We close out the week with the newest song from Laroy Streat and the best in soundbites from throughout the day

Pepper spray + taser = the best whiskey Wednesday ever .

Posted by David Cooley on Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Rarely if ever will you come across a video with so much to offer. This one just hits all the checkmarks that please the crowd. You’ve got rednecks. Fireball whiskey. Pepper spray. Tazers. And stupid, pointless, reckless and downright life-threatening behavior. But that’s what it takes to make great art sometimes. And to bring a close to a week in Bizarro World.
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Jerry Thornton

Rooke_JohnThinking out loud … while wondering whatever happened to Arnie Beyeler?

— Should anyone have a problem with what a professional athlete does on his or her own time? As long as it doesn’t directly affect anyone but you, have at it. But when someone like the Patriots’ Chandler Jones — even if he realized in mid-process he had made a big mistake — engages in actions that might put his health at risk, and therefore affect (many) others, how does this change the picture?

— I’m no prude, that’s for certain. But pardon me, professional athletes should be held to a higher/different standard than the general public, if only for the fact they’re paid handsomely to play a game. It’s a privilege, and that should not be forgotten. There are others to answer to, and decisions made that can affect coaches, teammates, and yes — fans.

— So he apparently made a mistake. We all do that. But when you’re a pro athlete, you’re put on a pedestal whether you like it or not. Own up to it, that’s the only lesson to be learned here. The Patriots did their best to squash it, that’s their job. But Chandler Jones had some ‘splainin’ to do, especially to his teammates, if you ask me. His apology this week was appropriate, if not exactly timely.

— I’m really glad that I was not in the media during Babe Ruth‘s heyday. I’d get really tired of having to ask him about the all-night drinking bender he was out on the night before.

— Although I can’t imagine what ESPN’s Cris Carter might say about the Babe if he had the chance. Friday on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike,” when asked about Chandler Jones, the brilliant wordsmith replied, “I think he was smoking marijuana and I think he was smoking some marijuana laced with PCP, or angel dust, and I think that’s what made him trip out.”

— Wow. Thanks for playing, Cris. Is this from a personal experience? Better have your posse ready to assist your employment search, or a fall guy to blame this one on. Or a good lawyer.

— And yet, ESPN continues to embrace/employ a knuckleheaded ex-athlete like Carter, put him on the air, and hope he says exactly something like this. It’s embarrassing, really. It isn’t just that ignorance is bliss, but that ignorance is rampant.

— Turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes. David Bowie’s passing this week is the latest piece of relative innocence chipped away from the past. While I don’t consider myself a huge fan of his music, there are several songs he wrote and performed that seemed to personify human emotions — plain and simple — and not just generational ideals. He may have been “out there,” sure, but he also nailed “us” with much of his work.

— “I’ll stick with you baby for a thousand years, nothing’s gonna touch you in these golden years.” Was it about loyalty? Love? Coming home again? Probably a little of all of that. It was sung well, and it was perfectly said, Mr. Bowie.

— All I know is, my golden years would have been made much more pleasant had I managed to win a slice of that Powerball pie this week. Honestly? I think I’d keep working, even if I had managed to become an instant billionaire. Working to pretend you need the money might be the best way to keep the leeches (and the lawyers?) off of your back.

— Rest in peace, Jersey Red. Undoubtedly, he’s already giving Red Sox fans in heaven “the business.” Sports radio around here wasn’t the same without Ken Ford in recent years, and will hardly be the same without you now.

— Former NBC and ESPN play-by-play announcer Jim Simpson also passed away this week, at age 88. Simpson was ESPN’s first play-by-play announcer when the network launched in the early ’80s, and his smooth, energetic delivery was a style I always tried to mimic in thought, if not in reality. Long-time Patriot fans will recall Simpson was a lead announcer in the days of the old AFL on NBC, and later when the league merged to become the present-day NFL in 1970 he was a primary announcer for AFC games on NBC.

— Simpson was the lead play-by-play announcer for ESPN’s USFL coverage in the ’80s, which is where I had the honor to make his acquaintance as a young, fledgling announcer myself for a young, fledgling sports league. It was one of my professional thrills when he called my name — in his booming, baritone voice — to walk across a stage and accept an award for cable television sports coverage at the time.

— If the Patriots beat Kansas City, it will be their 10th AFC title game appearance in 14 seasons of the Tom Brady era. Only four other franchises have reached 10 or more conference title games in their entire histories, since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 — Steelers (15), 49ers (15), Cowboys (14) and Raiders (11). For New England, it would be its 12th overall.

— That’s nice and all, but if there was ever a referendum on momentum at the end of a regular season meaning anything, this weekend would be the time to put it to the test. Eleven straight wins for the Chiefs, four losses in six games for the Patriots. If New England turns on the switch and wins impressively, ol’ Mo gets put out to pasture as necessary to become a playoff contender.

— The switch gets closer to being turned back on if the Patriots have their injured bodies back on the field. But just because they’re back doesn’t automatically mean they win. There is something to continuity, to repetition, to being in a rhythm. How much so, we’re getting ready to find out.

— Call me crazy (OK, set myself up for that one), but the uncharacteristic “noise” around the team this week isn’t a good sign. Between the questions hovering over injured players returning, Jones’ alleged “indiscretion” and Rob Gronkowski missing a couple of practices with knee and back injuries — this is where the lack of information coming from Camp Foxboro isn’t helping the home team in the PR department.

— Or on the field, either.

— Look up the term “implosion” in the dictionary, and next to it you’ll see a picture of the Cincinnati Bengals‘ logo. Look up the word “dysfunctional,” and you’ll see the same logo.

— There is a reason why the Bengals seem to choke as much as they do — karma is a cruel reminder to the geniuses on that team (Vontaze Burfict? Adam Jones? I’m talking to you, here) that payback is indeed real. And a real b****, too.

— At some point Marvin Lewis has to be held accountable for an 0-7 career mark as a head coach in the postseason, doesn’t he?

— I mentioned earlier that “manning up” and owning up to mistakes is the best way to move on from your transgressions. That’s why I will personally pull for Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh from now on, after his duck-hook of a kick handed Seattle a wild card victory. He owned it, nothing more or less. The way it should be.

— Vikings fans roasted him, for certain. But my favorite story of the aftermath of his botched kick in a 10-9 loss came from a group of Minnesota first-graders who wrote him letters of support. “Dear Blair Walsh,” one letter said. “I know it can be hard to get through things that are sad, but you have to try and try again. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.”

— True wisdom from a first-grader. A teaching moment? One we could all learn from, methinks.

— Except the NFL, of course. Not for nuthin’ … but NFL officials were worried about PSI levels in the footballs dropping at the Seattle-Minnesota game? Say whaaaaat? So now the NFL is saying science is a factor, and weather conditions are a factor in football air pressure, yet the league continues to persecute Tom Brady (and the Patriots) for an alleged scheme to deflate the footballs a year ago? My, my, my. Stupid is as stupid does.

— The Patriots should positively, absolutely demand the return of their draft picks for the entire Deflategate debacle. In fact, they should ask for extra, compensatory picks in return for having to put up with the NFL’s callousness, ignorance and pure stupidity in the first place.

— Double the pleasure, double the fun? The 21st century version of the Doublemint Twins, Rex and Rob Ryan, will be together next season in Buffalo as head coach Rex hired his brother, Rob, as an assistant. When the Bills go down, they’ll go down in flames. And at the very least, it will be entertaining to watch.

— Credit goes to my friend Karl for the best “sad but true” line I heard this week: “Football fans in St. Louis are sad. They’re losing the Rams. Football fans in Cleveland are even sadder. They’re keeping the Browns.”

— It wasn’t terribly entertaining to watch, but it was great theater, nevertheless. The Friars’ Kris Dunn popped in a last-second shot at Creighton that looked like it was hit with a nine-iron and spun back into the basket like you’d try to pop a golf ball onto a green. Still, it counted.

— And still, a road win in the Big East should count double in some places.

— It was $1 beverage night at CenturyLink Center in Omaha last Tuesday. They cut off the promotion just before tip-off. Didn’t these go out of style in the ’70s? Seems to me the last time I recall something similar, we had riots in Cleveland and disco demolition in Chicago.

— No truth to the rumor both teams, um, took part in any pregame imbibing as a reason for clanking up most of their shots.

— To his credit, Dunn added to his already noteworthy national resume by showing he can be the go-to guy at the end of a game. It might be a difference-maker when it comes to considering his season against others who have similar — or better — numbers. It’s part of quantifying a player’s ability to be a “winner.”

— Not for nuthin’, but Rodney Bullock can’t go scoreless against the Creightons of the Big East for the Friars to be a true contender for the regular-season title. Look for Bullock to try to get involved earlier in games as a possible remedy for the inconsistency.

— And freshman Drew Edwards? An unsung hero, if there ever was one, on this team. The kid will win some games of his own before he’s through.

— Congrats to ex-URI Ram Cuttino Mobley for his inclusion on the 2016 Atlantic-10 Legends class. That backcourt with Tyson Wheeler in 1998 was something special — and one of the better backcourts we’ve been privileged to watch play around here. You know we’ve seen some good ones.

— The current Rams backcourt still is missing a key piece to the puzzle (E.C. Matthews), but with Jarvis Garrett next year? Put these guys on the “must see” list, hopefully like you’ve done with the Friars’ Kris Dunn this year.

— Don’t look now, but after a 3-10 start to the season, Bryant has begun Northeast Conference play 4-1, tied for first place heading into the weekend. We mentioned both players last week, but Marcel Pettway and Shane McLaughlin are difficult matchups for other teams to worry about — which is what title-contending teams have.

— Speaking of contenders, my buddy Statbeast sez he was momentarily struck with a little political wisdom while watching the GOP presidential debates this week. If pro is the opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress? Congress!

— No problems in this corner, with the selections of Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield and Larry Lucchino into the Red Sox Class of 2016 Hall of Fame. Varitek and Wake both were a part of two World Series crowns — and Lucchino actually one-upped them both, which is precisely why he belongs as well.

— Normally, in my opinion, a Hall of Fame should be limited to the actual performers. But in this case, that’s Lucchino, too, even though he never put on a Boston uniform and started his major league career elsewhere. As president and CEO for 14 years, Larry helped perform the magic that resulted in those three WS trophies, and Red Sox nation should be forever grateful. Just sayin’.

— The Red Sox organization this week announced changes in its player development and minor league staffs for next season, and in Pawtucket there’s not a lot of change. Kevin Boles is back for his third season as manager, Bob Kipper will return for his second year (and 17th overall in the organization) as pitching coach, Rich Gedman his second as hitting coach (and sixth overall in the organization), while Bruce Crabbe will return as a coach for a third season — and 12th with the organization.

— We’ve mentioned him previously in this spot, but Arnie Beyeler has found work again. The former Pawtucket and Portland manager, who served as first base coach in Boston for three seasons under John Farrell, will be the new manager at Triple-A New Orleans. Beyeler also managed to win a World Series ring while in Boston, but he was unceremoniously dumped after the past season had ended. Rumors persist his outfield coaching contributions to the disaster otherwise known as Hanley Ramirez were at least partially to blame for the dismissal, or perhaps at least a convenient excuse.

— Of course, Beyeler also was around to help convert infielders Brock Holt and Mookie Betts into outfielders, and he worked with Shane Victorino in his conversion to right field. Victorino won a Gold Glove, Holt was an All-Star, Betts is an untouchable commodity in the organization. Unless they’ve changed the math, that’s a .750 batting average — not exactly a fireable offense. Beyeler won a Governors’ Cup championship with the PawSox, and this past week was hired by Lou Schweichheimer, the former PawSox GM who now runs the New Orleans team.

— John from Rhode Island tweeted at me this week: Scheduling conflict Saturday? Gotta be at Gillette. John: These days happen once, or twice, in a calendar year when it seems my worlds collide. No thanks to the NFL, ever-rigid in its planning without thinking it might actually have higher ratings for a Patriots game in prime time — or to the TV schedulers at Fox, who need that alternative programming to go up against the mighty pigskin on another network. My decision, sadly, is simple. He who hired me first for that particular date, wins. Or loses, take your pick.

— Interested in having your questions on local Rhode Island sports (and yes, that includes the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics) answered in a somewhat timely fashion? Send ’em to me! It’s your chance to “think out loud,” so send your questions, comments and local stories to jrooke@weei.com. We’ll share mailbag comments/Facebook posts/tweets right here! Follow me on Twitter, @JRbroadcaster, and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/john.rooke.

— Don’t forget to join Scott Cordischi and me on Providence’s 103.7 FM every Saturday from 7-9 a.m. for Southern New England Sports Saturday! Call in at 401-737-1287 or text us at 37937.

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John Rooke

If you’ll pardon the alliteration, this is pure, priapism-inducing Patriots pornography. And exactly what I needed after a goofy week. Julian Edelman isn’t just the best slot receiver in the business, he’s the best video creator. The Oscars jobbed him from getting the Best Director nomination he deserved. Hopefully the NFL playoffs will treat him better.


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Jerry Thornton
UFC President Dana White joined the show to talk about how he dealt with Chandler Jones' brother, Jon Bones Jones, when Jon got into some trouble with drugs. Dana also spoke about Ronda Rousey's loss to Holly Holm, and what to get excited for regarding UFC Fight Night 81.

[0:01:55] ... games on Sunday will get to that in a second but your patriots fan and you also have the a distinction of not only suspending. Dark Coachella jones' brother. But you also stripped him of that ...
[0:02:41] ... had to do what John's issues so you're you're kind of the Bill Belichick WCI absolutely right to run of the show and how do you handle. That's that you how did you handle that situation ...
[0:03:45] ... this year. That was a hit and run did you talking about Jim Jones and now at least he went to the police yeah and by foot. They John's situation was nasty right the idea he ...
[0:06:42] ... she's doing. Roadhouse. Otto the remaking road house with Rhonda sushi the Patrick Swayze character she's the path all in all fairness. You go to the filming of that movie will end wait to closed UFC ...



CraigslistSo my boyfriend and I just recently broke up. He wanted to get married and really settle down and I was just not at that point. I had bought him tickets to the Patriots game Saturday night vs the Chiefs. I am looking to take a male to the game between the ages of 22 – 35. Text me with why I should bring you, and maybe even a photo of yourself. You don’t have to pay for anything… besides maybe buy me a drink </em></p><div class=

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton



DetailsAccording to a new study from sex toy company Ann Summers, more than half of British men and women are heading to the gym in search of extra-curricular workouts. Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, 25% had been successful in their mission. 10% carry condoms to the gym with sex specifically in mind. And of those victorious in their efforts, 47% were women. If you’re hoping to get lucky yourself, try perching up near the cross trainer. 45% of women said this was the best machine for putting the moves on men due how it makes their butts look. …

Over 80% of people who had gym sex used an app to do so, with 49% of them straight, 31% gay, and the rest bisexual. The remaining just-under-20% were damn lucky they didn’t get stripped of their membership card rather than their spandex shorts.

Even a celebrated gym rat whose butt looks amazing on the cross trainer has to admit this is gross. Not just because I’m tired of the ladies objectifying me, because that I can understand. As good as I look just walking around in street clothes, try to picture me doing my third set of reps on the lat pulldown in shorts and a tee with beads of sweat glistening on my skin and ask the womenfolk to resist that. You can’t. They’re only flesh and blood.

No, this is sickening on too many levels to count. First of all, I go to a gym where, all due respect, the average member is about a 4.5 on the looks scale. But even if the whole place looked like they stepped off a float in Rio during Carnival, I wouldn’t want to know they were doing the Beast with Two Backs (Note: it’s a Shakespeare reference. Look it up.) on the premises. Gyms are disgusting enough with all the bodily fluids everywhere and old guy man parts swinging low in the men’s locker room as it is. I won’t climb on a machine without hosing it down with have a spray bottle of sanitizer. Just the thought of those same sweaty, grunting Australopithecus mating on the equipment will have me working out from home, thanks. I’m trying to get in shape. Not trying to swap DNA with anybody. Get a room, you animals.

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Jerry Thornton
In the last hour of the last show of the week, the guys start to form their opinions of what will happen tomorrow, and take a look at some of the best games of the best sports weekend of the year.
Patriots LB joined the show to discuss the situation regarding Chandler Jones, and what to expect from Saturday's playoff game vs. the Chiefs.



Well there you have it. All the answers you were looking for. Cris Carter says Chandler Jones was smoking weed laced with angel dust. Based on what, exactly? Based on his own uninformed, unsubstantiated, shot-in-the-dark guess.

Welcome to sports journalism in 2016. ESPN can’t be bothered to look into why Mrs. Peyton Manning was getting shipments of performance-enhancers at the same time Mr. Peyton Manning was coming back from four neck surgeries in his late 30s. But there’s nothing preventing Cris Carter from pulling random and irresponsible speculation out of his ass. To review: HGH, no. PCP, yes.

I am more convinced than ever that the report Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe tweeted out the other day is absolutely true. Chandler Jones smoked spice. Period. I base this on several facts. Not the least of which is the audio of the Foxboro cop who said over the radio that Jones was ‘definitely involved with Class D (delta) before this happened.’ He didn’t mention Adderall, pills or any other prescription drug. And he for sure didn’t say squat about PCP.

Second, I’ve done my homework on this. Friday morning I talked to the biggest substance-abuse expert God ever put on this Earth: A mom whose son is addicted to synthetic pot. Everything that she described her kid has gone through is what Jones is accused of doing at the Foxboro police station. The irrationality, the hallucinations, the psychotic behavior. All of it. From a legal substance that her kid would by at the local convenience store like it was a bottle of 5-hour Energy.

It’s far more likely that on a bye week Jones decided to wake and bake with a legal, easily obtained but gawdawful drug that is not banned by the NFL and doesn’t show up on drug tests than he went to a dealer to buy frigging angel dust. In spite of what this TV clown says. This, after all, is the same Cris Carter who told an amphitheater filled with NFL rookies that if you get in trouble you need to have “a fall guy” in your crew. So consider the source.

I’ll add that I don’t want my defensive ends smoking anything, much less a product that’s sold as an incense and carries a warning label that says, “Not fit for human consumption.” But that’s a damn sight different than saying he went all Jake Hoyt on us.


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Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton