Butch and DJ continue their preview of Game 2 between the Bruins and Red Wings in Boston later today.
Butch and DJ get a call regarding Red Sox prospects and have an in depth discussion on what the future looks like in Boston.
The Sox have won 3 of their last 4, yet are still below .500. Butch and DJ discuss their thoughts on if the team is starting to get some momentum. Butch brings up the outfield issue and the decision the Red Sox will have to make when Victorino returns.

[0:05:06] ... matter what argument you wanna make except defensively. That's. -- different discussion Stephen Drew Needham and not so sure about that. But so I mean from Red Sox perspective you know I'm doing yard work -- ...
[0:10:20] ... -- guy and he was saying they're very astute column for usein Jason Schmidt was I was gonna be available. In the Red Sox did trade they've got these. They've got the Ramirez kid and they've got. The Pedro we kid -- trade goes to get Jason Schmidt and they have this was 2005 I think. And it is like. No not gonna trade Dustin Pedroia. And Jason and Hanley Ramirez berg guy who used to be good a couple of years ago so. I think you make those moves if it's the right price but baseball mean I'm sure you remember. Even down to was the Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano trade him. Based always used to be so much about if you need a guy just give your young players that you ...
[0:12:11] ... down several hours to go we -- sports Sunday on WEEI it's TJ beam in the house from WEEI dot com Bruins at 3 o'clock. Red Sox at seven we can talk Celtics patriots all of ...

Butch and DJ continue the analysis and break downs of Bruins/Red Wings and discuss the awesome job Rask has done this season despite the Game 1 loss.
Butch and DJ get Sports Sunday rolling with a discussion on the Bruins, their tough loss Friday night and previewing the huge Game 2 this afternoon in Boston. DJ gives his take on the attitude of the team and Claude's methods behind the scenes.
Last night's game started with a suspicious double down the line, hit by Nick Markakis, that was ruled fair. Lackey struggled again. Scott Lauber joins the show to discuss the Red Sox early season struggles.
The Bruins lose a hard-fought opening game against the Red Wings 1-0 on a marvelous goal by Pavel Datsyuk. In addition, the heartbreak continued as the Red Sox lost to Baltimore and the first inning included a very controversial play which resurrected the conversation involving MLB's Instant Replay.
We get you ready for Bruins game one of round one vs the Detroit Red Wings, with DJ Bean from WEEI.com
We get you ready for Bruins game one of round one vs the Detroit Red Wings, with DJ Bean from WEEI.com
We tackle four topics all revolving around the most recent runs to championships in Boston, and misnomers like Title Town for Green Bay or Hockey Town for Detroit.