As I’ve been saying, the rule in Hollywood used to be that if you wanted to get nominated for an Academy Award, you had to either play someone with an addiction or a disability. Give a spot-on, authentic and heartfelt performance playing an ordinary person and you’re guaranteed to lose out to someone who played an autistic meth addict in a wheelchair with a drinking problem who paints with his left foot.

But that was so 20th century. The new hotness is to play a Masshole. And no one has captured the essence of what Oscar-bait is like in the Millennium of Boston like Seth Meyers does in this clip. From the different types of accents to the Southie bar cliche to the extras hanging out on porches smoking, it’s all there. Granted, it took him until halfway through to mention Weymouth, but that’s just good storytelling. “I’m a father. I’m a son. And above all, I’m from Boston.” Well done.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys lock in their official predictions for Championship weekend.

[0:03:41] ... Olympics. He's going to be thrown picks to wide open guys that. Gary Kubiak knows. Brock author would have completed it was gonna donor gave nobody's gonna be throwing picks at a stage in the game. ...
[0:12:53] ... Super Bowl. It's always that are down back. That's making those plays Kevin Faulk and they have all game marine. 01 with a back on. Oh god cameras. Known and it's also the worst or best ...
[0:13:59] ... is one. I like Carolina. It. The Soviets you know what she Carson Palmer because obviously if they win and he's turned this thing around but. That it was spooked. You know completely spooked at the ...
[0:15:04] ... our ethical Connecticut and. No this is Carolina's game defensively. At the Cam Newton when you talk about we talk to are we talked to Steve young and we don't know the MVP voting in McCormick has to do more and has to be special this guy does everything. He can throw it. He can run it and edit it if he has the uncanny ability. To get out of danger keep pressure. One before it gets hectic and he makes. Those big plays he always does until it's its it was a college so I think Cam Newton obviously would be that main player but defensively. They're set and Carolina it's a rematch from the Carolina Panthers in a new page. I'm moiso Lou I was disappointing Carson Palmer. Center stage lights Iran and man he did not come up big and that's why I've difficulty trying to. Figure out. How ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian break down the match up with the Broncos by each position.

[0:01:47] ... upset you grow about a minute guys count more than only Oklahoma. Steve Mariucci just checked off Denver it was the day he marriage that he tick tick but I. Mean is that the element is ...
[0:02:52] ... CJ Anderson and finally you go Dan Carcillo I'll go to Denver Steve Mariucci has no wing check. I'm really. Realistic that it's not look at it it's being able to run the football the Austin ...
[0:04:39] ... yet but you really got to give it. You gotta get to Denver Broncos only Chris Garrett if so you've got to give. Did it rockers are seeing healthy though you can't and it's a bit ...
[0:05:37] ... a lot better because they don't have time to get separation right Steve Mariucci takes. In the New England defensive. Line. Vs the Denver did you do first seven or you just do a defensive line I do the front so let's do a front seven. Aren't yet include all of lets you princess. I loved that. Featured the team be competent on the high note Chandler the two bossier. Note Rob Ninkovich. It's the youth at issue in the middle Earth Day. But I'm not. More relaxed. Where Taylor Jones Denver defense does all. ...

John Elway constructed this Broncos squad in a similar fashion to the teams he won with when he was a Bronco. The guys also talk about Tom Brady being faster and more athletic than he was in 1999.

[0:01:14] ... react the way it did. I got problems I think that's for Peyton Manning and says throw this past repair the leg or throw it comes a little bit slower. And we all don't football the ...
[0:02:48] ... it he need to help other players and if you look at Peyton Manning and the playoffs he's twelve of thirteen. Before Elway. The final two seasons. Before I want to do that back to backs ...
[0:03:34] ... You know they was helicopter the helicopter was a Green Bay and Green Day and considered line what in the hell does he do want you need to play like that from Peyton. So you join our talk about this exactly CP many dual and I'm like. At the time. Think John Elway can do any of that thing and needles did you think John Elliott John L a took off running your own note it down. Two he braces could run overall he bodies breaking he got hit. Say they have Peyton Manning he's gonna have to make a play they're paying a lot of money. A ton of money to make one play at ...
[0:05:37] ... it's always says that he's. I Kennedy's passing the walk look at Peyton Manning back at his policies jacked up. You've got some frail little we know. Got a break with somebody hits them he was ...

This is the song we played on Dale & Holley with Thornton as Our Plus-One on Thursday that literally had me in tears. The song is such a piece of high art, I thought nothing could top that audio. But I was wrong. There is something much better: The video. It is pure bliss.

Ked Woodley is how I pictured him in my dreams. Standing out in the middle of his trailer park. The hillbilly gut. The connect-the-dots mustache. The Panthers trucker hat. The 1988 Casio keyboard laying down the beat. And Ked’s utter lack of self-awareness.

Your team will be the losers if you got a lick of sense.

Gimme them digits, I’€™ll call you on my phone.

Lightning fast, big black cats
Panthers kicking ass

And of course the panther growls. Every time he does it you think it achieves Comedy Level: Maximum, then he does it again and it’s even funnier.

I don’t just want the Patriots to face the Panthers in the Super Bowl, I need the Patriots to face the Panthers in the Super Bowl. Two weeks of tracking Ked Woodley’s rise to stardom would be the best possible way to spend my winter.


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Jerry Thornton



Denver PostSpangalang Brewery of Denver is clearly run by a bunch of football fans, tapping a new beer in advance of the big game. Orange Crushsicle — a nod to the Broncos vaunted Orange Crush defense from years ago — will debut at the brewery. …

“It’s the beer equivalent of a Dreamsicle frozen treat,” said Spangalang’s Darren Boyd, “with refreshing orange citrus notes wrapped around subtle vanilla flavors. It’s a guaranteed winner we’ve brewed in honor of the future AFC champion Denver Broncos. Local craft beer drinkers will love it, but it’s way too much for people from New England.”

Boyd said he will set aside a special keg of the beer for Tom Brady for after the game.

“Just before kickoff we’re going to drop the pressure on the beer by a few PSI,” he said, referring to the infamous allegations of the Patriots’ deflating game balls from last year’s playoffs. “It’ll be a bit flat and more to his liking, something to enjoy while he wipes away the tears.”

First of all, Spangalang (nice name), you do not want to pull that thread. If you want to fight this war on the battleground of beers, you are outmanned and outgunned. Massachusetts breweries have been waging war with other NFL fan bases all year long. From Blue Hills brewery blasting Indianapolis out of the water with its “Luck Sux” cans to Wachusett brewing a Bella Czech Pils in the wake of some nanobrew’s “Bill Belichick is a Poopy-Faced Fart Monster” batch, we are all grizzled veterans of the Football Beer Wars. It is a struggle you cannot win.

So they want to troll Tom Brady with these lame, outdated Deflategate jokes? Good luck with that. I would expect that within a day, one of New England’s world-class breweries will answer back with a beer laced with HGH in honor of Peyton Manning. Or maybe release some old cases freshness dated 1998 in tribute to the last time Denver won anything. Or perhaps brew “Salary Cap-Cheating IPA” in honor of the way the Broncos won their only Super Bowls. I leave it to our brewmasters to come up with their own inspiration. They never disappoint.

More to the point, what kind of sick, depraved monsters do you have to be to drink a beer that tastes like “a Dreamsicle frozen treat with refreshing orange citrus notes wrapped around subtle vanilla flavors.” For starters, what you’re describing is called a Creamsicle. And we don’t drink them. We buy them for our kids out of the window of a truck that plays calliope music and is driven by a drug addict. Period. I’d be humiliated to care for a team whose own fans in the brewing industry would celebrate it with a beer that is so fruity. In every sense of the word.


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Jerry Thornton

This is the classic example of a great comedy premise in search of a direction to go in. They had me at the “Li’l Belichick” theme song, then lost me somewhere around the 25th “We’re on to …” joke. It’s like a mini version of “Stripes,” a great set-up that loses it two-thirds of the way through.

Besides, if there really was a Li’l Belichick, he wouldn’t be stealing Julie’s science project. He’d be the one every other kid would try to copy from. He’d get straight A’s but the principal would constantly be giving him detentions for stuff he didn’t do. The school newspaper would rip him on a weekly basis. And all the other school parents who resent him for being the valedictorian would wish they could adopt him, and when they can’t, end up adopting his best friends only to find out they’re not as smart as him.

Anyway, nice attempt, The Kicker. But I give it about a C-minus.


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Jerry Thornton
Cleveland talk host on the Bills hiring a female coach.

[0:03:58] ... coaches the best one I was told anyways physical beings you and bill Belichick's of physical Eric Mangini you think Nick Saban went on but the greatest professional immigrants called football coach. I personally think I can take them to one wanted to talk to put Charlie Weis and all that he's. He's physical being that's true but I mean obviously Ron Rivera can be intimidating guy like that or Dan Campbell. But that's not what it takes to coach that level and I just say this though because. I've seen several calling Ford. ...

Florio on Pats Broncos.

[0:05:32] ... amazes me two and six is a starter lose in the Gaza Brian Griese. How does that not at some level fall on the guy who gets all the credit of Belichick's gonna get all the ...
[0:06:20] ... and a look at the secondary Panthers and it's Josh Norman. In Cortland Finnegan and I mean how are they gonna cover these guys and Rodney Harrison and I were arguing yesterday via text which is Michigan are argue with Rodney Harrison it's always Purdue via text and not in person. Is in Austin have any physical concern for yourself but. I I've I ...
[0:09:09] ... And the column Coakley passed from one team it's a Coakley. But Thomas Davis is great player to gets overshadowed true bi weekly. But he'll and you know what. He will play and be great until ...

The guys opened the show by discussing the Pats and Broncos.