Hour 2. Gerry, Kirk, and Mut discuss the Celtics win against the Bulls and continue their conversation about Brady and Best Buddies. Headlines with Kirk features a new accusation against Sean Hannity.
Hour 1. Mut joins Kirk and Gerry. The guys can’t believe neither Boston newspaper covered the Hernandez sexuality story. Over the weekend, the Globe’s Bob Hohler wrote a slanted piece about Tom Brady’s work with charity.

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— When Tom Brady skipped the Patriots’ trip to the White House last week, he said it was due to personal reasons. He posted a picture of his parents on Instagram for their anniversary and it is known his mother, Galynn, is battling cancer.

However, some speculated he missed the event because his wife, Gisele, is not a fan of Donald Trump and then that Trump was angry with Brady for not attending after Trump did not mention Brady during the ceremony. Donte Stallworth spoke with TMZ this weekend and said this is not the case and Brady did miss the trip to spend time with his mom.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t any other circumstance,” Stallworth said. ” … This is a very trying time for not just [Brady’s mom] obviously, but for his whole family so I would caution people against speculating before they know all the facts of what’s actually happening.”

He also said he does not believe this has affected Brady’s friendship with Trump.

“I think their relationship will probably be fine,” Stallworth said. “I don’t necessarily believe that the President would have intentionally taken a shot at– he’s very big on loyalty and I know that he and Brady have been close for a very long time.”

— Want to buy Aaron Hernandez’s former North Attleboro mansion? You are in luck.

The listing price for the sprawling house has dropped to $1.299 million after it was put up for sale in March 2016 for $1.499 million.

Hernandez bought the house at 22 Ronald C Meyer Drive for $1.3 million in 2012, according to Zillow.

The 15-room house is located in the town’s Westwood Estates subdivision and boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool and a sun-filled kitchen with a granite island.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “No, absolutely not. I would never ever intentionally throw at somebody’s head. That’s kind of a line you don’t cross. Um, I’m sorry that it kind of ended up that high and fortunately it didn’t not hit him but I think he’s got every right to be mad that that one got loose.” — Matt Barnes, after his ejection from Sunday’s game for throwing at Manny Machado’s head


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Lucy Burdge
Rob Bradford and Evan Drellich discuss an embarrassing twitter gaffe from the Boston Globe's Pete Abraham. The two also delve into the Globe's story about Tom Brady's charitable spending.
Danny talks about the Red Sox and Orioles game and the fireworks in the 8th inning when Matt Barnes threw at Manny Machado. Pedroia was shown talking to Machado saying he wouldn't have thrown at his head and Danny wants to know how bad does this make Pedroia look throwing a teammate under the bus.
Bradfo is joined by CSNNEs Evan Drellich, and the two open the show discussing the Tom Brady/Best Buddies Boston Globe article. Callers argue if this is a Tom Brady or political story, and Susan from Quincy gives a lot of insight from an accountant's perspective.
Bradfo announces his three Boston media stars of the week, including how President Trump lifted someone to the number 1 spot.

[0:01:43] ... had this week. Basically between it was exactly this of those what Dustin Pedroia is sent. I don't know I don't even know the list. Mean I've. Turned us double play in the major leagues for ...
[0:02:15] ... the tweet I don't need a blank the blank rule. That's what Dustin Pedroia she did that good week and this this highlights how powerful that world word is you're talking about a week. 725. Read ...
[0:04:45] ... Nazis as well another one of our own Gerry Callahan. More attention Geri Allen's love. Jerry yeah. I don't think that's a yeah it's. We'll be right up. Yeah. Back in case you didn't know when you up to president of the United States. According few down from his balcony in identify you. And in the court yes and say thank you for your support Gerry Callahan can replace that want more because I would put this in context as they played the morning show trump. Pointed down at the at the White House celebration the other day at Gerry Callahan. And as they also reported Jones and Jerry Ford for was running me. They've played ...

Rob Bradford and Evan Drellich debate if Chris Sale is must see for fans, and if he is as good as Pedro through 5 starts.
Ken Laird, Ty Anderson, & Rear Admiral‏ discuss the Bruins 2OT Game 5 win and if that'll spark them coming back to win the series. The guys talk about NHL officiating, and if Sean Kuraly just clinched Bruce Cassidy becoming the next Boston Bruins head coach .
discusses the red sox orioles game and the red sox pitching problems

[0:00:09] ... pitcher again. Who some like bookie bet should be kept going and Hanley Ramirez threw he went over for Mitch Moreland over three he did work a walk at least seen regularly on took it over. Not not a good overall performance and I know Dustin Pedroia wasn't in the game and that's too bad but I'm talking about the middle of the order here. And it's not as though Dustin Pedroia was exactly set the world on fire himself so. I don't think the loss of him as what the problem is as ...
[0:01:12] ... down the crap. Seriously having Andrew Bennett attendee. Doing okay after that Dustin Pedroia it was in 258. And not much for coming from that he's slugging through 74. It. Smokey debts it and threw 95 ...
[0:14:27] ... You can't tell me that his mere presence there. Was what made Hanley Ramirez smoky bets and all these other guys so good in the last did last season and in even before that I don't ...
[0:21:39] ... and then what happened last night in case you missed it was Dustin Pedroia got spiked by Manny Machado in the eight inning. On a ground ball to shortstop that never really looked like he was ...