m so sorry”€ Rivera said of his kids, crying in Uxbridge District Court, appearing on marijuana charges. “I knew the house was dirty but I had no idea that death was in my house.”

He also said Murray banished him to the basement where he spent “99 percent” of his “awake time.”

“You reading those quotes don’t do justice to the visual,” Dennis said. “This guy was a shaking, throbbing, crying, quivering mess.”

Minihane added: “Does anybody believe this man, at all?”

— There are reports that Elizabeth Warren might be running for President in 2016. The hosts are not fans of the current Senator.

“Oh, good. Excellent. Awesome,” Callahan said.

“I want a lawn sign,” Dennis added.

“I think the country will pay more attention to her lies than we did,” Callahan replied.

— Window cleaners who were cleaning windows outside the 68th floor of the World Trade Center building on Wednesday needed to be rescued after being trapped on a hanging platform. In order to be rescued, a diamond saw was used to tear through three layers of glass panes. The two men were trapped for roughly an hour and a half.

“These guys are not afraid of heights,” Callahan said. “Two hours is nothing, they are thinking overtime — I don’t have to do anything. They probably took a nap.”

Dennis added: “Window cleaners in Manhattan on skyscrapers make 40 grand a year. 40, for that.”

“Wouldn’t it have been great, I’m stealing this from our friend Graig Murphy, but if one of the rescuers decided to dress as Spiderman to like jump out, freak them out a little bit,” Callahan replied.

— Photos of Kim Kardashian surfaced on the Internet yesterday and provided a hot topic of conversation.

“There is a full frontal nudity photo of her — she is — I know Mikey [Adams] hates her, but she is spectacular,” Minihane said. “Unbelievable. Jaw-dropping. She is as attractive of a women on the planet.”

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We check in with Jack Edwards, live from the road on the way to Canada for the Bruins two game swing vs the Habs and Maple Leafs.