We're now hearing theories on why Jamie Collins was traded, and it seems like some people - including Mike Lombardi on K&C - think he wasn't the player we thought he was. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about who will take his snaps.

[0:01:31] ... to protect their own little progress and bullies are. Interest in what Michael Bourn said and because. I'm not sure she was as decisive and talking. About the player himself now maybe he was talking about the defense on the sent up columns I'd you know would we talked about him with. That he's not played well with talked about the defense stop playing well. But don't think anybody thought. The bill Belichick's solution. To try to fix the difference was I'm take JB counts throw his ass out of here I'm gonna. He advised ...
[0:02:48] ... the question is are they good enough. To go one won a Super Bowl is their defense good now but what we have seen in the last few years when you get the postings and you gotta have a defense lawyer defense is important when you get into the post. Pardon me the comment at the can no longer put him out there. Against Iran. So you don't live to see us to play as relevant last year it Jim Jones got a they would run and it issues against the run. Jamie called fine issued against the run would you rather players ...

The SunSHOCKING footage has emerged showing the moment a couple’s late night dip was interrupted by a massive crocodile.

The pair are seen on CCTV in the corner of the swimming pool of a lodge in Africa, enjoying a night time swim.

But just to the right of the screen, a scaly reptile can be seen creeping towards them.

All of a sudden it launches itself into the pool with a mighty splash . …

But shockingly, the man hauls himself out of the pool – leaving his terrified bikini-clad girlfriend to fend for herself!

The oldest joke in the history of the world is one that doesn’t need a set up; it works fine just as a punchline. “I don’t need to outrun the bear. I just need to outrun you.”

Which is my way of saying I don’t know who this guy is, but I like the cut of his jib. He is my kind of feminist, treating his woman like an equal by hauling his sorry ass out of the pool at the first sign of danger and letting her do likewise.

I mean, who’s he supposed to be? Steve Irwin? There’s nine feet of crocodile climbing into the water with you – which gives this leathery, prehistoric, perfectly-evolved death torpedo a decided home field advantage – what’s he supposed to do? Wrestle it? Jump in front of it and let it eat him? Go all “women and children first”? Sorry. No sale. This is 2016. Gender no longer matters. Man-eating reptilians are now called person-eating reptilians and it’s every human for his/herself. I’d be like him, self-identifying as a coward who’d prefer not to wake up a pile of gator poop in the morning, thanks. Though my guess is, they’ll be moving into a room with twin beds after this. But it was worth it.

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Jerry Thornton




Us WeeklyIt’s Heidi Clone! After teasing her fans for weeks about her Halloween costume plans, Heidi Klum finally made her reveal on Monday, October 31 and the results were impressive.

Although the supermodel took time out from prosthetics and mounds of makeup, the same couldn’t be said for the other five women who completed her outfit, by being cloned.

If you ever needed proof that the best kind of life a person can live is life as a super-attractive woman, here it is. In sextuplicate.

There’s not another kind of human being that could pull this off other than an insanely pretty supermodel. If a CEO tried this, or an athlete, musician, sports radio co-host, blogger or manager of a muffler shop for that matter, people would kill him. And with good reason. It takes a weapons-grade level of narcissism just to come up with the concept of five more of yourself. But to spend the resources and energy it takes to put five models into prosthetic make up to make them as good-looking as you is like processing your highly-enriched ego into a nuke.

It reminds me of an interview I heard with Howie Mandel talking about doing “America’s Got Talent” with Heidi Klum. The gist of which was you could always see the comedic minds of Howie and Howard Stern spinning, trying to nail every comment they’d make with something clever and memorable because they felt that had to earn it every second they’re on the show. Then they’d get to Heidi and she’d just say “It was pretty good” or “You have a nice singing voice” or whatever, and people applaud like they’re in the presence of genius.

But hey, I’m not jealous. If you can be so into yourself instead of dressing up as someone else for Halloween that you pay five models to be you and everyone thinks it’s brilliant, more power to you. I’m just saying that there’s a benefit to being insanely hot.

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Jerry Thornton
Lou Merloni went off on Chris Curtis for his treatment of his thunder buddy, Mike Giardi. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE
Gerry, Kirk and Trenni continue taking calls from die hard Pats fans and they revisit the Tim Hasselbeck interview from Monday.
Callers came to the defense of Bill Belichick and Donna Brazile is an embarrassment.

[0:07:34] ... of the exporting gently. A part of that are actually part actor Josh Brown Jewish and looper is occurred ability utter predictability. A putrid nation. In their air it in what they want to gravity. You know wait for wondered where it. I hope this is how we should blindly follow RG writes so I was a flashlight and all the little answer like how he's been doing like. So much about how how often Chris Long note that the mission go to the C or one Rob Ninkovich large rock that everyone loves to talk about. Right but but it how about old and if you're patriots fan if you're ...
[0:15:11] ... liked what they requested Jim Talent maybe another type of beat the Bill Belichick what did we ever hurt teaching me at this. I mean had ever since then he's seen. What Chandler Jones were crippled ...
[0:16:53] ... Miller tight money. You can't make Von Miller tight money in a Bill Belichick defense because you can't make the big impact ladies need to get that at the money. So Jamie Congo's Oscar expects pre ...
[0:18:38] ... to do in the U gave up on the play your game. Owen Daniels our records return touchdown and a or you know that yet if talked about that same country or some. So you know ...

Gerry, Kirk and Trenni try and make sense of the Jamie Collins trade.

As one of the first people to get to speak to Bill Belichick following his stunning trade of Jamie Collins, I can’t claim to have any information other than what you heard come out of your radio/computer/phone Monday. We had no conversations about the deal off the air. All I’ve heard are the same words you heard.

But on the other hand, I am The Belichick Whisperer. Someone who not only understands what the man is saying in ways that no one else outside his inner circle can, but who has a kind of symbiotic relationship with him, where we feel each other’s feelings like E.T. and Elliot. I am therefore uniquely qualified to decipher the code of what he told us through his non-verbal clues, body language, intonation and subtle context.

So allow me to translate:

What Belichick said: “In the end, we did what we felt was best for the football team.”

What he really meant: “Our defense sucks. These guys are not responding to coaching. We’re putting them in the right packages to make stops but they’re not working together and it’s killing us. Ryan Tannehill puts up 387 yards on us. 281 for Landry Jones. Sure, the scoreboard looks good, but we’re living on borrowed time and the next quality offense we face will shred us. This nonsense ends, now.”

What Belichick said: “Yeah, I think you could bring up a lot of things. They all probably play into the conversion at some point.”

What he really meant: “Guys like Collins are freelancing all over the place. We’ve been trying to get him on the right page, but he keeps getting himself out of position and that second play of the game when he improvised his way into us giving up a 28 yard gain and him getting lost in the wash when Tyrod Taylor ran right up the chute for a touchdown were the last friggin’ straws. On top of that, he turned down $11 million a year because he wants Von Miller money? Sure. And I want Sultan of Brunei money. It ain’t happening, either.”

What Belichick said: “I personally haven’t spoken to Cleveland, but Nick [Caserio] and the process of conversations — I’m not sure exactly the timeframe on it.”

What he really meant: “You know how you make an example of a guy to wake your players the hell up? You send him to Cleveland. For nothing. I didn’t even bother shopping him around to other teams because I don’t care about the return on the investment. This was all about sending a message. Straighten up and fly right or I’ll cast every last one of you down into the Ninth Circle of Hell that is playing for the Browns.”

What Belichick said: “It will be impacted by, but I don’t think what it is about. This is the player and his situation and the team and the team’s situation and what is best.”

What he really meant: “You want to talk about my other linebackers? I will take an Elandon Roberts or a Shea McClellin any day of the week and twice on Sunday as long as they are where I tell them to be when I tell them to be there. Collins’ freakish athleticism is great. But a fat lot of good it does me when he’s hitting the wrong gap, biting on misdirections or vacating his coverage area because he’s playing a damned hunch. I don’t know if you’ve heard me say this before, but: Do. Your. Job.”

What Belichick said: “I mean look, we’re 7-1 so there’s always things we can do better. Believe me I’ve been a lot more frustrated than what our record is now.”

What he really meant: “You know what frustration really is? Letting Super Bowl seasons slip through your fingers because you can’t get guys to do what you want them to do. I didn’t all of a sudden forget how to coach. Or how to manage my personnel. The locker room is supposedly ‘shocked’ by this move? Excellent. That is the desired effect. I traded Randy Moss, the best receiver I ever saw midseason and our offense got better. I traded Logan Mankins right before a season and won a Super Bowl. I cut Lawyer Milloy at the 11th hour and won the next two. I am never, ever going to be afraid to make a bold move because nobody knows what this team needs in order to be championship-caliber the way I do.”

What Belichick said: “Thank, Jerry.”

What he really meant: “You’re really awesome, buddy. I’m so glad we are best friends.”

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Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus grades the play of Jamie Collins.

[0:00:02] ... Brady is no longer in Latin mount Rushmore group of I Manning Drew Brees and are not everybody can agree well okay ever any objective Burton get angry. Agreed upon we still beat an awful that's the guy. He was honest analysis on your side he was off but we were happening in Iraq but my problem with you and Sam was she really can have an objective really to revisit that. Can't win them emphasis is just I think he's old he's declining art sales were pro football focus shorts in the eighteenth you have like Sam do you think that Tom Brady. Is it better quarterback Peyton Manning today to say yesterday. Right now and yes Manning an apparent of the field I think he probably got an edge okay. ...
[0:04:35] ... typical pot an average got a rating on any it's. In the National Football League is like 8890. So it's just not a good idea the target gaming accounts typically you usually a very good coverage linebacker ...

Kirk called Mike Lombardi out over his coverage of the Jamie Collins trade.