We look at four non-Patriots Super Bowls that were some of our favorites.
We close out the day with the best in soundbites.
We close out the day with the best in soundbites.

This little piece of larceny is blowing up the Internet right now, with 4.2 million hits in just a few days.

While I appreciate Bo and Matthew’s ingenuity, dedication and cheapness, I can’t for the life of me imagine getting this physically close to one of my idiot buddies just to save the price of a movie ticket. So on that note, I have two words for these guys: Bargain Matinees. And here are two more: Landscape Mode. Nothing is more unnecessarily maddening than holding your phone vertically when you video. Clean that up, fellas.
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Jerry Thornton
NBC Sports' Pierre McGuire made his first appearance of the year with Glenn, Lou and Christian to talk about Dennis Wideman's 20-game suspension, the All-Star game, and why the Bruins can't seem to win at home. Pierre will join the show every Thursday at 1:15 for the rest of the Bruins season.

[0:04:40] ... lot of you know separation between them and it's in Pittsburgh and New Jersey or even the islanders for that matter. Constantly when you see this team would it would it would it would certainly you know which her explanation for why they're struggling so far one they can't win at home to indicate control lead. And it just overall just I don't see dysfunction but just. What's going on there. I think the roster adjustment that Donnie started last summer and I thought he'd done some good thing the future's going to be very ordered that the Boston Bruins. People are probably that was some of the things he's done now but you'll see it's gonna pay off on the road. ...
[0:07:00] ... on the achieved. Yes he treated that you Hamilton but look at Jarome Iginla leaving for nothing and just using that example a lot of school setting your lineup. So it over time they've lost a ...
[0:13:37] ... I. It's not an excellent care have been living with regard Christian Super Bowl while other pitchers aren't and I know we Obama to say Carolina. I've grown airliner. Not attract the attention and actually exceed ...

Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz spoke with WEEI.com's Rob Bradford about his off-season workouts and his focus on strengthening his legs, prompting Lou to wonder "What the hell have you have been working on the last 5 off-seasons?"

[0:01:51] ... route today. Every not every single pitcher in a country usual her high school when you're talking he'd just figure that out to start working elects. There's just so it just like somebody just told hey ...
[0:05:26] ... kind of set me off as well go to work well. What John Lackey in the offseason news. He. He's found his niche as far as how he goes about Arnold on what he doesn't offseason going to care. Poland. Is this the thing to elect he's been the league a long time he's found his niche here. He knows exactly what he needs to do with 3839 years all at 66 to fifty guys a freak of course. Getting older so he knows what he needs to do ruled just like Curt Schilling knew exactly need to do in Wakefield and Pedro and every other pitchers pitch this game. They know what they need they ...
[0:06:56] ... For sure. Up the Red Sox are concerned that he's taken on John Lackey strong program. On Clay Buchholz is like heat he doesn't do this isn't so much he's been to a double you. Why don't you know what you'll. Meet its its in its funny because every year the Red Sox and happy that where he's does like to throw all our hearts. You know it's gonna. He's working on his legs for the first time in 56 years or whatever urged. Sir I pulled my handle it it's Bob Dole's great trust me you don't work for all you're about injury. It's it's it's kind of mind boggling image is blowing actually ...
[0:09:29] ... that he's going to be throwing before. It's just. It's just let John Lackey tells him what he works for him and he says I'll try it but it's your tablet you'll try it out sick ...



A video posted by Mookie Betts (@mookiebetts) on

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more positive about the future of a young Boston superstar than I do about Mookie Betts, right here, right now. That “€œ3 bills” hashtag is his way of saying he rolled a perfect 300, his second in just the last couple of weeks. Not only does that mean 12 consecutive strikes, he actually had 20 straight.

Now, you might be sitting there saying “Sure, Jer. That’s mighty impressive. But what does being a great bowler have to do with playing baseball?” And if you are, then clearly you know nothing about bowling. You’ve never stood at the top of the lane, your back to those hard, plastic seat, feeling the heft of the ball in your hand while your fingers find the grip, staring down that alley and calculating your attack on that head pin. You’ve never known the pressure of the gallery’s eyes upon you. The pins mocking you. The peril of the foul line beckoning as you make your approach.

If you can handle that kind of pressure, then standing in the batter’s box with the tying run on base facing some closer with a nasty fastball-splitter mix is child’s play. Betts has mastered the Sport of Kings, which tells us everything we need to know about his psyche, his makeup and his heart. If you can make it the alleys, you can make it anywhere.

Mookie Betts. Champion at bowling, a champion at life, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s a champion in baseball.


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Jerry Thornton
Dec 14, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots fans cheer from the stands prior to the Patriots' game against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

A survey says Patriots fans are No. 1 when it comes to being obnoxious. (Stew Milne/USA TODAY Sports)

Yahoo!SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, today unveiled the results of its 2016 Super Bowl Second Screen Survey¹, examining online and mobile habits and preferences of Americans watching this year’€™s Super Bowl, as well as their thoughts on which professional football playoff team has the most obnoxious fans. The research revealed that the New England Patriots, who were recently eliminated from the NFL playoffs, are #1 when it comes to obnoxious fans. …

More than 1 in 3 Americans (38 percent) picked the Pats as having the most obnoxious fans, with only 15 percent choosing the Denver Broncos, coming in a distant second place.

Way to go, New England. Take a bow, Massholes. Congratulations on a job well done, everyone from Hero Island, Vermont to Nantucket, from T3 R4 WELS, Maine to the No Man’s Land in Connecticut between Pats and Giants territory. Stick tap to you, Patriots fans living as expatriates across the nation. You did it.

The Patriots are out of the postseason, but Pats fans continue to own so much real estate in heads across America, we can start putting green houses and red hotels on their brains. We are the most obnoxious fans in football by a landslide, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I mean, can you imagine not winning this poll? After all the success the Patriots have had in this century? Four championships, six trips to the Super Bowl, ten AFC championship game appearances, 13 AFC East championships and an incredible 14 seasons with 10 or more wins? Not to mention having all that success questioned, dismissed, smeared and asterisked to death? Think for a second how you’d feel if, after all that, you finished behind say, Denver fans in this survey. You’d never forgive yourselves. It would be dereliction of duty. Laying down on the job. Going AWOL and abandoning your post.

The rest of the country has tried to treat this team and this fan base like a boot scraper, and anything less than returning the sentiment with our own, patented brand of not-taking-your-crap obnoxiousness would be unforgivable. So celebrate, New England and be proud. You earned it. You’re number one when it comes to being obnoxious and you deserve it. Now I say let’s do everything we can to get that number higher for next year. We can do better than a measly 38 percent.


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Jerry Thornton
The Celtics are tied with the Hawks for 3rd place in the Eastern Conference, and trade rumors are starting to swirl.
Tom Brady Sr. spoke with the Boston Globe and said it was "laughable" that the NFL would not be releasing the data from its PSI testing during the season.

[0:01:32] ... over sons reputation. And by the way. He will be skipping the Super Bowl it's his own town and of his son is going to show up to be out there and field team is gonna skip most seniors can. Seniors. I'm not going back button that you were you in BP I don't know Kagan vote but it. It's not much David he's a senior so I added and it I don't know man. He he's heading to a Palm Springs for some rest relaxation. And that's what he's going to sell you think you still think Tom Brady. Junior's gonna show. You'd think that Brady junior Scott going to show up but he should've what Madonna does it originally should ...
[0:04:00] ... him getting but I Al flat at one you know. But just Super Bowl MVP trophies. So I mean it's easy for you beta came close fewer than I came close forty so this police until ...
[0:04:49] ... don't. The real question witnesses. You have what you every problem. If Tom Brady doesn't show up. You know we did the same thing when it would that was go to the White House we also at it's at. Well I would go to the White House if we're oh sure what did you ever the White House and we got to look at the cuts except I'm not the politics of little. Or predominantly Altria I can't do that in context that Tom Brady. At a QB a bigger communities class individual okay how I used a wedge behind him will you have a problem with Tom Brady here on Monday if he's an -- yes okay that the Dalai I've expressed that I don't flip live bit higher. McCarty said he won't run. Against him. Brady had a dog though delusional ego that's that's I would be what it can always hold it against Mick a city that day. I'm not gonna like rip up a poster of Tom Brady you know comic you root for your post button. On his dealings could have just got to interdict. It second does not ...
[0:07:03] ... more emotional now it watching a patriots and describes get down and Tom Brady like isn't it. More fun. Not this beyond. Nothing is under which is fun it's it's interesting it's fun to be angry ...