Second helping of Keefer Madness this week, as we go inside the mind of the Cavs Kyrie Irving.
Lou interviews JBJ, who talks about playing in a young outfield, and why he changed his number.
David Aldridge appeared on NBA TV to say that the Bulls don't want to trade Jimmy Butler to the Celtics for just picks. They want Jae Crowder, too.
Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report, thinks that the GM's around the league are positioning to make a run at Jimmy Garoppolo.
Lou, Christian and Mut open the show laughing about Evan Drellich's appearance on K&C, and then get into some of Chris Sale's comments from their interview earlier in the day on the same show.
Towards the end of the show, the guys react to a tweet from NBA insider, Adrian Wojnarowski, saying that the Indiana Pacers are shopping Paul George.

[0:00:32] ... to make deal for George unless the gates pacers the year. The Boston Celtics could ultimately providing yet the best possible package passes it and deal. And think that option could disappear if Boston makes that ...
[0:03:07] ... slow and apparently. They she wants the speed up process all finding Indiana Pacers. And I am looking at the Celtics or at the the lakers here for a potential for Paul George the Celtics had ...
[0:04:37] ... all right so if you do make you do the what happens Luke Walton doesn't really like Luke Walton is not a guy that's gonna stick around. I mean vicious I I like the magic game go and here's a guy ...
[0:07:15] ... for ball or not but I think it can be more than PJ Tucker. And I have received here at 3 o'clock tomorrow in India on holiday saying let's set deadlines passed sources say. Celtics have ...

Shannon Sharpe warned that much like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady is about to fall off a cliff.

[0:00:04] ... Today's show its board way and Loney and forty plus Sports Radio. Tom Brady hasn't religiously. Restructured his salary. Cut his salary modifications have been taking place all over the place because Tom Brady loves being a patriot he loves being may have. They love having him be it if he's willing to sacrifice his dollar ...
[0:02:16] ... topple a 22 million dollars to be on the bench backing up Tom Brady. An east and and and second of all grapples not gonna take it below a franchise tag deal to stay here so ...
[0:02:48] ... On the clip anyway. Pitcher should keep Jimmy grapple. And I know Tom Brady has convinced a lot of people. On a review column that he had to Monday Morning Quarterback Peter team. The Eagles play ...
[0:04:09] ... it so you just say screw it I'm done. A look at Brett Favre here's an example of the coolest. Brett Favre who played what twenty years. Had one of his best year better years and 2009 when he played for the Minnesota. Vikings UK twelve and four. Barely through any interceptions. Killed until the answer to overbearing laugh when they generate. As you say you're you're waiting for to happen you do we used in and turn to Brett Farr. Okay had a great team should want a symbol that your. Did the very next year he he only played in thirteen games and you look at Brett favre's just career overall. There's only a couple of years or he didn't play every single game his first two years in the ...

The guys discuss Ian Rapoport's tweet that says Martellus Bennett will likely test the free agent waters.

[0:00:01] ... Word from number 54. Hey it's Teddy Bruschi you're listening to my former teammate Christian. 48 and two other guys act of moral or wait for a bogey and boring ...
[0:02:39] ... FL Super Bowl champions get paid to. I mean you cannot try Arthur Miller what he was gonna do. Yeah it's noble prize with him you know and it was a time when you play. Who ...
[0:09:19] ... five run backs yes. Maybe six. You know what we went overtly AFC east associates L. I'll hear that lets that it was set to go through some look at how surprised he's steadily catch the ...
[0:11:12] ... Murray is it doesn't he's catching the ball late to isolate the Marc Emery who also. First and second down and a third down back me the airplane that person second back only a basic okay ...

Chris Christie is a regular on WFAN in New York. (Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports)

Chris Christie is a regular on WFAN in New York. (Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is fat, loud, opinionated and ignorant. He was made for sports talk radio, and apparently, is considering it as a career.

According to, Christie is a candidate to replace Mike Francesa in afternoon drive on WFAN when the iconic host’s contract expires at the end of 2017. Francesa said last year he plans to move on from the New York sports talk behemoth once his deal is up.

“I would certainly at least want to consider [Christie],” WFAN’s program director Mark Chernoff said. “If he’s interested and we’re interested, it’s worth pursuing.”

Christie, who’s one of the least popular governors in the nation, frequently fills in on WFAN’s morning show, Boomer & Carton. In an appearance last week, he said President Donald Trump forced him to eat meatloaf when they dined together at the White House, continuing his yearlong emasculation.

In a recent interview, Christie said he would consider making the move to sports talk.

“As my son said — ‘I can’t believe I’ve been listening to you talk about sports my entire life and that someone might actually pay you to do that. He said, ‘I can’t imagine how great that would be for you,’ ” he said on SportsNet New York. “And so, yeah, that’s certainly one of the things that I hope I’ll have a chance to consider when I get out and stop being governor.”

With his term ending in January 2018, the timing would be perfect for Christie to take Francesa’s chair. He apparently is already focused on the possible career change, too. On SNY recently, he lambasted Phillies fans, calling them “bitter” and “awful people.” A sizable number of folks in southern New Jersey, of course, follow the Phillies. Christie seems to want the job so badly, he’s willing to burn bridges with his own constituents.

In a lot of respects, it seems as if Christie has been training to be a talk radio host for some time. As governor, he shot to viral fame for his blistering attacks on public school teachers. He would be able to spew that same kind of vitriol on WFAN, except it would be directed towards callers.

After an insipid presidential bid and losing out on a job in Trump’s White House, Christie’s political career appears to be over. But he’s got the goods to make it big in the sports talk radio world. Or, at least, he has the bombast.

Blog Author: 
Alex Reimer

Isaiah Thomas is a great point guard. But he’s an even better Internet troll.

Two days after his eyeball emoji sparked chaos across the basketball world, Thomas is back at it again. On Wednesday, he tweeted out an hourglass. No word on whether this message will propel 20 reporters to contact Celtics general manager Mike Zarren, like the last one did.

With the NBA trade deadline coming up Thursday, the Celtics remain immersed in rumors. General manager Danny Ainge is reportedly still considering a deal for Carmelo Anthony, and the team has been linked to forwards Paul George and Jimmy Butler as well. With that in mind, perhaps Thomas’ hourglass means a blockbuster acquisition is imminent. Or, more likely, it means nothing. NBA players have taken to trolling the media recently.

Last week, Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving told reporters he thinks the earth is flat. The inane assertion dominated headlines throughout All-Star Weekend, with every major sports blog publishing stories on the matter. When Irving was asked about his comments Saturday, he hinted he was trying to prove a point about contemporary media coverage.

“I think that there’s just so much, I guess — I don’t know if you can even call it news — there are so many real things going on, actual, like, things that are going on that’s changing the shape, the way of our lives,” he said, via ESPN. “And I think it sometimes gets skewed because of who we are in the basketball world, and, ‘Oh man, what does he actually think? Oh, no, I don’t like hearing … the world is flat, or he thinks the world can’t be round.’ You know, I know the science, I know everything possible — not everything possible — but the fact that that actually could be real news, that people are actually asking me that — it’s a social phenomenon.”

Whenever a famous person does something, it will get covered, regardless of how silly the action is. Pistons center Andre Drummond proved this Tuesday, when reporters swarmed him after he had retweeted Thomas’ eyeball emoji and –– get this –– tweeted his own, too.

Since there’s a small chance Drummond’s emoji sharing was a covert message, Pistons reporters can’t be blamed for asking him questions about it –– just like Celtics beat writers rightfully followed up with Zarren Monday. NBA players seem to know they have a captive audience on social media. They’re proving it one tweet at a time, with Thomas leading the charge.

Blog Author: 
Alex Reimer