Barry Melrose joined the show to talk about the NHL trade deadline. Although Melrose likes the trade of Brett Connolly from Tampa to Boston, he thinks the team needs to make more moves to keep ahead of Florida, who just traded for Jaromir Jagr. He also weighs in on the job security of Claude Julien and Peter Chiarelli.

[0:00:08] ... what twenty seconds ago talk about Brett Conley the trade to the Boston Bruins we don't have the volume up very so tell us what you just told the nation. Bart Ehrlich armory is good young ...
[0:01:28] ... also ordered the playoffs now. It an act in the year. The Boston Bruins must play out right now probably. Are some people lose their jobs and and you know look at that Austin is a team that's colder when it's on the copper ticker run when the static out. Right now that you may have without creaky and what great you weren't that good. They weren't there don't quite encouraged by what creature lineup so. Why he's gonna think economy and the command halted due to win seven not eight games or fifteen or seventeen games somewhat. He's a good queries good young kid he's been so where every bend but he's not ready to change the fortunes of Boston Bruins right now. Yeah out to get on believes that so based on the moves on the lack of moves us Shirley did ...
[0:04:54] ... think he's done great job there and the cup final won the Stanley Cup. In competitive every year. But you know the culture tick eat that you kangaroo that point players. Oh god knows that he's ...
[0:06:32] ... in scoring I don't pencil. No if Chicago and to get this Stanley Cup finals with. Acumen than ever met I'd open particularly over paid your window to win the Stanley Cup so short. You lose nobody not a burden of auction grandchild that's a team with Bobby your honor all who want to ...

Early Monday morning, the Bruins acquired a former sixth overall pick Brett Connolly from the Lightning for their second-round picks in the next two drafts. The trade deadline is only hours away, and while GM Chiarelli noted that a lot of moves have already been made, he hasn't ruled out that the team could add more players.

[0:01:50] ... in the morning you'd move in this Conley guy from the yet Tampa Bay Lightning. But I still think a lot of the same rationale comply because they do all that much but not for this year ...
[0:03:55] ... the first response from you heard about a my first response was Tampa Bay must not Carol that much about this guy if they're willing to trade him to a team that they very likely could ...
[0:08:06] ... on the door you figure a realistic chance of of making the Stanley Cup we're getting going deep into the playoffs. Brigade that's personal that's got to be a top process so. If you make a ...
[0:09:52] ... be in the position. That they should be competing for the the Stanley Cup and they should be in a position with a glut next improve their team that they did a few years back with jogger. Really added yardage this team were afraid they'll play if things worked out. He's going to be a first round pick they gave a first round pick for your arm yarder get over the top try to win a Stanley Cup. So you know I walk my teams to do that that he put his team to position to it now gonna sit ...

Dino, Gerry and Kirk talk about their time in Fort Myers and are joined by a special guest, Doug Lane.

[0:06:58] ... game. I noted that elect overweight and totally late in the like Kevin Spacey and American Beauty just yeah I'm the editor hey maybe should you do it he's got everything you'll never not only regularly ...
[0:10:48] ... ago they're going to be good. And I think we over rate Jon Lester they lose Lester. That's too bad he he'd be good one place where they Ian but let you collapse is Lester right. ...
[0:12:29] ... ago or bill the viva fire down here they just won the World Series of the years of service how do you turn the page three years ago I heard you guys in the everything to ...
[0:13:03] ... to in the division yeah. They must've done something right. They lost Jon Lester they added to send about Ramirez. You know Marcelo mightily. Masterson. Added a lot of guys and they lost one key guy ...

TMZThe Rob Gronkowski party trains rolls on … there were hot chicks (a lot of them), bottles of champagne, a Lombardi Trophy shaped cake … and TMZ Sports has the EPIC party video.

The Patriots superstar hit up Surrender Nightclub at the Encore hotel in Vegas last night … and did what Gronk does — got super turnt up and smashed stuff!!! 

Sources at the club tell us Gronk arrived around 1AM … pounded champagne straight from the bottle, danced on stage, and showered the crowded with bubbly.

Best part … Gronk SPIKING the football cake … on his brothers head!

By my math, this is a four-paragraph, four-exclamation point gossip-site post about the Gronkowski brothers. In other words, it was a pretty tame weekend for them all around. I mean, this took place at 1 a.m. and not one of them had gone Shirtless O’Clock yet? Gronk must be starting his training for OTAs.

I have one rhetorical question, though: Is there anyone left who still gets their panties in a bunch about the way Gronk conducts himself? For a while there it was in vogue to rip him for the way he has fun with his brothers and paint him as an irresponsible party boy who should be home every night a comfy chair by the fireplace reading James Joyce or something. The Boston media market was lousy with modern-day Puritans, furrowing their brow disapprovingly, wagging their fingers and tsk-tsking him for being “reckless,” not taking care of himself and hurting his team. Right. Because we all remember how the ’70s Bruins, the ’80s Celtics and the Red Sox of the 2000s were all guys who drank a glass of warm milk and went to bed at 9 p.m. every night.

My point being that I wouldn’t change an iota about Rob Gronkowski. Not one synapse of his brain, not one strand of his DNA. He’s a guy who’s enjoying his life. Who has fun in his free time with the exact same enthusiasm he works at his football. He’s a force of nature, and you don’t try to quell that. Asking him to change the way he conducts himself would be like, to steal a phrase from “The Sound of Music” of all damned things, trying to keep a wave upon the sand.

Besides, there is no one being as responsible as he is. He’s got his buddy Goon to drive the party bus and get everyone home safely. He’s got his brothers and his dad with him. In a world where you’ve got guys like Baltimore Ravens Victor Hampton driving drunk 100 mph in a 55 zone, if you’ve got a problem with Gronk spiking a cake off his brother’s head on a February night in Vegas, you have a problem with happiness.

Don’t ever change, Gronk. Except to get even more awesome, if that’s even possible.


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Jerry Thornton
All the latest stories brought to you by Kirk Minihane.

[0:10:28] ... and rather still looking for a Max deal by the Tubby Smith. Doc Rivers Rick Carlisle. And I I think it's based on the one minute that it looked to the window with the Miller hill house thomas' flat out Isiah Thomas is better than on. Better for this team is a better player than Ron Ronald most overrated player thinks. We can't school or can't shoot it shoot free throws exit think. He's he's he's entertaining. So what what does that matter. All right 617757937. Jason's and filtered down jobs in New Hampshire shot the guard quick timeout your phone calls next. As we yeah reinvent the wheel with Gabby Schilling Curt Schilling and these animals on Twitter. ...





‘€” Dennis and Callahan (@DandCShow) March 2, 2015


Curt Schilling on 38PitchesMy daughter, my one and only daughter, has worked her ass off playing sports the past 9-10 years. She’€™s loved it, and I’ve loved being able to both watch, and coach along the way.

Last week we were told she’€™d been accepted to college and will begin playing softball there next year.

Clearly an incredibly proud day. …

And of course, like any dad in the modern world I said so. …

And tweets with the word rape, bloody underwear and pretty much every other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom began to follow. …

“The Sports Guru’€? Ya he’€™s a DJ named Adam Nagel (DJ is a bit strong since he’€™s on the air for 1 hour a week) on Brookdale Student Radio at Brookdale Community College. How do you think that place feels about this stud representing their school? You don’€™t think this isn’t going to be a nice compilation that will show up every single time this idiot is googled the rest of his life? What happens when a potential woman he’€™s after googles and reads this?

The other clown? He’€™s VP of the Theta Xi fraternity at Montclair State University. I gotta believe if Theta Xi is cool with a VP of one of their chapters acting like this I’€™d prefer to have no one I know in it. Also, does anyone attending Montclair State University have a student handbook? If so can you pass it along because I am pretty sure there are about 90 violations in this idiots tweets.

I stopped because the rest was more of the same. And while these, to me as a dad, are just stupid and vile in ways you can’€™t fathom, they aren’€™t alone.

This is the story Dennis & Callahan were all over Monday morning. And in the same way they couldn’t read a single one of the tweets Curt Schilling posted on his blog from these creepshows, I can’t put them here unless I want to get blocked at every decent workplace in America. But I recommend you click the link to Schilling’s site and read them. But as it said above the doors to Dante’s “Inferno,” “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” It’s a journey into the subhuman mind, and you’re not going to feel good about your fellow man when you come out the other side.

While I’m not entirely convinced I would’ve done what Schilling did here, I do applaud him for having the courage of his convictions to out these scumbags. You just obviously hope that the repercussions on this will only fall on the dark, soulless cowards like DJ Adam Nagel and the pride of Theta Xi, Sean MacDonald, and not Schilling or his family. What he seemed to doing here is betting on the collective goodwill of humanity to defeat a small number of these troglodytes, and so far the gamble appears to be paying off. Check the Twitter page of either one of these guys and you see their castles being stormed by fed-up people demanding they answer for themselves, while both guys are just in hiding someplace. So, well played, Schill.

Which, by the way, is typical behavior of your Internet trolling classes. They somehow talk themselves into the delusion that all communication is one way. That social media exists as a megaphone for them to shout from, and the rest of will listen but can’t yell back. And when they are held accountable for the stuff that comes out of their keypads, they jump down a spider hole and act like they’re the victims.

So apparently Nagel and MacDonald won’t do the right thing, defend themselves and explain why they want to sexually assault a college girl for the crime of having a famous father who’s proud of her. And if they don’t, then it’s up to the rest of us to do the right thing by going all scorched Earth on them until they break. And for the people who employ these dirtbags to fire them or explain why.

P.S. This why Satan invented the Internet.


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Jerry Thornton
Curt Schilling didn't back down when twitter trolls took shots at his daughter. Dino, Gerry and Kirk applaud Schill's stand.

[0:01:08] ... gets suspended two units basic and beat it. In the winter it's curt Schilling's official blog you can read this piece beautifully written extremely. Measured as a great word measured. On WB DI I'm sorry on ...
[0:04:56] ... circuit mountain men. Use that hand for something else I talked to Pedro Martinez's hair you know not that there through its just that stupid stupid stuff. It's beyond just and it's and it's the Mulder. ...
[0:06:51] ... about your full two hours talk I guess I wouldn't think the New York Yankees would want one of their ticket sellers now and trolling Curt Schilling or anybody I think justices got it wouldn't reject I reject should be careful on what. I have a nasty habit of ...
[0:10:15] ... community college and only at really high standout at brookdale I'm mileage Brian Williams the most famous alumnus. Amid talk about scoundrels Brian Williams and now Adam Engel. Probably in a real popular campus the sports guru does an hourlong show shortz who. It's all change ...

Dino, Gerry and Kirk look back at their weekend in Fort Myers. Who visited Mommy and Daddy over the weekend?

[0:04:52] ... but he did not know he was not in a hateful little Wall Street. No it that whatever was the cavs and and TV and fall when the Celtics are full discuss its out interest. And ...
[0:08:01] ... didn't bother me. If you think you aside and actually she was power outages in the race a mile. And and you'll run announce I was sitting by the pool up. Read the book and Dina ...
[0:11:46] ... quit yet. He has on the DNC show check it out it's curt Schilling's blog. And it is that once. Disturbing. Nauseating. Off heartbreaking not surprising but not surprised as we know scary and very very ...
[0:15:58] ... guys clearly crossed the line. And you will see when you read curt Schilling's blog just so far a across the across the line they went. And I don't think shillings through with this some and you could. It is he points out he he rubs a lot of people the wrong way you know he's a right Winger he's O. A bombastic. It's a rush sucks just dominated play golf and our big Mo very opinionated and he doesn't care. But in this case. You know it's not him they're talking about it's he's. Portland not a bad year for up brookdale community college to yet she you know went there no well Brian Williams before it went to no word to toward brought Edwards to us and never graduate and call to believe me at eighteen credits he would not graduate. Art and take a break 6177797937. You're reading from curt Schilling's official blog. If you'd like to in the commercial break check out the Dennis and Callahan Show on Twitter and you'll see ...

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

NBA: Suns at Heat, 7:30 p.m. (NBA TV)
College basketball: Boston College at Virginia Tech, 9 p.m. (ESPNU; WEEI-AM)
College basketball: Virginia at Syracuse, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: Baylor at Texas, 7 p.m. (ESPNU)
College basketball: Oklahoma at Iowa State, 9 p.m. (ESPN)


Curt Schilling is on the attack after his congratulatory email to his daughter for her acceptance to college led to some vile tweets.

Schilling tweeted Wednesday: Congrats to Gabby Schilling who will pitch for the Salve Regina Seahawks next year!!

The former Red Sox pitcher said he expected some jock humor to follow, and he was not disappointed. However, when he started to see tweets “with the words ‘rape,’ ‘bloody underwear’ and pretty much ever other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom,” he decided to act.

Schilling wrote a response Sunday on his 38 Pitches blog in which he expressed his disgust with the behavior. He identified two of the offenders as a Brookdale Community College (Lincroft, N.J.) radio host and a Montclair State University fraternity vice president, and seven others as college athletes.

The ESPN analyst (who accepted an invitation to join Dennis & Callahan at 9 a.m. Monday) noted that he expects to be the subject of insults from Democrats, Yankees fans and “people that don’t like the sound of my voice,” and he notes that “that’s a pretty big group.” But, he questions, are putrid comments about his daughter “even remotely OK? In ANY world? At ANY time?”

Wrote Schilling: My daughter comes to me beyond upset. She didn’€™t do anything, she never said anything, yet she’€™s now receiving personal messages with guys saying things to her, well let’€™s just say I can’€™t repeat and I’€™m getting beyond angry thinking about it. Her boyfriend, a wicked good hockey player who has a fighting streak I absolutely love is going out of his mind to be let off his leash but unlike the athletes tweeting this stuff he understands the potential consequences of his actions and knows the time and place will hopefully come when he can make it right on his own terms.

These boys have yet to understand one of life’€™s most important lessons. In the real world you get held accountable for the things you say and if you are not careful that can mean some different things.

How on earth do you guys know who’€™s on the other end? What they’€™re thinking?

This is a generation of kids who have grown up behind the monitor and keyboard. The real world has consequences when you do and say things about others. We’€™re at a point now where you better be sure who you’€™re going after.

Added Schilling: The ignorance and pathetic lack of morals or of any integrity is astounding.

Kevin Garnett is showing his appreciation to Timberwolves fans for welcoming him home by purchasing 1,000 tickets to the team’s next home game, Monday night against the Clippers.

The first 500 fans to log on to the team’s website at 9 a.m. Monday each will get a pair of tickets.

The former Celtic was traded from the Nets to his original NBA team last week and was welcomed by a sellout crowd at the Target Center.

“The response and support I’€™ve received from Wolves fans since my return to Minnesota has been nothing short of amazing. It’€™s been unbelievable,’€ Garnett said in a statement on the team’s website. ‘€œAs a gesture of thanks, I would like to treat some fans to Monday night’€™s game against the Clippers. Love you all, and thanks for the love. Enjoy the game on me.”

White Sox legend Minnie Minoso was remembered fondly for his impact on baseball following his death Sunday morning at the age of 90.

“I know we’re all going to go at some time, but I had gotten to the point where I really thought Minnie was going to live forever,” White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf said. “There has never been a better ambassador for the game or for the White Sox than Minnie.”

Minoso, nicknamed the “Cuban Comet,” broke into the majors in 1949, two years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. He played 12 of his 17 seasons with the White Sox, hitting .304 during his time in Chicago. The team retired his No. 9 in 1983 and erected a statue of him outside U.S. Cellular Field.

Said President Barack Obama, a longtime White Sox fan: “Minnie may have been passed over by the Baseball Hall of Fame during his lifetime, but for me and for generations of black and Latino young people, Minnie’s quintessentially American story embodies far more than a plaque ever could.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On March 2, 1951, in the first NBA All-Star Game (held at Boston Garden), which Celtic scored 20 point and was named MVP as the East beat the West 111-94?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Twenty-whatever we were up in the first half felt like three to me. And 16 at halftime feels like two against those guys. They just come back so fast.” Celtics coach Brad Stevens, after the Warriors rallied from a 26-point deficit to beat the Celtics 106-101 on Sunday

STAT OF THE DAY: 3-for-11 – Cavaliers star LeBron James‘ shooting from the free throw line in Sunday’s 105-103 overtime loss to the Rockets, including two misses with 4.2 seconds left in OT and his team down by a point

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Jaromir Jagr scores his first goal as a member of the Panthers and in the process moves into a tie with Phil Esposito for fifth on the NHL‘s all-time scoring list (717 goals).

Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari steals a pass and hits a 60-footer to beat the third-quarter buzzer and tie the score against the Pelicans.

Rockets guard Corey Brewer drives the lane and throws the ball off the backboard for an alley-oop to Terrence Jones against the Cavaliers.

Trail Blazers center Chris Kaman hits an acrobatic shot against the Kings.

From the NBA, here are the top 10 clutch shots for February, featuring two from the Celtics.


SOOTHING SOUNDS: Jon Bon Jovi was born on this day in 1962.

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