We tackle four topics all about which teams in this time of over-saturation in the four major sports leagues should be retracted.
We tackle four topics all about which teams in this time of over-saturation in the four major sports leagues should be retracted.

[0:01:00] ... to defend your choice Michael Holley. To -- get rid of the Memphis Grizzlies. Dale Arnold will be get rid of the Toronto Raptors in any heart is going to be taking away the Sacramento Kings. It's the same from every night it's for legacy of those players and contain the festival because right now we can't be ...
[0:02:01] ... I just don't see anything about them the only good thing about Sacramento Kings right now is these effects somewhat involved them. The show excrement openings. Here's the other good thing about sacraments they just got ...
[0:03:21] ... a lot better in another town get get get out of here Memphis Grizzlies came from Vancouver sent -- back to Vancouver. Well there's no doubt that Toronto is and is an NBA -- Major League ...
[0:04:10] ... if I gotta get rid of that team and -- of the Toronto Raptors remember when -- Kenny Anderson was traded. To Toronto and I wanna go. And his quote was I will never be rapture. ...

Christian asks five questions with topics ranging across the entire sports world.
The guys revisit American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro, and Joey asks if he should take a date to a wedding.

[0:02:26] ... This is a little much bigger crowds earlier much like the big body builder out there like today you know these are ignite abilities such an -- washboard. But you can my photos of the surprising ...
[0:05:21] ... to -- -- -- here you gotta look at it from an. NFL draft point of view of bringing that date is sort of like you only trade up in the draft if you absolutely no ...
[0:07:08] ... -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Caught up in this Peyton Manning. -- -- -- Import job. Properly building up the introduction of the Horry five to -- that -- -- -- we have the intro that yes the great intro you do not want to miss -- -- 485 coming up in the 1 o'clock hour were ripping off something -- -- used to be the intellectual property obvious the end but now it's Christians intellectual property. ...

The NFL is making new restrictions on the number of underclassmen who can receive evaluations for the draft, allowing just five from a single school.

The league’s College Advisory Committee made this ruling in response to the record 107 underclassmen who applied for this year’s draft, and the 37 who weren’t selected.

Troy Vincent, the league’s head of football operations, said underclassmen will be advised based on their potential to be picked in the first two rounds, or be advised to stay in school.

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Rob Bradford takes the place of Kevin Millar and disucsses the sense of urgency in the Red Sox clubhouse and possible moves at the trade deadline.

[0:05:57] ... changed how they -- the trade deadline were worth thinking about trading Ervin Santana and decided not to. So a lot I think it is barely realistically guys. I've never seen an instant -- -- -- ...
[0:08:28] ... I do I can't let's go -- and operate a couple little Cole Hamels is yeah. First of -- do you buy into is 32 is there any. Fired the smoke. I have Padilla Cole Hamels is that the red -- acted on them awhile ago. Ed -- you know just to see where the Phillies were out ...
[0:09:18] ... this is sort of multiple choice ranking. Got a question. What does Cole Hamels or another pitcher of equivalent caliber you have three choices. You play it out to the end and you try to sign Jon Lester. Or you'd trade Jon Lester now and get another pitcher in advance. Or you'll allow yourself to just say we're gonna lose Jon Lester and we take the compensatory pick what's option -- the NC what's. All of you leg LBD. -- and what I mean by that I think they have to put. Someone at their best foot forward. In regards to the property Jon Lester before the end of the month and in so far that it has been a science they're gonna do that. It is that you got to find out we're Jon Lester that and if there's no hope in and out of our. Trending towards thinking that they just don't wanna go to waved ...
[0:11:16] ... spring training or not to be last place social agree it's great Jon Lester. This has to be considered now because they are in last place. Are absolutely no it was never recovered patient them. I've ...

In Friday’s edition of Three for All on Middays with MFB, Tim Benz, Christian Fauria and producer Joe Zarbano re-visited American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro and whether or not to bring a date to a wedding. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

On Thursday, the guys talked about Catanzaro, a Towson University gymnast who became the first woman to make the final of American Ninja Warrior. Benz and Fauria continued to discuss Catanzaro Friday after Benz linked to her Instagram photos, her diet and her ninja submission video, which has over 100,000 views, on the MFB home page.

“It is Kacy Catanzaro madness on the Internet, she is all over the place,” Benz said.

Benz and Fauria broke down Catanzaro’s photos and her abdominal muscles.

“I’ll admit, a little too abby,” Benz said.

Fauria said: “Well she was a gymnast. I love the whole ab look.”

“Her abs are a little much,” Benz said.

Given Catanzaro’s new stardom, Fauria asked whether or not her boyfriend should be worried.

“He is panicked,” Benz said. “It was great for about 24 hours. Now this is like A.J. McCarron with Katherine Webb. This is the exact same thing.”

– With Lou Merloni off for the day, Zarbano brought his own topic to the segment. He asked the guys whether or not he should bring a date to his friend’s wedding.

“Would this be a guaranteed close for you?” Fauria asked.

“No,” Zarbano responded.

Zarbano said this person someone he could be interested in dating, but isn’t sure whether or not he wants to introduce her to his friends.

“Have you ever seen the movie Wedding Crashers? Do not bring a date to the wedding,” Fauria said. “I’m telling you, don’t do it.

“If you work at it. That is the perfect place to meet girls.”

Benz said: ”You’ve got to look at it from an NFL draft point of view. Bringing a date is sort of like you only trade up in the draft if you absolutely know you have to have this player. If it’s a guaranteed lock and just a few drinks at a wedding to be the closer, then yes, bring her. Otherwise, don’t bother. All the other girls that are not her and are single are thinking the same way.”

Zarbano said: “I’m going solo.”

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The guys discuss the impact of Spygate on Tom Brady's legacy, the possibility of the NFL in London, and Mike Vrabel's yard sale.
After the recent findings of a national poll, Christian and Tim debate why Peyton Manning is more popular than Brady. How much of an impact does Spygate have?

It appears Bud Selig has to move on to Plan B.

The MLB commissioner, who is set to retire from his position in January, reportedly had former deputy commissioner Steve Greenberg in mind as his successor. But the 65-year-old Greenberg, who is the managing director of investment bank Allen & Company, told USA Today he doesn’t plan on taking the job.

“Early on, I told Bud I was not going to be a candidate,” Greenberg said. “I’m sticking to that. I’m comfortable with that. I gave it a try in the early ’90s, and I’m not at a place in my life where it makes sense to me.

“I know what’s involved. It’s a 24/7, 365-day schedule that the commissioner has to keep to do it right. The three years I spent in the commissioner’s office was exhausting.”

Another potential candidate Selig, who has been baseball’s commissioner since 1998, could look to is Joe Torre.

The former Yankees manager and current MLB executive vice president for operations told New York Daily News he’d be open to replacing Selig as commissioner, but isn’t lobbying for the position.

“If the owners feel I can help baseball, I’€™m willing to do whatever they want me to do,” Torre said Thursday.

“I don’€™t envision it; I don’€™t anticipate it. I’€™m certainly not lobbying for it. Tomorrow, I’€™m going to be 74 years old. I want to stay involved.”

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