Lou, Christian, and Tim do the show from Gillette Stadium and have a birds-eye view of the practice field. Browner vs. LaFell and Revis vs. Edelman were 2 of the match-ups that highlighted the day. MFB discusses some of the things to expect this season.
Lou promised to have an Eminem-style explosion if the Sox traded both Jon Lester and John Lackey. He's on the cusp, and as the trade rumors swirl, his emotions are growing. The 5 stages of grief are palpable.

[0:00:25] ... from training camp in Foxborough little Red Sox flavor actually to advance Christian Fauria. Maloney read the Eminem promise. That if word came out the Red Sox were trading. Jon Lester and I will say this it was Jon Lester and John Lackey that you made the promise for right -- Europe they trade them both. And you have an Eminem style explosion and lose yourself. Are we there are we on the cusp. With just Jon Lester is not a lot of guys. Okay I'm delighted. In this weird isn't sure they would pick -- I don't know how it will for the explosion when I'm asking you all the absolute explosion yes -- yes -- gas explosion just the strait of stupidity didn't deserve all your rage this dilemma -- urgent -- double Big Bang theory. There's no doubt about it a gate because. I think it was general is the ultimate just a thought to write like as far as lackeys -- here without a guy like Jon Lester. It would -- close they are as well. Then lackeys reluctance that may be well -- John's going to be here might -- 500 grand as this deal going to be worth it for me and who knows what happens. So -- a position to where it you know if you trade Jon Lester do you walk John Lackey. You'll you won't be an academic performance wise you would would you want to be that leader of that Saturday the Red ...
[0:02:52] ... as a slight chance. That you might be in the running for Jon Lester in the offseason I don't think it's gonna happen but maybe that it soften the blow you trade lackeys on the contract ...
[0:04:23] ... going wait who the Red -- best player. -- -- Now it's Jon Lester -- Jon Lester is their best -- he's been one of their best players since he's been playing every bit through a lot been available ...
[0:06:46] ... mean the -- -- it's on Pittsburgh. To actually be interested in Jon Lester -- -- like seven guys they're untouchable well that is ridiculous yes that's a virus that's what they do. All of the ...

Today the guys saw that Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber, much to the delight of Lou (and probably many of our listeners.) SI.com had a quiz on their website. Basically, it was a quote and the viewer had to decide if a quote provided, was Johnny Manziel, or Justin Bieber. It was more difficult than it should have been.

The Cardinals have agreed to a five-year contract extension with Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson, the team announced Tuesday.

Arizona didn’t provide any further details on the extension, which will keep Peterson under contract through 2020. Peterson said on Twitter Tuesday night the deal is worth $70 million with $48 million guaranteed, which makes him the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL.

Peterson’s deal surpasses contracts recently signed by the Browns’ Joe Haden (five years, $68 million) and Seahawks‘ Richard Sherman (four years, $56 million).

Peterson will hold a news conference Wednesday.

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Nick Canelas
Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer

The NBA apparently is ready to rid the league of Donald Sterling‘s presence as quickly as possible.

According to USA Today, the league’s Board of Governors is expected to approve the sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer soon after the transaction from Shelly Sterling to Ballmer is complete.

Sterling and Ballmer have a target date of Aug. 15 to complete the deal with hopes that Ballmer can take control of the Clippers within the next few weeks.

Judge Michael Levanas ruled earlier this week that Sterling had the right to sell the Clippers to Ballmer after the two sides came to an agreement in May. Donald Sterling has until the sale is complete to file objections.

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ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes gave us the latest on the Lester trade talks.

[0:00:14] ... It's worked didn't commission look at that that this might make guard Jon Lester available putting all time baseball game -- Go I like that Alec we think going out I know that thought occurred to him orderly quick this apartment quick answer and is one you won't know. What would use say is the percentage number. That Jon Lester will not be treated. I. I precepts that you'd say there's not much chance. You -- that might hit it exactly. I ...
[0:01:38] ... told me. Shortly after that announcement that you know there's no deal. Jon Lester could Celtic pride -- against the Yankees and and you know you look at it. That particular I'm lucky after the that you get GAQ what do what it -- take advantage -- -- went straight your -- instead. I don't think so I think -- messed up their base but. I you know right now guys I think about it bodies on the table other. Did it surprise you when you read or heard about Bradford report that said the Red Sox have only given one offer and one offer only to Jon Lester for your seven million dollars. If you believe that. What would what does that tell you it -- back. Right. Now of course it doesn't surprise me I have at. Wanted to get reported that there was another property may. Do people -- there were some negotiations going on the numbers are being exchanged. There's no question. There's no question that the Red Sox. Have a clear understanding. Of what it would take to get John pressure -- side. There's pretty good understanding until unless -- side. The Red Sox want to opera that is a region. Guys that. Well in the Red Sox approached Jon Lester they can lectures charity event right around the all star break based at. I work at a -- on it adamant about not wanting to negotiate during the season. Thank you very much but will wait until after the season dating to at that point. That the Red Sox weren't going to make the kind of market offer. That was gonna get this thing done so that. And it didn't surprise ...
[0:05:21] ... It's got a big part of the conversation. Regarding -- yes the Red Sox are we want. Prospects back like I say -- Try to -- you can attest to -- not prospects. We -- this ...
[0:07:00] ... paparazzi said that -- all these jokers out what I'm told is. Red Sox are asking our quote a rat them in return or less certain that they are looking. What but I got back what ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

[0:05:28] ... Earlier this year fifty United States senators sent a letter urging the Washington Redskins to change their name now another notable politician. Hillary Clinton has spoken out about the Redskins name let me guess let me guess she's -- -- -- I don't know -- New ...
[0:06:42] ... Simmons in the CBS. And the -- phonies. Like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton -- a finger in the wind. Who used the term for thirty years of Peter King wrote that term for thirty years ...
[0:11:43] ... swimming for the French toast five hours of jogging for the chicken pasta dish and four and a half hours of republics for the cheesecake that a lot of people who -- that she's connect you for -- I am pretty aerobics at the maturity -- like this I know 6777. Point 793 set I have. After the pan mass challenge. Getting big Mac. Mountainous like right after to reward -- yes might rewards that the Mac had poses. And young and stupid ...

Vin Scully

Vin Scully

For Vin Scully, age apparently is just a number.

The 86-year-old Hall of Fame announcer will return for his record 66th season with the Dodgers, making him the longest-tenured broadcaster with one team in sports history. Scully calls all Dodgers home and road games in California and Arizona on SportsNet LA. The first three innings of his games are simulcast on the radio.

“God willing, I will be back next year,” Scully said in a statement released by the team. “Naturally there will come a time when I have to say goodbye, but I’ve soul-searched and this is not the time.”

Scully began his broadcasting career in 1950 with the Brooklyn Dodgers. At 25, he became the youngest person to ever broadcast a World Series game. He has called six Dodgers World Series championships.

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Joh, Gerry and Buck opened the show by discussing the latest rumors surrounding Jon Lester.

[0:00:03] ... but I do think it is fairly safe to assume. The trading Jon Lester is no longer and if were also pretty much know the win that would be probably today and certainly before tomorrow for. ...
[0:00:36] ... exactly or Tom Wendell those might be some of the return for Jon Lester but going through all the papers or enthralled web sites is really not that helpful. Because there is so much stuff being ...
[0:01:54] ... -- you're the headlines a Jayson stark espn.com. Eight. Landing spot for Jon Lester John payment baseball insider. Lester leaders might be the Dodgers the pirates the brewers and the Orioles. This is an interesting one. ...
[0:05:59] ... lot of tires on left handed relievers who can beat Lester and Matt Miller in a much bigger deal what why. What is a scout have to come -- the stance. That don't have public -- ...

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon

Browns receiver Josh Gordon hired attorney Maurice Suh to represent him at a hearing with the NFL as he faces an indefinite suspension for marijuana use, according to multiple reports.

Suh previously helped Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman win an appeal for a suspension in 2012 for a substance abuse violation on the grounds of a faulty test.

ESPN reported that Gordon’s legal team will argue Friday that the receiver’s positive test results were caused from secondhand marijuana smoke. They reportedly also will argue that the positive tests are marginal enough to question whether the results were truly positive.

Gordon failed at least three drug tests in college for marijuana and was suspended for two games last season for what he said was prescribed cough medicine.

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