I love it. This one of those moments that make you proud to be a Bostonian. Because there is no fan base in the country that defends its own faster and more passionately than us. We are The Avengers of social media. The Seal Team 6 of Twitter. A rapid response team that stands by vigilantly ready to go on the attack at a moment’s notice, any time, in any theater of war.

This time it happened to be Jim Palmer who unwittingly stepped in it, only to find out what happens when the Flying Monkeys streaming come out of the castle to jump up and down on his chest and leave his stuffing strewn all over the ground.

We can debate the merits of Ortiz getting himself run by the umps in the fifth inning of a one-run game, but that doesn’t mean Palmer can. There’s no way Sox nation is going to stand by silently and let some pretty boy underwear model rip the greatest living Sox player and most clutch hitter that ever lived. And like I said, no fanbase is better at using the weapons at their disposal to react.

And while I respect those who say they’ve never heard of Jim Palmer, I saw him pitch dozens, if not scores, of times. And trust him all of a sudden objecting to a guy beefing with the umpires just buried the needle on the hypocrisy meter. He baited them for balls-and-strikes calls his entire career. And played most of it for Earl Weaver, who turned getting tossed out of games into a lifestyle. So Palmer has sure picked a convenient time to all of a sudden find God on this particular topic.

And I’m just proud to belong to a fanbase that is always ready to call a guy like him out for it.


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Jerry Thornton

These are the videos of post-Super Bowl arrest Warren Sapp giving his story of the hooker encounter to police that we played on “Final Drive” Monday on Dale & Holley.

Well Tuesday we got to hear Britney Osbourne’s and Quying Boyd’s version of events:

This is a tough situation, I have to admit. Hearing Sapp’s version left me wondering why anyone who’s ever dealt with him will tell you he’s the worst human being they’ve ever met. I mean, he seems so nice. He refers to them as “young ladies” so he’s really respectful. He was taking pictures of them naked because he’s “silly like that sometimes,” which shows he has a playful side. Even the way he told the second escort to shut up, “Why don’t you use your mouth on me instead of just using it” was cheeky and fun. And besides, when he kicked her out of the room, he was actually just giving her the session off, so he treats working women really well. And when the police say they’re taking him into custody, he talks about God. A lot. So it seems like everyone is wrong about him.

But then when you hear the “ladies” versions of events, it doesn’t seem so fun. Even a nice guy like Warren Sapp shouldn’t be tackling girls, bruising their arms or trying to shove them out of a hotel room without giving them a chance to put their tops on.

So really what we’re left with is sort of a tragedy. What should have been a beautiful sex-for-money encounter between people who care about each other in a mutually respectful, professional way turned into something ugly. And when that happens, everybody loses.

Except those of us who enjoy watching Warren Sapp have a meltdown like the abusive, whore-mongering jerk he is. We won this one in a big way.


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Jerry Thornton

Lord help me I love a good profanity-laced rant. Prior to this I was not familiar with Bryan Price’s work in this field, but clearly he’s got a bright future ahead of him. He’s like a real life Mr. Parker in “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie says, “He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay.”

According to statisticians, Price got off an unthinkable 77 f-bombs in just over five and a half minutes, which might be a new record. For those of you who don’t have time to listen to the whole clip, here are the highlights from one brief excerpt:

“Your job is not to sniff out every f****** thing is about the Reds and f****** put it out there for every other f****** guy to hear. It’€™s not your job. You want me to be candid with you? I’€™ve been candid with you. I f****** talk to you guys like men, I tell you what the f***’€™s going on with the team, I tell you how I’€™m feeling as candidly as I can and then this s***? You’€™ve got to watch this f****** s***? I’€™ve got to f****** read that on a f****** Tweet on our own people in here that we don’€™t have a f****** player? How the f*** does that benefit the Reds? It doesn’€™t benefit us one f****** bit. God **** we try to go out there and win f****** games and I got to come in here and then you guys f****** blow it all over the f****** place? Who we can play? Who we can’€™t? I’€™ll tell you what you want to know, I’€™m not going to f****** lie to you. I didn’€™t tell you f****** s***.”

That is some next level sailor talk. Note the liberal use of s-words, just to add a little accent to an otherwise groundbreaking tirade; he slipped in 11 of those in all. It reminds me of the time in college when my buddy Cliffy got cut off by another car in the parking lot so he screamed out the window “F*** you, you f****** f***,” which remains to this day the greatest single sentence I’ve ever heard uttered. But Bryan Price went on like that for over five full minutes.

So a tip o’ the cap to him. Anyone who abuses the media with hilariously and altogether unnecessary salty language can drink from my canteen anytime. Just don’t let anyone was his mouth out with lifebuoy. It’ll give you soap poisoning.


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Jerry Thornton

From Jeff Darlington’s profile of Robert Griffin III on NFL.com –  When the Patriots earned their fourth Lombardi Trophy in February’s Super Bowl XLIX triumph, Griffin personally wasn’t as interested in the four quarters against Seattle that led to New England’s title — but instead the Pats‘ preparations six months earlier.

In August, Griffin’s team held joint practices with the Patriots for three days during training camp. He saw how they did it. He saw what the players did differently — what Tom Brady did differently. And he believes other Washington players saw it, too.

Funny enough, Griffin says despite a nice relationship with Brady over the years, the Patriots quarterback declined to provide his Redskins counterpart with any advice or in-practice tips, politely citing “a competitive landscape” when Griffin would inquire. So Brady didn’t directly help Griffin. But indirectly … Well, that’s a whole different story.

“What you do learn from watching (Brady) — and then watching the Patriots organization — you get a big-picture look at it,” Griffin said. “Man, honestly, they operate like a high school football team. You remember in high school, how the coach calls everybody up, everybody runs up, gets on a knee and looks at the coach like what he is saying is the most important thing in the world? That’s how the Patriots are.

“They’re attentive. They run on and off the field. They run after practice. They do what they have to do — and everyone understands, whether they like it or not, this is what it takes to win championships. And they won the championship.

Odd as this might sound, I have, on rare occasions, been accused of being biased toward the Patriots. Shocking I know, but true.

Not a day goes by on the WEEI airwaves that I don’t get at least one text calling me a Patriots “homer.” As in what? I have too favorable an opinion toward the winningest organization in a league set up to keep organizations from winning for an extended length of time, and the defending champions.

But even if you take away the championships – which I most certainly am not, though the rest of the football world is making every effort – here is all the incentive I need to like this team.

Here we’ve got Robert Griffin III, a Heisman Trophy winner, the No. 2 pick in the draft, a guy his franchise gave a fortune in draft treasure to obtain and one of the NFL leaders in jersey sales. Yet he and his teammates are mesmerized by the work habits of the Patriots and their 37-year-old quarterback.

And this story comes on the heels of news that Tom Brady showed up again at Gillette Stadium to work out. This time at 7 a.m. Monday morning, the first day allowable under league rules to work with the coaches. Reportedly wearing 0ne of those “5” t-shirts he wore to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox home opener. That along with the fact he had a “5” on his photoshopped Celtics uniform should tell us and RGIII all we need to know about where his head is at, what his goal is for 2015 and how hard he plans on working to get it.

Apparently too, Brady’s drive and work ethic filters down to the rest of the team, at least according to RGIII. Of course it’s one thing for other clubs like the Washington R-words to recognize it — it’s another thing entirely to match that intensity.

So the text trolls and cyber-bullies can go ahead and keep calling me a homer and I will continue to wear it as a badge of honor. But my question is, how can anyone read this and not be?


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Jerry Thornton
Bryan Price lost his mind.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
Gary, Gerry and Kirk opened the show by discussing the Olympics in Boston.

Welcome to Tuesday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Tuesday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

MLB: Red Sox at Rays, 7:10 p.m. (NESN; WEEI-FM)
NBA playoffs: Celtics at Cavaliers, 7 p.m. (CSNNE, TNT)
NHL playoffs: Lightning at Red Wings, 7 p.m. (NBCSN)
NHL playoffs: Capitals at Islanders, 7:30 p.m. (USA)
NHL playoffs: Predators at Blackhawks, 9:30 p.m. (NBCSN)
NHL playoffs: Canucks at Flames, 10 p.m. (USA)
Soccer: UEFA Champions, Paris at Barcelona, 2:30 p.m. (FS1)


Jim Harbaugh‘s breakup with the 49ers wasn’t pretty, and it’s getting uglier.

Harbaugh, now at the University of Michigan, alienated some players in his final season in San Francisco, leading at least one to question the coach’s sanity.

“I think he just pushed guys too far,” offensive lineman Alex Boone told HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.” “He wanted too much, demanded too much, expected too much. You know, ‘We’ve got to go out and do this. We’ve got to go out and do this. We’ve got to go out and do this.’ And you’d be like, ‘This guy might be clinically insane. He’s crazy.’ ”

Added Boone: “He does a great job of giving you that spark, that initial boom. But after a while, you just want to kick his ass. … He just keeps pushing you, and you’re like, ‘Dude, we got over the mountain, Stop. Let go.’ He kind of wore out his welcome.”

Boone, who attended Ohio State, was one of Harbaugh’s most vocal supporters in the fall. Now he says Harbaugh will be a better fit at the NCAA level.

“I think he’s a better college coach than he would be as an NFL coach,” Boone said. “It’s different for college kids than pro players. I don’t think college kids can say, ‘Hey, Jim, you’re pissing me off today.”

Asked by HBO if he has a problem working with others, Harbaugh said: “It must be true. Because I’d wear out my welcome. People just don’t want to be around you for a while.”

— The Trail Blazers confirmed a report that they had a laminated card in their locker room before Sunday’s Game 1 of their series against the Grizzlies that included the line, “We don’t lose to Spanish players,” but they insisted it was not meant to be offensive.

The sign, which apparently was posted while the media was in the locker room before the game (it was referenced by The Oregonian’s John Canzano), included messages such as, “We will be tougher,” “Nobody can beat us eight times in one year,” and “Staying together through adversity.”

“First of all, that wasn’t the only thing that was on that [card],” said Blazers coach Terry Stotts, adding that the card should have been taken down when the media was in the room. “I wouldn’t classify that as the only message of the day. But that being said, it was a motivational thing, and I think the Spanish thing was a little lighthearted. It was the things we needed to do to win the series.”

After helping Memphis to a Game 1 win, Barcelona-born Marc Gasol said Monday he’s not concerned about Portland’s motivational ploys.

“I don’t know where it comes from, and I don’t know what it means,” Gasol said. “I have better things to think about than what they’re writing on the wall. They’ve had Spanish players on their team in the past. I can think of three in the recent past. I don’t know and I don’t care.”

— A woman was taken out of Pittsburgh’s PNC Park on a stretcher after being hit by a foul ball while finding her seat behind home plate.

The fan had turned away from the field when Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro fouled a ball straight back in the second inning. Although the ball was stopped by the protective netting, the woman was so close to the netting that it hit the side of her head as well.

She immediately collapsed to the ground before receiving medical attention. The game was stopped for 23 minutes until after she was carried out on a stretcher. The Pirates said she was taken to a hospital for testing.

“She was conscious and alert at the time of transport, graciously thanking her caregivers while giving a ‘thumbs up’ gesture to nearby fans,” the team said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with her.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On April 21, 1990, in Game 2 of the Adams Division finals against the Canadiens, Garry Galley gave the Bruins a 5-4 victory when he scored 3:42 into overtime on a play that was reminiscent of the Bobby Orr tally that clinched the 1970 Stanley Cup finals. Which Bruin had four assists in the game, including on the game-winner?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I got to the last corner and I saw the finish line tape and I thought, ‘This is it, I’m not going to let it go,’ I was like, ‘No, not today.’ And I kept going.” – Boston Marathon women’s winner Carolina Rotich, after sprinting past Mare Dibaba to win by four seconds

STAT OF THE DAY: 3 – Errors committed by the Orioles on Monday, leading to five unearned runs in the Red Soxrain-shortened 7-1 victory

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Bulls guard Jimmy Butler throws down a two-handed dunk and draws a foul on Bucks forward Zaza Pachulia in the fourth quarter of Chicago’s win.

Ducks forward Rickard Rakell redirects a shot from Francois Beauchemin past Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec in overtime to leave the Winnipeg crowd shocked.

Cubs rookie Kris Bryant hits a bases-loaded double and ends up scoring thanks to a couple of Pirates miscues.

Melky Cabrera wins the game for the White Sox with a walkoff single against the Indians.


SOOTHING SOUNDS: Iggy Pop was born on this day in 1947.

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Jerry Spar
Mikey, Lenny, and Erin talk about the Sox 7-1 win over the Baltimore Orioles on Patriots Day and the Sox hold on first place in the AL East. Also, the Celtics trail the Cavs 1 Game to 0 in their 1st Round series and the 2015 Boston Marathon is in the books.