DetailsAccording to a new study from sex toy company Ann Summers, more than half of British men and women are heading to the gym in search of extra-curricular workouts. Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, 25% had been successful in their mission. 10% carry condoms to the gym with sex specifically in mind. And of those victorious in their efforts, 47% were women. If you’re hoping to get lucky yourself, try perching up near the cross trainer. 45% of women said this was the best machine for putting the moves on men due how it makes their butts look. …

Over 80% of people who had gym sex used an app to do so, with 49% of them straight, 31% gay, and the rest bisexual. The remaining just-under-20% were damn lucky they didn’t get stripped of their membership card rather than their spandex shorts.

Even a celebrated gym rat whose butt looks amazing on the cross trainer has to admit this is gross. Not just because I’m tired of the ladies objectifying me, because that I can understand. As good as I look just walking around in street clothes, try to picture me doing my third set of reps on the lat pulldown in shorts and a tee with beads of sweat glistening on my skin and ask the womenfolk to resist that. You can’t. They’re only flesh and blood.

No, this is sickening on too many levels to count. First of all, I go to a gym where, all due respect, the average member is about a 4.5 on the looks scale. But even if the whole place looked like they stepped off a float in Rio during Carnival, I wouldn’t want to know they were doing the Beast with Two Backs (Note: it’s a Shakespeare reference. Look it up.) on the premises. Gyms are disgusting enough with all the bodily fluids everywhere and old guy man parts swinging low in the men’s locker room as it is. I won’t climb on a machine without hosing it down with have a spray bottle of sanitizer. Just the thought of those same sweaty, grunting Australopithecus mating on the equipment will have me working out from home, thanks. I’m trying to get in shape. Not trying to swap DNA with anybody. Get a room, you animals.

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Jerry Thornton
In the last hour of the last show of the week, the guys start to form their opinions of what will happen tomorrow, and take a look at some of the best games of the best sports weekend of the year.
Patriots LB joined the show to discuss the situation regarding Chandler Jones, and what to expect from Saturday's playoff game vs. the Chiefs.



Well there you have it. All the answers you were looking for. Cris Carter says Chandler Jones was smoking weed laced with angel dust. Based on what, exactly? Based on his own uninformed, unsubstantiated, shot-in-the-dark guess.

Welcome to sports journalism in 2016. ESPN can’t be bothered to look into why Mrs. Peyton Manning was getting shipments of performance-enhancers at the same time Mr. Peyton Manning was coming back from four neck surgeries in his late 30s. But there’s nothing preventing Cris Carter from pulling random and irresponsible speculation out of his ass. To review: HGH, no. PCP, yes.

I am more convinced than ever that the report Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe tweeted out the other day is absolutely true. Chandler Jones smoked spice. Period. I base this on several facts. Not the least of which is the audio of the Foxboro cop who said over the radio that Jones was ‘definitely involved with Class D (delta) before this happened.’ He didn’t mention Adderall, pills or any other prescription drug. And he for sure didn’t say squat about PCP.

Second, I’ve done my homework on this. Friday morning I talked to the biggest substance-abuse expert God ever put on this Earth: A mom whose son is addicted to synthetic pot. Everything that she described her kid has gone through is what Jones is accused of doing at the Foxboro police station. The irrationality, the hallucinations, the psychotic behavior. All of it. From a legal substance that her kid would by at the local convenience store like it was a bottle of 5-hour Energy.

It’s far more likely that on a bye week Jones decided to wake and bake with a legal, easily obtained but gawdawful drug that is not banned by the NFL and doesn’t show up on drug tests than he went to a dealer to buy frigging angel dust. In spite of what this TV clown says. This, after all, is the same Cris Carter who told an amphitheater filled with NFL rookies that if you get in trouble you need to have “a fall guy” in your crew. So consider the source.

I’ll add that I don’t want my defensive ends smoking anything, much less a product that’s sold as an incense and carries a warning label that says, “Not fit for human consumption.” But that’s a damn sight different than saying he went all Jake Hoyt on us.


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Jerry Thornton
The Steelers have ruled out Antonio Brown for their Divisional matchup vs. the Broncos and the guys discuss how this paves the way for Peyton Manning's most glorious playoff one-and-done.
The guys open up the show talking about yesterday's reports that Rob Gronkowski received an injection in his knee yesterday, and the fact that he missed practice with knee and back injuries.



Kansas City StarNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is many things. A four-time Super Bowl champion. A three-time Super Bowl MVP. A two-time NFL MVP. …

And Brady has never forgiven the NFL for its unsuccessful attempt (so far) to suspend him for whatever role he may have played in the Deflategate scandal in last year’€™s AFC Championship Game.

Brady, 38, played like a man possessed as the Patriots raced to a 10-0 start this season, reminiscent of 2007 when New England went 16-0 in regular season.

Even as injuries struck the team, Brady kept raising his game. … Brady completed a franchise-record 402 passes for 4,770 yards — the fourth-most of his career. He led the NFL with 36 touchdowns to 10 different players and threw just seven interceptions.

“This may be his best season ever,” said Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts, who will broadcast Saturday’€™s game for CBS.

What the actual hell? Like this Patriots week hasn’t already been bizarre enough, with the coach coming up with a mysterious black eye, Chandler Jones having a freakout like the teenager in a 1950s anti-marijuana health class film, and conflicting reports about why Rob Gronkowski is missing practices. Now we get this?

The Kansas City papers are writing love letters to Tom Brady? Has the world gone mad? Where’s the anger? Where’s the phony-baloney sanctimony about all his cheating with his conniving coach and his arrogant organization? Where’s the discrediting of all that he’s accomplished and unsubtle digs at his manhood and family life? Instead we get a tribute so glowing I wouldn’t even have written it. And I make a living posting stuff about Brady that would embarrass a girl who writes “Twilight” fan fiction.

I’ve been looking for some quality hatred out of the Kansas City media, but this is the best I can do. I’m ready to kick their door in and come in with both guns blazing, and instead I’m getting welcomed in and served coffee and pie in the living room. And it’s killing me. I waited all year for the Pats to be in the playoffs and so far all I’ve gotten is disappointment, controversy and an opponent playing nice, and I need it to be over. They can’t kick this ball off fast enough.


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Jerry Thornton
Florio gave his thoughts on this weekends games.

[0:00:31] ... not played great teams they have not faced great quarterbacks that got Peyton Manning when he was about the fall apart and he did fall apart. For example. But this is a team that knows how to consistently move the football with. Mainly no name guys after Jamaal Charles went down for the year I think the key is going to be Jeremy Maclin. When Bill Belichick talked on Sunday to the media about the chiefs once they knew was locked in. The the 88 the one guy that ...
[0:03:10] ... and and remember the patriots head that the chronic right shoulder for Tom Brady every week for five years. So don't be shocked if if this is just an effort to make it chiefs think that ...
[0:04:39] ... it's creating uncertainty creating. Confusion that it would it go back to bill Belichick's background military academies navy. You know it it did that and there's this cloak and dagger the whole thing just keep them guessing game they don't know what's coming they don't know what we're gonna do they don't know who's healthy don't know who's not healthy. And and the irony is Bill Belichick would say we prepare for everybody is if they're gonna be a 100% everybody on the roster that's what we do but ...
[0:07:14] ... who knows what to think look at it. Roethlisberger be a perfect Bill Belichick quarterback but for the fact the rough is super always talks about his injuries and he he will tell you anything you ...

Bob gave the Chiefs perspective.

[0:02:18] ... what people are to its number one story that rocks back and bill Belichick's black guy. All that give chief fans hope I assume they thought they were gonna come and and knows. Wired differently you ...
[0:03:48] ... that fort Super Bowl championships and wins a year you gave us Matt Cassel thank you very much of pioli that. Oh so you've got all of this stuff that we wish we were and so ...
[0:04:45] ... coach escort and I do disagree with that at all I think Bill Belichick is the greatest coaches ever lived I think Tom Brady with the success that he's had in the post season as the ...
[0:09:24] ... keen to intimidate. Some divisional round game. That were a joke in Houston Texans and he boasts he goes Denver Broncos came in here he joked the papers that some just. Screw images. In this round sure this isn't won a close but ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:26] ... this obvious question I'm okay what is your greatest. Risk level. Like Grady Little and know what was going on my mom passed my dad's passed me collided. Court usefully inform and his sperm hitter yes there was some sort of radio magic happened in there about the wolfman Jack right now. Bill Burton dale Borman. And study Jo white. I did likes and enjoys wolfman Jack you just said that. Skewed and Stu hit it there that's better than wolfman Jack I am I got out of that I Don Imus you've never experienced being number one and anything. And I have. It's true if circuit back today with that show when you're ...
[0:06:10] ... arch it is. Now she will be I think should be the vice president of it that's my. Saying whoever wins you've trump is trump talked about pick and cruise last night's if I picked you as my vice president. I need to know your eligible. Means that low blows cheap shot he's absolutely eligible for pro knows. The more brings out ...