Before the Chris Sale trade broke, Glenn, Lou and Christian talked about Dave Dombrowksi trading Travis Shaw for Tyler Thornburg, who could be the new 8th inning set up man. Also, Pablo Sandoval is looking...slimmed down?

[0:00:18] ... big water did the jets need to. With the wind blew in Christina Ricci comes out on the court. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. You may in his bed. A little running perfectly set applied ...
[0:02:29] ... tell you that. I would like everybody to raise their hand. Already Milwaukee brewer games did you walk. Lies lies about it and an Atlanta radio I think I. Am I gonna love it because I ...
[0:09:57] ... Houston the could pick your spots. Pit them against righty here maybe Chris Young it's fact and against lefties and several patent is DH spot they don't wanna dive in think in our she owned. Andy ...
[0:19:56] ... liked and yet that's a tough year and everything else but like Hanley Ramirez. The dealey. And he can hit and if you any can play first if you really wants to write and that was ...

Mike Tirico of NBC joins Glenn, Lou and Christian to talk about all things NFL, including Cam Newton's benching and NFL ratings.

[0:03:28] ... of a deal ours is so like a bigger problem for the Carolina Panthers. Are you talking this is spread through the suspension just curious I don't ever noticed a light Enron purchase. You know conversation ...
[0:04:11] ... slide that. So if you wannabe. A guy like calm like Peyton. Drew Brees the CEO quarterback. There are certain things you have to do. One of them is realized that everybody looks at everything. All ...
[0:11:25] ... is going to be that guy you're not there at this moment Alex Smith. Rarely throws the ball more than 1016 yards downfield so it's not that dynamic quarterback and I think that's it's an interesting ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about the two games last night -- the Celtics and the Bruins -- who finished their late games in opposite fashions.
Glenn, Lou and Christian react live on the air when the Chris Sale trade was announced. The guys break down which prospects get sent over and how great the rotation now looks.
Gerry, Kirk and Alex opened the show discussing the extension of John Farrell. Alex loved the move.
In a wild 9:00 hour the guys broke news on the Tyler Thornburg trade and Alex Reimer praised LeBron James.
IN the 8 am hour listeners voiced their displeasure with Alex and Reimer made his case as to why Gronk should retire at the age of 27.
In the 7 am hour Gerry praised Tom Brady's work ethic and Chris Curtis spoke with some protesters.
In hour number one Kirk, Gerry and Alex talked about the Farrell extension and Rich Keefe's silent observation.

TMZ— Margaret Whitton — who played Indians owner Rachel Phelps in “Major League” — has died at age 67.

She died peacefully at her home in Florida after a brief battle with cancer, this according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Whitton was GREAT in the ‘Major League’ movies — playing an owner rooting against her team so she could relocate ’em from Cleveland to Miami.

Her most memorable scene … when she crashed the Indians locker room when Lou Brown was complaining about the “bitch” who runs the team … and responded, “You wanted to talk to the bitch?”


OK, yes, she was very good in those movies even though she rooted against her team but she also basically sexually assaulted a bunch of the players.

It was because she rooted against the team that they won to spite her so she was actually a great owner.

Except she didn’t care about the fans at all because she was going to abandon them and move the team to Miami, so maybe she was a terrible owner.

Either way Whitton was a great actress and will be missed.

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Lucy Burdge