The guys get into the discussion of what the Patriots need to do with Malcolm Butler if he asks for a contract extension. Also, breaking news hits when we find Fred Smerlas posting a picture of himself with Goodell on Twitter. Glenn, Lou and Christian call up Smerlas and leave a voicemail live on the air.

[0:00:07] ... The end of last week comes up with a piece about the New England Patriots. And it's kind of negative talks about their future murky as at and free agency questions no. We already know that Malcolm ...
[0:02:08] ... one year. A project here a Jamal sheared. Sebastian Vollmer. Logan Ryan Rob Ninkovich. Bomb then you get Chris Long in place now happier Alan Branch. Terrorists and Geithner. Are derived Thorman and Matt Slater. Jonathan ...
[0:02:59] ... guys like sheer look like guys like nick of its all love Rob Ninkovich as a player. They're already trying to figure out these other guys trade flowers. Did you agree sums of those guys can ...
[0:23:28] ... that are expendable. The lead tests on this earlier. A guy like Rob Ninkovich does he played. Rob male role. Disease he won those guys that's religion here like you know let's I don't really feel ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian took some time to honor the late Muhammad Ali, and they also take some time to honor him as the greatest trash talker ever.

[0:00:39] ... yourself at least four games and based on what he did to Tom Brady and the patriots. Most patriots fans are gonna watch this one very closely and make sure that the commission handles it properly we talked about the Red Sox is anybody out there concerned. Changes in host Cleveland Indians are suddenly on the right there first like you're on essential vision technology. Haven't done wrong at all in those elections Texas ...
[0:13:36] ... 48 right now. Sports Radio WEEI. Well. Chris I know. These two World Series my somewhat profitable. They used to be and being able to beat pat. Palin aren't up and I was doing theater. Look ...

Former Patriots cornerback and current Denver Bronco was shot in a Dallas stripclub this weekend, which sparks Christian claiming the best steak he's ever had was at a stripclub.

[0:01:30] ... it was Bruce used Bruschi missed you know 11 data were just talking head off he just be you be lost you know I didn't respect of a group that was you know the key is ...
[0:05:26] ... is the first little crack in that amber deepen the look report DeMarcus Ware complaining about back. The key to lead should be shoot himself. Peace prize holy chatter Bob felt that these defense in office ...
[0:09:58] ... again. Net net one down ever rip what anybody who says that Michael Vick you know what the prism. Jong and it's no was able to come back and play the Eagles to tickle way for ...
[0:12:12] ... that's actually gonna happen but you just looking for signs in the Oakland Raiders are looking for signs. Oakland Raiders on a steel needle picked up upon a relatively wannabe a team of the west got it's revision. A lot tougher for ...

Lou was welcomed back in the radio booth for Sunday's game and he saw the the last game of a terrible weekend for the Sox.

[0:03:35] ... piece but it's just basically mimic what. You know last year was fastball slider change their games was mowing more changeup and sliders durable slated to change ups and it was just aren't one of the ...
[0:13:48] ... about everybody else you final and he can't afford to lose to David Ortiz. Can't afford to lose a Dustin Pedroia right now especially with. Whole you know we don't know what what is dangerous time right now it is. And endure it ...
[0:14:39] ... play. And you're thinking about Kim next year as the replacement for David Ortiz. And this is not much tell you replacement played for Toronto and a much just looking may big. I'm not just looking ...
[0:24:03] ... phone calls we'll talk some Red Sox outlook units of the yet Cleveland Cavaliers actually gonna show up game. That's gonna make it a series we'll get ...

Hanley Ramirez still isn't hitting for power, and now that his average is dipping, too, the guys look into what plaguing Hanley.

[0:02:31] ... you're Tampa Bay. Yeah you know I just that. You know the James Shields thing that trade went down after us we we left on Friday. That was interesting because of the money into giving up. You know you're paying this guy nine million dollars to be 200 innings you would take that but my thought is that the brows ski could've had a Billie Jamison are talking to a woman I think you know and if you really interest in James Shields you could add him. Go to pieces the kid they paid 600 reinforce that a minor league game Eric Johnson is just like Henry Owens. But I'd like to think that he wants better than James Shields he just wants someone to fill rotation he wants someone to consider up top. With David Price in with Rodriguez and whoever. ...
[0:07:57] ... bigger problem for next year. If you're looking at a replacement for David Ortiz he can't like this would be a replacement for digital space so that to drive that to two guys that you're. Would ...
[0:09:11] ... but during the season. It's a multiple most to me for dealing Hanley Ramirez you know. You got to get somebody in return amenable multiple pieces it can be done budgets it's easier doing Aussie. If ...
[0:11:55] ... too and I took it kind of an opens things like that Johnny Damon. And he just. That seat he can't time and he has a power. He kicked over the outside of the plate but ...


This was Andre Iguodala in the fourth quarter of Game 2 with his team up 100 to 69 on their way to a 110-77 blowout. That’s totally inappropriate.

It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous! And by that, I’m referring to the Cavaliers. What kind of team tanks so badly in the NBA Finals that opponents are openly lining up chicks for after the game with time left on the clock? That has to be the worst indignity any team has ever suffered. Way worse than the worst smack talk, taunting, running up the score, or the Cavs launching threes with the game out of reach against Atlanta. Igoudala turned this dime piece into a human Victory Cigar. And if Cleveland can’t respond to this like men, either on the scoreboard or by scoring with some hotties of their own in the middle of Game 3, then I have no respect for them whatsoever.

I mean, first they get disrespected by Iguodala, then this dancing grandpa visited and even worse insult upon them with the worst dance of all time? On second thought, maybe they just ought to concede the series while they still have a shred of pride left.


BuzzFeedThis is Ainsley. She is 5. During Princess Week at her dance class she decided she would rather dress as a hot dog.

Ainsley is the hero of our modern time.

It’s taken a while because Ainsley’s Princess Week was over a month ago. But make no mistake, she and her hot dog costume have taken the world by storm.

I think it’s fitting that our girl Ainsley has been elevated to hero status now, of all moments. Because the planet has just lost another transcendent figure. An iconoclast who did things his way, consequences be damned. Like Muhammad Ali, Ainsley is a true original who won’t back down, won’t give in, and refuses to sell out her principles for anyone. And if the The Man doesn’t like it, that’s his problem.

It’s like the Good Lord took one great, Earth-shaking, giant of history away from us, and saw fit to give us another. Ainsley the Hot Dog Princess is the hero the world deserves. The one it needs, right now. Even Ali would have to admit, she’s the greatest.

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Jerry Thornton
Minihane went to see Al Pacino in Connecticut Friday night, and he gives a recap of the show

(NSFW, language)

(Author’s note: I could have done a tribute to the late, great Muhammad Ali, but it I know it would have been about the 5,000th best column you’ve seen written about him to date. Instead, I’m stepping aside for a moment to let my pal, Barstool legend and current WEEI podcaster Uncle Buck write the best one you’ll read. Enjoy.)

He was the first three time world heavyweight boxing champion. He waged epic battles in the ring against the era’s greatest fighters and out of the ring against the United States government and in the name of America. With the news of the passing of the legendary Muhammad Ali this weekend, there will inevitably follow the tributes and moments of silence and replays of some of the greatest clashes the “Sweet Science” has ever produced. There will also be tales of lesser known legend about the young boy named Clay who got into boxing after having his bike stolen and whether he did or didn’t throw his Olympic medal in a river in protest. In that effort, here a 10 Count of your Uncle Buck’s favorite Ali tales to shine some light on the lesser known moments in Ali’s career. The Champ is in heaven, so I should have done seven, but I added three more so his legend could soar. (I’m not good at rhyming…)

1. Ali once played himself in a movie about…himself.

In 1977 Ali was the lead actor in the movie role he was literally born to play: “Muhammad Ali!” “The Greatest,” starred Ali as himself and featured Robert Duval, Ernest Borgnine and James Earl Jones as Malcolm X. On a grading scale, Ali’s performance was better than Babe Ruth in “Headin’ Home,” Jackie Robinson in “The Jackie Robinson Story” but fell short in comparison to Tom Brady’s golden loins and perfect spiral in “Ted 2.”

2. Ali not only fought Superman, but he knocked him out.

In 1978, DC Comics released the now classic “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali” oversized comic book (also known as All-New Collector’s Edition C-56 for the ultra-geeks in the audience). The work by comic legend Neal Adams features a cover littered with a who’s-who of 70s pop culture celebrity and can be found in today’s collectors market at well over $250 on eBay in high grade. A precursor to “Space Jam,” the cosmic clash tells the story of an intergalactic race that comes to earth looking for an opponent for their version of Ivan Drago, but first decides to match Ali and Superman in a battle to determine the champion of Earth and the opponent for “Death from Above.” Unfortunately the “Man of Steel” is forced to fight sans super-powers, leaving him merely mortal. I know, I know. Aliens, spaceships… it all seems a little ridiculous and far-fetched…

3. The Nation of Islam swayed Ali to their side with tales of spaceships rescuing Blacks from whites on Earth.

According to Pulitzer Prize winning author David Remnick’s account in his 1998 book, “King of the World,” Ali bought in to the tales of Detroit preacher W.D. Fard who taught his followers that the Black race was going to be rescued from the “white devils” thanks to a “Mother Ship” that was siphoning air from the north pole, orbiting the Earth and biding its time to attack. He also initially changed his name to Cassius X before being dubbed “Muhammad Ali” by Elijah Muhammad in March of 1964.

4. Ali’s boxing career was the inspiration for Rocky…and Rocky III…and Rocky VI!

While fans of the Rocky films may know that the fictional matchup between outspoken, self-promoting champion Apollo Creed and never-was club fighter Rocky Balboa was inspired by the real life 1975 “rabbit-punch-fest” between Ali and journeyman Chuck Wepner. Both Wepner and Ali would compete in wrestler vs boxer matches the following year (more on that later), much like the Rocky/Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan) confrontation in “Rocky III,” but when the franchise was in desperate need of a re-boot, Sylvester Stallone went back to the well and selected another chapter of Ali’s career to revitalize the Balboa legacy. In 1969, while serving his suspension from boxing and in need of money, Ali (who is still referred to as Clay in the film) agreed to be part of a fantasy fight between himself and the retired Brockton Bomber Rocky Marciano. The event, a brain child of Miami MadMan Murry Woroner (who closer resembled George Costanza than Don Draper), was a filmed fictional exhibition where both men got in their shots. Two finishes were produced, each man winning one, but in the end it was the older and visibly past his prime Rock that scored the KO victory:

5. Ali was helped financially and with public support for reinstatement by his greatest rival: Joe Frazier

In 1967, after refusing induction in the military and a ticket to the Vietnam War, Ali was stripped of his title and facing jail time. Amazingly it was the man who would become his greatest rival who would come to his aid. Smokin Joe Frazier was climbing the pro ranks himself at the time, capturing the NYSAC Heavyweight title en route to Ali’s vacant WBC and WBA crowns. In the public’s view Ali was still the champion, but it was Frazier who played the part and showed his friendship to Ali, giving him money and public support for reinstatement. Upon Ali’s return to boxing in 1971 it was Frazier again, this time dispatching Ali in a unanimous decision victory that included a thunderous right sending Ali to the canvas late in the bout. Still thought of as the most anticipated fight in Boxing history, the ticket for attendance at Madison Square Garden was so hard to get that even Frank Sinatra took a freelance gig as a photographer for Life Magazine to ensure a ringside seat. The friendship dissolved, however, as Ali publicly attacked Frazier calling him a “gorilla” an “Uncle Tom” and a “Puppet of the White Man.” The two even fought on the set of ABC’s Wide World of Sports:

“Joe Frazier is really angry. Muhammad called him ignorant and he’s really angry.” – Howard Cosell

6. Ali – Liston 2 was originally booked to happen at the Boston Garden

Oh what could have been. The rematch of Ali and now former champion Sonny Liston from February 1964 was originally booked to take place at the old Boston Garden. Liston, who was again an established favorite, was reportedly in fantastic shape training in Dedham, but it was an emergency visit to Boston City Hospital (currently Boston Medical Center) by Ali and the subsequent surgery for a strangulated hernia that postponed the contest. By the time Ali and the event were back on their collective feet, the Suffolk County DA was taking his swings claiming the promoters didn’t have the correct licenses for the state of Massachusetts, to say nothing of rumored ties to organized crime. Enter former Lowell promoter Sam Mitchel, who had moved his career to Lewiston, Maine and now was getting the “emergency change of venue” call. The rest, of course, is history. On May 25th, 1965, Ali and his “phantom punch” floor Liston a minute into the first round while a confused Jersey Joe Walcott serving as referee loses control and ultimately calls for the bell. Ali retains his title, the sport is in chaos and a young photographer named Neil Leifer snaps one of sport and America’s most iconic photos.

7. Ali is credited with the shortest poem in history

As author George Plimpton recalls, during a visit to Harvard Ali was asked to recite a poem to a senior class. Undoubtedly expecting one of his brash, comedic classics, the students were instead treated with the shortest poem in recorded history: “Me. We.”

8. Ali attributed his brash talk to his admiration for professional wrestler Gorgeous George

While certainly not shy or soft spoken early in his career, Ali did credit the moment where he realized the power of personality when it came to attracting an audience to the moment he first met wrestling legend: Gorgeous George Wagner. Gorgeous George was America’s first TV wrestling superstar, exploding across the screen while consistently enraging his audience. George would come to the ring in outrageous robes and curlers in his hair, have his handlers remove them and brush his hair in his corner and make claims that he would cut his golden locks if anyone was able to do the impossible and pin him. “A lot of people will pay to see someone shut your mouth,“ he told the then 19-year-old Clay backstage at a radio interview. Ali saw the dollar signs and began to tell reporters that he would kiss his opponent’s feet if he were to lose then leave the country.

9. Ali’s wrestling match in Japan laid the groundwork for Wrestlemania

While trying to impress his father and make a name for himself in the world of big money promotion, a young Vince McMahon, Jr. worked with boxing promoter Bob Arum to not only convince stuntman Evil Knievel to jump Snake River Canyon in a rocket-cycle but to arrange the most bizarre spectacle of 1976: a boxer vs wrestler Main Event between Ali and Japanese legend Antonio Inoki. Brash talk about multi-million dollar payoffs led to a meeting between McMahon and Ali to produce the match in Japan that would be shown as the closed circuit finale to super-stadium events across the country. At the New York portion dubbed the “Showdown at Shea” Vince McMahon, Sr. added Chuck Wepner to the card facing Andre the Giant in their Boxer v Wrestler contest. The match was a complete disaster. Ali who thought it more a “show” found himself confronting Inoki who was prepared to treat it like a shoot. Both sides renegotiated the way the match would happen and the result was a ridiculous sham where Inoki, limited by what he was now allowed to do, spent the match on his back throwing wild kicks at Ali’s legs. Ali in turn only threw a handful of actual punches and ultimately suffered a cut on his leg that became dangerously infected and would affect the remainder of his career and life. For the McMahon family it was the beginning of a transition towards the Junior McMahon and his ideas to combine brash spectacle with the already pre-determined “sport” and by 1985 when he launched his closed-circuit/pay-per-view flagship “Wrestlemania” it was Ali who was the special guest referee in the main event.

10. Ali was trying to make peace in North Korea long before Dennis Rodman

In 1995 an American sports hall of famer trying to lend a political olive branch to North Korea through their sport? Yeah that was Muhammad Ali decades before Dennis Rodman would have his sleepover with little fat kid with the crew cut. Once again stepping into the world of professional wrestling, Ali joined his former foe Inoki and World Championship Wrestling for the “Collision in Korea,” a non U.S. government sanctioned card featuring Ric Flair and a few select stars (the ones willing to go) against the stars of New Japan Wrestling. Ali played his now more traditional role as good will ambassador for what turned out to be a dud of an event. The sheltered Korean crowd didn’t know what to make of the “fake” sport of kings, while the most lasting impact came in the form of anecdotes in wrestler tell-all books for the last 20 years where they told stories of Hulk Hogan refusing to go and their phone lines being tapped. Maybe more hoped to be accomplished after both Ali and Inoki had aided in the diplomatic release of 15 American prisoners a few years earlier in Iraq.

@unclebuckWEEI on Twitter

DraftKings Baseball is in full swing and you can be a part of the action all season long at DraftKings! Play for FREE in the $10K fantasy baseball contest TODAY with your first deposit. Just draft two pitchers and eight position players, stay under the salary cap and outscore the competition to turn your love of baseball into CASH! To draft your team today, CLICK HERE.

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Jerry Thornton
The guys end Monday's show with a little Red Sox weekend rewind, including Xander Bogaert's dropping down an inexplicable Sunday bunt with two aboard; the guys also rag on producer Ken Laird for his Saturday night Red Sox Review on-air appearance