Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe discuss the conference finals, and how the four remaining teams may have the four best qb's in the league playing for them.

[0:02:29] ... a great quarterback. Roethlisberger who. We talked about it a bit with Trent Dilfer yesterday got better. It looked like he was about with lie down to a guy that you'd have to worry about. There's ...
[0:04:18] ... already bit it of itself haven't been as good ideas they want Aaron Rodgers talkative and secured. Teams have been good at. Hit his team as good as the Steelers chain's same unit the same well ...
[0:05:07] ... went to the offensive and defense was. Those kind of shaky loan Aaron Rodgers same thing you have some great defensive teams have some great offensive team. I think about Rogers is a better statistical quarterback. ...
[0:06:12] ... at more than Iraq. We obviously but I've seen him I've NFC Aaron Rodgers with a great playoff run and I told you guys before one of the best playoff games have ever seen live one of the best non Brady. Playoff games a team from quarterback lives. That was in a 2010 vs Atlanta. Actually that same weekend where Wes Welker is. Is sitting down for a series but returning punts are returning today when I first putt but it but he says he's sitting now perceive that same weekend I think the day before. Aaron Rodgers went to a man and shifts liked them and it was surgical it was beautiful it was poetry. So I've I've seen ...

Michael Holley gets in to how the Patriots can win on Sunday night, and tries his hardest to come up with an Eddie Andelman-esque catchphrase for his theory.
Michael Holley gets in to how the Patriots can win on Sunday night, and tries his hardest to come up with an Eddie Andelman-esque catchphrase for his theory.
Antonio Brown's facebook live video rolls in to a larger discussion about whether a "player-friendly" coach like Mike Tomlin has an overall discipline issue in his locker room.
Antonio Brown's facebook live video rolls in to a larger discussion about whether a "player-friendly" coach like Mike Tomlin has an overall discipline issue in his locker room.

[0:00:24] ... game that they earned the right to be there as did the Pittsburgh Steelers and that both teams should be proud to represent the conference in the AFC championship. People and certainly wasn't asking any shade. ...
[0:04:08] ... well sooners take the whole. Team in this account yo what. But Ben Roethlisberger allegedly did Brett compared to even just guaranteeing victory like some of the U Pittsburgh guys have done in the past some ...
[0:05:09] ... in my town it just can't put them Mike Tomlin or on Ben Roethlisberger that's that's squarely on Antonio Brown. Thank you can't hold certain things now during a game I'm which you deal dirty game ...
[0:06:35] ... there's a time monopoly. I think you know it I think they're Jacksonville Jaguars players who know that I think their Cleveland Browns players who know it's a time and a place I don't think this is something that's just. That is solely the domain ...

Rich Keefe is back with a new sports-themed edition of Keefer Madness

There’s nothing wrong with a good Tom Brady hot take. In fact, the genre was seemingly invented for him. He fills up the sports page with his Hall of Fame play and the gossip section with his A-list lifestyle. Add in the nearly 18-month Deflategate scandal, and he’s produced perhaps more content than any athlete in history.

For those reasons, it’s tempting to write or talk about Brady –– even when there’s nothing to say. It’s important to keep that in mind this week, because three of the worst Brady takes in recent memory have surfaced:

1) Brady is a liar (Sara Jane Harris, the Sporting News

Sara Jane Harris thought she caught Brady in a lie. During his weekly interview on Kirk & Callahan, Brady said no Patriots player would ever mimic Antonio Brown and stream a video of their locker room on Facebook Live. The team posts an edited video of the postgame celebration on its website after each win, but that’s a professional production. Apparently Jane Harris didn’t catch that when she stumbled upon this week’s version:

“No, there wasn’t any cussing, but we did get to see what happens “inside the walls” of the Patriots’ locker room at Gillette Stadium, something Brady said would never happen,” she wrote.

A simple Twitter or Google search would’ve shown Jane Harris there was nothing nefarious about the video. The article, which amazingly is still posted, is an outright lie. How ironic.

2) Brady is playing for his career with the Patriots Sunday (Colin Cowherd, Fox Sports 1)

It’s probably been a humbling couple of months for Colin Cowherd. Like every program on FS1, his radio show simulcast is struggling to attract viewers. So this week, he decided to throw the talk radio version of a Hail Mary: Claim Brady’s career with the Patriots is on the line.

“If Pittsburgh wins this game and Brady is average, you’re darn right [Robert] Kraft and [Bill] Belichick are having that, ‘Let’s have lunch and talk,’” he said.

According to Cowherd, Brady can’t afford to play poorly in three consecutive postseason games. In his last two playoff contests against the Broncos and Texans, Brady has posted an average QB rating of 62.6.

With Jimmy Garoppolo’s emergence, it’s likely the Patriots will trade a quarterback this offseason. But after an MVP caliber season, it’s not going to be Brady. And even if it is, does anybody really think Belichick would make a decision like that based off just one game?

Cowherd knows better. It’s sad to see somebody so desperately vying for relevance.

3) Aaron Rodgers would have more Super Bowls with Patriots than Brady (Manish Mehta, New York Daily News)

As Christopher Price notes, the world wants to see a Brady-Rodgers Super Bowl. But Manish Mehta is getting a little ahead of himself. In his latest column, he writes Rodgers would have won more Super Bowls with the Patriots than Brady. What’s his reasoning, you ask? Well, outside of talking about “physical tools,” he never gets to it:

“Rodgers, however, would have put up even more ridiculous numbers if paired with Belichick. He’s every bit as smart as Brady with more physical tools.”

Mehta talks about Rodgers’ incredible athleticism and his ability to make plays outside of the pocket. That’s all true, but it doesn’t explain how Rodgers would’ve been able to win more than four Super Bowls in New England. Apparently, Mehta’s theory assumes David Tyree wouldn’t have caught that pass in Super Bowl 42 and the defense would’ve held the Giants in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 46 if Rodgers were standing on the sideline instead of Brady.

That’s the problem with making this argument: there are far too many variables at play. It’s a noble effort for Mehta, but he comes up short.

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Alex Reimer
Fauria couldn't help himself and called into Pittsburgh sports radio to show off his (terrible) Boston accent and to troll Steelers fans. Later on, Josh Miller (co-host and former Patriots punter) calls us to trash talk to Christian.
We hear from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, who are gearing up to face Pittsburgh in the AFCCG.
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[0:04:18] ... anybody else who comes in this building but I tell you even Alex Smith. It was amazing because this isn't just you know this year you go back into 2014. The last three seasons Ben Roethlisberger ...
[0:08:49] ... blocks and in this a lot of times when you watch night. Aaron Rodgers Sawyer Rogers when he's in it when he's when he drops back. And he's like take forever he actually helps is often ...
[0:09:22] ... was about the loses blocked. He's able to re set. And then Aaron Rodgers drops back even further is watch and he'll come up. And welcome back again and Latin table and talk about an offer ...
[0:12:21] ... Do I so he could get jobs data Denver Broncos that hold Gary Kubiak Mike Shanahan old offense where it was one cut and go drug Davis. One cut go lie kind of want to let ...