With the Sox officially in the playoffs, we look at four teams they could meet in the upcoming postseason.
We close out the show with the best soundbites from throughout the day.
We close out the show with the best soundbites from throughout the day.

I’m going for the rare back-to-back Afternoon Delights on the same theme. I guess it’s just my way of documenting the fall of western civilization. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve devolved in 56 years.

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Jerry Thornton

I’m being totally objective when I say this is brilliant. As in sincerely laugh out loud funny. Usually these scripted charity videos seem canned and awkward. But this is actually funnier than anything I’ve caught on the late night shows in months.

Granted, Damon and Affleck are kidding themselves if they think Brady closer to them than he is to me. My wife and I might not hang with him and Gisele the way the Damons do and maybe I’m not taking my private jet to Vegas with him and my hot nanny like Affleck. But you know it’s true. And just to prove it, I’m putting everything I have to win this party. What’s sending my kid to college when I can have pizza and beer with the G.O.A.T.?

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Jerry Thornton
Glenn, Lou, and Christian listen back to David Price's bizarre interview with Trenni Kusnierick. Glenn and Lou think David Price is passive-aggressively lashing out at the Media. Christian thinks he's just being a good teammate by saying it's "Not about me."

[0:00:18] ... Keep Marty go I have I don't wanna be part of art Mardi Gras I want to beat out party girl where. Well because I wanna help. You want help for you saw when I went ...
[0:02:34] ... night Astra because Derek was in the the club house. She interviewed David Price and what you guys want to play it right you'll play this long cut. It was a little bit strange and it. ...
[0:03:50] ... vote of the season and that was so that's. Look at this post season rod as a chance for you to improve yourself as big big and its Atkinson is an about me. I'm I'm one of 25 plug other state and we went officers outside. I'd rather have that throw three complete games. I don't that is that's what we're not that's just collecting. On his post season struggles yes but that that is not. Just talking about no that's exactly what he is being eighteen yeah he noticed that score relative had a right like it was a great. It stripped but it was everyone's Mickens such a big deal. Any any thinks he's got a countering it before we'd get to the post season right of your struggles in the post season he's been here and as for some time and it's you know it is differences. Doesn't matter what I do yes it ...
[0:06:39] ... may when he was struggling. Most of the city was really concerned David Price would turnaround. You'll get a free free can pass for a long time. As we just seconds that word Bosnia crisis he's ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian tell the true story of Gary Tanguay's walk-out yesterday.

[0:02:04] ... to make it deep run this postseason that should be in the World Series is it'd be on yes Christian I don't table we didn't have gas from a sports it. I'm sure the market expectations Coppola. Three levels here and you expect them to go. To the World Series but so I want him last night so last night so it can't guess who apparently beat me anyway I don't know ...
[0:07:43] ... know they're all too yeah athletica. This destruction. Of mandates. But again Curtis brown and other big issue organizer that Weaver which I don't quite yet during the off we went straight with let those guys ...
[0:08:16] ... Spacey who said that. I want organism proper Golden Retriever but because. Buffalo Bills we look at cool it's Rex Ryan but I would have thought you know and it's been like what over a year ...
[0:09:48] ... disciplined program you're job and it's and not some goofy you know child missed twelve year old kids don't. Want to charge us I don't appreciate it if I'd be like outing like there's growth. They ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian watched last night's Red Sox AL East Champs celebration, and they love the new NESN, especailly the copious F-Bombs and "Party Gary" Striewski. Plus, Christian tries to get Producer Paul to try DMSO horse cream for his leg injury.
Glenn, Lou, and Christian marvel that it's Week 4, and the Patriots are already running away with the Division. Plus, Rex Ryan is being his normal ridiculous self; and could Tom Coughlin be in the Bills' future?

Daily MailEye-watering images have captured the moment firefighters attempted to free a man after his penis became trapped in a wedding ring. 

The 18-year-old from Liuzhou, China’s Guangxi province had his penis stuck in the ring for two days before the pain became so unbearable that he called emergency services for help on September 13. …

In the footage the man can be seen with a bag of ice on his penis.

Then firefighters can be seen using giant pliers to try and cut the wedding band off. 

Boy, if this isn’t one of those “There but for the grace of God go I” moments, I don’t know what is.

What prospective groom hasn’t, at one time or another, almost gotten his penis stuck in his wedding band? It’s got to be up there with falling down stairs or slipping in the shower when it comes to common, household accidents.

So let this be a lesson to us all. Guys with your junk stuck in your wedding ring, you are not alone. There is no shame in what happened to you. Be smart about it. Don’t try to be a hero like my boy here and wait two days of screaming agony because you don’t want to be a burden. Call for help right away. The first responders won’t judge, and they’ve got the pliers you need to free you so you can get on with your life of married bliss. Then you can put your junk where it belongs.

This has been a public service message of Thornography minding you to be smart with your man part.

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Jerry Thornton