The NFL attempts to put the toothpaste back in the tube by laying out specific instructions for the handling and preparation of the game balls.

[0:00:00] ... Boomer loan Christian Fauria. EI Sports Radio net. Stick it out of the show on a Monday. And bends the Maloney Christian Fauria middays with an FB. Dot a lot of updates for Pedro Martinez his hall of fame induction. David Ortiz get booed. Those actual news surrounding plea if you know not an appeal announcement for Tom Brady hasn't yet but. Finally after how long we've been waiting for this pretty much since the super. Boyd right took a while ...
[0:04:37] ... oh really whether that at the science of withdrew rip apart. Whether Tom Brady cheated or not to the extent that this year they're actually going to be kind of running 88 test right now. Oh ...
[0:09:39] ... fill out that the referee put the legal ball in the game. Tom Brady was pissed that it was at sixteen tools equipment guys that it was an illegal football and to send the rules for ...
[0:10:33] ... celebrating touchdown or test that one. You know when it's afforded to Reggie Wayne catches a football and it's career catch number whatever or yardage hold on number one ever he wants to keep the record ...

Tom's list has just about concluded, so now it's time for him to defend the top 10.

[0:00:18] ... number three but it best football player the purple ball player rate. Troy Brown missed their prey series are you kidding me right now go to Matt lights you got Mike Vrabel. Tie a hole and Chris Richard Seymour not I did it. Add around. Rot be okay Iraq that's my all Willy now ...
[0:01:16] ... actually relegate and delegate here. Delegates all those other here appears. Whether Troy Brown were capers. And I'm not gonna try and get into the habit here of diminish what they did the region's interest ahead ...
[0:02:13] ... the guys who started at all bright eyed look at guys like Troy Brown Vinatieri for able lights will leave. And I look at the Ty Law I'd look at those guys like with Al those guys. Able to respond to the coaching of Bill Belichick and agreed to ...
[0:02:59] ... at eight. Level that surpassed all of those other players heading to Mike Vrabel means. Hints. I didn't set out where I I would not so thank you it's gonna be the number two guy. I thought it was going to be Troy Brown I believe where gravel to number two guy I lipped out that figure could recruit to who would worry. But it it ...

On Sunday, Pedro was inducted into the MLB HOF. But the day before that, Fenway Park was booing David Ortiz for not running out a ground ball.

[0:00:14] ... teammates I. Did some heritage. Day while Clive. Kevin and monitor Mears David Ortiz will Merlin. About events of today. All like to thank all of you don't want that I played with their lives that ...
[0:04:57] ... way. It did feel more like god yet Don Baylor career and Pedro Martinez defining. Out of the owners in Boston Boston career. NATO he started up the whole thing off with calm basically apologizing. I ...
[0:06:17] ... know it's different. Different language I don't know it's not joking like Pedro Martinez you want joking to ask you what Boston centric way for Tuesday night when they retire number that's needed again. Yet and ...
[0:08:10] ... page remark. He needs his speech in Cooperstown meanwhile the games here David Ortiz dedicated yesterday's game two Pedro. After he hit two home runs had seven RBIs at his best night of the season one ...

The United States Olympic Committee and Boston 2024 have “jointly ended” Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympics.

There will be no Olympic rings in Boston in 2024. (Getty Images)

There will be no Olympic rings in Boston in 2024. (Getty Images)

The United States Olympic Committee has pulled the Boston 2024 Olympics bid, according to multiple reports.

The bid had struggled to gain public support in the Boston area since the city was first chosen to be the U.S. bid back in January. Earlier on Monday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he would not sign a contract with the U.S. Olympic Committee that commits the city to covering any budget overruns.

Contracts with host cities include a stipulation that the city will cover any additional costs, but in the wake of widespread criticism of and uncertainty about the financial impact to the city, Walsh decided to take a hard stand.

Blog Author: 
Scott McLaughlin

In case you missed it, the New York Post did a feature this weekend on Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and the way his life has changed since the miracle catch he made in the Week 12 game against the Cowboys:

“It’s not the same,” Beckham, who somehow is just 22 years old (he doesn’t turn 23 until Nov. 5), said recently. “Things are just different now. I can’t do all the things that I used to be able to do. Or it’s not that I can’t do ’em, it’s that they don’t go unnoticed anymore. It’s just a lot more on you.” …

“I wouldn’t say it’s a weight,” Beckham said. “I would just say sometimes it’s a lot to deal with. A lot more than people would imagine. They think it’s … it’s just a lot to do, what I’m going through right now and what I’€™m doing right now. It just takes a lot of mental strength to be able to endure all of this.”

Interesting choice of words there from Beckham, because to endure is to experience or deal with something painful or unpleasant, and why in the world would near-instant stardom be so vexing? …

The spotlight may be burdensome, but Beckham has chosen to surround himself with the trappings of celebrity. He posed naked for ESPN the Magazine’s Body issue. … He has his own line of Odell Beckham Jr. official gear. …

He profits from The Catch, though there are times he sounds as if he wants to distance himself from the hubbub it created.

“No, I don’t think I ever want to take away that moment from my life,” Beckham said, “but it’s just unfortunate sometimes that’s all that you’re remembered for.”

Two things about this.

One, that was a heck of a catch. Maybe as good as we’ve ever seen.

Two, has the whole world lost its damn mind?

Yes, it was an athletic play. Throw that ball up a thousand times and maybe Beckham comes down with it once. But does context mean nothing? Ultimately it was an inconsequential play by a player on a 6-10 team that oh, by the by, lost the game. It had literally zero impact on the entire year. If Beckham had dropped the ball, or missed the team bus to the stadium, or been struck by lightning on the way out his door in the morning, absolutely nothing about the 2014 NFL season would be different besides there being one less (albeit very cool) highlight. It’s basically Aaron Dobson’s catch at Marshall, except it’s been more widely seen by a factor of about 100,000.

Which doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate how fun it was to watch over and over … and over and over … again. Just spare me this ragtime about having to “endure” the attention and how “burdensome” it is. Oh, boo friggin’ hoo, Beckham. Cry me a river. Malcolm Butler was an undrafted rookie who came off the bench to make arguably the most impactful, significant single play in NFL history. One that changed the fortunes of two franchises. And you don’t hear him whining about all the sudden fame and unwanted attention like he’s that annoying little kid from “Star Wars Episode I.” Certainly not while collecting all the money he’s making from merchandising the bloody thing the way Beckham is.

The bottom line is that OBJ can stop complaining about all the attention and own this thing, or he can move on and quit making a fast buck out of it. But he can’t do both. Or he can do what David Tyree did after his “The Catch,” say he’d trade his Super Bowl to stop gay marriage, fade into obscurity and never make another catch again. Which would be fine by me.

Sorry. That was uncalled for. I can’t talk about the Giants for very long without going to a very dark, dark place. Don’t quit, Beckham. Just stop pretending to hate your own accomplishment.


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Jerry Thornton

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy cousin meets girl cousin. Boy cousin falls in love. Girl cousin marries another. Boy cousin gets jealous, puts girl cousin’s husband in the hospital. Boy cousin sets fire to the house. Girl cousin talks about it on local TV news. Really, it’s your classic love story. Like a hillybilly “Romeo and Juliet.” Or a drug-addled, wet-brained, podunk Nicholas Sparks novel.

One problem I have, though, is while I never took journalism so I’m in no position to tell Derrick Lewis how to do his job, his viewers needed him to explore this creepy, no-account love triangle a little bit more. We could have lived without knowing if the dogs are safe or whether lover girl here thought “Oh my gosh” or not. Instead he got nervous and bailed just when he started getting to the good stuff. You’ll want to tighten that up if you ever expect to get off the local news “late-night fire in a rundown neighborhood” beat, Derrick.


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Jerry Thornton



NBC SportsBill May, a 36-year-old Cirque du Soleil performer who took up synchronized swimming at age 10 and came out of a 10-year retirement last year, received his first chance to compete at the World Aquatics Championships on Sunday with men debuting in synchro this year in Kazan, Russia.

And he nailed it.

May and partner Christina Jones, a 2008 Olympian, won the first mixed duet technical World Championship, one year after FINA announced it would add mixed-gender synchronized swimming events to Worlds for the first time. That’s what prompted May’s unretirement.

“It’s unreal, a dream come true!” May said. …

May and Jones totaled 88.5108 points after their 2 1/2-minute routine, beating a Russian pair by .2122 points.

Men are still not allowed to compete in Olympic synchronized swimming.

I could not have been more excited to post the video of Billy May and Christina Jones’ triumph. But unfortunately due to a rights issue, it’s not available, so you’ll have to settle for checking it out here. Click the link and enjoy the best 3:12 of your sports year.

And once you’ve done so, I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that this is a great day to be an American. The rest of the world might be catching up with us economically, industrially, technologically and militarily and have blown right past us educationally generations ago. Hell, they’ve even closed the gap in our own sports. But right now, as of this moment, the U.S. is the best there ever was in the sports of kings, mixed-gender synchronized swimming.

Maybe the Russians can launch men into space and we can’t. But they are .2122 points behind us in the race to put a man into a synchronized swimming competition. And until someone dethrones us, I say we make the most of this. Of course until they close that gap, it’ll probably mean that we’ll be denied seeing mixed-gender in the Olympics. Nobody’s going to allow a new sport where Americans dominate this much. But hopefully someday the Billy Mays of the synchro world will stop being discriminated against and get treated like the equals they are, and then we can own the Olympic podium as well. And then, dare we dream, an all-men’s event.

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy this and be proud that our nation is great at something once again. I cannot wait until the White House visit and the ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes. God bless you, Billy and Christina. And God bless America.


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Jerry Thornton
Shabazz Napier

Shabazz Napier

After just one season with the Heat, Shabazz Napier has been traded to the Magic for a second-round pick, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Napier, a Roxbury native who was a first-round selection in 2014 after leading UConn to a national championship, was said to be the preferred choice of LeBron James come draft time in July 2014. However, with James departed for the Cavaliers, the Heat made the trade in order to clear $1.3 million in cap space and to gain roster flexibility.

In Orlando, Napier likely sits as a third option at point guard behind sophomore Elfrid Payton and veteran C.J. Watson. Last year, he averaged 5.8 points, 2.5 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 19.8 minutes per game for the Heat.

The Cavaliers made a crucial move Sunday by sending Brendan Haywood, Mike Miller and two second-round picks to the Trail Blazers for two trade exceptions worth $10.52 million and $2.85 million, according to to Wojnarowski.

Haywood’s contract would have become guaranteed on Aug. 1, so the Cavs needed to make a move with it by then. The trade exception they gained by moving his contract is the largest in the NBA. Last season the Cavs used a trade exception to acquire Timofey Mozgov from the Nuggets.

Though Miller is one of James’ closest friends, the Cavs made the move to trade him in order to save roughly $10 million between salary and luxury tax deductions. James was upset in 2013 when the Heat traded Miller for financial reasons, however a source close to James described trading Miller as “the right thing to do” in order to give him career options as he nears retirement.

The Blazers can take on the contracts of Haywood and Miller because they have $25 million in cap space after the departures of LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicholas Batum and Wesley Matthews. They most definitely will waive Haywood in order to reap the benefits of his $10 million non-guaranteed contract, and it is also presumed they will do the same with Miller. If Miller is released, the Cavaliers will not be able to re-sign him for at least one year.

Blog Author: 
Justin Pallenik

Mayor Marty Walsh, who has been a staunch supporter of Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics, said Monday that he would not sign a contract with the U.S. Olympic Committee that commits the city to covering any budget overruns.