Following LSU's 21-0 loss to Alabama in Monday night's national championship game, LSU coach Les Miles faced some questions about why he didn't yank ineffective quarterback Jordan Jefferson and put in Jarrett Lee. One such question that led off the postgame press conference was more of an attack, and it came from former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert, who, to make things even more interesting, has a son, T-Bob Hebert, who is an offensive lineman for LSU.

The Jets failed to make the playoffs, but New York still has a loud, cocky team making noise. After dispatching the Falcons Sunday following a few days of bad-mouthing them, the Giants are preparing to face the defending Super Bowl champion Packers in Green Bay. No problem, claims defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

"We're going to win," Pierre-Paul said. "A hundred percent we're going to win. … Because we're the best."

I’m going to miss the Jets in the playoffs this January. And you should, too.



The Jets' blame tour continued Thursday with former Jets center Kris Jenkins assigning blame to quarterback Mark Sanchez for not speaking up earlier in the season about selfish teammates. Earlier in the week, rookie quarterback Greg McElroy said there was a "corrupt mindset" in the locker room.

A former media strategist for the Red Sox ownership group spilled some secrets to Boston Magazine and is getting some attention for his claims. Doug Bailey, who was a senior vice president for Rasky Baerlein, shines a little light on the Theo Epstein-Larry Lucchino feud and claims John Henry is "distant and aloof" -- although his explanation makes Henry sound more senile than anything else.

He told of a day he spent with Henry at a Lowell Spinners game, when he bonded with Henry and talked about a range of topics.

On Tuesday we told you about the Jets' messy breakup day Monday, which included linebacker Bart Scott flipping off a photographer (who snapped a photo of the obscene gesture). The NFL was not pleased, and a league spokesman said there will be an investigation. The team also expressed disappointment.

"What he did was unacceptable," Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum told ESPN Radio. "We're going to address it. We'll certainly talk to him."

After Sunday's forgettable performance in a season-ending loss to the Dolphins, the Jets made a memorable exit from their practice facility in Florham Park, N.J., on Monday. The day featured a crying coach, an obscene linebacker and a silent receiver being trailed by a media horde after being stripped of his captaincy.

Not only did the Jets lose the Dolphins on Sunday to surrender any hope of making the playoffs, there was some internal trouble as receiver Santonio Holmes was benched for the final drive after being held without a catch all game and getting into a dispute with his teammates.

Holmes could be seen screaming in the huddle before leaving the field.

"There were guys in the huddle not happy with Santonio's demeanor throughout the game and in the two-minute drill," Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson said. "And they said something to him about it."

FOXBORO -- Chill, people.

Tom Brady will be fine going into the playoffs.



Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has directed his anger at Cowboys fans instead of players heading into Sunday's NFC East championship-deciding game.

"It's their fans," he said. "Some of their fans are loud, obnoxious and just bad. Just everywhere you go, you’ve got them Dallas fans running their mouth about Dallas. They keep going. It’s not really the team and the star and all that. They’re just like any other team in the National Football League if you ask me. But their fans are the ones that have me really just feeling the way I feel.”