Snow dayThe pussification of America continues unabated.

This picture is of the driveway at Stately Thornton Manor on Monday morning at the time I’d ordinarily be driving my freshman son to his high school. I say “ordinarily,” because school was canceled. Sunday night, at around 8 o’clock, we got the robocall saying school was shut down, hours before the first flake fell.

I mean, look at that scene. Maybe three inches of snow. Bare blacktop in the areas where the branches overhang. The kind of snow that if you had to get somewhere important — your job, a hockey game, dinner reservations, “10 Cloverfield Lane” — you’d simply brush off the car and go. But God forbid we make our precious, delicate little snowflakes get on buses to get some life skills drilled into their heads.

What the hell is becoming of us? Are we all Brandon Spikes now? Where’s the Delta I used to know, huh? Where’s the guts? We’re frigging New Englanders. We used to take pride in how we can deal with anything and laugh at cities that shut down over a dusting. The ability to endure the worst the elements can throw at us used to be a badge of honor. Now we freak out over the most mediocre storm like we’re Atlanta or somewhere.

In 1776, a bookseller named Henry Knox lead a team of men and oxen from Lake Champlain, Vermont, hauling all the British ordinance captured at Fort Ticonderoga all the way to Dorchester Heights. Through one of the worst winters on record, Knox’s “noble train of artillery” hauled the 60 tons of cannon through swamps, across semi-frozen rivers, over hills and through forests, arriving on March 17 in order to drive the British out of Boston and give Suffolk County hacks a day off to get drunk. Two hundred forty years doesn’t seem like much time on the evolutionary scale. But in that much time we’ve gone from men who could suffer through the worst conditions imaginable to pull off the impossible to a generation that’s being told to stay home and play “Fallout 4″ rather than pick up a shovel.

Bear in mind, I live in the same town that canceled one day last year because it was too cold. The roads were dry. School officials just didn’t want the kids to be chilly walking from the bus into the heated building. On the theory apparently that coats and hats no longer exist. And now they’re canceling any time a pair of boots would come in handy. I weep for my people.

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Jerry Thornton

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

NBA: Magic at Celtics, 7:30 p.m. (CSNNE)
NBA: Spurs at Hornets, 7 p.m. (NBA TV)
NBA: Grizzlies at Suns, 10 p.m. (NBA TV)
NIT: George Washington at Monmouth, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
NIT: Georgia Tech at South Carolina, 9 p.m. (ESPN)
NIT: Washington at San Diego State, 11:30 p.m. (ESPN2)
NHL: Flyers at Islanders, 7:30 p.m. (NBCSN)
MLB preseason: Red Sox at Cardinals, 1:05 p.m. (ESPN)
MLB preseason: White Sox at Indians, 4:05 p.m. (MLB Network)
MLB preseason: Reds at Padres, 10:10 p.m. (MLB Network)


— Northern Iowa was poised to produce yet another upset in an NCAA Tournament filled with them, but the Panthers ended up making history for a different reason — the biggest last-minute collapse ever in Division 1.

The 11th-seeded Panthers led third-seeded Texas A&M by 12 points with 44 seconds remaining — and 10 with less than 30 seconds left — before they suddenly could not stop turning over the ball under their own basket.

Texas A&M took advantage and came up with some big baskets to force overtime, then went on to win in double OT.

“We knew it was kind of impossible, man, but we just said that we were going to fight until the end,” said A&M’s Danuel House, who was scoreless with 5:14 remaining in regulation but finished with 22 points.

Said Aggies coach Billy Kennedy: “I’ve never been a part of a game like that, never saw one. [I] still really don’t know what happened.”

Northern Iowa had won its first-round game against Texas on a halfcourt buzzer-beater by Paul Jespersen, but this time the Panthers had no magic, committing four turnovers in the final 44 seconds — the last allowing A&M’s Admon Gilder to score a layup with 1.9 seconds left for the tie. It didn’t help that primary inbounder Matt Bohannon was sitting at the end of the bench after hurting his knee.

“It’s just tough,” Bohannon said. “It’s the NCAA Tournament, though, that’s what happens.”

Meanwhile, as the UNI-A&M game was wrapping up, Wisconsin guard Bronson Koenig delivered a fallaway 3-pointer at the buzzer for a win over Xavier (much to the dismay of actor Bill Murray, whose son is a Xavier assistant coach).

— The director of the women’s tennis tournament at Indian Wells, California, found himself in some hot water after criticizing the WTA Tour and commenting on the looks of the players.

“In my next life when I come back I want to be someone in the WTA because they ride on the coattails of the men, They don’t make any decisions and they are lucky. They are very, very lucky,” BNP Paribas Open director Raymond Moore told reporters after Sunday’s final. “If I was a lady player, I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport.”

Responded top-ranked Serena Williams, who lost in Sunday’s final to Victoria Azarena: “Those remarks are very much mistaken and very, very, very inaccurate. … Obviously I don’t think any woman should be down on their knees thanking anybody like that.”

Said Azarenka: “What women do best is rise above those comments. You don’t hear complaints or bad comments towards men. If we rise above that and keep working hard in everything we do, we’re better. We’re better at taking opportunities and being graceful. It’s our duty to keep just working hard through whatever comments there is. We’ve got to rise above that.”

Moore, a 69-year-old South African, also commented on the looks of some young players, noting, “They are physically attractive and competitively attractive. They can assume the mantle of leadership once Serena decides to stop. They really have quite a few very, very attractive players.”

He later issued a written apology.

“I made comments about the WTA that were in extremely poor taste and erroneous,” he said. “I am truly sorry for those remarks, and apologize to all the players and WTA as a whole. We had a women’s final today that reflects the strength of the players, especially Serena and Victoria, and the entire WTA. Again, I am truly sorry for my remarks.”

— Brewers outfielder Rymer Liriano is recovering after being hit in the face by a pitch from Dodgers reliever Matt West in the eighth inning of Sunday’s spring training game in Phoenix.

The pitch went just under the brim of Liriano’s batting helmet and hit him on the left side of the face. Liriano fell to the ground and rolled around in pain as trainers raced out to assist him. He was strapped to a backboard and taken off the field and to a hospital for testing and observation.

The 24-year-old Dominican made his major league debut in 2014 with the Padres, spent last year in the minors and was traded to the Brewers two months ago.

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On March 21, 1991, the Bruins peppered Quebec Nordiques goalie Ron Tugnutt with 73 shots — 10 short of the NHL record set by the B’s in 1941 — in a 3-3 tie. Which Bruin set an NHL record with 19 shots in the game?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I think it’s foolish. But it sounds like something somebody who’s never played the game would say, something that they would suggest, because he doesn’t understand. He’s just a face. He’s just a suit. He’s never stepped foot on the field and understood how you can get a personal foul.” — Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s recommendation that players be ejected for two personal fouls in a game

STAT OF THE DAY: 17 — Consecutive missed shots by the 76ers in the first quarter of Sunday’s 120-105 loss to the Celtics

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Kings guard Darren Collison throws up a desperation 3-pointer to beat the shot clock and banks it in.

Confusion reins as Pirates switch-hitter Antoan Richardson can’t figure out with which hand Blue Jays switch-pitcher Pat Venditte plans to pitch to him.

A fan at the Dodgers-Brewers game snags a long foul ball and then takes a victory lap around the concourse.


SOOTHING SOUNDS: Russell Thompkins Jr., known for his falsettos leads with the Stylistics, was born on this day in 1951.

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Jerry Spar
John Tomase calls in and joins Ken Laird to talk about the latest on Pablo Sandoval, David Price's simulated game and everything else Red Sox.

[0:05:51] ... it's also done right. Yeah and exactly and they want to get John Farrell said he wants to get a longer look at shops in the outfield starting this week on the East Coast of Florida. ...
[0:06:47] ... in the mix here Jackie Bradley junior Sean if you include him Chris Young of course Andrews and they were all better against lefties. This blitzer kind of audience this lefties lefty hitters who were better against lefties so. What will the look soon be like Chris Young hit a three run homer today do you think I mean he will play obviously gets lefties but. What will be Al ...
[0:07:35] ... the American lefty pitchers that he should be hitting the best because. Chris Young is one of the best hitters in baseball right against lefties that it's just that we recruit students. Even I mean we ...
[0:10:55] ... the way to actually you ought to lump. Westwood one's coverage of March Madness the NCAA tournament starts at six game it's just after 6 o'clock tonight. Syracuse. State's fifteen meters at game. Your thoughts were treated but not the hour when get a quick get patriots. Potential design. The agent for Rob Gronkowski. Spoke at the owners' meetings today will tell you what. Drew Rosenhaus about rock and its contract. And also. In really the baseball put together a compilation. Projections Steve projections for the dailies. And ...

All things Patriots talk in this chat between Butch Stearns and John Tomase, talking about the Chandler Jones trade and signings of Chris Long and others

[0:02:48] ... at the size like 64278. You know you think back to like Willie McGinest and those kind of guys he can. Play a little linebacker can play and I love Martellus Bennett I've always loved him ...
[0:06:06] ... because you can't keep all these guys hit. Me your thoughts about Ty law and if you missed it folks I don't think you did the Libby recount. Earlier this week after the Chandler Jones trade. Higher law came out mates are mentioning comments this Ty Law. Patriots hall of Famer also a guy like Richard Seymour. Like. Lawyer Malloy like many other veterans. Before him and after him ...
[0:09:56] ... got a first round pick. Cutting the offense by getting rid of Logan Mankins capital on the team and guiding that. How's football club while I'm Rome before the season but nine times out of ten. ...
[0:10:59] ... a veteran ago. But more times than not you know Mike Vrabel Deion Branch like Deion Branch might be when they messed up but salaries Helio is an arguable one to shore but yet but you look. You know at that big picture of a total picture no one's gonna hit a 100% of their moves. And they did their two and at the right away I mean it's it's bloodless and it certainly doesn't reward loyalty and all that kind of thing but it's a business and they run it like one and it running well here is the comment from Ty Law. Two years ago it short but here it is. I think it has cost them. Championships I think he let it go too many guys. That can rally the troops and win the playoffs games it's important. Not tied obviously speaks from experience when he said that two years ago use one of those guys who who didn't I gathered and I would argue that Deion Branch a year Deion Branch mine amid a big difference you know that was. That's certainly a season that those six season you can point to and ...

John Tomase and Butch Stearns discuss a Pablo Sandoval outburst in the Red Sox clubhouse and whether reporters should have written about it

[0:02:43] ... I've been yelled that by playing guys sure you have to butch Rodney Harrison dressed me down in front of everybody in the patriots locker room once. Nobody wrote about it back could've been a big ...
[0:03:45] ... dot com Red Sox have seen probable some balls worst case scenario Carl Crawford. And let's be that's all the discussion we'll get into that later but he could be heading down that path and may ...
[0:05:15] ... situations like telling him knows I mean you got basically assaulted by Andre Dawson like perhaps that's news if it gets physical. That's news when Steve thinner get a shirt ripped off by Jim Rice that's news I was standing there today Carl Everett. Went off on the curly haired boyfriend with Gordon needs and all that stuff. I mean that was news I certainly wrote ...

Butch Stearns and John Tomase are joined by former Patriots OT Matt Light to discuss the Adam LaRoche situation and the recent Patriots signings.

[0:00:00] ... Let's talk more about the Adam LaRoche situation it's brought up so many interest in talking points it is the I'd say the hot button sports topic at the ...
[0:01:09] ... good spread of animal Roche as. He's none of it former patriot Matt Light hello Matt. World good Saturday user. Are you do. All bloody just come off they big victory for my and groups seemed ...
[0:04:24] ... tough world out there it's cup for those kids love expectations but Adam LaRoche grew up with a father played in the majors you know got that. You don't believe they were really coached for a ...
[0:05:22] ... judge because it's easy to do and you look at a situation Mike Adams. The guys never given anybody a reason to doubt him or took. Call him out or go eagle holdings suspect in any ...

Craig Mustard and Larry Johnson discuss Adam LaRoche's retirement from the Chicago White Sox in hour one of their Saturday show
Butch and Bradford are talking Red Sox and what worries them heading into the season besides Hanley and Pablo. They get into Pablo fighting for his starting gig against Travis Shaw. Also, Sam Travis has been on fire.
The guys discuss what Martellus Bennett and Shea McClellan add to the Patriots. They talk about why some guys can handle the "Patriot Way" and others cannot.