Here are the highlights from Monday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– Rapper Kanye West stopped a show in Australia because he was unhappy that some people would not stand during his performance. He announced that he would not start his next song until everyone was standing, and when he spotted two people who did not comply, he called them out. It eventually came to light that the individuals were handicapped, something West felt the need to confirm by sending a member of his security team into the crowd.

“What would make you go to his concert?” Fauria wondered. “Losing a bet? Being forced to do it as some sort of jail sentence? I mean, ‘No, your honor, I’d rather go to jail than go to one of his concerts.’ ”

Agreed Benz: “I would never go to a Kanye show, no.”

– Fauria challenged producer Joe Zarbano to a karaoke sing-off Friday night at the Hong Kong restaurant at Faneuil Hall.

“Yeah, because I’ve kind of just had it with him,” Fauria said of Zarbano, noting that Zarbano has been teasing him and didn’t invite him to play on his softball team.

Zarbano revealed that he would be using the song “Laid,” and he played a clip of the Matt Nathanson version that was featured in the “American Pie” movies.

“You’re dead,” Fauria said of Zarbano’s chances in the competition. “You can’t hit any of these tunes, and you can’t even play it off, like, badly. … I don’t know, I think you might need to rethink this song.”

Fauria said he’s planning to sing a 1980′s classic, “The Pina Colada Song.”

– A man in California was arrested for stalking and animal cruelty charges after allegedly stealing his ex-girlfriend’s dog, cooking it and serving it to her for dinner. He also left the dog’s severed paws on her doorstep.

Ryan Watenpaugh, 34, allegedly physically assaulted the woman after an argument on Aug. 4. The woman left, and when she returned her Pomeranian was gone. About a month later, the couple briefly reconciled and Watenpaugh cooked the woman a meal. He later texted her, “How’s your dog taste?” He also taunted her about what he planned to do with the rest of the remains, and she saw him drop off the paws on her doorstep.

“This is a guy that should probably go to jail forever,” Merloni said. “Because I will guarantee if he ever gets out will do that to humans.”

Joked Benz: “Two-game suspension, minimum.”

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Julian Edelman had 6 catches and a TD to help the Pats even their record at 1-1. He spoke with Lou, Christian, and Tim to talk about Chandler Jones' lightning speed on the FG block return.
The Pats had a big win on Sunday, defeating former back up Matt Cassel and the Vikings 30-7. Jones contributed to the win with a FG block just before the half, that he returned for a TD. He talked about the turnaround and how the defense shored up some of it's mistakes they made in the previous week.

[0:00:34] ... scoop and score. Chandler Jones -- this and I threw seven WEI. Bill Belichick after the game Chandler said we work on that all the time in practice it was good to see the practice payoff ...
[0:03:19] ... mind. That was on the moments don't decline and cooked and yet. Jerry Jones -- this under the patriots pitcher's mound and at present an idea about your play on defense besides just the field goal ...
[0:08:57] ... and all of this and it very good all three facets give offense defense special teams. They're very count and it into a lot of things are very explosive top hundred football amendments them. You know and in ...

The Pats looked much better than they did against Miami. Chandler Jones had a huge game with a blocked FG that he returned for a TD. But how much of this victory was a result of how BAD Matt Cassel played, or the fact that Adrian Peterson was inactive?
John, Gerry and Kirk's first ever post show podcast. Enjoy.

[0:01:21] ... have three people right we've -- guess we couldn't we don't call Tom Brady just out of the Bill Gates. Oh. We gave -- some time now end of the show by saying he's talking to ...
[0:02:00] ... plus plus -- I'm not sure you're in that room and you're Tom Brady you don't think he says to -- And look who it is over there. Your problem but they're the ultimate look at ...
[0:02:57] ... have -- that -- ones. I don't know that you said Johnny Johnny Depp -- himself or may -- old -- like the narrow -- -- -- Why is that such a bad question -- -- ...
[0:06:16] ... to read McDonald and and the big the biggest one so far Adrian Peterson right. Winter when -- their big bigger. Crime drama involved in the NFL never -- suggests he is angry and as you can say Hernandez eight he wasn't that big stock certainly not as big as Adrian Peterson. And he did all the offseason right. Way from the facilities like the league was silent during the it was just a ...

Tom Brady joined the show to discuss the week two win.

[0:00:00] ... Welcome back patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by AT&T. Northeast electrical distributors house lubricate her and digital federal credit union what can be easy use a huge problem joins -- -- -- in the outline the morning -- -- how are you today. Reporter are you troubled by the events of the recent days and weeks in the National Football League and and what all of this is done to the league's image. You know I try to. Stay in my lane so. ...
[0:05:18] ... defense our -- -- -- that I played against -- long time Carlos Rogers. The twelve round Obama branch -- a really good player you know colonial -- rookie. You know he's a bit of a ...
[0:09:07] ... all the beautiful people anybody who is anybody was their JC beyoncé Johnny Depp stars movie stars singers all that. -- got it hangs out offensive line with -- big guts and sweaty and beards are ...

Tim Hasselbeck on week two in the NFL and the Adrian Peterson mess.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:04:12] ... light up a little bit and aren't you the reasonable move my Adrian Peterson just the yes yes the -- and the Eagles plated Madison Square Garden on Saturday night opener for him for the for the group. And meet him. Now I will not be -- -- another group or solo act it's a group JD and the straight shot with their lead singer James Dolan. America usually he's -- these guys so we -- for the Eagles on. On Saturday night. They fuse is straight short -- damage dirty blues classic rock swagger. Here's -- song with the trade on Martin's situation. In the fast. This implicates him. The last thing. Yeah. ...
[0:05:48] ... blows. And most that blows. The best country music artist -- states Johnny Cash off you -- he's the I know I know I'd tried to turn you want to good country and you don't know ...
[0:07:02] ... brought you by AT&T. To -- the back to -- -- five Tom Brady in the 9 o'clock hour will hear from you on the boat and -- storm that -- -- Callers just -- got ...

The guys opened the show discussing the latest allegations against Adrian Peterson.

Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– Kira Kazantsev, an aspiring lawyer from New York, was crowned Miss America on Sunday night. The third consecutive champion from New York wowed the crowd with her rendition of Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.” During the song, Kazantsev hit a plastic red cup, similar to what Anna Kendrick did during the song “Cups” in the movie “Pitch Perfect.”

“She’s like a Miss America 7,” Minihane said of Kazantsev’s looks.

Minihane showed the hosts a picture of the champion after he described what Kazantsev looked like.

Replied Callahan: “She looks a little weird in that picture.”

Dennis sarcastically said he felt a former NBA commissioner had a hand in Kazantsev’s win. Former NBA commissioner David Stern was the target of conspiracy rumors after many speculated he manipulated the 1985 NBA draft lottery so that the Knicks could get the first pick, allowing them to select Patrick Ewing.

“I think David Stern somehow arranged this, the New York thing again,” Dennis said.

– “Orange is the New Black” writer Lauren Morelli recently divorced her husband after coming out as a lesbian while writing for the show. Morelli now is dating actress Samira Wiley, who plays one of the characters on the show.

Joked Callahan of Morelli’s change: “It’s just a phase.”

– James Dolan, owner of the Knicks and Rangers, had his country band JD & The Straight Shot open for The Eagles this weekend during a concert at Madison Square Garden. Dolan’s band performed a song about the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida from 2012.

Said Minihane with a touch of sarcasm: “I think the fact that he owns the Knicks and Rangers played a factor in him being able to open for The Eagles.”

Minihane played a clip from the Martin song for the other hosts.

Replied Dennis: “[The song] wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

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Andrew Battifarano