The pennant race is heating up, so Red Sox GM Mike Hazen calls in to talk about the team's plans heading into the post season, and what they've seen out of guys like Yoan Moncada and Koji Uehara.


New York Magazine has an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the life of a suspended Tom Brady during his time in exile. And if the world that has persecuted TB12 thought he’d spend these four weeks wallowing in misery and regretting his wicked ways and and terrible life decisions, it better think again.

“I like to take a little nap here and there. Read a book. Definitely listen to music. Anything that is just chilling a little bit.” This is what Tom Brady does when he has vowed to “do nothing,” the new personal mantra he’s adopted during his suspension. …

Tom Brady has learned that he doesn’t love strawberries or coffee by never having tried either at all, a commitment no mortal man could ever conceive of pulling off. “I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life. I have no desire to do that.” Never? “Absolutely not. … I don’t believe you could be a 39-year-old quarterback in the NFL and eat cheeseburgers every day. I want to be able to do what I love to do for a long time.”

So there you have it. He’s chosen a life of Spartan self-denial.

Roger Goodell and his Basket of Deplorables in the NFL hoped they’d drive Brady to drown himself in a sea of coffee or come back from suspension fattened by gross cheeseburgers and disgusting red berries, but they’ve got another thing coming. He’s chosen a cheeseburger and strawberry-free existence, filled with naps, pleasure reading (Note to Tom: From Darkness to Dynasty: The First 40 Years of the New England Patriots is available online and at bookstores everywhere), music and doing “nothing.” All of which sounds like trouble for the other 31 teams when his sentence is finally up.

Now in the meantime, I’ve got to get every last strawberry out of the house because it is an evil weed that needs to be eradicated from the Earth. I’d give up coffee and cheeseburgers too, but who am I kidding? I wouldn’t pay that high a price, even to be a 39-year-old still playing quarterback.

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Jerry Thornton


Greenwich TimeGreenwich households boasting a net worth of $50 million or more can soon apply to join a gas and convenience store chain where amenities include a water park, steakhouse and designer clothing boutique. 

The Guess Corp. that began in trading diamonds and has expanded into a host of luxury businesses is rolling out these ultra-high-end convenience stores doubling as country clubs. Greenwich will be among the first in the world to get one, according to a media statement.

Guess Petroleum, a Guess Corp. business division, will launch the brand called “GP Clubs.” …

They will be styled as four-story mansions offering business and video-conferencing centers, meetings rooms, sleeping suites, medical clinic and a salon.

A valet and concierge will meet arriving visitors and the first level will host the convenience store and a dining room. Employees will service guests’ cars during their visit, which includes gas and a hand wash and wax.

I never realized I wanted an upscale, super-exclusive gas station with a water park, steakhouse and ultra-high-end convenience store doubling as a country club until this very moment. And now I have to have one.

For too long I’ve been slogging around my town like a loser, searching around for lowest price per gallon and settling for some greasy Gas & Sip where I have to get out and pump my own fuel. And where the only thing “Members Only” about it is the brand of jacket worn by all the sketchy, unshaven old guys who hang around drinking bad coffee and scratching instant tickets.

It’s ridiculous that up until now I’ve never belonged to a private gas station club where I’d get to hang out with successful people who share my tastes for the finer things. Life is too short and I’ve worked too hard to attain my station to not enjoy the luxuries I deserve, GP Club-style. I never again want to miss out on a video conference, a rib eye, then a nice nap, followed by a massage and a facial while the valet washes and waxes my 2003 Ford Explorer.

So it’s so long, dirty, cheap gas station. I’m only $50 million away from getting the full service GP Club experience I deserve.

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Jerry Thornton
The final two segments of Wednesday's show as the guys listen to a few choice Bill Belichick soundbytes from his weekly presser and run down the best and worst Springsteen songs of all time.

[0:07:29] ... to mean that would make me. Cried please you know. Interpreter. Going into the fired the other night in Pittsburgh is the show and I'll let you play your this sound you are missing missing a play ...
[0:18:38] ... your favorite 31 Corey Cooper next 51 right Rick or sell low. Justin Verlander and Chris Sale all tied it 821 I'd I'd put money on the Hoover. Knows that Britain's blowing away the field he's ...
[0:19:22] ... Minnesota and a plug your and assistance they Saturday morning. 9 AM Curt Schilling show dot com. It beyond its live streams and you have any famous guest this week you I am looking at a ...

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[0:05:54] ... best part about that was the pictures they took over after doing Charlie's Angels yes which is the only reason he would Roman first to you're down on the list. Opt I would say she was ...
[0:07:55] ... in two and 2004 and ninth may night. Why did you mention Tom Brady's contract and age. Why I know notre only 37 pilot Belichick. 36. Company. How was that chess match going on specialty I ...
[0:09:26] ... bring it should be asked. Couldn't stomach it soup plate. We're the Bill Belichick because he's dirty SOB who gets in trouble and probably doesn't stain is lanes. Would he be a patriot could he be ...
[0:10:29] ... as one of the UK I've got while one on one with Stephen Gostkowski that is not deploy your idol. Watts I know I don't. Look it took a lot of work and talk with public ...

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