We close out the show with the best sound clips on this Monday.
We close out the show with the best sound clips on this Monday.
James Comey testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee Monday. (Jack Gruber/USA Today)

James Comey testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee Monday. (Jack Gruber/USA Today)

FBI Director James Comey said Monday Russia interfered in last year’s presidential election to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump. He used a metaphor involving the Patriots in an attempt to clarify the agency’s findings.

During his highly anticipated testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee, Comey likened Russia’s motives for helping Trump to his disdain for the reigning Super Bowl champions.

“I hate the New England Patriots. No matter who they play, I’d like them to lose,” he said, via the Boston Globe. “What the intelligence community concluded was, early on, that the hatred for Mrs. Clinton was all the way all along. When Mr. Trump became the nominee, there was some sense [by the Russians] that, ‘It would be great if he could win, it would be great if we could help him, but we need to hurt her no matter what.’ And then it shifted to, ‘He has no chance, so let’s just focus on undermining her.’”

Later in the hearing, Representative Rick Crawford (R-Ark.) brought up the FBI’s successful search for Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey. On behalf of Brady, he said he would like to thank law enforcement for its work to recover the stolen piece of memorabilia. This time, Comey took a more respectable tone when discussing the Patriots.

“They represent sustained excellence, and as a Giants fan, that drives me crazy,” he said.

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Alex Reimer
HOUR 4 - Glenn and Lou close out the show with some updates from the Houston Police department regarding Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey. Also, Spike Lee thinks that it's "fishy" that Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job, and Shaq thinks the world is flat, and has some curious reasons to back this theory.
HOUR 3 - Pete Abraham tweeted a lame-ass apology at 11:46 on Friday night (which was St. Patrick's Day by the way) as an attempt to quell the firestorm that is his Twitter mentions. John Tomase tripled down on his idiotic comments from Thursday night. The guys also got into some questionable officiating in the NCAA tournament, the antics of the wife of Wichita State's head coach, and more talk about Malcolm Butler.
HOUR 2 - Glenn and Lou give the latest developments on the Malcolm Butler situation. Michael Lombardi made some comments over the weekend about what the compensation might be that the Pats are seeking. We also talk about the possibility of a Darrelle Revis return to New England. Later in the hour, we played some sound of Jay Glazer as he updated everyone on the case of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey. Finally, Lou gave his thought on Drew Pomeranz' triceps injury, and what the state of the Red Sox rotation is right now.
HOUR 1 - The show opens up with the news that Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey was found. The guys theorize who might be responsible. Glenn and Lou then get into the value of Isaiah Thomas. Glenn compares him to Allen Iverson. Lou argues that Thomas is a 'max contract' player.
Aaron Hernandez is serving a life sentence for killing his friend Odin Lloyd in June 2013.  (The Sun Chronicle/Pool Photo via USA Today Sports)

Aaron Hernandez is serving a life sentence for killing his friend Odin Lloyd in June 2013. (The Sun Chronicle/Pool Photo via USA Today Sports)

The prosecution’s star witness in the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial testified Monday that the former tight end shot and killed two men following an incident at a nightclub, and then fired a gun at him months later.

Alexander Bradley, an admitted drug dealer, said the two men were hanging out on July 12, 2012, the night in which Daniel Abreu, 29, and Safiro Furtado, 28 were murdered in the South End. According to Bradley, Hernandez came to his house in Connecticut that evening in a silver Toyota 4Runner. He said they proceeded to drink and smoke marijuana before departing for Club Cure in Boston –– one of their favorite establishments.

At the club, Bradley said Abreu spilled a drink on them, and didn’t act apologetically afterwards. That apparently ticked off Hernandez, leading him to say he hates it “when people try him.”

Bradley said he convinced Hernandez to go to another bar, where they saw a patron from the Cure who they believe had followed them there. He claims that heightened Hernandez’s paranoia.

After their stint at Caprice Lounge, they went back to the Toyota 4Runner, where Bradley said Hernandez retrieved a gun from inside the hood. The two friends spotted Abreu and Furtado in an SUV, and proceeded to drive up next to them. That’s when Hernandez allegedly fired five shots into the victims’ car. Afterwards, Bradley said the ex-NFL star threw the gun out the car window. In the months following the murder, Bradley claims Hernandez became increasingly suspicious of his surroundings, thinking that “helicopters were following him everywhere.”

In February 2013, Hernandez shot Bradley in Florida in an apparent effort to silence him. In addition to pleading not guilty to the double murder, Hernandez has also said he isn’t guilty of witness intimidation.

Jose Baez, Hernandez’s defense attorney, is arguing Bradley killed the two victims after a drug deal went bad. Bradley said Monday he didn’t sell marijuana to anybody in Massachusetts at the time of the double murder.

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Alex Reimer

Robert Kraft has a long relationship with president Donald Trump. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)Random thoughts while secretly hoping the Russians help me win the K&C A-Hole bracket . . .

Comedian Lenny Clarke joins the show. Lenny says he partied with Belichick on the Friday before the Super Bowl. Lenny is appearing at the Boston Beats ALS Event on April 6.

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[0:09:52] ... point it's. Atlanta fans in general Ryan you guys survived and done TV shows in the city of Atlanta and I fan base there is considered one of the worst in sports and expected to be ...
[0:10:56] ... Belichick kicking back in his college roommates just two days before the Super Bowl that in the electro shocks me. Bill is just you know welcome all as friends you know and it is like on ...
[0:13:00] ... guys excuse me this one image from mister Kraft my name is Craig Biggio and so yeah me too and Jonathan and I mean until. And he walks in on what's in England. Hall of Famer ...