Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount joined Glenn, Lou, and Christian to discuss hurdling defenders, the Buffalo game, and what Josh McDaniels would say if he offered to play Quarterback.

[0:01:30] ... them. And play and play. Ripple law. You're just not what the offensive line with the with the running game greatly Tom Brady's understudy sit there and say ask you do you wanna use Tom Brady but going to be able to run when you have to. And it says seem like the last couple of weeks. We have put emphasis on the running game it has worked and robs you start with you in that offensive line but. That must be good feeling to knowing you can run when you have to maybe when the other teams expecting you ...

The HillGennifer Flowers isn’t expected to be at the presidential debate Monday night, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager said Sunday.

“We do not expect her to be a guest of the Trump campaign,” Kellyanne Conway said.

In a tweet Saturday, Trump offered to bring Flowers to the debate, in response to the attendance of billionaire Hillary Clinton supporter Mark Cuban.

Flowers, who had an extramarital affair with former President Bill Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas, later responded on Twitter saying she would “definitely” be at the debate.

Conway said that Trump’s tweet was just an effort to put Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, “on notice” for inviting Cuban and trying to get into his head.

I don’t care which side of the political gulf you’re on, this news has to disappoint you. Monday is the first debate in the most WWE campaign in U.S. history, so it needs that Vince McMahon flair.

The public deserves nothing less than for this thing to go full Clown Show. Bring on everyone from both candidates sordid pasts. Donald Trump’s ex-wives. Bill Clinton’s mistresses. Every F-list celebrity from “The Apprentice.” Hillary’s crooked business associates. Dennis Rodman. Juanita Broderick. Gary Busey. Ken Starr. Monica Lewinsky. Paula Jones. Marla Maples, to talk about how The Donald made out with her while she was in labor. Bring it on.

This isn’t a presidential campaign. It’s the ultimate reality show, starring the ultimate reality show stars. And if they’re not going to try to psyche each other out and just fill the seats with sycophants and coat holders, we’re not getting the full effect. So I’m begging Gennifer Flowers, Mark Cuban and anyone else who can give the debate the drama it deserves to get in that hall on their own. Don’t do it for your candidate. Do it for democracy.

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Jerry Thornton
The 6am hour upload from Monday with Mike Mutnansky in with Kirk and Gerry, with first thoughts from the guys on several of the big weekend stories in sports
Who is more important, Brady or Belichick? Tim Hasselbeck is pissed at Kirk and Gerry and Dan Le Batard cried.
Mut, Gerry and Kirk discussed a column ripping Ortiz and Kirk is pissed at Curtis.
Tom Brady trade talk and headlines with Kirk goes into the unique odds for tonight's debate.

So Ray Lewis thought he’d get a message out to his 600,000 Twitter followers, testifying on behalf of his Creator. Which would be fine for a lot of people. Provided those people weren’t, at worst, involved in a double homicide. And, at best, plead guilty to obstruction of justice and received lenience in exchange for testifying (there’s that word again) against their co-defendants in said double homicide. Ray learned the hard way that the Internet doesn’t much appreciate being moralized to by a man who disposed of the blood-stained white suit he wore on the night in question.  

Anyway, read the responses Lewis got and, if you’re like me, they will renew your faith in mankind.







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Jerry Thornton
Kirk and Callahan with Mut welcome Patriots Monday guest Tim Hasselbeck to talk NFL QBs including the Brady / Jimmy G situation.

[0:00:00] ... Tim Hasselbeck joins us a conversation with Tim brought you by knowing that fat loss Cadillac of Norwood and by my pillow team good ...
[0:06:16] ... like chocolate though that your main it's not not saying that Jimmy rob Lowe's good football player. What I'm saying is that that what I've watched black press got. An haven't watched them on college you ...
[0:11:19] ... against crop. I it is now time for a pillow talk. With Tim Hasselbeck brought to you by my pillow Cadillac of Norway in new wings and use the fat loss I've been handed this he's now brought to you with pillow talk with him out of tens of no it. You guys do a pillow talk every week on the show. I'll we're debating back and forth telecheck and Brady commit leads you to this. Your choice pick one Tom Brady and a mediocre coach or Bill Belichick and a mediocre quarterback. Unsecured go telecheck this is writing oh how we've started. You know we restarted. You know very it ...
[0:12:33] ... golf course not. But I think he's the most important piece. Not Tim Hasselbeck is brought to you by my pillow Cadillac of norte in New England -- lost him great job and will hang up ...

That has this guy written all over it.

What a day for Twitter yesterday.

People love to let everyone else know how much whatever sad event that happened affects them. And yesterday THREE sad things happened so you can just imagine.

We mourned the loss of Jose Fernandez (“the way he played felt like Hispanic music”–Dan Le Batard) and Arnold Palmer and sort of the end of Vin Scully’s career. And we are running out of thoughts and prayers.

King isn’t even Larry’s real name.

That video is six minutes long. I cried once yesterday and it was while reading this Anthony Fisher hit piece on Ortiz calling him a myth and a fraud and a narcissist. How dare he? Papi is our own hero and the wind beneath our wings and his goodbye song will be twelve minutes. But if you doubt Ortiz was on or is on PEDs, “you are living in a fanboy’s wet dream.” And this is well done:

Josh McDaniels joined the show in the weekly quarterback spot and said it wouldn’t surprise him if Belichick coached another ten years. He also said it’s fun to talk to the media so what else is he lying to us about?

Kirk is “more convinced than ever” Brady will be traded after this year and then Garoppolo will be the guy. Remember that.

Gerry finally asked Mut nicely to take the calls.

It is important to know Gene Lavanchy wants Arnold Palmer to rest in peace.

Line of the day: Every time Mut says “jiggy.”

Caller of the day: Gary, who couldn’t accept the fact that Garoppolo’s contract ends after next season and not this season. Kirk: “This is like when I was 9 and used to call the Globe to ask how old Robert Parish was.”

Producer contribution of the day: Ken: The countdown in the open was a cute idea in theory.

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Lucy Burdge

Wow. This is just a terrible look for law enforcement down in Florida. The police yukking it up with the media in the wake of the Jose Fernandez fatal boating accident. I mean, this video should be shown at academies everywhere about how not to announce the tragic deaths of three men.

I give the police a lot of slack. It’s a tough job. You’re dealing first hand with horrors no person should have to experience. And I get that gallows humor is sometimes the only way to keep your sanity. But that’s done behind the scenes among one another. You don’t go in front of TV cameras and start cracking wise about which news outlets are the troublemakers and what time you got called out of bed or whatever. For a minute there I thought this guy was going to start doing crowd work like, “Hey, where are ya from? Are you guys married over here? You got any kids? Kids are tough, amirite???”

And maybe this is just me, but when the lives of three young guys are cut short in a terrible accident, I can live without the police singling one out because he’s famous. I recognize that there wouldn’t even be a press conference if a pro athlete wasn’t among the dead. But it just rubs me the wrong way when they talk about how much this affects the whole “Marlins community.” Let the Marlins speak to that. The police and Coast Guard are supposed to treat all deaths like they’re the same. Granted, I’m nitpicking and it’s not nearly as bad as grabassing with the media on camera. But to me, it’s just piling disingenuousness on top of disingenuousness.

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Jerry Thornton