GQ writer Chuck Klosterman joined Bill Simmons on a podcast to talk about his short but controversial article on Tom Brady for GQ's Man of the Year. The guys call out Klosterman for how he handled the interview.

[0:04:14] ... I could I would. I think I would realize very quickly. That Tom Brady was not going to answer any specific questions about the so women about the so called crime. Because there's an appeal going ...
[0:07:17] ... generally well up there is still. This is like real life to Tom Brady. You know like he still has a hearing it's not over yet there's an appeal process. I'm member and a month before the area and it's trial we had a Mon we asked and he murders and that he murder of the got a Jack she'd do it. He said no comments at trial we got pissed yeah I wouldn't expect them it's the middle of cities and really get some guy before their trial like two months ahead and just ask him questions about it. It's stick that that patriots Tom Brady Bill Belichick a greater danced around everything right. But when there's an actual open investigation. Is the easiest thing in the world that's your ...
[0:08:53] ... to say to answer because this really had nothing to do with Tom Brady saying you don't want. I'd like this chart cluster of and you got to raise him US on some court stuff he's ...
[0:12:40] ... didn't answer it and had his his opinions. What that means. About Tom Brady for not answering. The case I don't care about trucks opinions on what what he feels. It means it's umbrage that it's ...

During a conference call with the New England media yesterday, Rex Ryan lashed out at media on the line. Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss Rex's latest media circus stunt and talk about their upcoming Monday night game.

[0:00:21] ... a better quarterback and I know that ever came here to kiss bill Belichick's. You know range here. I think we have staff find somebody out there could be going on besides us. And I think ...
[0:03:10] ... Because Jeff Powell said you've lost eight out of the last nine Bill Belichick noticed that every answer he gave from that point on. The only loss a little state is wrong path that's out of ...
[0:06:48] ... sort of lose credibility. Right is that losing credibility it's if your Bill Belichick. And you say this is how we do you look at my history. Instantly should believe because of my god look at ...
[0:10:18] ... AC title games. Even if in the offseason if you eat traded Drew Brees or Philip Rivers or not he sent forget it but. Somebody Kenny went like this with a quarterback with a breeze that discipline moped eventually ...

(Video NSFW, language)

There’s an issue I’ve been meaning to get to all week. But it’s had to take a back seat to Patriots-Giants, Peyton Manning, Holly Holm’s vagina, Chuck Klosterman’s War on Brady and Charlie Sheen’s bodily fluids, among other matters. (Note: I’m a grown man and this is what I do for work.)

The Patriots recently added another chapter to “The Wells Report in Context,” in the section marked “Critical Science Articles.” It’s yet another dismantling of the Wells Report, taken from the presentation MIT professor John Leonard gave to the Deflategate class regular Dale & Holley show guest Michael McCann teaches at UNH. I guess the Patriots’ thinking is that, like the U.S. Constitution, “in Context” is a living document that needs to be amended to stay current with the times. And the fact they are still adding evidence to support their side of the story begs this question for me:

Exactly what the hell is going on with Deflategate anyway?

Not from the Patriots’ point of view. That’s obvious. They believe they and Tom Brady have been proven in the right every step of the way and I agree. I’m talking about the rest of the NFL.

We are well into November. By my math there have been 146 NFL games played thus far. Have we heard word one about the air pressure in the footballs? From January to September it was the most important matter facing the game. The rock upon which the NFL’s church was built. And the mere suggestion there were any monkeyshines involved with the conditions of the footballs threatened the very integrity of the game itself.

But now? Nothing. Since that opening night game against Pittsburgh when Al Michaels could not shut up about it, not a word. Remember when the league announced new protocols that were so stringent it sounded like the balls would be delivered to the field in a Brink’s truck by an armed strike team? And league reps were going to test the balls at halftime of randomly selected games to test the theory that they lose pressure naturally? Have they released those numbers or even mentioned they exist? No chance.

How about the competitive advantage the Patriots concocted with their elaborate scheme? Now with Tom Brady playing with, one would assume, properly inflated footballs for the first time since the rules change in 2006, all he’s doing is leading the league in passer rating, has a surreal interception percentage of 0.8, is the unanimous first-half MVP and, oh, by the way, his team is undefeated.

And remember that business about how sketchy it was that they don’t fumble, which only can be attributed to ball tampering? This year they have lost four fumbles, tied for eighth in the league. And so far through nine games they’ve fumbled nine times. In 2014 they fumbled 16 times in 16 games. I’m just a public school kid, but I’m pretty sure both those average out to the exact same rate.

While I’m at it, what ever happened to the talk about Jim McNally and John Jastremski? The Deflator and Dorito Dink. The R2-D2 and C-3PO of this epic saga of Good vs. Evil? All summer long they were the International Men of Mystery that the Bob Kravitzes and Bart Hubbuchs couldn’t stop going on about. They were portrayed as outlaws on the lam and their silence was proof of wrongdoing. Where are they now? At Gillette Stadium. Every single week. The two co-conspirators the NFL is convinced were taking bribes to significantly cheat the other 31 teams, and they are still working, still drawing a paycheck like nothing ever happened. It’s the equivalent of two bank guards being accused of pulling an inside job who are back on the job, guarding the vault.

The bottom line is that everyone is trying to forget Deflategate because the whole thing has been so discredited. It’s the week-long bender in Tijuana they all went on that included eating the worm out of the tequila bottle, a donkey show and a night in jail that they’d like to pretend never happened. Everyone that is, except the Patriots, their fans and certain bloggers who will never forget, never relent and never stop talking about it until the football world admits it was wrong and those two stolen draft picks are returned. Which is never. We didn’t start this, but we’re not going let anyone else finish it.


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Jerry Thornton

Wait a second. So Derek Jeter not only denies he confiscates the phone of everyone who walks into his place, he says he never gave gift baskets to his sexual conquests as he kicked them out the door? Can’t I believe in anything anymore?

Look, I’m not the world’s biggest Jeter fan by any stretch. He was a solid ballplayer for a long period of time and won a lot of titles with teams that were ridiculously stocked with talent. And that’s a nice resume. But he was vastly overrated. He was a Craig Biggio who was treated like he was Joe DiMaggion.

That said, I have taken a back seat to no man when it comes to admiring his off-the field accomplishments. That biracial angel was the Willie Mays of the bedroom and over his career batted 1.000 with women in scoring position. And the whole gift basket story was part of his legend. It was proof that he was a pro’s pro. A guy at the top of the babe food chain whose nocturnal game was unparalleled in the annals of sport. Now, hearing him say the whole thing was just tabloid newspaper gossip column fiction is like finding out Babe Ruth didn’t really call his home run or Ted Williams wasn’t really a Marine pilot or Wade Boggs didn’t down 64 beers on a cross-country flight.

Sure, Jeter still has his roster of A-list celebrity women with whom he did the beast with two backs and they’d win the matchup against anybody’s, including Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio. But the legend of how he operated just got a whole lot duller.


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Jerry Thornton

Welcome to Friday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Florio on Pats Bills.
The guys discussed Mad Dog's comments.
Rex got feisty with the Boston media.

Welcome to Friday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

NBA: Nets at Celtics, 7:30 p.m. (CSNNE)
NBA: Spurs at Pelicans, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
NBA: Bulls at Warriors, 10:30 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: Hofstra at Florida State, 3:30 p.m. (CBSSN)
College basketball: Wisconsin at Georgetown, 5 p.m. (ESPN2)
College basketball: DePaul at South Carolina, 6 p.m. (CBSSN)
College basketball: Duke at VCU, 7 p.m. (ESPN2)
College football: Brown at Columbia, 7:30 p.m. (NBCSN)
College football: Cincinnati at South Florida, 8 p.m. (CBSSN)
College football: Air Force at Boise State, 9:30 p.m. (ESPN2)
College hockey: Michigan at Boston University, 6 p.m. (NESN)


— Former Ravens running back Ray Rice, suspended by the league last year after video surfaced of him punching out his then-fiancee in a hotel elevator, shared his thoughts on the Greg Hardy situation Thursday, telling New York radio station WFAN that Hardy should “take a deeper look into what the severity of domestic violence is.”

Rice, during a visit to the “Boomer & Carton Show,” said Hardy needs to show he can change his behavior.

“You have to be sincere in your actions,” Rice said. “Show it on and off the field. Take that uniform and use it for what it’s worth. You don’t have to win another football game, you don’t need another dollar to go out and make a difference in other peoples’ lives.”

While Hardy was given a second chance by the Cowboys after his domestic incident last year while a member of the Panthers, Rice has not returned to the NFL even though his indefinite league suspension was overturned by an arbitrator.

The three-time Pro Bowler said he wants to play football again, and he’s come a long way since his incident.

“What I’ve done over the entire year is understand the severity of domestic violence,” the 28-year-old Rice said. “I really did a lot of research and counseling, whatever I had to do. I think it is a total rehabilitation. Domestic violence is very real. It was just one time for me, and it was the worst decision I ever made. That one bad decision, everything I had done good in my life had gone to waste.”

— Much has been made about Cam Newton‘s “dab” touchdown celebration during Sunday’s win over the Titans. Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer now has his own controversy. Palmer was seen doing a pelvic thrust in the direction of the crowd after Arizona’s game-winning touchdown in a 39-31 victory Sunday night. However, Palmer said it was not meant to be a taunt toward Seahawks fans.

Palmer said he saw some familiar faces in the stands and decided to share his celebration with them.

“I had my buddies in the sideline, right four or five rows up,” Palmer told ESPN, saying his friends are called “Pup, Phil and Sugar Cane.” “I saw them pretty excited, and [that] got me excited to see them excited.”

Carson’s brother, free agent quarterback Jordan Palmer, dismissed the idea that Carson might get fined for his actions.

“The last thing Carson Palmer would ever do was taunt an opposing fan,” Jordan said. “It’s a joke.”

— Jaden Newman is a sixth-grader who has played for the varsity team at Downey Christian High School in Orlando, Florida, since she was in third grade. She averaged 31.3 points, 8.9 assists, 5.9 steals and 4.8 rebounds per game last season and is off to a more impressive start this year.

The 11-year-old, whose father is the team’s coach, scored 57 points in her team’s opener last week, and earlier this week she scored 47 against Cornerstone Christian Academy. In the process she reportedly became the youngest player ever to reach 1,000 career points.

She also beat Warriors star Steph Curry in a 3-point competition in February.

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On Nov. 20, 1958, which Red Sox player was named American League MVP?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I just think the way you guys spin everything, you put everything I say, you take whatever it is, you put it out there the way you want to. I understand it. You guys have covered this matchup for years and years. We’ve got no business being on the same field. That’s what you said. We’ve lost seven of eight, I’ve lost seven of eight against them. So, don’t talk to me. I’m sitting back here and I’ll answer the question, whatever. I don’t know why you even bother.” — Bills coach Rex Ryan, getting frustrated with the New England media on a conference call to discuss Monday’s game against the Patriots

STAT OF THE DAY: 32 — Points for Bruins winger Loui Eriksson in 32 career games against the Wild, after he recorded a hat trick in Thursday’s 4-2 victory

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): The Warriors rally from 23 points down to beat the Clippers and improve to 13-0.

Sharks forward Melker Karlsson goes top shelf to finish a two-on-one and beat the Flyers in overtime.

Ducks forward Jakob Silfverberg breaks in alone on Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo, but his wrist shot ends up in Luongo’s glove.

Blues goalie Jake Allen reaches out his stick in a scrum and knocks away a shot by Sabres forward Ryan O’Reilly.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Jackie Jensen

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Joe Walsh was born on this day in 1947.

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Jerry Spar
We dissect the Chuck Klosterman GQ piece on Tom Brady and try and figure out the motive. We wonder why he would think that Tom Brady would answer questions that are still pertinent to ongoing litigation, that he's answered for no other member of the media.