What will Ortiz do with his time after he retires?

[0:00:41] ... he's we've been referring to this morning now. I wholeheartedly disagree that David Ortiz. Get better treatment from the media is more cuddled and coddled. And Tom Brady as other that the flight gate that's more and outside port ninety fiber outside New England kind of criticism Brady where is ...
[0:02:00] ... kind of foreign entity nights for this is ridiculous four it was David Ortiz 500 my Brothers and I don't know when they said. Woody give a guy who's got a at all. Re more in word remember that word a word tiger yeah it hurts to let it was on tape and yeah in the back of your record. I think is one of those things from the olden days and David has been criticized forty bitching about this contract every single year David has been criticized about sticking his head and Terry Francona news. Press conference in bitching about a hit vs an error some people a leave via this is horribly it's anything out. But Ortiz has been criticized and of course most importantly Dave Ortiz has been questioned for this kind of production. With PCDs not of that shade it ever gets thrown on Tom Brady and by the way David is aware. Davis says the following. So humble and for the comments. And right away there are ...
[0:03:51] ... been off he's like he's got nobody. No rational person really believes David Ortiz is 100% clean right now. I know I know guys in the afternoon that makes me I hate even Ortiz I think is a chance the forty year old is the best hitter in baseball. With a history of doing steroids might be doing so it makes you cynical yet your pets but that's just know nobody hates David Ortiz nobody's ever hated it Ortiz gets very little. Second guessing questions. Schism cynicism. In his core I think everybody David Ortiz certainly this to David Ortiz says. Is this. Was right 88 record what you read that Chelsea wrote one call three years ago and it's still like viewed as that one great peace and negligence was right in writing is talking negative media some right after an afternoon and all. Days after and wants to defend him at every turn and says if you what is do we have the board so we find. Where says if you question David Ortiz you just hate the guy. That's not cents or hate the guy do you hate the good Kirk and you. People it's ...
[0:06:05] ... other. To a three other guys he's much much harsher than anything David Ortiz faced of course different situation. Hobbies like one guys innocent in this month. A lot I you to court she's guilty yes ...

The guys discuss Jeff Passan's interview with Ortiz about his retirement and what it would take for Ortiz to come back next season.
Kirk Minihane talks to longtime Celtics voice Mike Gorman. They discuss covering the team in the 80's to now, national opportunities, and how this current team looks.

Welcome to Thursday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Thursday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

MLB: Astros at Red Sox, 7:10 p.m. (NESN; WEEI-FM)
NBA playoffs: Raptors at Cavaliers, 8:30 p.m. (ESPN)
NHL playoffs: Blues at Sharks, 9 p.m. (NBCSN)
Hockey: IIHF World Championships, 9 a.m., 1 p.m. (NBCSN)


Jeff Hornacek

Jeff Hornacek

— The Knicks apparently have settled on Jeff Hornacek to be their next coach, a decision that turned some heads in New York.

Hornacek, who was spotted with team president Phil Jackson and general manager Steve Mills leaving a New York restaurant Wednesday evening, did not play or coach under Jackson, and he has not coached Jackson’s preferred triangle offense. He compiled a 101-112 record during two-plus seasons with the Suns before being fired in February.

ABC/ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy, a former Knicks coach, said in an interview on Sirius XM Radio that he was told Hornacek won’t be pushed to run the triangle, even though Jackson worked with the players on the offense after New York’s season ended.

“The things I’ve heard is that he’s not going to be required to run the triangle,” Van Gundy said. “Which is smart from the standpoint that he’s never taught it before. So you don’t want to come in trying [something] that you’ve never played in or taught. I’m interested in that. But I think it’s an inspired choice.”

Jackson reportedly wanted to promote interim coach Kurt Rambis but apparently was concerned that Rambis was not popular with the players or team owner James Dolan.

Since Jackson’s arrival in New York two years ago, the Knicks are 49-115.

— It wasn’t close to the kind of tirades his father used to go on, but Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner had a few choice words for his last-place team during a meeting with the media Wednesday at the MLB owners meetings in New York.

Steinbrenner placed the blame for the team’s struggles squarely on the shoulders of the players.

“The coaches are doing a good job,” Steinbrenner said. “These are professional athletes. They’re the best baseball players in the world, and sooner or later it comes down to them, on the inside, to push through whatever it is they’re going through and to persevere.”

Added Steinbrenner: “Needless to say, the first five weeks were disappointing, frustrating, particularly looking at the offense. Clearly not living up to their potential.”

Manager Joe Girardi said he understood where Steinbrenner was coming from.

“If I was the owner, I’d be frustrated, too,” Girardi said before his team’s win over the Diamondbacks in Phoenix.

— A wave of class-action lawsuits against the NCAA, conferences and schools handled concussions have started to file in to the court system.

Six lawsuits were filed Tuesday, and a lawyer told The Associated Press that more will be finished in the next couple of weeks.

“The reason that we’re bringing so many of them instead of one giant one is because the NCAA successfully argued to the court that we shouldn’t be allowed to bring just one big case,” Chicago-based attorney Jay Edelson said Wednesday. “Because of that we have to file suit on a per school basis.”

Former Eastern Illinois football player Adrian Arrington sued the NCAA in 2011 over its handling of concussions, and a proposed settlement provided no damages to be paid to players for injuries but calls for the creation of a $70 million fund for testing and monitoring former athletes, and $5 million for concussion research. Arrington opposed the settlement, but other plaintiffs agreed. It is awaiting approval by a federal judge.

“These cases appear to be yet another attempt by Mr. Edelson to interfere with efforts to move forward a settlement in the Arrington case. The lawsuits reflect copycat activity and just because they keep repeating the same arguments does not make them true,” said Donald Remy, NCAA chief legal officer.

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On May 19, 1986, which Red Sox catcher — whose father served in the front office — had one of his few career highlights when he was hit in the backside by a pitch from Twins hurler Ron Darling in the bottom of the ninth inning to force in Wade Boggs with the winning run in an 8-7 victory?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I don’t respect him. I think he’s a racist, I think he’s a bigot. There’s nothing to debate, No. 1. And No. 2, there’s not a chance in hell that I would do anything that would bring that station another viewer, ever.” — Curt Schilling, during his Wednesday appearance on Dennis & Callahan with Minihane, dismissing ESPN host Stephen A. Smith

STAT OF THE DAY: 19 — Consecutive games with a home run for the Red Sox, tying the franchise record set in 1996, after they sent balls out of the park in both games of Wednesday’s doubleheader split vs. the Royals

‘NET RESULTS: Warriors guard Andre Iguodala throws up a prayer after being fouled and it finds the basket during Golden State’s win over the Thunder.

With the score tied in the bottom of the 12th inning, the Brewers have the bases loaded and no outs, but Cubs reliever Travis Wood induces three straight pop-ups. Then in the top of the 13th inning, Wood walks with the bases loaded to force in the winning run.

The White Sox turn a 5-4-3 triple play against the Astros to get out of an eighth-inning jam.

Mets center fielder Juan Lagares races back and makes an over-the-shoulder catch against the Nationals.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Marc Sullivan (son of Haywood Sullivan)

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Pete Townshend was born on this day in 1945.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Spar
Danny Picard recaps the 5-2 win over the Royals in the Red Sox second game of the double header.

[0:00:06] ... to break the Sox really you know honestly yeah. All of a Red Sox. And royals. Rob all of that and oh yeah. John I'll find. What they're I think you're born out. 617779. And he's recently did. They opt. And I pray for all over the Red Sox when it. It might get that victory. Posed as some want him Roaf and getting this is eleventh. And shocked. When it why do it. Alley of the series. He had Red Sox. Reviewed our Sports Radio WEEI. I've welcomed the Red Sox are you on your host getting the cut taken you up until. Midnight all the way up until midnight. A quick shift. This evening. But a big win for the Red Sox there in this the second game of the day night double that of course you know they got rained out. She writes ...
[0:02:59] ... I don't think I would not throw in the towel on the Houston Astros I would be surprised. It'd been two months the Astros are a team at the deadline it's looking to buy something. Because they our generation L wedge that we might be looking back Monica on you know what turned out the Red Sox. Took three of four up from a very good Astros did. At Fenway in the middle man. But we need rice to ...
[0:04:52] ... we heard the news before these games today and yesterday. That the Red Sox could put tosses it back on the DL as far as I know I haven't heard anything official yet I don't know what's gonna go on the post game with John Farrell. But that's the concern at the fact that we have not seen constant Smits it's what Saturday. And he's only pitched in ...
[0:07:21] ... all of a sudden he was gonna make a run for the Cy Young is just not understand in the type a guy that's on the mound what's so does not have all the power and ...

I have to confess I completely failed to pick up on this little spark of romance on “Game of Thrones” Sunday night. What is my glitch? It was so obvious. Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth were throwing more googoo eyes at each other than a pair of mismatched, super attractive lonely hearts in a Nicholas Sparks film. Even without Gary Wright playing in the background, it jumped right off the screen and if I had any kind of soul I would have noticed. Shame on me. These two crazy kids are about to make sweet, sweet – though extremely strong and violent – music together.

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Jerry Thornton




The people have spoken.

No disrespect whatsoever to the Patriots’ other Hall of Fame candidates, Mike Vrabel and Raymond Clayborn, who were worthy in their own rights. But the election of Kevin Faulk is an example of democracy at its finest.

We can talk all we want about Faulk’s 161 regular season games and accumulated 3,607 yards rushing on 864 attempts for a 4.2-yard average with 16 touchdowns. His 431 passes for 3,701 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns. Or the 181 kicks he returned for 4,098 yards and two touchdowns and his 101 punt returns for 943 yards. Celebrate all you want that he is the Patriots’ all-time leader in receptions by a running back and is one of just 30 backs in NFL history with 400 receptions. Those numbers are why he was a Pats’ Hall of Fame nominee, but not why he’s in.

Make no mistake, number 33 locked up this election the nanosecond he walked up to the podium at the draft in a number 12 jersey and announced “The New England Patriots and Tom Brady select…” When he threw his defiance in the NFL’s face, he spoke for all decent, right-thinking, freedom loving fighters for justice everywhere. And such is the struggle of our times, articulated by Kevin Faulk better than anyone has. And for that reason alone, he deserves to be immortalized.

Now, I can’t wait to hear Faulk’s induction speech. Let’s just hope in includes a big, fat #FaulkYou to the NFL.

DraftKings Baseball is in full swing and you can be a part of the action all season long at DraftKings! Play for FREE in the $10K fantasy baseball contest TODAY with your first deposit. Just draft two pitchers and eight position players, stay under the salary cap and outscore the competition to turn your love of baseball into CASH! To draft your team today, CLICK HERE.

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Jerry Thornton
Gerry and Kirk go at it about the clutch nature of David Ortiz's career (and Larry Bird's), and Kirk eventually goes off the rails hitting station equipment and asking to get off the D&C show.

[0:00:00] ... I heard John Farrell offer an opinion which I the first time ever. Normally Ferrell is is borrowings tickets and then it's totaled turn note to ...
[0:00:48] ... Or pitches in the strike zone in those key moments whether it's Joaquin Benoit with a Grand Slam and a Ailes yes. Or late inning extradition to lead the other day I think the great players ...
[0:04:39] ... begin I can't think of any. Bad players reached an average broker Robert Horry would be the definition I I suppose that's left one. Just I think get to be a good player to be clutch ...
[0:09:06] ... it I don't back talk about a talk what she didn't with Curt Schilling got a lot of talk about nonstop about. Buchholz all talk about anti crows or Jerry I want my own show I ...