Hanley Ramirez has been getting a lot of criticism by the guys lately, and finally Hanley Ramirez answered his critics by hitting a home run. The guys talk about the Red Sox losing to the White Sox and more.

[0:00:33] ... lefties. Sanford at 3330. Against the big league averages like they'd choose Chris young museum bats including when he faced this that was the third competitive sport so it's. We honesty by faced ready every single day and then only face one or two and Almonte the buoyant national issue up and that's what you need a guy like keenly remember I like I've shown. I won't get to go jump on your technique are shown at 417. Now for Schilling starts. Let the bat well Chris Young needs you bats or. It's clear that he's going to be he's gonna figured notably Italy it's a long to be back at all figures but that's why I wanna race. Hanley Ramirez that because that's. That's switching from. You need him against lefties to go up there and give you the power that he. ...
[0:04:16] ... that great you into taking them out. And if he becomes your Tim Wakefield where he'll have stretches where it will be healed me little shaky. Because that's what happens to the Lockwood during the course ...
[0:06:01] ... hitting the ball right now are looking. Elsewhere if you wanna play Chris Young at all by take Jackie Bradley out right now police when I'm with you. Until the mark marks in Connecticut what's up ...
[0:08:26] ... different he called us. There are still able not to listen to Curt Schilling well you've got a good point there but. And I just saw that is markedly. With Prince Sultan. Police ruin the other ...

Kirk wasn't happy when Curt Schilling called into OMF yesterday, and Glenn Lou and Christian take some time to go back at Kirk and have some fun with the situation.

The Hollywood Reporter David Ortiz has three World Series rings. Now, the slugger better known as “Big Papi” will have a big-screen credit to add to his résumé.

This month, Ortiz will be whisked in to shoot a scene for the Mark Wahlberg starrer Patriots Day, which chronicles the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. Sources say Ortiz will re-enact the real-life moment when he told fans at Fenway Park, “This is our f—ing city.” …

At the time, the televised speech went viral and even received a thumbs-up from the FCC rather than the typical fine (FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said the sports star “spoke from the heart … [and] I stand with Big Papi.”).

The emotional scene is eschewing the real Fenway in favor of a hangar at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station. …

[Director Peter] Berg is using actual news footage as b-roll for the bombing sequences, which were shot over six days in late April. But for Big Papi’s spontaneous speech, the director is opting for Ortiz in the flesh.

I’m happy for David Ortiz. Getting screen time in a major motion picture is cool, even for a guy with three rings and a World Series MVP to his credit. And I’m happy for my hometown. The South Weymouth Naval Air Station is part of my childhood, where I went to camp and annual town festivals. And ever since the Department of Defense shut it down, it looks pretty much like the setting of a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game where you hunt zombies. So I’m proud it’s playing a role in an important film.

I just don’t get why any of this necessary. It’s not as if Big Papi’s speech was never captured on film. Or that they don’t have it from multiple angles. Why don’t they just use any of the yottabytes of high-def footage that already exists, instead of recreating it? I mean, it’s not like the moon landing or the JFK assassination where all you have is grainy 1960s footage to go by.

Whatever. They’re the professionals and what I don’t know about making movies could fill a library. My only concern is that they change it somehow. The moment was perfect. To alter it in any way would be to diminish it. We don’t need the filmmakers to tone down Ortiz’s Dominican accent. I don’t want to see them put other words his his mouth. And for sure, we don’t need them somehow working Mark Wahlberg’s character into it somehow and turning an indelible moment into just another piece of Hollywood fiction.

I don’t mean to suggest Wahlberg would do that. But he has a bit of a history of injecting himself into great sports moments.

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Jerry Thornton
Kirk still can't fathom why Paul or Ken would want to produce the morning show. Some shade is thrown at another potential candidate.
Ted Cruz lost Indiana and gave up his bid for the GOP nomination. Donald Trump didn't exactly bring the heat in his victory speech.


Derek Jeter says Boston has “gone soft”? Could this possibly be true? If so, I’ll be devastated.
To be clear, I’m all for Captain Intangibles and his ridiculously hot fiancee being free to eat in restaurants in peace. If he ever did get hassled by idiots, they weren’t representing me. I support Massholes, not actual a-holes.
But to his larger point, have we loosened up over the years? I have to confess, I’m a little worried he might have a point. It could just be that Bostonians in general and Red Sox fans in particular have been spoiled by success. That we’re Rocky Balboa in the first two acts of “Rocky III” and we’ve lost the Eye of the Tiger.
Or Eddie Murphy in “Trading Places.” That we’ve gone from begging in the streets and being edgy and hilarious to wearing expensive suits and worrying that our party guests are messing up the antiques.

Back in the dark times, before the 2004 miracle comeback, we used to wonder if part of the appeal of the Red Sox was the fact no one alive had ever seen them win a World Series. And ask that if they did ever win, would they lose some of their appeal. I was asked that in the interview for “Curse of the Bambino” back in 2003. And my answer was, “I don’t know. But try me. Just let them win once, and if I feel all empty and hollow inside, I’ll get back to you. But losing always sucks and I want to know what it feels like to win.”
Three championships later, it could be that we have our answer thanks to an old nemesis. Jeets may be right. I like to think two straight last-place finishes is enough to get us back to our roots. Bring the edge back. But absent a major crisis, an us-against-the-world, Deflategate-like event that galvanizes the fan base, maybe we are softening up. Or, just to complete the movie reference triple play, what Bane said to Bruce Wayne applies to us: Peace has cost us our strength. Victory has defeated us.
I just like to think Jeter is wrong. And on the odd chance I find myself in the same restaurant as him, I might just have to prove it.

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Jerry Thornton
Curt Schilling joined the show to defend himself about his selfish call to OMF yesterday.
Schilling called in to the midday show yesterday, and did 10 minutes with OMF. Kirk is pissed that all the questions that the morning show would have asked, were essentially already addressed.
Kirk and Gerry talk about their first time having sex, and Gary pretends that he doesn't even remember who it happened with.
Lenny Clarke heard Kirk ripping Robert Kraft and called in to defend him.