TallahasseeA man who formerly portrayed Osceola at Florida State University was killed in Panama City Beach this week after an argument over gumbo spices at a restaurant there.

Caleb Joshua Halley was stabbed at a seafood restaurant by his coworker 26-year-old Orlando Thompson, who has been arrested on charges of manslaughter by the Panama City Police Department.

According to police reports the two men were arguing over the amount of spice to put into Buddy’s Seafood Market gumbo Tuesday where the two men worked.

Thompson armed himself with a wooden board and Halley with a small wooden knife.

Thompson then retreated and returned with a knife, slashing Halley, causing three lacerations across his torso.

When you work at WEEI, the last thing you want to do is seem like you’re condoning workplace violence of any kind. So it’s with a heavy heart I report the death of Caleb Joshua Halley, who by all accounts was one of the legendary Osceola’s in Florida State history.

That said, at least we can say he died doing what he loved: Making the perfect gumbo. In this world there are far too many people just going through the motions. People with no passion for anything. Who aren’t trying to leave their mark on the world; they’re merely content to exist.

Well not so, Caleb. He understood that some things are important, even sacred. He believed that to make a perfectly-seasoned gumbo was to be part of something greater than himself. And that delicious Cajun dish was worth sacrificing for. Even if it meant the paying the ultimate sacrifice. So while I hope justice is served to Orlando Thompson like a gumbo with too much cayenne and not enough salt, and I mourn for Caleb, I feel I have to quote from “Braveheart” and remind you all that every man dies; not every man really lives.

P.S. This might be the most Florida story in the history of Florida.


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Jerry Thornton


It is What It Is  – In an interview with ESPN’€™s Ashley Fox, NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent was critical of the NFLPA in their decisions to take cases to court when challenging rulings set by commissioner Roger Goodell. …

“Look at the amount of money being spent on legal fees for a handful of people,” said Vincent. “It’€™s millions and millions of dollars, and we’€™ve got players that are hurting. We’€™ve got young men who don’€™t know how to identify a good financial adviser. Men are in transition who aren’€™t doing well, and yet $8-10 million a year is spent in court fees about who should make a decision on someone, who in some cases has committed a crime.

“Think about that logically. Wouldn’€™t it be better to spend our time and resources on the issues that are vital to our players ‘€” past, present and future ‘€” such as the players’€™ total wellness and growing the game together?”

To review: Troy Vincent works for a league that gave $5 million to a character assassin named Ted Wells and hired him to take out a hit on the sports most recognizable and successful figure, a player with a 15-year spotless record of integrity on and off the field. For that $5 million, the NFL gets handed a 243-page document that if it were a high school research paper would get a D, with a note from the teacher that says, “You never proved your thesis!” And yet Vincent felt empowered to whack said player and his team – which the report itself found guilty of no wrongdoing – the harshest penalty ever handed down.

And now Vincent’s beef is that the Players Association chooses to fight back?

Seriously I keep rereading his comments and I wonder if you can cram any more wrongness into a half a dozen sentences. And I don’t think you could. He could have replaced that first crack about “a handful of people” with “I traveled back in time on a flying unicorn and helped Abe Lincoln win the Revolutionary War” and it wouldn’t be any wronger than what really came out of his actual mouth.

But such is the towering, pig-ignorant arrogance coming out of NFL management these days. Even after Mr. Kraft opted to take the dreaded high road in the name of partnership, fraternity and general nice-guyness, Vincent is out for nothing less than total surrender from Tom Brady and the NFLPA too. And this coming from a former member of the union, who rose and slept under the blanket of the very protection they provided for them. Now he questions the manner in which they provide it.

In “Wall Street” Martin Sheen’s character says the only difference between the people who built the pyramids and the ones who built the Empire State Building is unions. But I suppose when you’re the taskmaster working for Pharaoh Goodell, you don’t want his orders questioned. So you pretend you’re more concerned with worker safety and whether the Isrealites are spending their money on good financial advisers.

What Vincent said would be funny were it not for the fact that he had no problem running interference for a player who actually did commit a crime, whipping his toddler son with a switch until the kid’s scrotum bled. In light of that, they’re infuriating. But that’s what we’ve all come to expect from today’s NFL.


DraftKings Play fantasy baseball every day at DraftKings — official daily fantasy partner of the Boston Red Sox — and win part of $300 million in prizes being paid out this baseball season! FOR FREE ENTRY TO THE $10,000 FANTASY BASEBALL CONTEST, CLICK HERE.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
Dino, Gerry and Gary discuss which celebrities make the most money.

[0:08:17] ... they are all in order you to do what the order is. Tom Cruise. Bradley Cooper. Kenny Chesney. Adam Sandler go on us and movement one using similar ones yet polls go to Arnold Sandler Chesney ...
[0:09:58] ... guys are giving all this is interesting about this. Output in order. Leonardo DiCaprio. Johnny Depp. Carmelo. Anthony. Boone lately Carmelo. Dep and DiCaprio. What do you think Camilla. And also the DiCaprio. Carmelo death. Your red again ...
[0:14:02] ... dollars. Jessica Tandy Judge Judy each idol she's the oldest person 72 Elton John's on here he 68. Paterson the authors 68. David Letterman a 68 Judy is the oldest highest pace he makes what forty ...

Doug defended the merits of Boston 2024.
Chris Dempsey explained why Boston 2024 does not make sense for our city.

[0:00:44] ... The obligatory perfunctory. Traffic gonna sock. Greed and corruption politicians scams. The Big Dig was at a faster and the left over white elephants will be around for years and years to get asked those four. ...
[0:01:53] ... an example better as the meeting a 175. Million dollars for their Olympic Stadium. Tokyo is spending two billion dollars on the Olympic Stadium so they're promising a low price tag now they're trying to get the public or with cystic. Well once they've been awarded ...
[0:03:53] ... billion dollars taxpayer money just converted to a soccer stadium there's a soccer team that put into Q million dollar and they're getting. 40500 billion dollars billion out of it all taxpayer expense. Obviously Chris this ...
[0:09:16] ... price put in today's environment there's going to be a budget cities bidding war and during the auction. In the iris you can extract as much as they can that doctors not cheap it's. That figure ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Gary Tanguay.

[0:01:53] ... of this sort of the winter. They wanna see her in the bikini bottom. By the way. The plan was for her to pick them up right and drive with her in her car yeah to ...
[0:03:54] ... oh yeah and two were tremendous and this Tuesday and be willful Wall Street. Paying eighteen million dollars for sexually harassing their trashing on line news pretty Swedish underway here. Had a boon thing 25 is ...
[0:07:19] ... where's the actresses in Los Angeles. She bought it from the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles reporting that million dollars but that the nonsense nun and I don't know Padre not a we already made ...
[0:08:07] ... of the landscape and it was some landscaping absolutely. Aimed at finally. Michael Douglas Tuesday coddling dictators like Regina did not cause. Fifth oh this guys ample reason. Like god it's actually you know relations says ...

The guys debated the merits of the Olympics in Boston.
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