I’ve never been to the Maldives, surfed, jet skied or hung out with three preposterously attractive bikini models in crystal clear, azure blue water. But for the time we’ve got left on the summer of 2016, this is  how I’m going to live every day inside my head space. Only with better music.

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Jerry Thornton
The 2016 edition of the annual survey into what sports fans think about their teams (and more importantly, about the media) is out, and Glenn, Lou and Christian dive into some of the opinions of the local fans.
Tom Brady returned to practice after his unexplained days off to shed some light into his mysterious scissors injury that prevented him from playing last Thursday's preseason game.
Andrew Benintendi made possibly the catch of the year for the Sox, and the guys talk about the hype surrounding that play. Also, they get into Pats talk, and focus in on what a loss of Tom Brady for 4 games means to an already shaky offensive line.

[0:05:23] ... like just there's a path. That's what the telecast the commissioner took Josh Brown's two down suspension away and edit out boarded Breda. Well I've been re gonna receive the game app make it worth really ...
[0:14:06] ... I know that he's probably your most consistent deputy averages is quarterbacks Tom Brady can't be they adult if he was that it there was another quarterback back there. He might be horse bleep so that's the Libya swing tackle on the team now. So that becomes the question now take you got a weak offensive line or average at best offensive line. You take a wait Tom Brady who makes that offense of launch so much better because he can make that second third and fourth read on the fly. ...
[0:15:02] ... pick and Brady in there whatever weapons. No deal Lewis I blunt James White settlement dropped Martellus Bennett offensively is still some things. No Ballmer. Who it is a good run blocking tackle right in the ...
[0:18:50] ... cancer yoga gear blunt you know not thrown a boy go to James White to back there you know that run a ball right so it become global predictable. With those two guys as opposed to. ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian continue to talk about the Josh Brown domestic violence situation, and hear from ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, who (of course) says he's hearing that players think Brown got a light sentence because he's white.
Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about how the Sox have continued their winning ways throughout a tough road trip. They also look at that crazy Benintendi catch from last night, and what they could possibly do with their awful bullpen.

Finally! It’s sure taken long enough, but at last science has quit wasting its time on cleaning up the environment, curing diseases and mapping the stars and put some effort into something we can all get behind.

As an Irishman who starts out the summer sort of translucent and has to lay in the sun for a week just to get to white, I’m all about sunscreen. But the one thing it’s always lacked is 11 herbs and spices. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached for the SPF 100 and wished it smelled like something other than cocoa butter, tropical fruit or coconuts. Or, for that matter, how many times I’ve stuck my face down into a bucket of the Colonel and wished I could smell like that and save myself from melanoma.

So thanks, science. And KFC. You’ve given the beaches of America the one thing they’ve always needed but never had. Bathers that smell like greasy, breaded, fried poultry parts. Finally, sitting under the burning sun is finger lickin’ safe.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
Gerry, Mut, and Kirk discuss the Benintendi catch from Monday and what's looking like an incredible outfield for years to come; also the guys discuss the probation sentence given to an East Longmeadow youth charged with sexual assault.
Kirk Minihane is joined by Mickey Rourke in a small, yet growing, group of public figures to rip Lenny Dykstra for his nefarious deeds.

[0:01:28] ... book. I can read the book and he's starting a bus tour Lenny Dykstra announcing yesterday's inaugural reality show where he's gonna gore around the country a boss with his crew will be I'm watching a start. He said it yourself because it is so dire or he's he's not funny but these days he's insane and they. Because he played baseball was on the Mets have won a World Series alias people kisses that. Ivan her boomer cart I can only imagine nauseating Craig carton was very sick and in you you ...
[0:04:35] ... the credit get deserve credit for late. I thought I could not New York Times Kabila this other place that ripped it right New York Times epic story about that gave you credit for you know ripping and ice. If I show up landing spot for him I mean tomorrow I'll confirm doesn't like popcorn. Yeah I mean that's two different. And it's not the single message to clean freak and neat freak many of the way he looks like a real new treatment many of them like Chicago the Israelis are such. Somebody just tweeted how you were saying hosting these are real so. Honey reality shows involve people of what we've sort of like an house on an island you have Ryan locked the Lenny Dykstra of Mickey Rourke. New video coming out I'm Ozzy Osbourne to Canada thirty saying yeah popular reality show it's for us want ...
[0:05:56] ... The source and it's it's it is evident there it's cup a best seller to mean it's it worked he speed I've never seen anybody you know publicity to proceed if you just look at the books it's on and it's in the still best sellers new York times of sports books the other three books it's with our. We're still really Opel sports in the bowl which I cannot catch ...